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         Gordon Michael:     more books (100)
  1. Notes from the Cosmos: A Futurist's Insights Into the World of Dream Prophecy and Intuition by Gordon-Michael Scallion, 1997-06
  2. I Would If I Could: A Teenager's Guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity by Michael Gordon, 1991-06
  3. Data Mining Techniques: For Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management by Michael J. A. Berry, Gordon S. Linoff, 2004-04-09
  4. Spirit of Harlem: A Portrait of America's Most Exciting Neighborhood by Craig Marberry, Michael Cunningham, 2003-11-18
  5. Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq by Michael R. Gordon, Bernard E. Trainor, 2007-02-27
  6. Trump University Entrepreneurship 101: How to Turn Your Idea into a Money Machine by Michael E. Gordon, 2009-09-28
  7. This Terrible War: The Civil War and Its Aftermath (2nd Edition) by Michael Fellman, Lesley J. Gordon, et all 2007-06-18
  8. Karmic Management: What Goes Around Comes Around in Your Business and Your Life by Geshe Michael Roach, Lama Christie McNally, et all 2009-09-01
  9. Michael Jackson by Gordon Matthews, 1984-04
  10. Parenting Your Parents: Support Strategies for Meeting the Challenge of Aging in the Family: Second Edition by Bart J. Mindszenthy; Michael Gordon, 2005-02-01
  11. International Trade and Investment in a Nutshell by Ralph H. Folsom, Michael W. Gordon, et all 2000-04
  12. ADHD on Trial: Courtroom Clashes over the Meaning of Disability by Michael Gordon, 2009-03-05
  13. Outlines & Highlights for This Terrible War: The Civil War and Its Aftermath by Fellman, Michael / Gordon, Lesley J. / Sutherland, Daniel E., ISBN: 9780321389602 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews, 2009-12-30

1. Gordon Michael Woolvett - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Gordon Michael Woolvett (born June 12, 1970) is a Canadianborn actor from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, best known for his work as Seamus Zelazny Harper on the television series Andromeda
Gordon Michael Woolvett
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Gordon Michael Woolvett Born June 12, 1970
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada Other names Gordon M. Woolvett / Gordon Woolvett Occupation film actor
television actor
Years active 1984 to present Spouse Michele Morand Children Son: Rogan (July 31, 2001) Daughter: Veronica Michele (June 25, 2005) Website Gordon Michael Woolvett (born June 12, 1970) is a Canadian -born actor from Hamilton, Ontario Canada , best known for his work as Seamus Zelazny Harper on the television series Andromeda (2000–2005). Previous to Andromeda he starred in another science fiction TV show, Deepwater Black . He was also credited as playing Mitch in the "Pariah" episode of the short-lived 1980's sci-fi/action series Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future . He also was in an episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal . He's the younger brother of actor Jaimz Woolvett Woolvett was also one of the first program jockeys for YTV 's The Zone (then called The After-School Zone ) and the original main host for a program called which also aired on YTV. Woolvett acted in the 1999

2. Gordon-Michael Scallion Debunked
GordonMichael Scallion Gordon-Michael Scallion Reality Check. Gordon-Michael Scallion Disproved. Gordon-Michael Scallion's visions of the Great Pyramid's construction defies
Gordon-Michael Scallion's 'Visions' of Pyramid Construction DEBUNKED! Gordon-Michael Scallion makes a career of his "visions" of disasters and apocalypses. Gordon-Michael Scallion claims to have traveled back in time to see how the Great Pyramid was really built. Scientific facts prove that Gordon-Michael Scallion's "visions" yield utter nonsense about the construction of the Great Pyramid. New for 2010! Contents: Part 1 - The Mysteries Part 2 - The Solution Click here to order The Great Pyramid Secret: Egypt's Amazing Mystery Science Returns , by Margaret Morris at Inside U.S.: 1-800-843-2665 Outside U.S.: 201-559-3882 Or, you may special order from any bookstore. Click here to read reviews of The Great Pyramid Secret, an exciting new book by Margaret Morris. Science Fights Back There is nothing wrong with presenting science fantasy purely for entertainment purposes. The problem is that some people, including Gordon-Michael Scallion, present science fantasy as historical fact. On this page, I present facts showing that Gordon-Michael Scallion's "visions" are disproved by Egyptology and science. When people consider these facts, which are simple and straightforward, they will see that Gordon-Michael Scallion presents gross misinformation about the Great Pyramid. Given such grossly inaccurate "visions," why should anyone take seriously any of Gordon-Michael Scallion's predictions of where and when earthquakes and/or other natural disasters will occur? I also include below links to other web sites that discuss Gordon-Michael Scallion's terrible track record with regard to predictions.

