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  1. Learning Perl, 5th Edition by Randal Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, et all 2008-06-27
  2. Programming Perl (3rd Edition) by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, et all 2000-07-14
  3. Effective Perl Programming: Ways to Write Better, More Idiomatic Perl (2nd Edition) (Effective Software Development Series) by Joseph N. Hall, Joshua A. McAdams, et all 2010-04-29
  4. Perl Cookbook, Second Edition by Tom Christiansen, Nathan Torkington, 2003-08-21
  5. Perl Best Practices by Damian Conway, 2005-07-12
  6. Intermediate Perl by Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, et all 2006-03-08
  7. Automating System Administration with Perl: Tools to Make You More Efficient by David N. Blank-Edelman, 2009-05-21
  8. Perl Pocket Reference, 4th Edition by Johan Vromans, 2002-07
  9. Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics by James Tisdall, 2001-10-15
  10. Perl for Dummies (Fourth Edition) by Paul Hoffman, 2003-03-21
  11. Mastering Perl by brian d foy, 2007-07-16
  12. Sams Teach Yourself Perl in 24 Hours (3rd Edition) by Clinton Pierce, 2005-06-25
  13. Beginning Perl, Second Edition by James Lee, 2004-08-30
  14. Perl by Example (4th Edition) by Ellie Quigley, 2007-11-15

1. The Perl Job Site
For employers looking for perl developers and for perl developers looking for the next step in their career.
Home Search Employers About Login ... Syndicate this! Featured Jobs Grant Street Group
United States, PA, Pittsburgh
Perl Software Developer
United States, CA, Pasadena
Perl Software Engineer
TMW Systems Inc.
United States, Ohio, Beachwood
Documentation Management Software Developer
Polyvore Inc.
United States, CA, Mountain View
Senior Software Engineer - Frontend
Norchem Drug Testing
United States, AZ, Flagstaff
Software Engineer/Perl For Forensic Laboratory
Shutterstock United States, NY, New York Perl Software Engineer for Photography Website
The Perl Job site
With over 1,000,000 Perl programmers around the world as our workforce pool, why wouldn't you use also attracts the worldwide talent from many of the Open Source communities including Linux, BSD, Apache and many others. Search Jobs by Country Browse jobs by country Telecommute Search telecommute jobs Employers and Recruiters Add a new job listing or edit your current ones. Latest job postings Success stories "I replied to you last year with a success story. ... this year, I found yet another Perl job through this list ... I think the list is a great tool for a pretty specialized line of work, and I hope more and more recruiters will find out about it and use it to its fullest potential."

2. The Perl Programming Language -
The perl Programming Language at Links and other helpful resources for new and experienced perl programmers.
The Perl Programming Language 20,000 CPAN modules That's why we love Perl Download Perl Get started Perl is a highly capable, feature-rich programming language with over 22 years of development. More about why we love perl...
Learning Perl
With free online books, over 20,000 extension modules, and a large developer community, there are many ways to learn Perl.
The Perl Community
Perl has an active world wide community with over 300 local groups, mailing lists and support/discussion websites.
Core documentation, FAQs and translations.
Contribute to Perl
Perl is being actively developed . There are many ways to get involved
The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) has over 18,000 open source modules available for download.
Events and Conferences
Conferences, social and technical events around the world offer lots of networking and learning opportunities.
Perl 6
Perl 6 is a sister language, part of the Perl family. Perl 6 is not production ready yet, you can get involved with its

