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  1. Methods for regridding AARI data in SIGRID format to the EASE-grid projection (Special report / National Snow and Ice Data Center) by Raymond F Kokaly, 1996
  2. Design and implementation of the digital World Vector Shoreline data format (Report / Naval Ocean Research and Development Activity) by Maura C Lohrenz, 1988
  3. Global Sourcebook of Address Data Management: A Guide to Address Formats and Data in More Than 200 Countries by Graham R. Rhind, 2004-01
  4. ENDF-102 Data formats and procedures by Donald I Garber, 1975
  5. Study on data formats for machine-readable media: 1, report on ISO 2709 (British Library R&D report) by Stephen W Massil, 1987
  6. Description of formats for data recorded by the oceanographic data processing and control system as operative on R/V Chain since December 1963 (Technical memorandum WHOI) by Carl O Bowin, 1967
  7. IEEE Standard for Shared-Data Formats Optimized for Scalable Coherent Interfaces (Sci).......... (IEEE Standard for Shared-Data Formats Optimized for Scalable) by IEEE, Institute of Electrical & Electronics En, 1997-01
  8. Waterflood vegetation data format system (Prudhoe Bay waterflood project environmental monitoring program, 1982) by Marilyn Walker, 1983
  9. Common Data Format (CDF) to store images final report (SuDoc NAS 1.26:179366) by Loy W. Shreve,
  10. Parole decision-making coding manual: Presumptive data format (Report / United States Parole Commission Research Unit) by Sheldon Adelberg, 1978
  11. Canadian Marac Communication Format: Holdings Data
  12. Marc 21 Format for Bibliographic Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation by Marc, 1999-09
  13. Data format conversion programs for the PC and SUN computer (Open-file report) by John A Rogers, 1989
  14. Usmarc Format for Authority Data: Including Guidelines for Content Designation

121. Curing Healthcare: Dueling Data Formats
Dec 1, 2009 It s indisputable that the CSV data format has much greater simplicity and efficiency than XML, especially when storing and transmitting
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Curing Healthcare
This blog focuses on understanding the complex healthcare systems in America and abroad, and wise ways to improve the health and wellbeing of all people. [You are also welcomed to visit our Wellness Wiki at]
Tuesday, December 01, 2009
Dueling Data Formats
I've been in heated debates over the years about the relative benefits of XML (extensible markup language) and CSV (comma separated value) data structures for managing numeric values (numbers) and small chunks (blocks) of text. These structures provide a framework for giving data meaning (semantics) and for presenting (rendering) the data in reports. This post describes and evaluates the two structures.
Data Meaning
One thing the XML and CSV structures can do is convey (express and transmit) the data's meaning.
XML structures data using "markup tags." These tags are words within angle brackets, which surround a piece of data (called a data element or attribute). For example, consider an XML file with these two lines of text:
Line 1 identifies the data element "John" as the patient's first name and line 2 identifies the element "Jones" as his last name. Thus, the meaning of a data element is conveyed by the tags that surround it. Note that additional tags are used to identify hierarchies (i.e., patent-child relationships between the data).

122. :: Former Les Futurs Médecins Ostéopathes
Formation l ost opathie pour m decins. Structure regroupant les associations Ost o + et Ost o Pratique. D couvrez nos programmes de formation, notre agenda, et des articles sur la profession.

Former les futurs médecins ostéopathe...
Bienvenue... "Bienvenue sur le site des asociations Ostéo-Formations Ostéo-Pratique et Ostéo +
associations dédiées à la formation ostéopathique des médecins.
Actualités Formations
Programme de formations OSTEO + au format PDF
Nouvelle formule ostéo-Pratique en 3 cursus au format PDF

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123. LearnPerfect
Conseil et accompagnement pour le d ploiement de programmes de formation bureautique, informatique et linguistique. Pr sentation de l entreprise, des formules et th mes de formation.

124. Bulk Data Formats - Payments
Mar 5, 2010 The following formats are for Treasury disbursed agencies to transmit via bulk data to their servicing Regional Financial Center (RFC).
Home FAQ's Publications Programs ... Contact FMS
Payment Formats: Check and EFT
Bulk Data Formats for Salary and Vendor/Miscellaneous Payments
Updated March 05, 2010 The following formats are for Treasury disbursed agencies to transmit via bulk data to their servicing Regional Financial Center (RFC). Viewing these files requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free to download and install. Daily EFT Payment Formats
CPSS: 08.90.017. Salary Checks
CPSS: 07.90.002. Vendor/ Miscellaneous Checks
CPSS: 19.90.001. 01-Volume Label 02-Header and Volume Label 01-Standard Label Record; Hdr Volume
(updated May 2005) 02-Header and Trailer Records 03-Header and Trailer Records 01-Data Record Line Code 3 04-Control Header Record
(updated May 2009) 02-Data Record Line Code 4 01-Enclosure Code O-Designated Agent (Name Only) 11/
(updated May 2005)
(updated May 2009) 01-Data Record Line Code 5 02-Enclosure Code 1 - Direct Mail Check (No Enclosure) 11/
(updated May 2005) 06-Salary or Travel Payment Data Record (PPD+)
(updated May 2009) 02-Data Record Line Code 6 03-Enclosure Code 2 - Check Issue/ Notice to Check Recipient 11/
(updated May 2005) (updated May 2009) 03-Data Record Line Code 7 04-Enclosure Code 3- Direct Mail Check(Manual Enclosure) 11/ (updated May 2005) (updated May 2009) 04-Data Record Line Code 8 05-Enclosure Code 4 - Transportation Payment (With Tear-Off Slip) 11/ (updated May 2005) 19-(CCD+) Vendor Payment, No Interest, No Discount Addenda Example

