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  1. 1000 Fonts by Keith Martin, Robin Dodd, et all 2009-04-22
  2. Logo, Font & Lettering Bible by Leslie Cabarga, 2004-03
  3. Gothic and Old English Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) by Dan X. Solo, 1984-07-01
  4. Just My Type: A Book About Fonts by Simon Garfield, 2010-10-21
  5. Fonts & Encodings by Yannis Haralambous, 2007-09-26
  6. Playful Type: Ephemeral Lettering and Illustrative Fonts
  7. New Vintage Type: Classic Fonts for the Digital Age by Steven Heller, Gail Anderson, 2007-10-02
  8. Practical Font Design: 2nd Edition: Rewritten for FontLab 5 by David Bergsland, 2010-02-20
  9. Script and Cursive Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) by Dan X. Solo, 1987-03-01
  10. Swash Letter Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) by Dan X. Solo, 1996-12-03
  11. The Big Book of 5,000 Fonts: (And Where to Get Them) by David E. Carter, 2002-03
  12. Typography for the People: Hand-Painted Signs from Around the World Plus 15 Free Fonts by Daniel Bellon, Klaus Bellon, 2010-07-16
  13. Type Idea Index: The Designer's Ultimate Tool for Choosing and Using Fonts Creatively by Jim Krause, 2006
  14. Logo, Font and Lettering Bible by Leslie Cabarga, 2004-02-27

Archive of freely downloadable fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity.

Buy fonts for Mac and Windows. Download TrueType, PostScript and OpenType fonts from Adobe, Linotype, Monotype, ITC and more.

3. 1001 Free Fonts - Download Free Fonts For Windows And Macintosh
1001 Free fonts offers a huge selection of free fonts. Download free fonts for Windows and Macintosh. License fonts for commercial use.

4. Free Fonts - Fonts - Cool Fonts
See our amazing collection of free fonts and free dingbats. With over 8000 freeware fonts, you ve come to the best place to download fonts.
Search, find and download free fonts and dingbats
  • FREE FONTS FREE DINGBATS BUY FONTS New Fonts ... Z registerCategory("3d"); registerCategory("adventure"); registerCategory("arabic"); registerCategory("asian"); registerCategory("beveled"); registerCategory("brush"); registerCategory("calligraphy"); registerCategory("celtic"); registerCategory("chinese"); registerCategory("comic"); registerCategory("computer"); registerCategory("curly"); registerCategory("decorative"); registerCategory("dirty"); registerCategory("distorted"); registerCategory("dotted"); registerCategory("embossed"); registerCategory("famous"); registerCategory("fire"); registerCategory("foreignlanguage"); registerCategory("funky"); registerCategory("futuristic"); registerCategory("gothic"); registerCategory("graffiti"); registerCategory("greek"); registerCategory("handwritten"); registerCategory("headline"); registerCategory("holidays"); registerCategory("japanese"); registerCategory("modern"); registerCategory("monospaced"); registerCategory("oldenglish"); registerCategory("oldfashioned");

5. MyFonts
Welcome to Myfonts, the 1 place to download great fonts for print and the web classics (Helvetica, Gill Sans, Garamond) alongside hot new fonts

6. 1001 Fonts .com
Download over 2000 free TrueType and PostScript fonts for Windows and Macintosh.
Home Help Messageboard Sign in Welcome to 1001 Fonts .com
First Time Visitors

You have come to the right place to download free fonts for both Windows and Mac. In case you are looking for professional high quality fonts, you may want to visit or . For first time visitors we have written a site tour to help you get aquainted with this site. is a free service and is made possible thanks to sponsored advertising, so please don't be annoyed by the ads, one of them just might offer something that appeals to you. Font of the Moment
Font: Intergalaktika Author: PizzaDude Category: Digital, Pixelated Popularity: Rating: (78 votes)
Quick FAQ
Q. Where can I download free fonts from here?!? Q. How do I install downloaded fonts on my computer? Q. What is this free membership all about?!? Q. What is the difference between TrueType and PostScript? Q. How can I post my own fonts to this site?
(Further topics in our FAQ Last 10 Font Additions
Oct 13 Aerolite by Jan Paul Oct 03 Skateboard Brands 1.0 by Manuel Viergutz (eM-Vii) Oct 03 handTIMES 1.0 by Manuel Viergutz (eM-Vii)

