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  1. The Pirate's Pocket Book by Clayton Calthrop, 2010-02-05
  2. How to Secure Your Personal Computer by Ian Del Carmen, 2010-03-08
  3. The Ultimate Guide To Removing And Protecting Against Adware And Spyware On Your PC
  4. Pocket Island - Charles Clark Munn by Charles Clark Munn, 2010-01-28
  5. The Annual Monitor For 1851- C. Gilpin, R. Y. Clarke by R. Y. Clarke C. Gilpin, 2010-02-08
  6. How to Profit from Distributing Public Domain & Shareware Software -- Special Report (Business eBook Reports) by Dana Carter, 2009-05-21
  7. Guide to PC Security
  8. The Annual Monitor for 1851 by Anonymous, 2010-08-29
  9. CD Duplication For Beginners - Learn All About Duplicating Your Own Quality CD's! by eBusiness Master, 2010-08-15
  10. Mklinux: Microkernel Linux for the Power Macintosh
  11. Macperl: Power and Ease by Vicki Brown, 1998-04
  12. Prime Time Texcetera Issue 1-1 (Includes CD Rom) by V. Brown, 1994-07
  13. Tools and Toys for Unixware Issue 1-1 by Steve Zwaska, 1995-01-01
  14. Prime Time Sdk for Intel Svr4 by STEVE ED ZWASKA, 1993-01-01

101. Absolute Freebies - Best Free Stuff And Freeware
Recommendation on Windows freeware, online gaming and CGI scripts.
The "Freebies" trademark is generic for items that may be obtained freely ...
International Freebies

Best Freeware


(make money playing games)
Online Gaming

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W elcome , we are dedicated to bringing you the best in Online Gaming, Freebies, Windows freeware, and Free Stuff. Our Best Freeware section lists our picks for the best in freeware and the Free Stuff section contains just that, freebies.

102. Freeware PGP Versions
freeware PGP versions Windows 3.x (2); * Windows 95/98/NT (31); * Windows ME (3); * Windows XP (4). PGPi Home Products PGP Versions freeware
Freeware PGP versions
EPOC (Psion etc.) ... Versions

103. Freeware Downloads At FreewareApp - Only Free Windows Software!
freeware Downloads at freewareApp only free windows software! Latest updates IrfanView 3.99

A selection of freeware and free software for Windows.

105. Free Software Download
Oct 25, 2010 Download freeware software for your computer, latest free software available for free downloads .

106. Email Encryption Software
Encrypts files for archiving and sharing of parts of, or entire documents.
Secure Hive Ltd Welcome to Secure Hive. Please click on the button which is of most interest to you. Protect Information that is sensitive or share safely with trusted sources. Secure Hive 2010 V1.3 A great safe way to find businesses in the UK. Find a car or advertise your own car for FREE. Shop till you drop in over 1000 UK shops online. File, Email, Picture and Document Encryption. Advertise With The Business Finder Click Here Now. Advertise With The Car Buyer Guide Click Here Now. ... Northumberland Search Engine Secure Hive Ltd, 1 Percy Lonnen, Castle Fields, Prudhoe, Northumberland, NE42 5QU
Company No. 05300489 Reg England and Wales
VAT registration NO.873 4512 16 All prices quoted are subject to VAT or Country Tax if applicable.. Jobs at Secure Hive Our Mission Statement

107. - Building Web Applications That Solve Unique Business Problems.
freeware games and applications made from Visual Basic.
Generic Software Is OK. But Sometimes It Sucks.
Most of us use generic, general purpose software on a daily basis to do most of our work. Writing documentation, reading email, making spreadsheets, sharing data with our co-workers. And most common software products work fine for these things. But as business grows and changes, our data grows and changes and we oftentimes find that the software that worked fine yesterday is giving us a headache today for any number of reasons such as:
  • My data has grown to a point where it is too big to easily manage and manipulate. My tasks have changed, so now my program no longer meets my needs. I've made some changes to my file, and now suddenly my software is crashing. My software vendor keeps raising prices, released a version I can't use, has gone out of business, etc. I am having a tough time sharing my data with my business partners because it's not in the right format, it's too big, it needs to be sorted and filtered, etc. My software doesn't really fit my tasks. I am really tired of trying to pound a square peg into a round hole.
  • Yes, we have all had these problems at some point.

    108. Silver Software IPhone IPad Games
    freeware games and utilities.

    109. * A Note About Freeware
    An explanation — more of a lecture, actually — about freeware.

    110. Wooden Brain
    Palm and Mac freeware and shareware.
    Wooden Brain Concepts A commodity appears at first sight an extremely obvious, trivial thing. But its analysis brings out that it is a very strange thing, abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceities...It is absolutely clear that, by his activity, man changes the forms of the materials of nature in such a way as to make them useful to him. The form of wood, for instance, is altered if a table is made out of it. Nevertheless, the table continues to be wood, an ordinary, sensuous thing. But as soon as it emerges as a commodity, it changes into a thing which transcends sensuousness. It not only stands with its feet on the ground, but, in relation to all other commodities, it stands on its head, and evolves out of its wooden brain grotesque ideas, far more wonderful than if it were to begin dancing of its own free will... Karl Marx, The Fetishism of the Commodity and its Secret
    donate some $$ for freeware products via KAGI Note: If you have difficulty with any of the direct download links, and any posted alternate links don't work either, try going to my home web server instead. Anyone want to give me some real web hosting? Sigh.

