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141. Ensembl Genome Browser
Ensembl is a joint project between EMBLEBI and the Sanger Centre to develop a software system which produces and maintains automatic annotation on
More... Search terms
Ensembl search all species Ensembl genomes search Vega search EBI search Sanger search
Home Search All species Alpaca Anole Lizard Armadillo Bushbaby C.elegans C.intestinalis C.savignyi Cat Chicken Chimpanzee Cow Dog Dolphin Drosophila melanogaster Elephant Fugu Gorilla Guinea Pig Hedgehog Horse Human Hyrax Kangaroo rat Lesser hedgehog tenrec Macaque Marmoset Medaka Megabat Microbat Mouse Mouse Lemur Opossum Orangutan Pig Pika Platypus Rabbit Rat Saccharomyces cerevisiae Shrew Sloth Squirrel Stickleback Tarsier Tetraodon Tree Shrew Wallaby X.tropicalis Zebra Finch Zebrafish for e.g. human gene BRCA2 or rat X:100000..200000 or coronary heart disease
New to Ensembl?
Did you know you can:
Learn how to use Ensembl
with our video tutorials and walk-throughs
Add custom tracks
using our new Control Panel
Upload and analyse your data
and save it to your Ensembl account
Search for a DNA or protein sequence
using BLAST or BLAT
Fetch only the data you want
from our public database, using the Perl API
Download our databases via FTP
in FASTA, MySQL and other formats
Mine Ensembl with BioMart
and export sequences or tables in text, html, or Excel format

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