125. Accueil
Propose des solutions de formation dans les domaines du commerce. Pr sentation, formations et ing nierie.

126. No To Proprietary Binary Data Formats
Feb 7, 2000 Why not use proprietary formats and what are the main open alternatives.
Proprietary Binary Data Formats: Just Say No!
I shall NEVER keep my information in a proprietary binary format (such as Word, WordPerfect, Excel etc). All my personal files are kept in plain text format. So please do not ask for my resume in the Word format - such requests will be silently ignored. On the other hand, if others (such as a client or an employer) want, I am willing to access their data in the format they want, if they provide me with the appropriate tools.
Why Not?
People create their files for future retrieval and reuse. E.g., today you might write a paper which you will print tomorrow, send via e-mail to a friend the next day and incorporate his remarks the next week, then you might want to retrieve your original text without his changes. If your data is saved in a proprietary binary format, these simple tasks are complicated beyond your wildest imagination.
your proprietary tool has to include a driver for each printer you might want to use. What if the tool is withdrawn from the market? What about that latest and greatest printer you wanted to buy? PostScript, understood by all modern printers, is here to save your butt.
you will have to send the paper as an attachment, so your friend has to have a mailer which understand attachments (most mailers do). Now, if he wants to search all his e-mail for some phrase, he will have to start an application for each attachment - a hefty price to pay for a small search! He would also have to own a tool which understands your particular idiosyncratic proprietary binary format. What if his software version is different from yours? Do you realize that the binary file you send him contains much more than what your application shows you on the screen? [

127. Que Faisons-nous?
Organisme de promotion et de d veloppement de la formation distance au Qu bec. Pr sente ses activit s, ses publications et des ressources.
Point de vue Commentaires Nouvelles
Quoi de neuf

Nouveau conseil d'administration Affichez le fil RSS

128. AHRQ Publishes Data Formats For Some Electronic Reporting -- Federal Computer We
Apr 5, 2010 The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has released its updated version of common data formats to enable electronic reporting of

129. Si Loin Si Proche
Ce blog est destin aux acteurs de la formation continue et leur propose des r flexions et des ressources utiles pour la conception de formation en ligne.

130. CD-ROM And SCORELINK Score Data Formats
File Format PDF/Adobe Acrobat Quick View

131. Centre De Formations Et De Coaching En Ligne
Formation et coaching en ligne, pr sente des modules de formations professionnelles en rapport avec les ressources humaines. Suisse.
@import "/css/header.css"; @import "/css/footer.css"; @import "/css/screen.css"; @import "/css/menu.css"; @import "/css/print.css";
Centre de Formations et de Coaching En Ligne
Transformez vos points faibles en atouts
Se former à domicile avec un accès illimité dans le temps
"Gérer son temps" "Communiquer efficacement" "Animer des réunions" sont des incontournables pour réussir professionnellement.
"Développer sa créativité"
"Explorer ses émotions" "Pratiquer la P.N.L." sont d'autres moyens de faire une sacrée différence.
Vous avez des rêves, des envies et des projets,
N'attendez pas d'avoir le temps, prenez-le ! Le cfcel vous propose des clés essentielles,
des méthodes pratiques et des outils efficaces,
pour améliorer votre organisation, mener à bien vos missions.
devenir l'acteur principal de votre vie,
assurer votre équilibre présent et à venir. Si vous avez une question (professionnelle, personnelle, émotionnelle, relationnelle)
le coaching vous permet d'avancer sereinement et efficacement. Si vous cherchez à améliorer vos compétences, il vous suffit de consulter le catalogue

132. Understanding Card Data Formats
File Format PDF/Adobe Acrobat Quick View

133. Cours - Formation - Herboristerie - Ecole Européenne D'Herboristerie
Cours par correspondance. Pr sentation de l cole et renseignements pratiques. Si ge en Belgique.
Formation en herboristerie : cours en herboristerie par correspondance des plantes mdicinales.