3. Gordon Michael Woolvett Biography, Videos, Movies, Relationships - FamousWhy
Gordon Michael Woolvett is a famous person

4. Gordon Michael Scallion - Crystalinks
GordonMichael Scallion is called a futurist. Gordon has received thousands of messages about the upcoming changes on our planet.
Gordon-Michael Scallion
Gordon-Michael Scallion is a futurist, best selling author, and has been a teacher of metaphysics and consciousness studies for 25 years. Educated in electronics, Mr. Scallion experienced a health crisis in 1979, which triggered a series of out-of-body experiences eventually leading him on path of self discovery and conscious communication with his dream guides. Gordon receives many of his messages in dream state. Sometimes they appear on his computer screen. Often he steps into another reality where he receives messages from an entity named Matrix. For the next several years he followed his dream guide's suggestions and traveled to specific ancient sites such as Egypt, the Bahamas, the pyramids of Mexico and Yucatan, Stonehenge and Avebury in Great Britain, and Chaco Canyon in the Southwest of the United States. While at these sites he found he was able to tune into its history and people. Once his journeys were complete he embarked on a program of self-study in meditation, eventually achieving the ability to access higher states of consciousness, gaining insights into future realities. In his best selling book "Notes from the Cosmos: A Futurist's Insights into the World of Dream Prophecy and Intuition," he shares his incredible journey, his predictions for the future, and shows how each can gain access into the world of higher intuition. Gordon-Michael's insights have been featured on NBC, CBC, CNBC, Fox Television, Unsolved Mysteries, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Art Bell's, Coast to Coast AM, as well as in print and online publications throughout the world.

5. Gordon Michael Scallion's Future Maps, Intuitive Flash Newsletter And Metaphysic
Matrix Institute publishers of Gordon Michael Scallion's Future Maps, Intuitive Flash Newsletter, Metaphysical Moments Podcasts.
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Gordon Michael Scallion
is a futurist, metaphysical speaker and author of Notes from the Cosmos. He is the creator of the Future Maps series and is the Future Trends editor of Intuitive Flash Newsletter. Mr. Scallion can be heard regularly on Metaphysical Moments. Cynthia Keyes is the author of The Mandala Experience, a 21-day intuitive development program. She is the Living Naturally editor of the Intuitive Flash Newsletter. Ms. Keyes can be heard regularly on Metaphysical Moments. WELCOME to Matrix Institute the official website for futurist, Gordon Michael Scallion's and intuitive, Cynthia Keyes' insights and strategies for living in the 21st Century. For over 25 years Matrix Institute has been offering comprehensive programs on how to increase awareness in the Natural and Metaphysical Worlds. Take 60-seconds to explore our programs below. The Fall 2010 Intuitive Flash Newsletter Now Available for Download Tuesday, 21 September 2010 09:34 The Fall 2010 Intuitive Flash Newsletter has been posted in the Members Zone/Download Intuitive Flash section and may now be downloaded. Print Members edition will be mailed on Sept. 28.

6. Gordon Michael Woolvett Information, Photos, And Trivia At MovieTome
All of the best Gordon Michael Woolvett information, photos, and trivia at MovieTome. Join fellow Gordon Michael Woolvett fans discussing their favorite actors.
GAMES: GameSpot GameFAQs MOVIES: ...
Gordon Michael Woolvett Information, Photos, and Trivia at MovieTome
E-mail: Password: Log In Sign Up Forgot Login Help ... Search ON Lollapalooza 2009 Gender: Male
Birthplace: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Birthday: 6-12-1970
Birth Name: Gordon Michael Woolvett
Gordon Michael Woolvett was born on June 12, 1970 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has been an actor since the age of 12, attending the Theatre Aquarius. In the early 90's, Gord was a host of...
film Everything's Gone Green (2007) Add to Favorites film SF Seeks (2002) Add to Favorites film The Highwayman (2000) Add to Favorites film Bride of Chucky (1998) Add to Favorites film Clutch (1998) as Spit Add to Favorites film Peacekeepers (1997) as Corporal Huddy Add to Favorites film Rude (1995) as Ricky Add to Favorites film Bordertown Cafe (1993) as Jimmy Add to Favorites There are currently no crew credits for Gordon Michael Woolvett. Be first to submit crew credits for Gordon Michael Woolvett! There are currently no other credits for Gordon Michael Woolvett. Be first to submit other credits for Gordon Michael Woolvett!