3. Perl - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
perl is a highlevel, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language . perl was originally developed by Larry Wall in 1987 as a general-purpose
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Perl (disambiguation) Perl Paradigm multi-paradigm functional imperative ... Reflective Appeared in Designed by Larry Wall Developer Larry Wall Stable release 5.12.2 (September 7, 2010 ; 54 days ago Preview release 5.13.5 (September 19, 2010 ; 42 days ago Typing discipline Dynamic Influenced by AWK Smalltalk 80 Lisp C ... Pascal Influenced Python PHP Ruby ECMAScript ... Artistic License Usual file extensions .pl .pm Website Perl Programming at Wikibooks Perl is a high-level general-purpose interpreted dynamic programming language . Perl was originally developed by Larry Wall in 1987 as a general-purpose Unix scripting language to make report processing easier. Since then, it has undergone many changes and revisions and become widely popular amongst programmers. Larry Wall continues to oversee development of the core language, and its upcoming version, Perl 6 Perl borrows features from other programming languages including C shell scripting sh AWK , and sed The language provides powerful text processing facilities without the arbitrary data length limits of many contemporary Unix tools, facilitating easy manipulation of text files . It is also used for graphics programming system administration network programming , applications that require database access and CGI programming on the Web . Perl is nicknamed "the Swiss Army chainsaw of programming languages" due to its flexibility and adaptability.

News site run by O'Reilly. Contains documentation, weekly articles, perl development summaries, blogs, and links to a variety of resources.
Perl in Plat_Forms 2011
By chromatic on October 29, 2010 2:25 PM No TrackBacks Thanks to Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ for sending along this notice about the Plat_Forms 2011 web development contest . Unlike other comparisons of programming languages (such as the great unmaintainable speed-tweakers micromeasurement contest and This Is Odiously Bad Empiricism), Plat_Forms features real teams of real programmers performing real work. Perl 5 can compete very well in this contest, with great web frameworks such as (but not limited to) Catalyst, Dancer, Mojolicious, and Jifty. See the Plat_Forms 2011 overview and Plat_Forms 2011 on the Perl 5 Wiki for more details.
Colonizing the Lacuna Expanse with Perl
By chromatic on October 22, 2010 10:42 AM No TrackBacks Perl productivity has suffered this month with JT Smith's announcement of The Lacuna Expanse , a web-based space empire strategy game. As with most of Smith's projects, TLE uses Perl extensively. recently conducted an email interview to explore the world behind the game world. You're a successful serial entrepreneur. How'd you get into Perl?

5. Perl Tutorial: Start
Please note This tutorial was written in the early 1990's for version 4 of perl. Although it is now significantly out of date, it was a popular source of
Perl Tutorial: Start
Please note: This tutorial was written in the early 1990's for version 4 of Perl. Although it is now significantly out of date, it was a popular source of information for many people over many years. It has therefore been left on-line as part of the historical archive of the Internet.
Please also note that many of the external hyperlinks no longer function.
This is the start of a tutorial on Perl, originally run by me, Nik Silver, as the first part of a one-day hands-on workshop at the School of Computer Studies University of Leeds , in the UK. The second part of the workshop looked at designing pages for the World Wide Web using Perl to deal with buttons and text boxes to generate custom Web pages on the fly. Creating a Web page without all these things is a much easier task. There is information about how to do this at Leeds but otherwise you should look at NCSA's definitive Beginner's Guide to HTML There are plenty of other Perl tutorials around, and most (if not all) of them can be found at the UF/NA Perl Archive . However I wanted something that included exercises developing a consistent theme; none of the others seemed to do this.

Oct 29, 2010 Welcome to CPAN! Here you will find All Things perl. perl core documentation (; Jon Allen); perl core and CPAN modules
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
2010-10-31 online since 1995-10-26 7798 MB 228 mirrors 8476 authors 18595 modules Welcome to CPAN! Here you will find All Things Perl.
FAQ etc
Yours Eclectically, The Self-Appointed Master Librarian (OOK!) of the CPAN Jarkko Hietaniemi CPAN master site hosted by

7. The Perl Foundation
Dedicated to the advancement of perl through discussion, collaboration, design, and code. Coordinates, perl Monks, perl Mongers, and Yet Another perl Conference; holds the copyrights on perl and Parrot, and funds perl development projects.

8. Mod_perl: Welcome To The Mod_perl World
mod_perl documentation Manuals, Hints, Guidelines, Scenarios, Troubleshooting and Help.
Welcome to the mod_perl world

What is mod_perl?

