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         Quantz Johann Joachim:     more books (100)
  1. On Playing the Flute by Johann Joachim Quantz, 2001-03-01
  2. ON PLAYING THE FLUTE: A Complete Translation with an Introduction and Notes by Johann Joachim; Edward R. Reilly, trans. & ed. Quantz, 1971
  3. Versuch einer Anweisung, die Flöte traversière zu spielen. Reprint der Ausgabe Berlin 1752 by Johann Joachim Quantz, 1997-01-01
  4. Versuch Einer Anweisung Die Flote Traversiere Zu Spielen by Johann Joachim Quantz, 1906-01-01
  5. Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversiere zu spielen. by Johann Joachim Quantz, 1988-12-01
  6. Leben und Werke des Flötisten Johann Joachim Quantz by Albert Quantz, 2009-02-11
  7. Johann Joachim Quantz: Thematisch-systematisches Werkverzeichnis (QV) (German Edition) by Horst Augsbach, 1997
  8. On Playing the Flute by Johann Joachim Quantz, 2001-03-19
  9. On Playing the Flute by Johann Joachim Quantz, 1966
  10. Johann Joachim Quantz.(Johann Joachim Quantz: Seven Trio Sonatas, Johann Joachim Quantz: Six Quartets for Flute, Violin, Viola, and Basso Continuo)(Book review): An article from: Notes by Michael Talbot, 2006-03-01
  11. B111P, Instrumental Parts (set of 3), Johann Joachim Quantz: Seven Trio Sonatas by Johann Joachim Quantz, 2001
  12. Baroque 111, Johann Joachim Quantz: Seven Trio Sonatas by Johann Joachim Quantz, 2001
  13. Trio Sonata in C Major(Recorder Part) QV 2: Ahn. 3 Sheet Music by Johann Joachim Quantz, 2009-06-25
  14. Quantz - Concerto for Flute, Strings and Basso Continuo Qv 5: 174 in G Major (Dowani Book/CD)

1. Download Mp3 Quantz, Johann Joachim Music, Buy Quantz, Johann Joachim Mp3 Music
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2. Quantz, Johann Joachim; Bibliography By Subject
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Quantz, Johann Joachim
(Johann Quantz)
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The number after the subject (topic or theme) tells how many books on this subject the author has. Please click on the subject to see books. Alternatively, you can see the alphabetically ordered bibliography of Quantz, Johann Joachim Musical accompaniment Early works to 1800 Flute Methods Early works to 1800 Flute music Interpretation (Phrasing, dynamics, etc.) Early works to 1800 ... Contact

3. Quantz, Johann Joachim: Biography
Timothy A. Smith outlines his life, works, and related composers.
Johann Joachim Quantz 1697-1773
German source for most of what we know today about French performance practice, particularly the French overture style, Quantz is remembered also as the flute teacher of Frederick the Great. Student of Fux , Gasparini, and Zelenka , Quantz began his career as member of the Dresden orchestra in 1716. Two years later he became member of the royal Polish orchestra. In 1728 Quantz began instructing crown prince Frederick. When the latter ascended to the throne of Prussia, Quantz was appointed Hofmusicus and composer to the king. Quantz wrote mainly concerti for flute; he is also remembered for his (1751), an important commentary on technique, ornamentation, and performance practice.
var site="sm4WellTemperedClavier" Bach's World Contemporaries Chronology

4. HOASM: Johann Joachim Quantz
Biography from the Here Of A Sunday Morning radio program. Includes relationships with Zelenka and Frederick the Great and links to period-specific information.
Johann Joachim Quantz
Flutist and composer. He was apprenticed to his uncle Justus Quantz and served J. A. Fleischhack as a journeyman until 1716, studying many string and wind instruments and taking harpsichord lessons from Kiesewetter. He joined the Dresden town band in 1716, studied counterpoint in Vienna under Jan Dismas Zelenka the following year, and in 1718 was appointed oboist in the Polish chapel of Augustus II; he also continued to play in Dresden. Finding little opportunity for advancement as an oboist, he took up the flute, studying for four months with P. G. Buffardin. Quantz traveled to Italy in 1724 and studied counterpoint with Gasparini ; he also journeyed to Paris (1726-27), where he added a second key to his flutes, and to England in 1727, where he met Handel. Upon his return to Dresden he was made a member of the court Kapelle. From 1728 he instructed Prince Frederick on the flute, and moved to Berlin in 1741 after Frederick became King of Prussia.In Berlin, Quantz was exempt from playing in the opera orchestra; instead, his duties revolved around the king's private evening concerts, where the repertoire (at least in later years) consisted primarily of works by Quantz and Frederick himself His compositions include over 200 flute sonatas and 300 flute concertos, in addition to trio sonatas and some vocal music; few of his works were published after he moved to Berlin. Quantz is best known for his treatise

5. Johann Joachim Quantz - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Johann Joachim Quantz (30 January 1697 – 12 July 1773) was a German flautist, flute maker and composer.
Johann Joachim Quantz
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Johann Joachim Quantz Johann Joachim Quantz (30 January 1697 – 12 July 1773) was a German flautist , flute maker and composer
edit Biography
Quantz was born in Oberscheden , near Göttingen , Germany, and died in Potsdam He began his musical studies as a child with his uncle (his blacksmith father died when Quantz was young. At his deathbed, he begged his son to follow in his footsteps), later going to Dresden and Vienna . He abandoned the violin and the oboe in order to pursue the flute. It was during his time as musician to Frederick Augustus II of Poland that he began to concentrate on the flute, performing more and more on the instrument. He gradually became known as the finest flautist in Europe, and toured France and England . He became a flute teacher, flute maker and composer to Frederick II of Prussia (Frederick the Great) in 1740. He was an innovator in flute design, adding keys to the instrument to help with intonation, for example. He often criticized Vivaldi for being too wild when he played. Although Quantz wrote many pieces of music, mainly for the flute (including around 300 flute

