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  1. Linux(R) Patch Management: Keeping Linux(R) Systems Up To Date by Michael Jang, 2006-01-19
  2. Mac for Linux Geeks (Expert's Voice in Open Source) by Tony Steidler-Dennison, 2009-01-28
  3. Linux Security Cookbook by Daniel J. Barrett, Richard E. Silverman, et all 2003-06
  4. Linux: The Complete Reference, Sixth Edition by Richard Petersen, 2007-11-19
  5. Linux Multimedia Hacks: Tips & Tools for Taming Images, Audio, and Video by Kyle Rankin, 2005-11-17
  6. Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution by Glyn Moody, 2002-07-15
  7. Ubuntu Hacks: Tips & Tools for Exploring, Using, and Tuning Linux by Jonathan Oxer, Kyle Rankin, et all 2006-06-14
  8. Hacking Red Hat Enteprise Linux by Paul T. Ammann, 2009-10-19
  9. Ubuntu Linux For Dummies by Paul G. Sery, 2007-04-30
  10. Sams' Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours by Bill Ball, Stephen Smoogen, 1999-05-13
  11. A Practical Guide to Red Hat(R) Linux(R): Fedora(TM) Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (3rd Edition) by Mark G. Sobell, 2006-07-07
  12. Embedded Linux(R): Hardware, Software, and Interfacing by Craig Hollabaugh, 2002-03-17
  13. Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications, Second Edition (Embedded Technology) by Doug Abbott, 2006-04-17
  14. Understanding the Linux Kernel (2nd Edition) by Daniel P. Bovet, Marco Cesati, 2002-12

121. Enterprise Linux Information, News And Tips -
linux specific search engine/portal for IT pros. Includes tips and online chat with linux professionals.

122. Linux - Lifehacker
Windows/Mac/linux/Web Pandoc is a powerful commandline tool for converting text documents between formats like Markdown to HTML, HTML to MediaWiki,
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123. News And Views On Linux And Open Source ...
Articles and commentary on linux related news from eWeek.

124. Home - The Community's Center For Security
Oct 25, 2010 delivers the latest breaking news and information on security, linux, open source, firewalls, networks, privacy,
The central voice for Linux and Open Source security news Home News Topics Advisories HOWTOs ... Register Advisories Features HOWTOs Linux Events News Newsletters Press Security Dictionary Security Tips
Welcome! Sign up! EnGarde Community Login Polls What is the most important Linux security technology? SELinux grsecurity CIS Benchmark Bastille Linux iptables LIDS Advisories Community Linux Events Linux User Groups Link to Us Security Center Book Reviews Security Dictionary Security Tips SELinux ... Subscribe LinuxSecurity Newsletters E-mail: Choose Lists: Both Lists Newsletter Security Advisories About our Newsletters RSS Feeds Get the LinuxSecurity news you want faster with RSS
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Linux Advisory Watch: October 29th, 2010
29 October 2010 Source: LinuxSecurity Contributors - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas

125. Help You With Linux And Java!
Site dedicated to linux news.

126. Home - LPI -
Nonprofit organization offering vendor neutral certification exams.
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127. Going Linux Home
Provides information and news for linux users. Also provides tutorials to ease the transition of Windows users to linux.
Going Linux
The Podcast
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This work
is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
These audio files are licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License Support Us Going Linux Practical Information for Linux Users and Switchers to Linux Going Linux Home Page Going Linux is for computer users who just want to use Linux to get things done. New to Linux, upgrading from Windows to Linux, or just thinking about moving to Linux? This website and audio program (podcast) will provide you with practical, day-to-day advice on how to use Linux and its applications. Our goal is to help make the Linux experience easy for you. Our latest podcast episode: Going Linux #118 - Remote Assistance Software for Linux Next podcast episode: Going Linux #119 - Listener Feedback Our latest screencast: Going Linux Screencast #5 - Connecting a Linux printer Going Linux fills the middle ground between the Linux "evangelist" podcasts and Linux "technology" podcasts. We will provide audio step-by-steps where appropriate, and reference the documentation here on the website. Where audio is not practical to get the message across, we offer video (screencasts) and detailed articles as well. Links to Linux on-line help and resources: Going Linux Resources Page *Permanently* eliminate Windows viruses and malware: Replace Windows with Linux Top Rated Podcast:

