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         Kapralova Vitezslava:     more detail
  1. Vitezslava Kapralova.(Sound recording review): An article from: Czech Music by Veroslav Nemec, 2008-07-01
  2. Musicienne Tchèque: Vítezslava Kaprálová, Iva Bittová, Jitka Cechová, Zuzana Ruzicková, Markéta Irglová (French Edition)
  3. Vítezslava Kaprálová
  4. Femme Chef D'orchestre: Nadia Boulanger, Mireille Lagacé, Susanna Mälkki, Laurence Equilbey, Emmanuelle Haïm, Vítezslava Kaprálová (French Edition)
  5. Vitezslava Kapralova songs: Dana Buresova soprano Timothy Cheek piano; Forever Kapralova.: An article from: Czech Music by Matej Kratochvil, 2003-11-01
  6. The voice of an artist: the life and music of Vitezslava Kapralova.(portrait)(Biography): An article from: Czech Music by Karla Hartl, 2008-07-01
  7. KOLEDA MILOSTNA -- LIEBES-LIEDCHEN 1937-1938, Canto e Piano by Bohuslav Martinu (composer), Vitezslava Kapralova, 1998
  8. Songs:Voice and PianoComplete Edition by Vitezslava Kapralova, 2005
  9. Ona a Martinu (Novinky ceske prozy) (Czech Edition) by Jindrich Uher, 1995

1. Vitezslava Kapralova
Vitezslava Kapralova Songs for Voice Piano, Silenced Voices, Vitezslava Kapralova Portrait of a Composer
Vitezslava Kapralova
Average customer rating:
  • Kapralova-A Hidden Gem

Manufacturer: Supraphon
ProductGroup: Music
Binding: Audio CD
Release Date: Customer Reviews:
Kapralova-A Hidden Gem I find this CD to be a wonderful representation of the first Czech woman composer and conductor-Vitezslava Kapralova. These songs are gorgeous. Swooping melodies, glissandos in the piano, simple melodies in the soprano, and all tied together by a strong Czech sound and sensibility. Favorites on the CD are Koleda, and Dve pisne, two songs.
I would strongly recommend buying this cd for listening on a rainy afternoon. Music students, especially younger singers, are also encouraged to study these songs, as they would make a wonderful addition to a recital. I am an operatic performer, and I am working on incorporating them into future programs.
Average customer rating: Silenced Voices
ProductGroup: Music
Binding: Audio CD ASIN: Release Date: Average customer rating:
  • A handsome tribute to a remarkable woman composer
Vitezslava Kapralova: Portrait of a Composer Kapralova , and Czech Sym Orch of Brno

2. Kapralova, Vitezslava
Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and link to the Kapralova Society from Dr. Estrella s Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers.
Kapralova, Vitezslava
Kapralova, Vitezslava
Period: Early 20th Century
Born: Sunday, January 24, 1915 in Brno, Czechoslovakia
Died: Sunday, June 16, 1940 in Montpellier, France
Nation of Origin: Czechoslovakia
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Major Works:
Other Information:
General Bibliography:

Kennedy, Michael,
The Oxford Dictionary of Music, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition, 1997, ISBN: 0198691629 Sadie, Stanley and Tyrrell, John; Editors, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Groves Dictionaries, Inc., January 2001, ISBN: 1561592390 Slonimsky, Nicolas and Kuhn, Laura; Editors, Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, Gale Group, December 2000, ISBN: 0028655257 Slonimsky, Nicolas, ... Schirmer Books, July 1994, ISBN: 0028724186 Links to essays at other sites: Twentieth Century Music: An Introduction by Eric Salzman Please note: These links will open in a new window. Kapralova Society CDs Books Sheet Music Support this free site with your purchases.