Success Stories


Whole Site Stories Download All Docs ..1.0 Docs ....Guide 1.0 ....OS 1.0 ....API 1.0 ..2.0 Docs ....User 2.0 ....OS 2.0 ....Devel 2.0 ....API 2.0 ..General Docs ..Tutorials ..OffSite Docs Getting Help Mailing Lists Products Contribute About
Short Cuts
Maillist Subscription

Maillist Archives

The source
The 1.0 guide ... CPAN 2.0 Modules Porting Status The Apache Software Foundation ASF Home ASF Sponsorship ASF Thanks Sister Sites Apache Week Perl Mongers Use Perl Perl Monks ... Books mod_perl2 User's Guide By Stas Bekman , Jim Brandt Practical mod_perl By Stas Bekman , Eric Cholet The mod_perl Developer's Cookbook By Geoffrey Young, Paul Lindner, Randy Kobes mod_perl Pocket Reference By Andrew Ford Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C By Lincoln Stein, Doug MacEachern Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason By Dave Rolsky, Ken Williams More mod_perl books... mod_perl brings together the full power of the Perl programming language and the Apache HTTP server. You can use Perl to manage Apache, respond to requests for web pages and much more.

9. Perl AI Blog For The Artificial Intelligence Wikipedia-based Free Textbook
Artificial intelligence in perl.
AI For You

var site="s13ai4udex"
AI4U++ Textbook

Citeseer -

mind.txt - CPAN

A.I. Zone

AGI (read)
AI Chat
perl 6 etc. Resources AI FAQ: Software AI Wiki BlogShares Member Sites and Others Linking To Amazon AI4U Agents Portal GreatMindsWorking Amazon AI4U Codepaste CPAN perl DMoz Perl FAQTs Perl GridApp Systems Mentifex FAQ Mind.Forth AI User Manual Tutorial AI Mind Dev Journal ... Wikipedia - Perl 6 Weblogs Via Technorati 2lmc spool q.v. ... Blog HOT or NOT: weblogs with a perl focus. Eckel, Bruce q.v. q.v. ... q.v. Next implement the Audition module as part of the general AI framework from the AI textbook AI4U: Mind-1.1 Programmer's Manual with printable Index See also Ada APL C C++ ... XML Sun.4.FEB.2007 Perl for Modular AI is an invitation for Perl AI coders to work on their own favorite mind-modules of Perl AI.

10. Michael Tsai - Blog - Perl Vs. Python Vs. Ruby
perl vs. Python vs. Ruby. I’m evaluating Python and Ruby as replacements for perl. I’ve been using perl for several years and am very comfortable with it, although I’m definitely
Monday, November 25, 2002
Perl vs. Python vs. Ruby
Python and Ruby as replacements for Perl BBEdit language modules, and both promise a cleaner approach to scripting. Over the past few weeks I read the Python Tutorial and the non-reference parts of Programming Ruby eSellerate gives me a tab-delimited file containing information about the people who bought my shareware . I wanted a script to extract from this file the e-mail addresses of people who asked to be contacted when I release the new versions of the products. just
  • Read each line of standard input and break it into fields at each tab. Each field is wrapped in quotation marks, so remove them. Assume that there are no quotation marks in the interior of the field. Store the fields in an array called record Create another array, records and fill it with all the record s. Make a new array, contactRecords , that contains arrays of just the fields we care about: SKUTITLE, CONTACTME, EMAIL. Sort contactRecords by SKUTITLE. Remove the elements of contactRecords where CONTACTME is not 1. Print contactRecords to standard output, with the fields separated by tabs and the records separated by newlines.
  • 11. Use Perl
    All the perl that s Practical to Extract and Report. All the Perl that's Practical to Extract and Report en-us pudge Technology hourly pudge useperl mainpage davorg events news doubi (posted by brian_d_foy) journal mainpage news jesse releases news davorg yapc news jesse releases mainpage rafael yapce yapc cjfields (posted by brian_d_foy) journal mainpage events news Search use Perl stories query