128. GNU/Linux (linux) Group -
Jan 24, 2009 linux is a user group on, a microblogging service based on the Free Software StatusNet tool. Its members share short messages powered by StatusNet
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linux is a user group on, a micro-blogging service based on the Free Software StatusNet tool. Its members share short messages about their life and interests. Join now to become part of this group and many more! ( Read more
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GNU/Linux (linux) group
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Linux [or more correctly GNU/Linux] is a generic term referring to Unix-like computer operating systems based on the Linux kernel.
gnux neckbeard neckbeards
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  • schestowitz Microsoft’s VP Jim Allchin: “I am Scared [of GNU/Linux]” Now they just use # swpats against ! Linux about 7 minutes ago from kdemicroblog schestowitz Think about @ migueldeicaza repeatedly urging ! GNU Linux developers to write apps in Silver Lie/XAML/Moon Lie. What if they listened to him? about 2 hours ago from kdemicroblog jargon and this is why i think "the cloud" mostly sucks:
  • 129. Yet Another Linux Blog
    Started in 2004 to chronicle the author s desktop linux learning experience and to provide tips and tricks to the community.
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    Yet Another Linux Blog
    Open Source, Open Blog
    ICH6 Intel Sound on Unity or Mandriva PulseAudio Fix
    Posted in Tips linux 22 October 2010 - 2 comments It was about the time I wanted to carve the sound pieces out of my laptop and throw them across the room that I decided to give everything I tried in the past one more try. You can do this by editing the following file as root in your favorite text editor:  /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-compat Add the following line anywhere in this file: blacklist snd_intel8x0m
    TinyMe Linux For The Win
    Posted in Distros linux 20 October 2010 - No comment TinyMe Linux You can snag the TinyMe release candidate here: After a few adjustments of adding my favorite programs I was in business. TinyMe RC 2010
    A Canonical Controversy
    Posted in Distros GreatDivide Rants 17 September 2010 - 19 comments closing thoughts Today, was added into Planet Gnome after he made a request closing thoughts If you read the comments on the buglist issue , you will see that there are quite a few people in opposition to this move.  According to the

    130. LXR Linux/
    The original LXR software by the LXR community, this experimental version by lxr kindly hosted by Redpill Linpro AS,

    131. Bash Commands - Linux MAN Pages
    An AZ Index of the Bash command line for linux. adduser Add a user to the system addgroup . More bash commands linux Command Directory from O Reilly
    An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux.
    adduser Add a user to the system addgroup Add a group to the system alias Create an alias • apropos Search Help manual pages (man -k) apt-get Search for and install software packages (Debian/Ubuntu) aptitude Search for and install software packages (Debian/Ubuntu) aspell Spell Checker awk Find and Replace text, database sort/validate/index b basename Strip directory and suffix from filenames bash GNU Bourne-Again SHell bc Arbitrary precision calculator language bg Send to background break Exit from a loop • builtin Run a shell builtin Compress or decompress named file(s) c cal Display a calendar case Conditionally perform a command cat Display the contents of a file cd Change Directory cfdisk Partition table manipulator for Linux chgrp Change group ownership chmod Change access permissions chown Change file owner and group chroot Run a command with a different root directory chkconfig System services (runlevel) cksum Print CRC checksum and byte counts clear Clear terminal screen cmp Compare two files comm Compare two sorted files line by line command Run a command - ignoring shell functions • continue Resume the next iteration of a loop • cp Copy one or more files to another location cron Daemon to execute scheduled commands crontab Schedule a command to run at a later time csplit Split a file into context-determined pieces cut Divide a file into several parts d

    132. Exploit World -- Linux Section
    Known vulnerabilities on the linux system with detailed description.
    Exploit world!
    Linux Section
    Compiled by Fyodor on Thu Jan 13 21:41:31 UTC 2000
    to Fyodor's Playhouse
    Overflow in Vixie crontab Description: standard overflow Author: Dave G. wrote the exploit Compromise: root (local) Vulnerable Systems: Some RedHat distributions, a German distribution DLD 5.2, etc. Anyone running vulnerable version of Vixie crontab. Date: 10 May 1998 (actually it is an older problem) Available here
    Overflows in Minicom Description: The terminal emulation modem program minicom has a number of blatant overflows. Author: Compromise: group uucp on some Linux distros (such as RedHat), but if installed from source with default makefile then it allows root access (local) Vulnerable Systems: Most Linux boxes ship with minicom. Version 1.81 and presumably earlier are vulnerable. Date: 9 May 1998 Available here
    dip 3.3.7o overflow Description: Standard overflow (in the -l option processing). Author: Compromise: root (local) Vulnerable Systems: Slackware Linux 3.4, presumably any other system using dip-3.3.7o or earlier suid root. Date: 5 May 1998 Notes: I've included a couple standard exploits and one that works against systems utilizing Solar Designer's excellent non-executable-stack patch.

