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  1. Mold-filling software now accepts rapid-prototyping data format.: An article from: Plastics Technology by Joseph Ogando, 1996-11-01
  2. Marc 21 Format for Classification Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation
  3. The Effect of Display Format and Data Relibability on Classification of Multidimensional Data in a Process Control Task by Margery Davidson Boulette, 1990
  4. ISO 15076-1:2005, Image technology colour management - Architecture, profile format and data structure - Part 1: Based on ICC.1:2004-10 by ISO/TC 130, 2007-08-23
  5. Marc 21 Format for Authority Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation
  6. Marc 21 Format for Holdings Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation
  7. Debugging Data Format
  8. Improving design communication using DfA analysis and feedback: creating a single data format from design through manufacturing can accelerate design data ... article from: Printed Circuit Design & Fab by Mark Laing, 2008-06-01
  9. Usmarc Format Holdings Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation
  10. Mass Spectrometry Software: Mass Spectrometry Software, Peaks, Mass Spectrometry Data Format, Simion, Protomap, Sequest, Openms
  11. ISO 7168-1:1999, Air quality -- Exchange of data -- Part 1: General data format by ISO TC 146/SC 4/WG 8, 2007-08-23
  12. ISO/TR 6132:1981, Numerical control of machines - Operational command and data format by ISO TC 184/SC 1, 2007-08-23
  13. ISO/IEC 11694-5:2006, Identification cards - Optical memory cards - Linear recording method - Part 5: Data format for information interchange for applications using ISO/IEC 11694-4, Annex B by ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 17, 2007-08-23
  14. Report of the Expert Consultation on Data Formats And Procedures for Monitoring Control And Surveillance

21. GIS & Mapping Center
There are three major formats in which GISusable data can be obtained. They include hardcopy/eye-readable format, analog image format, and in fully digital format.
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Map Library


Base Cam
Data Formats
There are three major formats in which GIS-usable data can be obtained. They include hardcopy/eye-readable format, analog image format, and in fully digital format. Unique types of information can be accessed from each of these data formats.
Hardcopy (Paper, Linen Or Film)/Eye-Readable
Hardcopy maps are easily accessed from a wide variety of organizations. Hardcopy maps, as a form of GIS source data, can be digitized on a digitizing tablet into vector GIS format, or scanned and then converted into raster GIS format. Although there are potential accuracy problems which are associated with paper and linen maps (related to distortions due to shrinkage/expansion of the media) in capturing geographic features, there is still much unique geographic data which can only be found on these maps. An example of unique data from paper or linen maps is seen when seeking geographic data for a certain time period. Much of the digital data which is readily available may only be the most current, updated data for a region. For example, in order to find geographic data from before 1970, the only choice may be to access a paper or linen map. Use a film copy of the source document where available as this will be the most stable media.
Accessing dated tabular information for the development of an attribute database may be a similar endeavor requiring the use of paper documents. Organizations which have been in existence since before the dawn of digital filing systems all had to keep their data in paper "hard-copy" format at one time. Some of these older records may have been converted into digital form at one point. In other cases, there may be hard-copy documents which are the only versions of dated material. In order to conserve space and the integrity of most documents, many might possibly have been copied onto microfiche.

Information about seven common web image formats.

23. DataFormats Class (System.Windows.Forms)
Provides static, predefined Clipboard format names. Use them to identify the format of data that you store in an IDataObject.

24. IFC - Institut Formation Continue - OLEOHYDRAULIQUE
Propose des formations en hydraulique industrielle. Liste des formations et des enseignants.
IFC Service "Expertise & Conseil " Nos formations Hydraulique Stationnaire Hydraulique Mobile Lubrification Formation en alternance ... Organisme de formation professionnelle en Hydraulique Stationnaire Hydraulique Mobile Lubrification situé à Bois le Roi et à Roanne document.write(""); document.write(""); document.write(""); ... ACTUALITES... Tuyautage et raccordement
en savoir plus...
Retrouvez-nous sur les salons en savoir plus... Maintenance 1er Niveau
Une nouvelle formation au catalogue IFC en savoir plus... "Ils ont dit..." IFC en savoir plus... ... En savoir plus ! Nom : E-mail : IFC Institut Formation Continue
Plan du site l

25. Data Formats - Tool For Collecting And Analyzing Information About Stored BLOB D
BLOB Statistics 1.0 What do you know about your BLOB data? BLOB Statistics is a tool for collecting, viewing and analyzing information about stored BLOB data.
Search our site:
Data Formats
BLOB Statistics 1.0
What do you know about your BLOB data? BLOB Statistics is a tool for collecting, viewing and analyzing information about stored BLOB data. You can use BLOB Statistics to find out how much BLOB data is stored in the database, the size of the stored BLOB data and the data formats being used. BLOB Statistics supports ODBC and Desktop Databases. Download your free demo version now!
odbc blob lob ...