    12. Use Perl: All The Perl That's Practical To Extract And Report
    NOTE use perl; is on undef hiatus. You can read content, but you can t post it. More info will be forthcoming forthcomingly.
    Slash Boxes

    NOTE: use Perl; is on undef hiatus. You can read content, but you can't post it. More info will be forthcoming forthcomingly.
    use Perl
    Search use Perl
    All the Perl that's Practical to Extract and Report
    CPAN Search
    Module Distribution Author Documentation
    Poll What I like most about perl 5.10
    state variables
    // (defined or)
    ~~ (smart match)
    regexp improvements
    switch statement (given, when)
    all of the above none of the above (write-in) Results Polls Comments:
    Log In Nickname Password Public Terminal Create a new account
    CPAN Uploads
    Quick Links
    The Perl Review Perl Directory Perl Mongers CPAN ... Download Perl
    use Perl; Shutting Down Indefinitely
    posted by pudge on 2010.09.08 16:51 As I am leaving my current job at Geeknet which has generously hosted use Perl; for all these years, since the site began in 2000 I am temporarily shutting down use Perl; tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 8. I plan to leave the site "static" for now, and then perhaps have it reappear elsewhere.

    13. Perl Solutions: ActivePerl, Perl Dev Kit, Komodo IDE, Perl Training, Commercial
    ActiveState has the world s best perl distibution, perl solutions and tools to make your perl development a success.
    Skip to Content Skip to Navigation Search this site:
    • Solutions
      • Overview By Function
        • Develop ... By Language > Perl
          Perl Solutions: ActivePerl, Perl Dev Kit, Komodo IDE for Perl, Perl Training and Consulting
          Millions of developers trust Perl for computational and integration tasks-system administration, scripting, running database applications, and more. As an open source programming language, Perl immediately reduces up-front project costs. However, Perl alone may not help you meet your IT and business goals. CA, Siemens and Boeing are just a few Fortune 1000 companies that trust ActiveState for development, management and distribution solutions for fail-safe Perl.
          Fail-Safe ActivePerl for Business and Mission-Critical Applications
          ActivePerl Enterprise Edition ActivePerl Business Edition
          Turn-Key Perl Redistribution Rights
          ActivePerl OEM Edition enables you to include ActivePerl in your distributed application to provide customers with a seamless experience. ActivePerl OEM Edition takes the complexity out of open source licensing by guaranteeing assurance and eliminating legal risk that goes along with distributing Perl in commercial applications.
          Faster, Easier Perl Development

    14. Perl - O'Reilly Media
    A compilation of O Reilly Media s information about the perl programming language, from news, books, conferences, courses, community, and reports.

    15. Dermot Musgrove's Perl Page
    perl generator for Glade.
    Dermot Musgrove's Perl page
    Glade-Perl source code generator
    Glade Glade , for you to specify a language of 'Perl' and generate source code from Glade's 'Build' button. Glade-Perl can write the perl modules to construct/run the UI together with a skeleton "App" and a working subclass for you to edit. The modules generated are pretty much OO code and can be combined and split in any way that you wish. Glade-Perl will generate code to construct all the widgets that Glade knows about apart from the GnomeDb ones. However, the gnome-libs are not necessary and you can work quite happily without them - but of course you cannot then use the Gnome widgets in your UI. You can read the online documentation or download Glade-Perl and find software that we depend on. Glade-Perl is still beta software so please don't use it to generate code to control heart-lung machines or manned space missions.
    Glade-Perl-Two source code generator for glade-2 files
    Glade-2 Glade-2 from version 1.1.4, for you to specify a language of 'Perl' and generate source code from Glade's 'Build' button.