Official site of the Kapralova Society. Includes biography and chronology, bibliography, discography, concert schedule, reviews, photographs, current projects, and membership
site map biography

... italiano
Kapralova's life and music have inspired two monographs, two novel-biographies, and numerous other works. Her music was published by Baerenreiter, La Sirne Editions Musicales, Editio Supraphon, Editio Praga, Czech Radio Publishing House, HMUB, Melantrich, Svoboda, Pazdirek, and Amos Editio, and released on record by Supraphon and on compact disc by Supraphon, Koch Records, Northeastern Records, Albany Records, Centaur Records, Stylton Records, Studio Matous, Arco Diva, and others. The Kapralova Society is a non-profit arts organization based in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Karla Hartl in 1998, the society's mission is to promote interest in Kapralova and other women in music through research, education, and special projects, often in partnership with other organizations. We encourage and support recording and publishing of Kapralova's music, and seek to build awareness of women's contributions to musical life through our online resources and other support. The Kapralova Society.

4. K Composers Composition
Keiser, Reinhard; Kapralova, Vitezslava; Kamen, Michael; Keuris, Tristan; Koechlin, Charles Louis Eug ne; Kram r, Frantisek @ Kraus, Joseph Martin

5. Virginia Eskin | ArkivMusic
Kapr lov , V tezslava (1) Klein, Gideon (1) Kozinski, Stefan (1) Kuss, Mark (1) Laufer, Kenneth (1) Merryman, Marjorie (1) Morath, Max (1) Schuller, Gunther (1)

Biografia, opere, e alcune foto della figlia del compositore cecoslovacco Vaclav Kapral.
Vitezslava Kapralova
[24.1.1915 Brno-16.6.1940 Montpellier] Sinfonietta Militare , scelta per inaugurare lISCM Festival di Londra, fu da lei stessa diretta alla testa dellOrchestra della BBC. Nel 1939, anno dellinvasione nazista della Cecoslovacchia, la Kapralova si trovava ancora a Parigi e decise di non tornare in patria, assumendo lo stato di rifugiata. Lanno successivo spos Jiri Mucha, figlio del noto pittore Alfonse, ma la loro unione dur molto poco in quanto, minata dalla malattia, si spense a Montpellier nel 1940. Nonostante sia vissuta appena 25 anni, l'influenza della Kapralova su tutta la musica ceca del Novecento e stata unanimemente riconosciuta. Marco del Vaglio

7. Kapralova Vitezslava Sheet Music - Sheet Music Plus
Kapralova Vitezslava sheet music at Sheet Music Plus. Potpolis Op. 17 (Female Chorus a cappella) By Vitezslava Kapralova (19151940). Vitezslava

8. Classical Discoveries Playlist-IN PRAISE OF WOMAN PART 7-03/24/2010
Kapralova, Vitezslava (Czech Republic, 19151940) Military Sinfonietta Czech Symphony Orchestra of Brno, Frantisek, Jilek, conductor Matous - MK 0049
home listen to wprb playlists repertoire ... contact marvin Playlist for Classical Discoveries with Marvin Rosen
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 - 05:30am - 08:30am
7-TH ANNUAL "IN PRAISE OF WOMAN" - Part 7 To find past playlists of the annual and other programs devoted to music by women composers go to
To see this year other programs of this series go to :
- In Praise of Woman - Part 1 and - Avant-Garde Edition - Part 2
- In Praise of Woman - Part 3 and - Avant-Garde edition - Part 4
- In Praise of Woman - Part 5 and - Avant-Garde edition - Part 6
- Avant-Garde edition - Part 8
- In Praise of Woman - Part 9 and - Avant-Garde edition - Part 10 Composer Work Performers label air time Peruchona, Maria Xaveria (Italy, ca.1652-ca.1709) Regina Caeli Andrea Folan, Soprano, Roya Bauman, Alto, Kirk Doughterty, Tenor, Rob Haskins, Continuo Leonarda - LE 346 - (L*01) Jama, Agnes (Austria/Holland, 1921-1993) Suite for Violin and Piano Ursula Schoch, Violin, Marcel Worms, Piano Challenge Classics - CC72192 - (A*07) Glanville-Hicks, Peggy