    111. Free Personal Firewall And Internet Security Software
    Nocost personal firewall, anti-malware and many other free Internet security products and services for home computers. Find links to download sites.

    112. Software Freeware, Shareware E Commerciale: I Programmi Gratis Divisi E Recensit
    Propone programmi da scaricare divisi per categoria.
    Confronto Tariffe ADSL
    Prezzi e prestazioni tariffe ADSL a confronto Programmi professionali Programmi Mac osx Nelle categorie sottostanti, sono presenti quelli che considero i migliori programmi gratis esistenti per ciascuna categoria; preferenza assoluta viene data a Software Open Source e poi Freeware; solo raramente a programmi Shareware o (nel caso non esistano alternative valide free) programmi Commerciali. Novità : le novità di questo mese di Web Audio CD Audio Ripper, encoders Codec e principali formati audio Conversione formati audio iPod ... suoni e audio Grafica Cattura schermate Fonts Formati grafica Foto Album ... Fumetti (visualizzare) Grafica 3D e Rendering Grafica Vettoriale Icone (creare, modificare) Panorama Varie grafica Visualizzare e organizzare immagini Masterizzare Scrivere CD, DVD e Blu-Ray Copiare CD protetti Copiare DVD Video Cover CD e DVD ... Recupero dati CD e DVD Antivirus e Sicurezza Antivirus gratis Anti Intrusioni e AntiRootkit Antispam Antispyware ... privacy Utilità Agende e Calendari Diagrammi, Progetti, Schemi

    113. Free Educational Software And Games
    Listings, descriptions and reviews of free educational software., Funbrain, Rainforest Maths, Tux Paint, Sebrans ABC, Seterra and many more.
    10 Websites With News and Current Events for Kids
    Whether you teach English, History or Science, current events and news make for excellent classroom learning material. The following list are ten of the best news and current event websites online that offer not only news, but also activities and other interesting content that kids love. Read more…" Categories: - Online Children's Books In English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese
    The website offers free online online cartoon books in several languages. You can read the books on screen, or have them read out loud to you in English, French, Spanish, Russian or Mandarin. This is great for learning to read, or for learning foreign languages.
    Read more... - Fun Keyboard Games For Tiny Toddlers is a site with flash games for the "itty bitty ones", i.e toddlers and babies. All the games are very simple - all you need to do is to press any key on the keyboard. Using the mouse is not necessary, making this game perfect for kids 1-3 years old.

    114. SieberNET Freeware Free Download Kostenlose Windows Software - FLASH MP3 MP4 Aud
    Kleines freeware und Shareware Download Archiv

    115. Snapfiles - Freeware And Shareware Software Downloads And Reviews
    Download freeware and shareware programs, fully reviewed and rated by SnapFiles staff, and user opinions. Established in 1997.
    Visit our Discount Software Store at_attach("callmenu", "menu_open","pointer"); File Scavenger
    Recover deleted files from your hard drive and memory cards, even from formatted or damaged drives. Spyware Doctor 2011
    Real-time anti-spyware protection utility that defends your computer against all types of malware attacks. Browse web videos sites on your TV Sit back and get ready for big-screen browsing. Kylo brings your TV and computer together to create the ultimate content experience. Anti-keylogger software SpyShelter Personal Free can protect you from malicious applications that attempt to steal your personal information. jv16 PowerTools 2010
    A system optimization and tuneup utility suite to keep your computer running smooth, fast and improves overall system stability. System Mechanic An all-around system tool to keep your PC running faster, cleaner, and error-free Demo Builder Create interactive Flash movies and tutorials to show how applications and systems work. Spytech SpyAgent A powerful monitoring solution to record PC activity, including keystrokes, email and more.

    116. Download Freeonline Freeware Shareware Software Windows Xp Vista 7
    Collectie van freeware, voorzien van een Nederlandstalige beschrijving.

    117. 2BrightSparks | Downloads
    SyncBack freeware V3.2.21 includes help file validate download Click a flag below to download your language version of SyncBack freeware

    118. Freeware
    Systems Programmer utilities.
    MVS, OS/390, z/OS Freeware - Michael J. Cleary Change Dataset Control Block (CDSCB)
    Updated to utilize External Security Manager (ESM) Dataset Audit Facility (DAF) - Version 2.9.0
    Reads SMF records
    Reports on dataset activity Global Resource Serialization (GRS) ISPF Interface - Version 2.6.0
    Provides an interactive view of the GRS queue. A high level resource list is displayed based on user specified selection criteria. From the high level resource list, individual resource details can be accessed. LPA/LPALST/LNKLST ISPF Analysis - Version 1.3.0
    Dataset Attributes
    Duplicate Modules
    Post CLPA Modules These programs are packaged in TSO XMIT format

    119. MIT PGP Distribution Page
    A security program distributed by MIT that allows users to send information securely using twokey encryption.
    MIT PGP Freeware Distribution Page MIT No Longer Distributes PGP The version of PGP available from MIT was significantly out of date and doesn't run on newer computers (at least not reliably).

    120. All4you
    International Database of freeware programs, for Windows OS, from all around the world.

    Freeware World Team

    Engelsk - English
    International database of freeware
    Danish / Dansk
    Dansemusik for du unge over 40 Address Book
    Ønskebrønden - Wishingwell

    Dansk - English
    Online ønskeseddel - Online wish list Graphic by Gemini

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