7. Font - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Different fonts of the same face may be used in the same work for various degrees and types of emphasis. Weight. The weight of a particular font is the thickness of the character
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Font (disambiguation) In typography , a font (also fount ) is traditionally defined as a quantity of sorts composing a complete character set of a single size and style of a particular typeface . For example, the set of all characters for point Bulmer italic is a font, and the 10-point size would be a separate font, as would the 9-point upright. After the introduction of computer fonts based on fully scalable outlines, a broader definition evolved. Font is no longer size-specific, but still refers to a single style. Bulmer regular Bulmer italic Bulmer bold and Bulmer bold italic are four fonts, but one typeface. However, the term font is also often used as a synonym for typeface
  • Etymology Metal type Font characteristics
    edit Etymology
    The term font , a doublet of the word fondue , derives from Middle French fonte , meaning "(something that has been) melt(ed)", referring to type produced by casting molten metal at a type foundry . English-speaking printers have used the term fount for centuries to refer to the multi-part metal type used to assemble and print in a particular size and typeface.

8. Abstract Fonts - 13,125 Free Fonts
Download free fonts for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. All fonts on this site are either freeware or shareware and in the TrueType or OpenType format.

9. Fonts
Setting font properties will be among the most common uses of style sheets. Unfortunately, there exists no welldefined and universally accepted taxonomy
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15 Fonts
Setting font properties will be among the most common uses of style sheets. Unfortunately, there exists no well-defined and universally accepted taxonomy for classifying fonts, and terms that apply to one font family may not be appropriate for others. E.g., 'italic' is commonly used to label slanted text, but slanted text may also be labeled as being Oblique, Slanted, Incline, Cursive or Kursiv . Therefore it is not a simple problem to map typical font selection properties to a specific font.
Font matching algorithm
Because there is no accepted, universal taxonomy of font properties, matching of properties to font faces must be done carefully. The properties are matched in a well-defined order to insure that the results of this matching process are as consistent as possible across UAs (assuming that the same library of font faces is presented to each of them).
  • The User Agent makes (or accesses) a database of relevant CSS 2.1 properties of all the fonts of which the UA is aware. If there are two fonts with exactly the same properties, the user agent selects one of them.
  • 10. Fonts
    Cool Text has over 1200 fonts available for download or use with the generator. All fonts Warning This is a LARGE PAGE with over 1.5 megs of images.

    11. Free Scrapbook Fonts & Fonts For Peas |
    fonts for Peas is home to over 300 of the cutest and most unique handwriting fonts on the 'net! I take *your* submitted handwriting samples and turn them into fonts.

    12. WebAIM: Fonts
    fonts are the style of type face used to display text, numbers, characters and other glyphs as they are often called in the typography industry.
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    Introduction to web accessibility
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  • Introduction Real Text vs. Text Within Graphics Font Readability
  • Font families ... Blinking and Moving Text
  • Introduction
    Fonts are the style of "type face" used to display text, numbers, characters and other "glyphs" as they are often called in the typography industry. Typography refers to the arrangement and appearance of text. Typography concerns not only the look of the glyphs, but how they are placed on the page (page margins, the amount of empty space between paragraphs or lines, the alignment of text, etc.). The most effective way to control font and other typographical styles is through the use of Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS Important In terms of font accessibility, there are a number of principles to keep in mind:

    13. POPdOG FONTS - Serious Fonts For Serious People
    Serious fonts for serious people. Original English and Greek fonts.

    14. Font Freak - Download Free PC And Mac Fonts
    Download free fonts for Windows and Macintosh. Huge selection of freeware and shareware TrueType fonts.


