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         Schubert Franz:     more books (100)
  1. Franz Schubert. Die schöne Müllerin. Winterreise. by Arnold Feil, Rolf. Vollmann, 1996-01-01
  2. Franz Schubert Winterreise (German Edition) by Robert Hammerstiel, 1997
  3. Franz Schubert and the Mysterium Magnum by Frank Ruppert, 2009-06-12
  4. Symphony in B Minor ("Unfinished") (Norton Critical Scores) by Franz Schubert, 1971-06-17
  5. A Little Schubert by M. B. Goffstein, Richard Woitach, 1990-01
  6. Franz Schubert's Music in Performance: Compositional Ideals, Notational Intent, Historical Realities, Pedagogical Foundations (Monographs in Musicology) by David Montgomery, 2010-01-15
  7. The Life of Franz Schubert, Volume 2 by Heinrich Kreissle Von Hellborn, Heinrich Von Kreissle, 2010-03-05
  8. Franz Schubert: Vom Vorstadtkind zum Compositeur (German Edition) by Herwig Knaus, 1997
  9. Franz Schuberts Liebe: Eine Entdeckung : Roman (German Edition) by Robert Widl, 1990
  10. Die Winterreise Dahinterweise: Neue Gedichte und Fotomontagen zu Franz Schuberts Liederzyklus (German Edition) by Gerhard Ruhm, 1991
  11. Franz Schubert und Gustav Mahler in der Musik der Gegenwart (Schriften der Hochschule fur Musik Wurzburg) (German Edition)
  12. Franz Schubert in der Rezeption Robert Schumanns: Studien zur Asthetik und Instrumentalmusik (German Edition) by Marie Luise Maintz, 1995
  13. Franz Schubert: Wanderer zwischen den Zeiten (German Edition) by Cedric Dumont, 1978
  14. Franz Schubert und Moritz von Schwind: Freundschaft im Biedermeier (German Edition) by Reinhard Goltl, 1989

61. Schubert, Franz Peter - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About
Austrian composer. His ten symphonies include the incomplete eighth in B minor (the ‘Unfinished’) (1822) and the ‘Great’ in C major (1825)., Franz Peter

62. - Bio, Albums, Pictures – Naxos Classical Music.
Brief biographical sketch, caricature, summaries of choral and vocal, orchestral, chamber, and piano music, and recommended Naxos recordings.

63. YouTube - Schubert, Franz_Winterreise_9 - Irrlicht
Schubert, Franz - Winterreise_no.9 - Irrlicht - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, baritone - J rg Demus, klavier

64. Franz Schubert: Winterreise
Exploration with translations in English, Dutch, Danish and Portuguese, plus MIDI audio files, performance reviews, recordings, articles, and links.


Winterreise Ich werde euch einen Zyklus schauerlicher Lieder vorsingen. Ich bin begierig zu sehen, was ihr dazu sagt. Sie haben mich mehr angegriffen, als dies bei anderen der Fall war. Mir gefallen diese Lieder mehr als alle, und sie werden euch auch noch gefallen. Franz Schubert

65. Schubert, Franz - Theme From Unfinished Symphony Midi File -
Schubert, FranzTheme from Unfinished Symphony midi file

66. Franz Schubert's "Winterreise"
Argument for performing the songs in the order of Wilhelm M ller s poems.
For a review of Schubert's life there are many sites you can visit on the web. Specifically on Winterreise you are invited to see a new site by Margo Briessinck (New York University, 1992). Winterreise found in all editions of the cycle. From the composer's concessions to the vocal range of five of the songs, his lowering of the melody of another ("Auf dem Flusse"), and the changing of the key in "Frühlingstraum," as well as the many revisions that had been made in his first part manuscript, it was apparent that Schubert did not consider these compositions unalterable. He adhered to Müller's original order of the first 12 poems and it seems likely that he purposely arranged the continuation of Die Winterreise as close to the order in the poet's final publication (1824) as possible. The penultimate placement of "Die Nebensonnen" was perhaps another concession to the publisher in his efforts to placate wary censors. The attempt of understanding the dramatic andto some degreemusical development of the cycle from an esoteric perspective is only one of the interpretative possibilities that Die Winterreise has to offer. The researcher has purposely been less than specific in identifying the meaning of the cycle's songs solely with

67. Schubert, Franz - Ave Maria Sheet Music -
Schubert, FranzAve Maria sheet music N.B. The theme shown is not necessarily in the key we use for our version of this piece.