6. Quantz, Johann Joachim MP3s, Quantz, Johann Joachim Music Downloads, Quantz, Joh
Download Quantz, Johann Joachim albums and specific songs. eMusic also has compilations such as greatest hits and rare classic albums. Hundreds of other styles of music are also
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7. Johann Joachim Quantz - Classical Archives
Biography and music files offered in MIDI format.

8. Quantz Johann Joachim Free Encyclopedia Articles At
Research Quantz Johann Joachim and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

9. Quantz,_johann_joachim Websites, Quantz,_johann_joachim Sites
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Composition Composers Q ...
johann joachim quantz (1697-1773) article from includes biography, works, flutes, portraits, bibliography, and links.
Composition Composers Q ...
classical music archives: quantz music files offered in midi format.
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10. Quantz, Johann Joaquim (1697-1773)
Illustrated musical biography of the flutist, composer and theorician, notes-sheets, discography, and RealAudio samples of his last discovered work.

11. Quantz, Johann Joachim
Johann Joachim Quantz (January 30, 1697–July 12, 1773) was a highly skilled German flutist, flute maker, and composer. He was born in Scheden (Oberscheden), near G ttingen
Quantz, Johann Joachim
From New World Encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Previous (Johann Jakob Froberger) Next (Johann Kaspar Bluntschli) Johann Joachim Quantz Johann Joachim Quantz (January 30, 1697–July 12, 1773) was a highly skilled German flutist, flute maker, and composer . He was born in Scheden (Oberscheden), near Göttingen, Germany in the late age of Classicism, and died in Potsdam. As Quantz sought to develop the flute into an instrument of a wider range with more flexibilities, he clearly felt a fundamental need to make a meaningful contribution to the woodwind instruments which then were not looked upon as important instruments in eighteenth century orchestration or chamber ensemble. He brought a strong objective worth to woodwind instruments and especially the flute which has benefitted the world of music richly.
Quantz began his musical studies as a child with his uncle because his father, a blacksmith, died when Quantz was young. He later continued his musical studies and career in Dresden and Vienna Austria . Subsequently he went to Warsaw

12. Schott Music - Shop - Sheet Music - Eulenburg - Performance Material - Quantz, J
Sheet music / Eulenburg Performance Material / Quantz, Johann Joachim
window.isPrintView = false; Log in Contact / Impressum Help Press ... Services Search in: Advanced product search Shop Sheet music Eulenburg - Performance Material ... Bestsellers thumbnails['news2']=false; thumbnails['highlight2']=false; thumbnails['bestseller2']=false; Catalogue entries results Sort order: Persons Order Number Title Concerto G major Quantz, Johann Joachim (Composer)
flute, strings and basso continuo
solo part - Flute
Order No.: PC 48-1
Publisher: Eulenburg
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13. Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773)
Article from includes biography, works, flutes, portraits, bibliography, and links.

14. Quantz, Johann Joachim Definition Of Quantz, Johann Joachim In The Free Online E
Quantz, Johann Joachim (yō`h n yō` khĭm kv nts), 1697–1773, German flutist and composer for the flute. In 1741 he became chamber musician and teacher of the flute to, Johann Joachim

15. Johann Joachim Quantz Biography. Listen To Classical Music By Johann Joachim Qua
QUANTZ, JOHANN JOACHIM BIOGRAPHY (1697 1773) Quantz was one of the first professional flute players in 18th-century Europe. He began as a town musician, trained to play all
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Quantz was one of the first professional flute players in 18th-century Europe. He began as a town musician, trained to play all instruments, but after gaining a post as an oboist in the presitgious Dresden court ensemble, he began to specialise in the flute in 1719. he traveled to Italy, France, and England to broaden his musical education, then returned to Dresden. In 1741 he entered the service of Frederick the Great of Prussia, where he remained until his death, composing, performing, and making flutes for the king. His Essay on flute-playing (1752) made his famous throughout Europe and attracted pupils who formed a "school" of flute-playing which remained influential for another hundred years.
Albums featuring this composer are available for download from

16. Johann Joachim Quantz —
More on Johann Joachim Quantz from Infoplease Quantz meaning and definitions Quantz Definition and Pronunciation; See more Encyclopedia articles on Music History

17. Johann Joachim Quantz Sheet Music Lyrics
Sheet music for Johann Joachim Quantz, Sheet music scores for Johann Joachim Quantz composer and many others are available here.

18. Johann Joachim Quantz | Classical Composers Database
Classical Composers Database entry outlines his life and relationship to Frederick the Great. Includes links.
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19. Quantz, Johann Joachim - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About
German flautist and composer. He composed 300 flute concertos, but is best remembered for writing the treatise ‘Versuch einer Anweisung die Fl te traversiere zu spielen/On, Johann Joachim

20. Concerto G Min QV6:8b/Quantz Johann Joachim
Jonathan Myall Music Sheet Music Details for Concerto G min QV68b/Quantz Johann Joachim.

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