    New fonts


    Original Fonts
    ... DOWNLOAD ALL FONTS IN ONE FILE - CLICK HERE Font Search Welcome to, one of the largest and most visited freeware and shareware font sites on the net. Here you can download free fonts - well over 5000 of them - as well as purchasing over 25,000 commercial fonts. You will find thousands of free fonts to download from over 400 different designers. Most fonts have a PC and Mac version. The fonts are sorted alphabetically for easy downloading. There are free cursive fonts, calligraphy fonts, cool fonts, graffiti fonts. All dingbats are in true type format. New fonts are added daily. If you need font software, be sure to visit the software section for the latest updates. Font editors and font managers available for download. Free trial versions available. Please check the FAQ for font installation questions. Our fonts are compatible with all web hosting types and most web hosting plans

    15. Download Fonts From Classic To Cool -
    fonts from classic to cool. Find and download over 10,500 high quality fonts at Make yourself comfortable in our Font Lounge and find background information about the
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    Brass fonts entwickelt moderne und avangardistische Postscipt-fonts f r Mac und PC.
    Entwickelt für den Einsatz in Lesetexten (Bücher, Magazine etc.) und in distinguiertem Umfeld, besticht die BF GIRANDO PRO als klassisch-moderne Antiqua durch subtilen Kontrast von weichen und kantigen Formelementen. Trotz der eher vertikalen Ausrichtung wirkt sie im Schriftbild lebendig und agil – nicht aber unruhig. Die Schriftfamilie ist mit Italics, SmallCaps, vielen Schmuckligaturen und Alternativ bzw. Sonderzeichen ausgestattet, besteht bewusst aber nur aus zwei Stärken (Regular, Bold). Die BF GIRANDO PRO scheint elegant-fein, manchmal jedoch auch selbstbewusst-forsch. FONT TESTER TESTET JETZT! Da ist er endlich: Der FONT TESTER von BrassFonts! Lange angekündigt, kann man nun endlich seine Wunschtexte in allen Schriften von BrassFonts darstellen und für sich sprechen lassen. Viel Spaß beim AUSPROBIEREN von BrassFonts! (Es ist natürlich auch weiterhin möglich die Schriften von BrassFonts blind, wegen der hübschen Beispiele im Bereich IN USE oder einfach auf Basis der wunderschönen Schriftmuster zu bestellen!) STADTANSICHTEN MIT NEUEM DESIGN – UND DER BF INVICTA Anfang 2008 erblickte Heft #25 der »StadtAnsichten – Magazin der Autostadt« , das Licht der Welt. Unter dem Titel »Veränderung« zeigte sich die Jubiläumsausgabe mit sanft überarbeiteter Typografie.

    17. Fonts
    fonts. Adding fonts to Java Shows how to enable the use of Unicode fonts (such as Arial Unicode MS) with Java; AH Formatter V5 by Antenna House
    Unicode Resources Home Site Map Search

    18. Transkrypt: Fonts - Ãœbersicht
    fonts und Free-fonts von Frank Baranowski.

    19. Microsoft Typography - Font Foundries
    AdvanceMeants, Inc. Barcode fonts including PDF417, Code 39 and Code 128. Free barcode tools include Visual Basic source code and Microsoft Office VBA.

    20. Absolute Fonts Archive
    Features 5000+ free fonts with option of a shareware purchase of all fonts on site.
    Design Buttons Text Logos Menus Textures ... Icons
    Username: Password: Lost your Password? Browse Background Textures Fonts Sound Effects Start Designing ... Contact
    Absolute Fonts Archive
    Now with high quality, attractive fonts for use in
    web pages, desktop publishing or word processing.
    Do you want ALL the textures, fonts and sound effects on this site? Click here to download background textures, true-type fonts and sound effects.
    A Fonts (404) B Fonts (470) C Fonts (484) D Fonts (367) E Fonts (199) F Fonts (294) G Fonts (244) H Fonts (219) I Fonts (139) J Fonts (128) K Fonts (185) L Fonts (207) M Fonts (349) N Fonts (169) O Fonts (144) P Fonts (350) Q Fonts (98) R Fonts (269) S Fonts (641) T Fonts (333) U Fonts (101) V Fonts (126) W Fonts (176) X Fonts (46) Y Fonts (63) Z Fonts (96) NUMBERED Fonts (54) DINGBAT Fonts (302) email the webmaster immediately so that they may be removed.
    Browse Fonts:
    **** Select a Category **** A Fonts B Fonts C Fonts D Fonts E Fonts F Fonts G Fonts H Fonts I Fonts J Fonts K Fonts L Fonts M Fonts N Fonts O Fonts P Fonts Q Fonts R Fonts S Fonts T Fonts U Fonts V Fonts W Fonts X Fonts Y Fonts Z Fonts Numbered Fonts Dingbat Fonts Professional looking web designs: You don't need to be a Photoshop Ninja!

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