26. Atao - Centre Qualifié OPQF - Centre De Formation Paris, Lyon, Marseille : Forma
Centre de formation informatique et formation multimedia. Propose son catalogue de formations.
Atao - centre de formation Paris, Lyon, Marseille : formation webmaster, formation autocad, formation photoshop, formation after effects,
AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,19,0','width','706','height','60','title','menu atao','src','menu','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','menu' ); //end AC code AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,28,0','width','714','height','209','title','Atao formation ','src','bandeau_atao','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','bandeau_atao' ); //end AC code AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,19,0','width','706','height','48','title','reference atao','src','reference','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','reference' ); //end AC code FORMATION LYON Formation Photoshop initiation Nombre de jours : 3
Date : 3 au 5 novembre 2010
Lieu : Lyon Formation Réussissez vos entretiens de recrutement Nombre de jours : 2
Date : 8 au 9 novembre 2010
Lieu : Lyon

27. Data Formats: File Formats And Their File Extensions -
Search for data formats to find file extensions by the letter it starts with Sign Up Sign In Search
  • Term of the Day Recent Terms Did You Know? Quick Reference ... Quick Reference > Data Formats: File Formats and Their File Extensions
      Data Formats: File Formats and Their File Extensions
      Posted: 06-29-2010 , Last Updated: 06-29-2010
      More Terms
      Webopedia Weekly
      Stay up to date on the latest developments in internet terminology with a free weekly newsletter from Webopedia. Join to subscribe now. Sign up Already a member? Log in now Webopedia is a part of the network. .#24 Printer data file for 24 pin matrix printer (LocoScript)
      .#ib Printer data file (LocoScript)
      .#sc Printer data file (LocoScript)
      .#st Standard mode printer definitions (LocoScript)
      .$#! Cryptext
      .$$$ Temporary file
      .000 Compressed hard disk data (DoubleSpace)
      .001 Fax (many)
      .075 75x75 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)
      .085 85x85 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)
      .091 91x91 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher) .096 96x96 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)

28. Data Formats -
Learn about Data Formats on Find info and videos including How to Format Computer Data, How to Format Data Labels in Excel, How to Download Data in an Intraday
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Home Data Formats
Data Formats
Data Formats Featured Articles
  • How to Format a CD for MP3 Data Now that the MP3 format is widely used for digital music archiving, there are several CD players that can read MP3 audio files direct from a CD-R disc. If you have a computer with a CD burner, you can fit approximately 150 songs in MP3 on a single CD-R. The disc will be playable in any MP3-compatible CD player, providing a... How to Recover Data From a Formatted Hard Drive How to Format a Hard Drive After Data Recovery Computers, for all their technical wonder, sometimes fail and break down. Hard drives are notorious for this behavior, due to their reliance on mechanical mechanisms. Bad sectors can develop in system critical areas, making the hard drive unable to boot. The only solution to saving the data is via a recovery system, but the hard drive... How to Retrieve Outlook Calendar Data in iCal Format Outlook uses a proprietary format for calendar data that most other programs don't support, which makes it difficult to retrieve this data with other programs. However, it is possible to export Outlook Calendar data to the iCal format, which is supported by most calendar programs. Outlook doesn't directly export iCal data....

Detailed file formats and data formats for programmers. A large collection of programming resources with detailed information. The place to share useful

30. Préparation Concours, Examen & Métier - Formation à Distance
Pr s de 100 formations d couvrir. Avantages de la formation distance et des cours par correspondance. France.

31. Search Soft On - Data Formats
Search Soft on Data Formats BLOB Statistics ProgramVersion; EMS Data Import 2007 for PostgreSQL ProgramVersion; EMS Data Import 2005 for PostgreSQL
Data Formats
BLOB Statistics 1.0
formats. 4. Formats by Tables Report - This report allows you to determine which formats are used in each particular table. 5. Tables by Formats Report - This report allows you to determine in which tables each particular format is used. 6. Database: Recognized/Unrecognized Data - This report allows you to compare the properties of recognized and unrecognized data for the entire database. 7. Tables: Recognized/Unrecognized Data - This report allows
EMS Data Import 2007 for PostgreSQL 3.1

Data Import for PostgreSQL is a powerful tool to import your data quickly from MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, XML, TXT and CSV files to PostgreSQL tables. It provides adjustable import parameters, including source data formats for all the fields and destination data formats for the selected fields, commit options, number of records to skip, etc. Data Import for PostgreSQL includes a wizard, which allows you to set all the import options for different postgresql windows access data ...
EMS Data Import 2005 for PostgreSQL 3.0

32. Formation à Distance Aux Métiers Créatifs Par Lignes Et Formations
L cole pr sente ses formations dipl mantes et formations professionnelles par correspondance en photographie, architecture d int rieur, PAO, graphisme, dessin, illustration.