Compositrice tch que (1915 - 1940). Biographie, bibliographie, discographie.
Brno 24.1.1915-Montpellier 16.6.1940 Il ne nous reste que davoir les yeux ouverts pour trouver le bien et de nous tremper par le mal; dtre reconnaissants de la beaut qui nous entoure, et mme de la douleur... (Kapralova sa mre) elle dirigea le Concerto pour clavecin Elle produisit des oeuvres en abondance. Sa Sinfonietta militaire
Liste d'oeuvres
  • Amos Editio.
  • Choeur d'enfants (1928)
  • Esquisses. Piano (1929-33)
  • Piano (1930-32)
  • op. 1. Piano (1931-32)
  • op. 2. Piano (1932)
  • Amos Editio.
  • Burlesque, Amos Editio.
  • Deux chansons, Amos Editio.
  • Amos Editio.
  • Janvier. Amos Editio.
  • Sonata appassionata, Amos Editio.
  • op. 7. Piano et orchestre (1934-35)
  • Deux bouquets de fleurs.
  • Suite en miniature. Orchestre de chambre (1935)
  • Cesky rozhlas.
  • op. 9. Piano (1935)
  • Une pomme dans le giron, Amos Editio.
  • Petite chanson. Piano (1936)
  • Symphoniette militaire, Cesky rozhlas.
  • Pour toujours, Amos Editio.
  • Ostinato fox. SelfPrint Music.
  • Piano (1937)
  • op. 13. Piano (1937)
  • L'Adieu et le mouchoir, Amos Editio.
  • Amos Editio.
  • Ilena. Ballade pour soliste, choeur mixte et orchestre, op. 15. Soliste, choeur mixte et orchestre (1937-38)
  • 10. Forever Kaprálová: Vítezslava Kaprálová Songs: Information From
    Main performer Dana Buresova Booklet languages English, German, French, Czech Libretto languages Czech, English, German, French Time 6958 Release Date 2003 Review
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    Forever Kaprálová: Vítezslava Kaprálová Songs
    Classical Album:
    Forever Kaprálová: Vítezslava Kaprálová Songs
    Home Library Classical Albums Buy Now
    • Main performer: Dana Buresova Booklet languages: English, German, French, Czech Libretto languages: Czech, English, German, French Time: 69:58 Release Date: 2003
    Víteslava Kaprálová was a rising star in the 1930s. She was chosen to represent Czechoslovakia at the 1938 ISCM Festival for new music in London, where her compositions were presented alongside those of Bartók, Britten, Copland, Hindemith, and other VIPs of the twentieth century. A close associate of Bohuslav Martinu, she combined the best of Czech modernism with elements of French impressionism to form a highly individual and appealing style. Her death from miliary tuberculosis in 1940 put a premature end to what would likely have been a spectacular career. Anyone looking for an introduction to Kaprálová's music should start with this insightful recording by soprano Dana Burešová and pianist Timothy Cheek. As the first major release devoted to Kaprálová, it wisely focuses on her most distinctive genre of composition her songs for voice and piano. It is essentially a complete collection, leaving aside only juvenilia, occasional works, and one song that does not yet exist in a performable edition. By turn melancholy, joyful, and contemplative, the songs reveal an astonishingly mature style for such a young composer, and an ability to distill sentiment into musical form with deceptive ease. The natural inflections of the Czech language overlay sparkling piano textures that often bring

    11. Benjamin Han: Composers Whose Names Start With K
    KAPRALOVA, Vitezslava Czech? 11/09/188003/06/1945 KAREL, Rudolf Czech? 11/21/1877-04/09/1933 KARG-ELERT, Sigfrid German? 02/25/1932 - KARLINS, M. William