7. Michael Gordon
Biography, works, articles, links.

8. Matrix Institute Store
Matrix Institute Store Welcome to Matrix Institute the official website for Gordon Michael Scallion and Cynthia Keyes insights and teachings on Earth's past, present and future.
Matrix Institute Store
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    Matrix Institute Store
    Welcome to Matrix Institute the official website for Gordon Michael Scallion and Cynthia Keyes insights and teachings on Earth's past, present and future. Future Map Sets (wall map edition)
    On Sale! Future Map Sets (folded editions)
    SKU: MSS
    Folded version. Ships in a 9"x12" heavy duty envelope. Price:
    On Sale! SSL Certificate Authority COT("", "SC2", "none");

9. Gordon Michael Woolvett
Gordon Michael Woolvett and his wife Michele Morand recently had a son, named Rogan. His pregnant wife appeared in the second season episode Last Call at the Broken Hammer.
var TlxPgNm='woolvett'; Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']); Transit to Slipstream home back to People Kevin Sorbo Lexa Doig Lisa Ryder ... Keith Hamilton Cobb Gordon Michael Woolvett Laura Bertram Brent Stait Gordon Michael Woolvett Gordon Michael Woolvett portrays Seamus Harper , resident fix-it man and the starship's caretaker.
His birthday is June 13.
I learned the following from Starlog #296: Gordon Michael Woolvett and his wife Michele Morand recently had a son, named Rogan. His pregnant wife appeared in the second season episode Last Call at the Broken Hammer . By trade Michele is an actress and model.
"All of the characters are evolving," Woolvett claims. "Harper got to tell plenty of jokes in the first year, but they're trying to challenge me dramatically a little more this season. They're bringing out this deep-seated angry guy, so we're getting to find out about some of the personal reasons why Harper covers everything up with humor, because below that humor is a really tough firecracker ready to kick some butt. Plus, there are some major repercussions from last season's finale that I hope Harper overcomes, because I would like them to renew my contract?"

10. In The First Person
Interview with Michael Gordon and other members of Bang on a Can, discography,
Bang On A Can Wednesday, March 24, 1999 from 5:00 - 7:30 pm
at the New York Offices of ASCAP
David Lang
- Co-Director, Bang On A Can
Michael Gordon - Co-Director, Bang On A Can
Julia Wolfe - Co-Director, Bang On A Can
Frances Richard
Richard Kessler
- Executive Director, American Music Center
Frank J. Oteri - Editor, NewMusicBox @ the American Music Center Interview co-produced and recorded by Nathan Michel - Program Associate, American Music Center
Every month, NewMusicBox features a sprawling discussion with a leading figure in the world of American music. The discussions always range from personal artistic concerns to larger issues which affect the entire community. For your convenience, the discussion is divided into chapters to facilitate easy on-screen reading. If youd prefer to read a hard copy of the interview, you can print one out as well. In addition, we have taken advantage of virtually anything said during the discussion as an opportunity to link to a myriad outside sources on the world wide web which are compiled in a comprehensive " webliography
[PDF format Get a copy of the Bang On A Can interview in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) by downloading it here.

11. Gordon-Michael Scallion - The Skeptic's Dictionary -
From Abracadabra to Zombies View All. a; b; c; d; e; f; g; h; i; j; k; l; m; n; o; p; q; r; s; t; u; v; w; x; y; z; GordonMichael Scallion (GMS) Gordon-Michael Scallion - or GMS, as he prefers to be called - claims to have the

Robert T. Carroll
Topical Indexes
Other Writings
Other Resources
From Abracadabra to Zombies View All
Gordon-Michael Scallion (GMS)
Gordon-Michael Scallion - or GMS, as he prefers to be called - claims to have the "gift of prophecy" like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce . Like Cayce, Atlantis has visited him, and like Nostradamus and Cayce, his head is filled with visions of disasters and apocalypses . In fact, GMS's head is filled with many of the same visions Cayce claimed to have had. Coincidence? Not likely. He has predicted earthquakes in California and hurricanes in Florida. His doomsday prophecies are very popular with Art Bell , on whose radio show GMS has been featured several times. His predictions are so wild that his followers seem not to care that his accuracy is on par with