    16. Download Perl -
    Download perl Distributions If you are running a Linux system (or most UNIX systems, including Mac OS X), you probably already have an installation of perl.
    Download Perl
    Download Perl Distributions
    If you are running a Linux system (or most UNIX systems, including Mac OS X), you probably already have an installation of perl . Type perl -v at the command line to find out which version. Perl runs on over 100 platforms.
    Getting started quickly:
    Operating system Unix like Mac OS X Windows Installed? Included
    (may not be latest) Included
    (may not be latest) Strawberry Perl
    Perl on Windows
    There are two primary binary distributions available for Windows:
    • Download Strawberry Perl Strawberry Perl : A 100% Open Source Perl for Windows that is exactly the same as Perl everywhere else; this includes using modules from CPAN , without the need for binary packages. Help is available from other Windows Perl developers on the #win32 irc channel on (see website for access through a browser).

    17. FAQ
    This compilation of Frequently Asked Questions and answers (FAQ) is intended to answer several of the first (and largely more basic) questions posted to the
    From: (Cameron Laird)
    Newsgroups: comp.lang.perl.announce comp.answers news.answers
    Subject: FAQ
    Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.EDU
    Summary: Frequently Asked Questions.
    Archive-name: perl-faq/ptk-faq
    Posting-Frequency: monthly
    Last-modified: Date: February 2004
    Version: 1.01_00 [THESE ARE DEFUNCT.] URL (Hypertext-split): URL (Plaintext): Image-supplement: ftp-Archive: ftp-Archive: e-mail-Archive:
    Perl/Tk FAQ
    whose COPYING file reads as follows: license.terms for details of this Tk license, and pTk/ Tix.license for the Tix license. newsgroup and the ptk mailing list This document concerns itself with the Perl/Tk programming language (or, if you prefer, the Tk extension to Perl). Please be aware that this is not the Perl FAQ , this is not the Tcl FAQ , nor is this the Tcl/Tk FAQ . Each of those other documents is a useful source of information for Perl/Tk programmers but they are completely different from this one. This is a dynamic document and contributions, clarifications, and corrections are

    18. Nordic Perl Workshop
    Events aimed at giving some focus on perl and perl use in Scandinavia.
    Nordic Perl Workshop
    Next workshop:
    • The Nordic Perl Workshop 2010 will be held May 1-2 August November 14 in Reykjavik, Iceland by FSFI

    Previous workshops:
  • Nordic Perl Workshop 2009 (Oslo)
  • Nordic Perl Workshop 2008 (Stockholm)
  • Nordic Perl Workshop 2007 (Copenhagen)
  • Nordic Perl Workshop 2006 (Oslo)
  • Nordic Perl Workshop 2005 (Stockholm)
  • Nordic Perl Workshop 2004 (Copenhagen)
  • Scandinavian Perl Workshop 2003 (Copenhagen)
    NPW: #
    Support: # NordicPerl.Org
    The Nordic Perl Workshop has been presented in turn by the Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo Perl Mongers. Website statistics available Colocation facilities and bandwidth provided by CR
  • 19. Perl - Definition
    Rationale . perl has been ported to over a hundred different platforms, and the mission of making the language available everywhere is commemorated in the name of the main newsgroup
    Perl - Definition
    Programming Republic of Perl logo Perl , also Practical Extraction and Report Language (a backronym , see below ), is a programming language released by Larry Wall on December 18 that borrows features from C sed awk shell scripting ( sh ), and (to a lesser extent) from many other programming languages. Contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 Rationale
    2 Implementation

    3 Current version

    4 Built-in data types
    16 Books
    Perl has been ported to over a hundred different platforms, and the mission of making the language available everywhere is commemorated in the name of the main newsgroup for discussion of issues relating to perl development, "perl5-porters". Perl is widely used in web development finance and bioinformatics , and indeed in most sectors where a premium is placed on rapid development and the availability of a large number of standard and 3rd-party modules. Because of its wide availability, Perl, like Java , is often considered to be a platform in its own right, packaging a Unix-like environment in which software can be written once, and generally run without modifications almost everywhere. In addition to its numerous binary ports, Perl can, with only 6 reported exceptions, be compiled from source on all Unix-like

    20. Perlretut -
    A tutorial for regular expressions in perl.

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