    Die V.-Gesellschaft informiert ber die 1915 in Br nn geborene und 1940 jung verstorbene Komponistin mit Bio- und Diskografie sowie Werk bersicht.
    Brno 24.1.1915-Montpellier 16.6.1940 Suite en Miniature Op. 1 Zwei Lieder Op.4 (1933), wie auch das Klavierkonzert Op. 7 Streichquartett Op. 8 (1936-1937) nach Textvorlagen von J. Carek und J. Seifert, und in den beiden wichtigsten Werken der "Novak Periode", dem Orchesterwerk (1937) und dem Lied Winkend Abschied nehmen Op. 14 (nach einem Gedicht von V. Nezval orchestriert 1938 in Paris) anschaulich dokumentiert. Die beiden letztgenannten Kompositionen stellen die zwei charakteristischen Richtungen in Kapralovas Werk dar. Die zeichnet sich durch die Kompaktheit der Form sowie durch das Novaksche" Themenfundament aus. Winkend Abschied nehmen Winkend Abschied nehmen dem Klavierzyklus April Preludes Während ihres Aufenthaltes in Paris waren die bedeutendsten Einflüsse auf Kapralovas Entwicklung die Musik von Bartok und Strawinsky, jene der Paris Six" so wie das gesamte französische Kulturklima mit seinem verfeinerten Formenkult. Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Martinu, die sich später zu einer starken Freundschaft entwickelte, nahm Kapralova die Arbeitsweise und teilweise auch die Kompositionstechnik Martinus an. Martinu eröffnete ihr schrittweise auch die Werke der großen Meister der Vergangenheit. Diese enge Zusammenarbeit wird in Martinus Tre Ricercari und Kapralovas Entnommen
    (in der Reihenfolge ihrer Entstehung):
  • Einige meiner allerersten Kompositionen.
  • 13. Discount Cds -Discount Music Center, Frank Sinatra Jr., Studio Zon, Baltimore Op
    Kapralova, Vitezslava Czech Music Dictionary entry includes summary of works and links. Jezek Jaroslav Biography and essential works from the Czech Classical Music Dictionary.
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    Home ... Submit
    Discount Cds
    Discount Music Center Discount Music Center is a hugh music store in Orlando, Florida. This Orlando music store sells guitars, keyboards, drums and percussion, dj gear, lighting, pro audio, and speakers. DMC provides backline rentals on all equipment! Discount Music...
    Frank Sinatra Jr.
    A man with a sense of humor. A man who needed it. But don't discount his music. Fan site with links. Studio Zon Features full 24-bit digital recording on 128+ tracks. Located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA. Baltimore Opera (MD) Online ticket sales (including "starving students" discount program) and cast lists for each of the season's productions. Pauer, Jiri (1919- ) Biography and available music, from Musica Bono. Josef Bohuslav Foerster - CD Shop Musica Bona Short biography and available CDs. Kapralova, Vitezslava Czech Music Dictionary entry includes summary of works and links. Jezek Jaroslav Biography and essential works from the Czech Classical Music Dictionary. Tori Amos: Professional Goddess Singles, albums, and bootlegs.

    14. Kapralova, Vitezslava – Free Listening, Concerts, Stats, & Pictures At
    Top tracks from Kapralova, Vitezslava Elegy, Legend, Op. 3a more. People who like Kapralova, Vitezslava also like Ma, Sicong, Vieuxtemps, Henri, Leclair, Jean-Marie (i)., Vitezslava English Help Come work with us! is hiring » Play Kapralova,… Radio
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    15. Benjamin Han: Composers Who Were Born In January
    Composers who were born in January

    in chronological order (the latest review at the top) Forever Kapralova Vitezslava Kapralova Songs (Supraphon). A generous offering of 28 songs by composer and conductor Vitezslava


