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  1. Extensible Data Format
  2. ISO 12234-2:2001, Electronic still-picture imaging - Removable memory - Part 2: TIFF/EP image data format by ISO/TC 42, 2007-08-23
  3. Usmarc Format for Authority Data
  4. Usmarc Format for Classification Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation
  5. C37.111-1999 IEEE Standard for Common Format for Transient Data Exchange (Comtrade) for Power Systems
  6. Data Format for Cd-Rom Mastering
  7. The Usmarc Format for Holdings and Locations: Development, Implementation, and Use (Monographic Supplement #2 to the Journal Technical Services) by Barry B Baker, Gary M Pitkin, 1988-08-24
  8. IMS for the Cobol Programmer, Part 2: Data Communications and Message Format Service (Pt.2) by Steve Eckols, 1987-06
  9. Free Lossless Audio Codec: Comparison of audio codecs, Meridian Lossless Packing, Monkey's Audio, TTA (codec), WavPack, Apple Lossless, Anti-aircraft warfare, ... File format, Lossless data compression
  10. Spreadsheet File Formats: Comma-Separated Values, Symbolic Link, Csv Application Support, Fielded Text, Data Interchange Format, .Xls, .Csv
  11. ISO/IEC 11321:1992, Information technology - 3,81 mm wide magnetic tape cartridge for information interchange - Helical scan recording - DATA/DAT format by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 11, 2007-08-23
  12. Persistence: Serialization, Comparison of Data Serialization Formats, Hibernate, Ibm Purequery, Java Persistence Api, Snapshot, Carbonado
  13. The Exchange of bibliographic data and the MARC format: Austausch bibliographischer Daten und das MARC Format (Bibliothekspraxis)
  14. IEC 61455 Ed. 1.0 b:1995, Nuclear instrumentation - MCA histogram data interchange format for nuclear spectroscopy by IEC TC/SC 45, 2007-08-19

41. SPI Data Solutions - Data Formats
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List Products How we compile our lists Data Formats ...
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Data Formats
With , your primary report is a Microsoft Word document that you can open and print out for immediate use. Each page is designed as a contact tracking sheet with extra room to record specific information about each new licensee as you move them from prospective recruit to a member of your team. You can even store your report in a three-ring binder as a portable contact book. Sample Contact Sheet We also give you other data formats to work with at no additional charge. You'll get a comma-delimited data file that you can you can instantly import into any database or contact management program, including ACT!, Goldmine, Microsoft Access, Filemaker Pro, Top Producer and more. And finally, you’ll also get a Microsoft Word file you can use to print pre-formatted Avery 5160 mailing labels (1" x 2-5/8") to mail letters, postcards, newsletters, brochures, or other information. Sample Label Sheet Pay for 12 months and save. You'll receive an

42. Document Sans Titre
Module de formation distance et de formation en ligne.

43. Apache Camel: Data Format
You can if you prefer use a named reference to a data format which can then be defined in your Registry such as via your Spring XML file.

44. Data Formats Traffic Rankings, Whois Data, And Website Keywords –
Search and browse for Data Formats. such as,, and learn more through special juggle awards.
  • Art Autos Business Find
    Data Formats
    Learn more about the most popular online resources featuring topics related to data formats. Review each website's current ranking position, Alexa traffic rank, average load time and link popularity, and study its keyword data and clickstream data. View a graphic representation of each data formats website's worldwide rank, and discover other websites its users enjoy. In their global user traffic rankings, Alexa positions the site in place number 30,108. This page's subject falls under the heading of "data formats." In the past three... In their global web traffic rankings, Alexa Internet places the site in place number 55,113. This site's content is categorized as "data formats." Over the past three... In their worldwide popularity rankings, Alexa Internet places the internet site in place number 57,583. This website's content falls under the heading of "data formats...

45. BcomBest | Accélérateur De Changement - E-changing â„¢, BcomBest | Accélérateu
Formation professionnelle en ligne, programmes e-formation, conseil et plate-forme e-learning. S vres, France.
accompagnement au
changement : Le elle permet de
Son approche globale et sur-mesure combine communication, formation et suivi.
e-Learning accompagnement au changement Plus de 2 millions de collaborateurs
accompagnement au changemen
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Suivez-nous :
Trouvez-nous :
4, rue de Longchamp 75016 PARIS
T :
M : contact

46. Data Formats - Open Data Pilot Project
Data formats. Eventually we plan to make each type of data available in multiple formats; however, it will take some time to get there. Formats such as SHP, DWG, KML and others

47. Free GIS Data - GIS Data Depot
The term file format refers to the logical structure used to store information in a GIS file. File formats are important in part because not every GIS

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48. Data Formats
Free end of day stock market data and historical quotes for many of the world's top exchanges including NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, TSX, OTCBB, FTSE, SGX, HKEX, and FOREX.
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Data Formats
This page describes each of the data formats supplied by EODData and provides examples of the information they contain. If the format you require is not listed below please let us know and we will add it to our list.
Advanced GET ASCII
MetaStock ASCII (7 column)
MetaStock ASCII (8 column)

49. Concept Formula
Propose un logiciel de gestion de formation (LMS) et des services dans le d veloppement de e-formation sur mesure. Entreprise du Qu bec

50. Data Formats
However, it is good practice to know the general data formats, for the purpose of troubleshooting. Most of this page is valid for the older CANOCO for DOS.
Canoco uses input data in ASCII form. In CANOCO for Windows, it is theoretically possible that you would never need to see such ASCII files, since they can be created and read by other facilities. However, it is good practice to know the general data formats, for the purpose of troubleshooting. Most of this page is valid for the older CANOCO for DOS. Special considerations for CANOCO for WINDOWS are listed at the end of this page
Suppose you had a data set in which four large quadrats were sampled for birds, and you obtained the following data: Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 Cardinals 1 3 roadrunners 1 blue birds 3 2 phoebes 1 5 2 titmice 9 6 red-tails 1 chickadees 20 1 1 waxwings 66 How would you get these data into shape, so that CANOCO can read them?