68. Img012
Brief biography for the Austrian composer.
FRANZ PETER SCHUBERT Franz Peter Schubert, youngest son of a parish schoolmaster and a cook, was born in the
Lichtenthal district of Vienna on 31 January 1797. The Schubert family was musical. Father
Schubert played the violincello, and Franz`s older brothers, Ignaz and Ferdinand, were
violinists. Their music-making gave Franz Schubert his earliest musical impressions. Before
long, Franz, too, was given instruction in the art, under the guidance of his father, his brother
Ignaz, and Michael Holzer, choirmaster of the parish. "He seems to know the lessons perfectly
before I begin to explain them to him," Holzer once told Schubert`s father in amazement. In his eleventh year, Schubert passed the entrance examinations for the Convict School, which
trained choristers for the Imperial Court Chapel. Life at the Convict was not without hardship;
the young music-students frequently suffered cold and hunger. "Hunger has become so pressing,"
Schubert wrote to his brother, Ferdinand, "that willy-nilly I must make a change. The two
groschen that father gave me went in the first few days. If, then, I rely upon your aid, I hope I

69. Schubert, Franz | Southbank Centre.
Southbank Centre is the largest singlerun arts centre in the world and includes Royal Festival Hall, Hayward Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room, Poetry Library and 21
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70. Code: Listening For Schubert's 'Doppelgaengers'
Analysis of his setting of the Heine poem Der Doppelgaenger by David Loberg Code. Examines the myth of ghostly doubles against the composer s life and the specifics of this work.
Listening for Schubert's 'Doppelgngers'
David Lberg Code
AUTHOR: Code, David Lberg
TITLE: Listening for Schubert's 'Doppelgngers'
KEYWORDS: Schubert, doppelganger, Heine, song, analysis, key characteristics David Lberg Code
Western Michigan University
School of Music
Kalamazoo, MI 49008 ABSTRACT: A doppelgnger is the ghostly double or wraith of a living person. This essay adopts and adapts this legend to an analysis of Franz Schubert's song "Der Doppelgnger." I begin by discussing ways in which the myth of the doppelgnger might relate to Schubert's personality and other extramusical features such as affective key characteristics. Next, these constructions are mapped onto the piece itself, exploring multiple implications of motivic pitch structures and binary oppositions among chords and modalities. After tracing these features through the piece, I relate this detailed analysis to an interpretation of the text, and finally, aspects of Schubert's personal life. Return to the MTO Web page "Still ist die Nacht"

71. Schubert Franz
Franz Schubert Human Design Chart and Biography Franz Schubert Manifestor - Biography

72. Schubert Kosegarten Cycle: Lieder Texts
Die 20 Texte von Gotthard Ludwig Kosegarten hat Schubert 1815 musikalisch unterlegt, sie sind jedoch als Zyklus relativ selten zu finden.
Franz Schubert - Kosegarten cycle
Lieder texts
In the cycle appear three characters:
  • Ida (soprano) Luisa (mezzo) Wilhelm (tenor)
Two other characters, Elwina and Rosa, also appear in the story but do not sing. Huldigung
Ganz verloren, ganz versunken D.240 Wilhelm Alles um Liebe
Was ist es, das die Seele fllt ? D.241 Wilhelm Von Ida
Der Morgen blht, der Osten glht D.228 Ida Die Erscheinung
Ich lag auf grnen Matten D.229 Wilhelm Das Finden
Ich hab ein Mdchen funden D.219 Wilhelm Idens Nachtgesang
Vernimm es, Nacht, was Ida dir vertraut D.227 Ida Die Sterne
Wie wohl ist mir im Dunkeln ! D.313 Wilhelm Nachtgesang
Tiefe Feier schauert um die Welt D.314 Luisa Die Tuschung
Im Erlenbusch, im Tannenhain D.230 Wilhelm Das Sehnen
Wehmut, die mich hllt D.231 Ida Die Mondnacht Siehe wie die Mondesstrahlen D.238 Wilhelm Abends unter der Linde Woher o namenloses Sehnen D.237 Wilhelm Das Abendrot Der Abend blht, der Westen glht D.236 Wilhelm, Ida, Luisa Geist der Liebe Wer bist du, Geist der Liebe D.233 Wilhelm Der Abend Der Abend blht, Temora glht D.221 Wilhelm Idens Schwanenlied Wie schaust du aus dem Nebelflor, o Sonne

73. YouTube - Schubert, Franz_Winterreise_12 - Einsamkeit
Schubert, Franz - Winterreise_no.12 - Einsamkeit - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, baritone - J rg Demus, klavier

74. : Magazin : 100 Meisterwerke : Die Unvollendete Von Franz Schubert
Ausf hrlicher Artikel ber die von Schubert nicht beendete 8. Sinfonie in h-moll.