    in chronological order (the latest review at the top) Forever Kapralova: Vitezslava Kapralova Songs (Supraphon).
    A generous offering of 28 songs by composer and conductor Vitezslava Kapralova make their audio recording debut on the compact disc entitled "Forever Kapralova: Vtezslava Kapralova Songs," featuring Dana Buresova, soprano; Timothy Cheek, piano; Magda Caslavova, flute; and members of the Herold Quartet: Petr Zdvihal and Jan Valta, violins; David Havelik, cello. Also included is a detailed and expertly written commentary by Timothy Cheek, one of the worlds foremost authorities on Kapralovas music and life. The songs are sung in the original Czech, with translations provided in English, German and French.
    The songs featured on this recording represent all but five of Kapralovas total song output. They are set to the poetry of eleven Czech poets, nine of whom were her contemporaries, the other two having lived in the 17th and 19th centuries. The poet represented most frequently is Jaroslav Seifert (1901-86), winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1984, to whose poetry Kapralova composed six songs.
    Kapralova was born in what is now the Czech Republic in 1915 and died in France in 1940; her compositions were celebrated to critical acclaim during her lifetime. Her death brought to a premature close the brief 16-year compositional life of one of the finest composers of the 20th century.

    17. Brno - Oficiální Web Statutárního Města Brna
    Kapralova Vitezslava Korngold Erich Wolfgang Kozena Magdalena Krivinka Gustav Lysek Frantisek Malasek Jiri Neumann Frantisek Pokorny Otakar Puncochar Emanuel

    18. Archiv Frau Und Musik
    Kapralova, Vitezslava (2) La Barbara, Joan (4) Lang, Josephine (1) LeFanu, Nicola (0) Lehmann, Liza (4) Leon, Tania (2) Lockwood, Annea (3) Lutyens, Elisabeth (5)
    Komponistinnen A-Z
    Kahn, Lina (19./20. Jh.)
    Kaltenecker, Gertraud (*1915)
    Kamienska, Teresa (20. Jh.)
    Kaneko, Hitomi (*1965)
    Kanukova, Larisa (20. Jh.)
    Karovskaja, Natalia (20. Jh.)
    Karveno, Wally (*1914)
    Kassia (810-?)
    Kats-Chernin, Elena (*1957)
    Katzer, Barbara (*1961) Kaufmann, Charlotte (20. Jh.) Kaulbach, Sophie (19./20. Jh.) Kauth, Maria Magdalena (18/ 19.Jh.) Kawanaka, Akiko (20. Jh.) Kazandjian, Sirvart (*1944) Keen, Marta (20. Jh.) Keetman, Gunild/ Orff Carl (1904-1990) Keller, Annegret (20. Jh.) Keller, Gertrud (*1906) Keller, Ginette (*1925) Kern, Frida (1891-1988) Kessick, Marlaena (*1935) Ketterer, Ella (1889-) Keyes, Gladys/ Kelly, Mildred (20. Jh.) Kiernan, Catherine (20. Jh.) Kim, Sonia (20. Jh.) King, Betty Jackson (*1928) King, Rebecca (20. Jh.) Kinkel, Johanna (1810-1858) Kinney, L.Viola (ca.1890-)

    Kapralova, Vitezslava Czech Music Dictionary entry includes summary of works and links. Kapralova, Vitezslava (1915 - 1940), Czechoslovakia - Biographical data, recommended CDs
  • Kapralova, Vitezslava - Czech Music Dictionary entry includes summary of works and links.
  • Kapralova, Vitezslava (1915 - 1940), Czechoslovakia - Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and link to the Kapralova Society from Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers.
  • Vitezslava Kapralova - Official site of the Kapralova Society. Includes biography and chronology, bibliography, discography, concert schedule, reviews, photographs, current projects, and membership and contact information.
  • Vitezslava Kapralova - Musica Classica Classical Music Dictionary entry with life and major teachers and influences.
  • 20. MusicMoz - Composition: Composers: K: Kapralova, Vitezslava
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