    133. Linux_Downloads - VirtualBox
    Mar 2, 2010 Note The package architecture has to match the linux kernel Please choose the appropriate package for your linux distribution
    @import url(/chrome/site/style.css); About



    Wiki Navigation
    Download VirtualBox for Linux Hosts
    VirtualBox 3.2.10 for Linux
    Note: The package architecture has to match the Linux kernel architecture, that is, if you are running a 64-bit kernel, install the appropriate AMD64 package (it does not matter if you have an Intel or an AMD CPU). Mixed installations (e.g. Debian/Lenny ships an AMD64 kernel with 32-bit packages) are not supported. To install VirtualBox anyway you need to setup a 64-bit chroot environment. Please choose the appropriate package for your Linux distribution:
    • Ubuntu 10.10 ("Maverick Meerkat") Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ("Lucid Lynx") Ubuntu 9.10 ("Karmic Koala") Ubuntu 9.04 ("Jaunty Jackalope") Ubuntu 8.04 LTS ("Hardy Heron") Debian 6.0 ("Squeeze") Debian 5.0 ("Lenny") Debian 4.0 ("Etch") openSUSE 11.3 openSUSE 11.1 / 11.2 openSUSE 11.0 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (SLES11) SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES10) Fedora 13 ("Goddard") Fedora 12 ("Constantine") Fedora 11 ("Leonidas") Fedora 9 ("Sulphur") / 10 ("Cambridge") Mandriva 2009.1

    134. More Linux Security Issue 16
    An introductory article on linux security, by Andrew Berkheimer, linux Gazette April 1997.
    "Linux Gazette... making Linux just a little more fun! "
    More Linux Security
    By Andrew Berkheimer,
    Here you go, yet another article on Linux security. Some new tidbits for all to enjoy, reinforcement of some key points, and clarification of some things which I though were a bit misrepresented in previous articles. Note that this is geared towards a slightly novice audience, more experience users will probably find themselves bored out of their minds at times. So you've got your system up and running, connected to the net, maybe running an ftp server or some other service. But you've heard all these nasty stories of people having their computers cracked for no apparent reason, and you're just a tad bit nervous. You want to start securing your system from outside intruders, but where to begin? Contrary to popular belief, securing your system can actually be fun, and if nothing else, informative. So it's time to begin! First and foremost, stay informed! Jay mentioned reading CERT, but I would argue that this is not enough. CERT does not release information until they have verified that it is a problem and most of the big-name vendors have provided patches to fix the problem. This can often cause lag times of months between a hole being found and the CERT announcement. There are a number of good mailing lists which I would recommend subscribing to, including bugtraq, linux-security, and linux-alert (subscription information is at the end of the article), where security holes are often discussed and found long before CERT starts talking about them - the crackers know about these places, so should you.

    135. Foxit Corporation - Foxit Reader For Desktop Linux
    Foxit is proud to announce that its update release of Foxit Reader V 1.1 for Desktop linux has just been released. With new fabulous features,
    Foxit Reader for desktop Linux
    More PDF Tools
    Foxit Reader for desktop Linux
    Foxit Reader 1.1 for Desktop Linux is Available Now!
    Foxit is proud to announce that its update release of Foxit Reader V 1.1 for Desktop Linux has just been released. With new fabulous features, functionality enhancements as well as many more options, Foxit Reader for Desktop Linux will be the best choice to view, print and search PDF files.
    Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer for the Linux platform, with a new streamlined interface, user-customized toolbar, incredibly small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich features. This empowers PDF document users with Zoom function, Navigation function, Bookmarks, Thumbnails, Text Selection Tool, Snapshot, and Full Screen capabilities. Foxit Reader for Desktop Linux is provided by Foxit Corporation free for non-commercial use.
    Before Foxit's Reader for Desktop Linux was available, users would have to download PDF Reader software that is much bigger in size and much slower and then wait for its lengthy installation process to be completed.