12. Gordon-Michael Scallion's Predictions For 2010 - Earth Changes And The Pole Shif
GMS's latest Intuitive Flash Journal flashwinter2010download.pdf Earth Changes and the Pole Shift. Information and discussion about the Earth Changes and the pending Pole Shift.
@import url(; @import url(; @import url(; Search Earth Changes and the Pole Shift Information and discussion about the Earth Changes and the pending Pole Shift. GMS's latest Intuitive Flash Journal

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Comment by Truth To Power on December 22, 2009 at 5:27am
ZetaTalk: Scallion's Predictions
written April 15, 1997

Michael Gordon Scallion is a gifted visionary, on par with Edgar Cayce in this time. That his visions are not identified as exceptional is due to the maxim that visionaries are not valued in their present day to the extent they are when time has passed. Cayce, Nostradamus, and other great prophets likewise were treated with as much disdain as admiration during their day, and only gained their present stature over time. Mankind tends to treat their prophets like gods, raising them to this stature when the abilities are first recognized and then angrily rejecting them if they are not consistently accurate. Like children forever seeking a parent that will not leave or fail them, they demand perfection, when they themselves are far from perfect.

13. Bang On A Can :: About Us :: Michael Gordon
Biographies of Bang on a Can s Artistic Directors and principal composers.
Bang on a Can
About Us
Michael Gordon
Michael Gordon's music merges subtle rhythmic invention with incredible power embodying, in the words of The New Yorker 's Alex Ross, "the fury of punk rock, the nervous brilliance of free jazz and the intransigence of classical modernism." Over the past 25 years, Gordon has produced a strikingly diverse body of work, ranging from large-scale pieces for high-energy ensembles to major orchestral commissions to works conceived specifically for the recording studio. Transcending categorization, this music represents the collision of mysterious introspection and brutal directness. , a radical reworking of the original, commissioned by the 2006 Beethoven Festival in Bonn and premiered by Jonathon Nott and the Bamberger Symphony; and Sunshine of your Love , written for more than 100 instruments divided into four microtonally tuned groups. Under the baton of composer/conductor John Adams, The Ensemble Modern Orchestra toured Sunshine of your Love to seven European capitals in 1999. Gordon's string orchestra piece

14. Gordon-Michael Scallion 6th April 2004
17th December death/drama/police secrets Dr Turi 24th December Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Turi
Predictions Sean David Morton Ed Dames Steve Quayle Sylvia Browne ... Home Previous 28th October 2003
6th April 2004

8th January 2005
Contact Me Comments Guestbook Phony Awards Awards 2004
Awards 2005
Links Coast To Coast AM
Jeff Rense

Lou Gentile

Feet to the Fire
The Paracast
Updates The Phony Awards
Ed Dames Gone by the Wayside 7th December Relocate - Dr Turi
Ones to Watch 17th December death/drama/police secrets - Dr Turi 24th December Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Turi Hall of Shame 2005 Ed Dames - 48% 2004 Sean David Morton - 46% Other Stuff George Noory's TV Special Morton and the Olympics Computer Games Region Free games Tuesday 6th April 2004 Gordon Michael Scallion Here are the latest predictions from Gordon-Michael Scallion. He was talking with George Noory. We are just breaking into the acceleration of the awakening. Changes politically, religiously, socially and economically are speeding up. We are at the beginning stages of Earth changes. The sunspot cycle is like nothing we have seen before. Gordon-Michael Scallion does not live in a bunker as Wayne Green and David Booth have said. He does keep a reserve supply of food though.