51. Data Formats
A document explaining the differences of today used data formats for sound, video, pictures and binary data on the Internet. It always rates the difference formats and explains
Data Formats
  • Introduction to compression Compression Formats ...
    Introduction to compression
    To compress something means that you have a piece of data and you decrease its size. There are different techniques who to do that and they all have advantages and disadvantges. One trick is to reduce reduntant information, meaning saving sometimes once instead of 6 times. Another one is to find out which parts of the data are not really important and just leave those away. Before you can use the data again, it must be decompressed. Using compressed data saves time, bandwidth and disc space and the Internet we know wouldn't be possible without compression. Back to Top
    Loseless compression
    How can you recognize loseless compression? Very easy, you compress something and after you decompressed it again, it must be exactly the same piece of data it was before you compressed it. If only one BIT is different, it's not loseless compression. The name loseless means "no data is lost", the data is only saved more efficiently in its compressed state, but nothing of it is removed. How can this be done? The simples way is called

52. Portail De La Formation Professionnelle à Distance
Institut priv de formation distance et par correspondance sur les formations d assistance secr tariat, de comptabilit , et de pr paration aux concours administratifs. France.
Nos Conseillers

53. CIMIS - [ Data Formats ]
Calculation of Evapotranspiration (ETo) from sensor readings at over 100 weather stations throughout California.

54. ANEMA : Partenaire De Votre Stratégie Elearning
Propose des informations sur le logiciel Ganesha LMS et des formations et expertises sur SCORM, AICC, ainsi que des formations de formateurs la sc narisation et aux logiciels de m diatisation.
Notre ambition ?
La réussite de votre dispositif e-learning.
ANEMA, partenaire de votre stratégie e-learning
ANEMA, partenaire de votre stratégie e-learning
Depuis 2000, ANEMA est leader sur la mise en place de dispositifs elearning.
Logiciel Ganesha LMS Professional
En savoir +
En savoir + Formation En savoir + Réalisation de contenu e-learning En savoir + Actualités
  • ANEMA s'agrandit, venez nous voir à La Défense !

Cabinet de formation pluridisciplinaire, tudes et conseil.
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56. GDAL Raster Formats
Hierarchical Data Format Release 4 (HDF4), HDF4, Yes, Yes, 2GiB, No, needs libdf . Hierarchical Data Format Release 5 (HDF5), HDF5
GDAL Raster Formats
Long Format Name Code Creation Georeferencing Maximum file size Compiled by default Arc/Info ASCII Grid AAIGrid Yes Yes Yes ADRG/ARC Digitilized Raster Graphics (.gen/.thf) ADRG Yes Yes Yes Arc/Info Binary Grid (.adf) AIG No Yes Yes AIRSAR Polarimetric AIRSAR No No Yes Magellan BLX Topo (.blx, .xlb) BLX Yes Yes Yes Bathymetry Attributed Grid (.bag) BAG No Yes No, needs libhdf5 Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap (.bmp) BMP Yes Yes Yes BSB Nautical Chart Format (.kap) BSB No Yes Yes, can be disabled VTP Binary Terrain Format (.bt) BT Yes Yes Yes CEOS (Spot for instance) CEOS No No Yes DRDC COASP SAR Processor Raster COASP No No Yes TerraSAR-X Complex SAR Data Product COSAR No No Yes Convair PolGASP data CPG No Yes Yes Spot DIMAP (metadata.dim) DIMAP No Yes Yes ELAS DIPEx DIPEx No Yes Yes DODS / OPeNDAP DODS No Yes No, needs libdap First Generation USGS DOQ (.doq) No Yes Yes New Labelled USGS DOQ (.doq) No Yes Yes Military Elevation Data (.dt0, .dt1, .dt2) DTED Yes Yes Yes ERMapper Compressed Wavelets (.ecw) ECW Yes Yes No, needs ECW SDK

57. Data Formats -
Learn about Data Formats on Find info and videos including How to Format Computer Data, How to Format Data Labels in Excel, How to Download Data in an Intraday

58. GAF Swiss Management Training
Propose des formations en leadership, communication et management de projets. Publie des informations sur les modules de formation propos s.
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GAF Swiss Management Training
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59. SWX: SWF Data Format
SWX is the native data format for Adobe Flash. This blog is about all things SWX , SWX RPC, SWX PHP and the SWX APIs (Flickr, Twitter, etc.)

60. CLiki Data Formats
CLiki pages can be edited by anyone at any time. Imagine a fearsomely comprehensive disclaimer of liability. Now fear, comprehensively formats

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