    136. Adobe Acrobat - Adobe Acrobat Reader For Linux
    Download free Adobe Acrobat for linux.
    Acrobat for Linux Support Home Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me ... Acrobat FAQ Adobe Acrobat Reader for Linux Instructions: Download the Acrobat Reader installer application. You may need to use the "Save Next Link As..." or "Save to Disk" functions of your Web browser.
    After the download is complete, quit your Web browser.
    Double-click the newly downloaded file and follow the instructions on your screen.
    Uncompress or gunzip the file. Untar the file and read the text file for specific installation steps. The installation procedure will ask you to read and accept the Electronic End-User License Agreement. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader is a product of Adobe, who is solely responsible for support. Adobe and Adobe Acrobat are trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc. For more Acrobat support, please click here
    Adobe Acrobat

    All rights reserved.

    137. OSST - Open Source Software Torrents For Linux, BSD & More :: Home
    BitTorrent linux Mirror providing mirrors for many of the big linux distributions.

    138. Flash Linux Home Page — Portal
    This is the home Flash linux, a 256Mb linux distribution for USB keys
    You are here: Home Skip to content Skip to navigation Search Site
    Sections Personal tools Document Actions
    Flash Linux Home Page
    This is the home Flash Linux, a 256Mb Linux distribution for USB keys What is "Flash Linux" It's a FREE (GPL-2) customised Linux distribution initially designed to be run directly off a 256Mb USB key or other (similar) forms of bootable flash memory. It has subsequently (also) become a Linux distribution that runs directly from a CDROM, typically known as a Live-CD About Gentoo Flash Linux is based on Gentoo Linux and new versions / bugfixes should track the stable Gentoo tree. Whereas Gentoo is a source distribution, this is a binary only distribution. If you need the source code or want to make modifications - please take a look at the Gentoo home page. Documentation Screen Shots
    Howto download FlashLinux

    Making your own key

    The User Guide
    Installing optional packages
    Useful links and Articles The importance of
    Release Announcement

    Development BLOG

    About Software Licenses
    The version current is 0.3.4

    139. UClinux™ -- Embedded Linux Microcontroller Project -- Home Page
    Home page for the linux/Microcontroller and linux without MMU project.
    Embedded Linux/Microcontroller Project Home What is uClinux? Status Getting started with uClinux ... Sponsor Links The Linux/Microcontroller project is a port of Linux to systems without a Memory Management Unit (MMU).
    Pronounced "you-see-linux", the name uClinux comes from combining the greek letter "mu" and the english capital "C". "Mu" stands for "micro", and the "C" is for "controller". uClinux first ported to the Motorola MC68328: DragonBall Integrated Microprocessor. The first target system to successfully boot is the PalmPilot using a TRG SuperPilot Board with a custom boot-loader created specifically for our Linux/PalmPilot port. July 2010
    The uClinux Project founders and principal maintainers are proud to announce the uClinux project will join the Open Innovation Network Patent Pool. If you use uClinux, this means you will be safer than ever from attack by Patent Trolls. D. Jeff Dionne et al. June 2010
    The Freescale Technology Forum held a few session again this year that included support for its ColdFire cores featuring the use of uClinux as its Linux OS. The following link shows a video shot at the event demoing a ColdFire MCF53017 processor running uClinux and CMU's Pocket Sphinx

    140. Linux Server Enterprise Database Management System (DBMS) - Linux Software & Sol
    Sybase database products for linux.
    lookupMobile("","/linux/"); window.contextPath="/";window.siteId=1; Worldwide [change] Argentina Australia Austria Belgium ... My Sybase showHideAccountLink('true') Search for in all of view all search results Products Linux
    Sybase on Linux
    With Linux proving itself as a strong platform for enterprise computing, companies are seeing performance and cost advantages as they shift complex workloads to Linux.
    • Sybase ASE Express Edition for Linux is the first enterprise-class commercial database that can take you from pilot to deployment for zero dollars and zero risk. You can develop a pilot project on Linux without risk AND without undermining performance or manageability. As an enterprise-class data management platform, you can manage growth and evolving requirements without painful, expensive upgrades. Download ASE Express Edition for Linux ASE Developer Edition is a highly scalable, high-performance Linux-based database engine that includes standard features of ASE and all related connectivity components.

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