134. ModSecurity Blog: ModSecurity Data Formats
Jan 10, 2008 I have just added a new section to the ModSecurity v2.5 Reference Manual, describing the data formats we use. Nothing spectacular, I know,
This blog has moved! Please update your
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ModSecurity Blog Main
ModSecurity Data Formats
Posted by ivanr on January 10, 2008. I have just added a new section to the ModSecurity v2.5 Reference Manual, describing the data formats we use. Nothing spectacular, I know, but it is always nice when things get written down.
Below is an example of a ModSecurity alert entry. It is always contained on a single line but we've broken it here into multiple lines for readability. Each alert entry begins with the engine message: The engine message consists of two parts. The first part tells you whether ModSecurity acted to interrupt transaction or rule processing. If it did nothing the first part of the message will simply say "Warning". If an action was taken then one of the following messages will be used:
  • Access denied with code %0 - a response with status code was sent.
  • Access denied with connection close - connection was abruptly closed.
  • Access denied with redirection to %0 using status %1 - a redirection to URI was issued using status
  • Access allowed - rule engine stopped processing rules (transaction was unaffected).

135. Elearning
L actualit du e-learning br ves, dossiers, annuaire. Agence de communication des entreprises du secteur.
Accueil Les outils Le site Recherche Ecrit par gaeluss dans Speedernet au jour le jour Commentaires fermés
Tags: BD interactive multimédia
Je passe de manière express today, pour vous montrer un petit échantillon de planche en croquis de bd interactive, que nous concevons pour un client.
Je vous laisse découvrir cet exemple.
A bientôt . 5e édition des journées du e-learning à Lyon Ecrit par Jerome dans Elearning Commentaires fermés
Tags: 24 et 25 juin 2010 apprentissage colloque droit ... programme L’Université de Lyon 3 remettra les couverts les 24 et 25 juin prochain avec la 5ème édition des journées du e-learning. Après avoir abordé dans les éditions précédentes les questions relatives au droit du e-learning ainsi qu’à l’utilisation et la valorisation du e-learning dans un contexte universitaire, le colloque international se penchera cette année sur la « e-pédagogie La thématique choisie mettra en lumière les dispositifs qui apportent aux plateformes existantes une valeur supplémentaire en terme de pédagogie. Mais les sujets traditionnellement abordés dans les journées du e-learning ne seront pas oubliés comme par exemple la propriété intellectuelle, l’indexation des ressources, les coûts du elearning ou le droit du numérique. A noter que les conférences des éditions précédentes sont archivées et librement consultables sur la WebTV pédagogique de Lyon 3 Programme de la 5ème édition des Journées du E-learning
Twitter des Journées du E-learning
Adobe Captivate 5 est là !

136. Nothing Here
Nothing here. No, really, nothing here. Honest, guv .
Nothing here
No, really, nothing here. Honest, guv'.

137. Mediaplus
Editions ENI, plate-forme e-learning et contenu autoformation tutor e la bureautique, en ligne et distance.

138. Spatial Data Formats
The most common is a USGS format. free download for 1 min. scale data from USGS FTP site. 7.5 minute data will be available soon. AV Spatial Analyst will formats.html
URLs ADRG ADRG: Arc Digitized Raster Graphic compressed raster format
BIL .bil BIL: Bitmap 1 .bmp BMP: BitMap - B/W Bitmap 2 .bmp BMP: BitMap - Grayscale
Bitmap 28 .bmp BMP: BitMap - RGB Color
Bitmap 29 .bmp RLE, PB BMP: BitMap - Grayscale
Bitmap 9 .bmp RLE BMP: BitMap - B/W
BSB .bsm BSB: BSB Chart Image CALS 24 (1A) .cal CALS 24: B/W high-res line drawings
CALS 24 (1B) .cal CALS 24: B/W high-res line drawings
CALS 24 (2B) .cal CALS 24: B/W high-res line drawings DEM DEM: Digital Elevation Model any of several raster elevation formats. The most common is a USGS format. free download for 1 min. scale data from USGS FTP site. 7.5 minute data will be available soon. AV Spatial Analyst will usually import this, but the header files can vary a great deal and often require modification. DTED DTED: Digital Terrain Elevation Data National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) format (used to be the Defense Mapping Agency) GeoTIFF .tif LZW TIFF: Georeferenced TIFF GIF .gif LZW Hitachi 1 .hrf Hitachi: B/W AutoCAD applications Hitachi 2 .hrf Hitachi: Color AutoCAD applications Hitachi 27 .hrf RLE Hitachi: Color AutoCAD applications Hitachi 28 .hrf Hitachi: Color AutoCAD applications Hitachi 29 .hrf RLE, PB

139. Edutech Home
Informations sur le programme d encouragement de la Conf d ration. Appel manifestation d int r t.
Providing Technological Support
to the Swiss Virtual Campus As of August 1st, 2008, the Edutech web site will no longer be updated. Edutech was funded by the Swiss Virtual Campus programme, which ended on July 31st, 2008. Some activities will be taken over by the e-Learning Services group at the SWITCH foundation.
Welcome to edutech
Edutech is a mandate of the Swiss Virtual Campus programme. Its role is to support the SVC in technological matters. The main tasks are the following : Other activities include information and communication services, technology watch, organizing courses, etc. Edutech is hosted at Centre NTE University of Fribourg
send a comment about this page Page last updated August 29 2008.

140. Le Cours Servais - L'école à Distance Numéro 1 De La Préparation Aux Concour
Pr pare distance aux concours de la fonction publique. Pr sente l organisme ainsi que les services et concours qu il propose.

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