15. Gordon Michael Woolvett - IMDb
Filmography and biography.
IMDb Search All Titles TV Episodes Names Companies Keywords Characters Videos Quotes Bios Plots Go More Register Login Help ... More at IMDbPro
Gordon Michael Woolvett
Official Photos Actor Writer Director Son Rogan born 31 July 2001. See full bio
Gordon Michael Woolvett
June 12
in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Contact Info View agent and manager contact info on IMDbPro 4 photos 13 videos 1 news article 1 nomination See more awards
See all 4
Known For
Andromeda (2000) Bride of Chucky (1998) Mysterious Island (1995)
Show all Hide all Show by: Job Type Year Ratings Votes TV Series Genre Keyword
Jump to: Actor Writer Director Producer ... Archive Footage Hide Show Actor (52 titles) The Guard (TV series) Barry Winter Full Circle Barry Winter Out of the Woods Barry Winter ... Blood Ties (TV series) Steve Jeffries Gifted Secrets of an Undercover Wife (TV movie) Clayton Darwin Spike Andromeda (TV series) Seamus Harper The Heart of the Journey: Part 2 Seamus Harper The Heart of the Journey: Part 1 Seamus Harper ... Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion (TV movie) Sergeant Sam Barlow The Twilight Zone (TV series) Marine Corporal Gordon Cold Fusion The Highwayman Walter The Seventh Portal (TV series) (voice) Thunderer/Peter Littlecloud (voice) Ultimate Deception (TV movie) Andy McThomas Ice (TV movie) (as Gordon M. Woolvett)

16. Gordon Michael - Lepanto, Arkansas (AR) | Company Profile
Gordon Michael company profile in Lepanto, AR. Our free company profile report for Gordon Michael includes business information such as contact, sales and financial data.

17. Gordon Michael Blanchard, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Service - OLOL
Doctor/Physician, OLOL Baton Rouge, Louisiana Gordon Michael Blanchard, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery Service - Baton Rouge Orthopaedic Clinic
@import url(default.css); nbImagePreload('topbtn_employ_1_1','images/topbtn_employ_on.gif', ''); nbImagePreload('topbtn_depts_1_2','images/topbtn_depts_on.gif', ''); nbImagePreload('topbtn_about_1_3','images/topbtn_about_on.gif', ''); nbImagePreload('topbtn_phys_1_4','images/topbtn_phys_on.gif', ''); nbImagePreload('topbtn_news_1_5','images/topbtn_news_on.gif', ''); nbImagePreload('topbtn_college_1_6','images/topbtn_college_on.gif', ''); nbImagePreload('topbtn_give_1_7','images/topbtn_give_on.gif', ''); nbImagePreload('topbtn_bill_1_8','images/topbtn_bill_on.gif', ''); nbImagePreload('topbtn_lib_1_9','images/topbtn_lib_on.gif', ''); nbImagePreload('btn_contact_2_1','images/btn_contact_on.gif', '');
Find an Orthopedic Surgeon
Find a Rheumatologist
Find an Orthopedic Surgeon
@import url(module.css); Gordon Michael Blanchard, M.D. Specialty Orthopedic Surgery Service Office Name Baton Rouge Orthopaedic Clinic Address 8080 Bluebonnet / Suite 1000
Baton Rouge LA, 70810 Phone Gender Male

18. Gordon Michael, Prospect, OR
149 First Street, Prospect, OR, 97536. Phone (541)5604055. Category Call Centers. View detailed profile, contacts, maps, reports and more.

19. NHNE Special Report: A Review Of Gordon-Michael Scallion's Predictions For 1995
News, information, and consumer protection for spiritual seekers all over the world who are seeking to unravel the fundamental mysteries of life.
Home Special Reports Search NHNE NHNE Special Report
A Review of Gordon-Michael Scallion's Predictions for 1995
By David Sunfellow
Tuesday, February 20, 1996
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo In the January, 1995, issue of THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT, Gordon-Michael Scallion published his predictions for 1995. I reported on many of these predictions in a NHNE Special Report entitled, which was published Thursday, January 5, 1995. In the current issue of ECR (February, 1996), Scallion published his hit and miss list for 1995. Of the 66 predictions Scallion mentioned, Scallion claims 54 as "hits" and 12 as "misses." If you happen to be a new subscriber to Scallion's newsletter or a current subscriber that doesn't read very carefully, you might be dazzled by Scallion's impressive track record. If, on the other hand, you have been carefully tracking Scallion's predictions as we have, the main thing that would impress you is how Scallion misrepresented many of his "hits" and how many of Scallion's most trumpeted predictions for 1995 not only didn't come true, BUT WERE SCARCELY MENTIONED, OR NOT MENTIONED AT ALL, in his annual review. Scallion did make a few accurate predictions, but his overall track record was nowhere near the accuracy rate presented by the current issue of ECR. Indeed, his most significant predictions for 1995 were major flops.

20. Gordon Michael - About This Person - Movies & TV -
A biography and related information. On ‘Mad Men’ the Thrills Are All in the Office; Television Review Sponsors Also Star in School Makeover Reality Show

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