75. Free Sheet Music | Schubert, Franz
Schubert, Franz Free Sheet Music Links and Tabs is your ultimate portal to free sheet music. Adware free!

76. Winterreise - Songs
Wiedergabe der Texte von Schuberts bekanntem Liederzyklus in Deutsch mit bersetzungen in weiteren Sprachen.


The song cycle
Select a song:
All songs Gute Nacht Die Wetterfahne Gefror'ne Trnen Erstarrung Der Lindenbaum Wasserflut Auf dem Flusse Rckblick Irrlicht Rast Frhlingstraum Einsamkeit Die Post Der greise Kopf Die Krhe Letzte Hoffnung Im Dorfe Der strmische Morgen Tuschung Der Wegweiser Das Wirtshaus Mut Die Nebensonnen Der Leiermann Translation:
No translation
Spanish Options: show original text include links to MIDI-files
Individual songs
  • Gute Nacht Die Wetterfahne Gefror'ne Trnen Erstarrung ... Der Leiermann
  • 77. Schubert, Franz Peter
    Schubert, Franz Peter Encyclopedia article; The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2004. Read Schubert, Franz Peter at Questia library.
    questia.Dictionary.domain = 'questia'; Letter A Letter B Letter C Letter D ... Letter Z addthis_url = ''; addthis_title = 'Schubert, Franz Peter'; addthis_pub = 'ahanin'; This feature allows you to create and manage separate folders for your different research projects. To view markups for a different project, make that project your current project. This feature allows you to save a link to the publication you are reading or view all the publications you have put on your bookshelf. This feature allows you to save a link to the page you are reading, which you can later return to from Projects. This feature allows you to highlight words or phrases on the publication page you are reading. This feature allows you to save a note you write on the publication page you are reading. This feature allows you to create a citation to the page you are reading that you can paste into your paper. Highlight a passage to include that passage as a quotation. This feature allows you to save a reference to a publication you are reading for your bibliography or generate a bibliography you can paste into your paper.

    78. Schubert, Franz | Definition Of Schubert, Franz | Online Dictionar
    Find out what Schubert, Franz means The Oxford Dictionary of Dance has the definition of Schubert, Franz. Research related newspaper, magazine, and journal articles at

    79. Franz Schubert
    Breu biografia amb una secci especial dedicada al cicle de can ons Winterreise (Viatge d Hivern) i al poeta Wilhelm M ller textos i midis.
    "Les meves creacions provenen del doble coneixement de la música i del meu dolor." "Durant molts, molts anys, vaig cantar les meves cançons. Si em proposava cantar l'amor, es convertia en dolor. I si només volia cantar el dolor, aquest es convertia en amor. Així l'amor i la pena es repartien en el meu ésser." "... amb el cor ple d'un amor infinit pels que em rebutjaven, vaig tornar a vagar per terres desconegudes." "No em mereixo, jo també, un lloc en aquesta terra?." Franz Schubert
    BIOGRAFIA Franz Schubert Antonio Salieri Franz Joseph Haydn i Ludwig van Beethoven Als catorze anys neixen els seus primers lied i abans de fer els divuit ja havia creat una de les seves obres mestres, Gretchen am Spinnrade , el primer dels molts lied inspirats en poemes de Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lieder.

    80. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Franz Schubert
    Composer (1797-1829).
    Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... S > Franz Schubert
    Franz Schubert
    Composer, b. at Vienna , 31 January, 1797; d. there 19 November, 1829. He studied under his father , and subsequently under Holzer and Salieri , and in 1807, was first boy soprano in the Lichtenthal choir . In October, 1808, he entered the Imperial Choristers School, and soon gave evidence of extraordinary musical genius as a composer, his first effort being a pianoforte duet , early in 1810. During 1811 and 1812 he produced many instrumental pieces, also a "Salve Regina" and a "Kyrie". He left the Choir School in November, 1812, and took up work as a schoolmaster in order to avoid conscription. His "First Mass in F" was finished on 22 July, 1814, and performed by the Lichtenthal choir under the direction of Holzer Competent critics have pronounced this mass as perhaps the most wonderful first work by any composer save the case of Beethoven's "Mass in C". Schubert conducted the second performance at the Augustinian church on 26 October, his brother, Ferdinand , presiding at the organ "Salve Regina" , a "Stabat Mater", a "Tantum Ergo" , and a "Magnificat", as also two symphonies, and some delightful songs including the "Wanderer". He conducted the music at high

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