33. Bores Signal Processing - Introduction To DSP - Data Formats
Training in DSP, software architectures and Philips TriMedia architectures

34. Télé-université: Formation à Distance, études Universitaire, Cours à Dista
Enseignement et la formation universitaire distance. Catalogue des formations et cours, documentation et inscription.
Aller au contenu liens rapides Foire aux questions Période d'inscription Guide des programmes Reconnaissance des acquis Admission et inscription Liste des formulaires Réinscription en ligne Bibliotech @ distance Les forums Soutien technique Dossier étudiant Chercher La TÉLUQ est la première et la seule université totalement à distance au Québec. Depuis sa création en 1972, elle n'a pas cessé d'enrichir son offre qui comporte aujourd'hui plus de 360 cours et 75 programmes à tous les cycles d'études dans les principaux domaines du savoir. Ses programmes sont sanctionnés par un diplôme de l' UQAM . La TÉLUQ enregistre à ce jour près d'un million d'inscriptions à ses cours et programmes.
Unités d'enseignement et de recherche
Découvrez les témoignages spontanés d'étudiants qui ont opté pour la formation universitaire à distance. Accédez aux témoignages

35. Data Formats Software Informer: Fdf-Converter: Convert FDF-files To Other Data F
Data Formats Software Informer. Featured Data Formats free downloads and reviews. Latest updates on everything Data Formats Software related.

36. Cours Par Correspondance, Formation à Distance, Formation Professionnelle
Institut priv de formation distance sp cialis dans le BTP. Pr parations aux concours de la fonction publique. Formations en ligne, liste de membres, actualit s.

37. Data Formats
A document explaining the differences of today used data formats for sound, video, pictures and binary data on the Internet. It always rates the difference
Data Formats
  • Introduction to compression Compression Formats ...
    Introduction to compression
    To compress something means that you have a piece of data and you decrease its size. There are different techniques who to do that and they all have advantages and disadvantges. One trick is to reduce reduntant information, meaning saving sometimes once instead of 6 times. Another one is to find out which parts of the data are not really important and just leave those away. Before you can use the data again, it must be decompressed. Using compressed data saves time, bandwidth and disc space and the Internet we know wouldn't be possible without compression. Back to Top
    Loseless compression
    How can you recognize loseless compression? Very easy, you compress something and after you decompressed it again, it must be exactly the same piece of data it was before you compressed it. If only one BIT is different, it's not loseless compression. The name loseless means "no data is lost", the data is only saved more efficiently in its compressed state, but nothing of it is removed. How can this be done? The simples way is called

38. Scientific Data Format Information FAQ
Oct 13, 1995 CDF (Common Data Format) is a library and toolkit for storing, manipulating, and accessing multidimensional data sets.
From: (Ilana Stern) Newsgroups:,news.answers,sci.answers
Scientific Data Format Information FAQ
Archive-name: sci-data-formats Last-modified: 13 Oct 1995
Recent changes:
within last two weeks
  • Format changes to document
  • Correction to CDF information
  • Corrected URL of JCAMP standard
  • New URL for GeoTIFF information
within last four weeks
  • Added DLG-3 information
  • Added DEM information
  • Corrected location of CIF information
This is the FAQ for the newsgroup. Contents: 1) How to use this document
2) How to get a current copy of this document

3) Resources for format information

4) Resources for visualization software information
6) Why isn't my favorite format on this list?

Each (major) section has a "Subject:" line, so you can search on the subject title above to find the section quickly. Comments, corrections, or additions should be sent to Ilana Stern at
Subject: 1) How to use this document
Most FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) documents list many questions and their answers. This FAQ is (mostly) devoted to answering only one question: "Where can I find documentation and software for [X] data format?"

39. Data Formats
In the Data format field, select all input data formats that the printer supports. Also select all input data formats that can be transformed into a supported data format by the
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Data formats
z/OS V1R8.0-V1R9.0 Infoprint Server Operation and Administration
In the Data format field, select all input data formats that the printer supports. Also select all input data formats that can be transformed into a supported data format by the associated filter. Print Interface automatically determines the type of data format in each input document unless the job submitter specifies the data format in the document-format job attribute. If Print Interface cannot determine the input data format, the default is other Guidelines:
  • In a PSF printer definition, select line data text , and MO:DCA-P . PSF accepts line data and MO:DCA-P formats. Print Interface automatically transforms text data into line data when the printer definition is a PSF printer definition. Planning printer definitions for Infoprint transforms Tip: If the printer accepts text data, select line data as well as text because Print Interface automatically converts line data to text data. If you install an Infoprint transform product, you can also select other data formats. For information, see
  • 40. Educatel : Formation A Distance, Cours Par Correspondance
    tablissement priv de formation distance par correspondance. Pr sentation, moyens techniques et catalogue des formations.

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