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         Payne Maggi:     more detail
  1. Alumni by Educational Institution: Alumni by University or College, Interlochen Alumni, Sean Young, T Lavitz, Maggi Payne, Alumnus
  2. Interlochen Alumni: Sean Young, T Lavitz, Maggi Payne, Michael Arden, Jennifer Lynch, Craig Santy, Monday Michiru, Peter Sparling, Bob Mintzer

41. Innova - Search Results For: ELECTRONIC
Maggi Payne Arctic Winds Maggi Payne, Maggi Payne, So glacial you'll need a coat
Maggi Payne Arctic Winds
Maggi Payne, Maggi Payne, So glacial you'll need a coat
Psychoangelo Panauromni Psychoangelo, Glen Whitehead, Michael Theodore, Sonic quilts from a wide-angle lens
GVSU New Music Ensemble In C Remixed Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR), David Lang, Dennis DeSantis, DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, Glenn Kotche, Jack Dangers, Jad Abumrad, Kleerup, Masonic (Mason Bates), Michael Lowenstern, Mikael Karlsson, Nico Muhly, Phil Kline, R. Luke DuBois, Rob Stephenson, Terry Riley, Todd Reynolds, Zoƫ Keating, GVSU New Music Ensemble, 45 Years after: Terry Riley's kaleidoscope turns
Barry Schrader Monkey King Barry Schrader, Barry Schrader, Ancient and modern
Val-Inc On Val-Inc, Parker Sargent, Steven Hall, Suphala, Thor Madsen, Val-Inc, Vicki Newsum, Afro-Haitian-New York esoterica
Drew Krause Powder Drew Krause, Drew Krause, Margaret Lancaster, Taimur Sullivan, Whitney LaGrange, Open-source algorithmically-generated computer music.

42. In Memory
Bill Payne (Maggi's husband) Merilee Owen Kelley Douglas Veronica Madsen Constance Read Yao Sin Su Sunshine Corgi Rescue Jim Cindy Smith Wallace Patricia Robicheau Memory.htm
Our READing Dogs are far more than companions - they are a piece of our hearts, our family, and someone that we cherish. We have endless memories of our READing Paws dogs working with children, adults, and their handlers. We will miss them and their everlasting smiles, slurps, and hugs as they wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose,
for all that we love deeply becomes part of us.
Helen Keller
In Memory of .... Shadow
Marge Priess

(Merilee's mother)
Maggi Payne
Kathy Klotz
Bill Payne
(Maggi's husband) Sunshine Corgi Rescue Darlene Ferrer Amie Hamlin Alex Kelley (Owen's Dad) Maggi Payne Daisy Munchkin Nancy Keen Palmer Bailie Gayle Vance Cassie Q-bert Mandy Ch Norvic's Amanda Francesca CD, NA, OAJ, WWD, BROM, Delta and R.E.A.D. and beloved partner to Marilu Novy 1-15-99 to 5-5-08 The one and only - Annie Rose Pet Partner to Maggi Payne Daisy Pet Partner to Ronnie Madsen Munchkin one of our first R.E.A.D. Teams

43. MP3 Format Of Compositions
Electric Ice Maggi Payne ( Shiver - Steve Everett ( Still Standing Still - Linda Antas (
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Compositions in MP3 Format for Auditioning Purposes Disc 1
  • Vocalise from Seven Electronic Studies for Two-channel Tape Recorder - Lejaren A. Hiller IBM 7094: early sound synthesis example of gray twilight - Scott A. Wyatt ( Agoraphobia - Stephen Taylor ( Figurations - Mei-Fang Lin ( Time Passed - Ed Martin ( Electric Ice - Maggi Payne ( Shiver - Steve Everett ( Still Standing Still - Linda Antas ( - David Rosenboom ( Hanging On A Fallen Leaf - Ming-ching Chiu ( SONORA - Charles Norman Mason ( Disc 2
  • CSX-1: early sound synthesis example U-TURN-TO LilDaria - Sever Tipei ( EvenMoreduSt - Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner ( Young American Inventions Redux - Steven L. Ricks ( Absolute Zero - Daniel Swilley ( Where is My Voice? - Mara Helmuth (
  • 44. Read About Arts, Music, Composition, Composers, Contemporary, P From Thumbshots.
    Arts/Music/Composition/Composers/P/Payne, Maggi; Arts/Music/Composition/Composers/P/Poledouris, Basil; Arts/Music/Composition/Composers/P/Pehrson, Joseph

    45. The Artists
    Maggi Payne Maggi Payne is Codirector of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College where she teaches recording engineering, composition and electronic music.
    listed alphabetically Beth Coleman
    Beth Coleman (DJ Singe) is an artist mixing in sound and text. She is the co-founder and house DJ of SoundLab, the roving multi-media event. She has played for the Whitney Museum of American Art 1997 Biennial, the Impakt Festival, Netherlands, Willisau Festival, Switzterland, the International Jazz Festival Istanbul, among others. Coleman's recent work includes collboration with conductor Butch Morris and "Betty Man Takes a Stand," a spoken-word piece with Grisha Coleman of Hot Mouth. Her music releases include "Stereophonic Retina," " Right Hand Door," and the forthcoming Flav-o-Pac all on SoundLab Recordings.
    Contact: Jesse Gilbert
    Contact: Brenda Hutchinson
    Brenda Hutchinson's work has included performance and compositions for dance, opera, film, video and radio. She has built interactive exhibits and installations. Her work makes extensive use of language, stories, ambient and sampled sounds. She often acts as a catalyst for experiences involving other people whose stories and/or performances are recorded and shared with other audiences through her work in performance and radio. Hutchinson has worked as a video producer, exhibit builder and sound consultant at The Exploratorium in San Francisco, as an engineer and instructor at Harvestworks in New York and as a sound designer for multi media companies, Convivial Design and Purple Moon in San Francisco. Recordings of her work are available through TELLUS, DEEP LISTENING, THE AERIAL, O.O. DISCS and Leonardo Music Magazine. Contact:

    46. Maggi Payne - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Payne, Maggi Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death
    Maggi Payne
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Maggi Payne (born in Temple, Texas , 1945) is a composer, flutist, video artist, recording engineer /editor, and historical remastering engineer who creates electroacoustic , instrumental, and vocal works, and works involving visuals (video, dance, film, slides). Payne raised in Amarillo, Texas and attended Interlochen Music Camp and Aspen Music School. She received her B. Mus. in applied flute at Northwestern University , studying with Walfrid Kujala , flute, and Alan Stout and M. William Karlins , composers. She received her M. Mus. at the University of Illinois at Urbana , studying with composers Gordon Mumma Ben Johnston , and Salvatore Martirano She studied with Robert Ashley at Mills College , where she received her MFA in electronic music and recording media. She has collaborated since the 1980s with video artist Ed Tannenbaum , composing several works for his Technological Feets live dance/video-processing performances and built a flame speaker at the Exploratorium in collaboration with Nick Bertoni (1983-1985). Her video works include Crystal Io Circular Motion Solar Wind Airwaves (realities) Liquid Metal Apparent Horizon , and Liquid Amber . Her films include Orion and Allusions . Her works involving dance include System Test (fire and ice) and Allusions . Her works have been choreographed by Molissa Fenley, Wendy Rodgers, Gina Gibney, Gail Chodera, Deoborah Hay

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