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  1. SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065 by Katherine Sierra, Bert Bates, 2008-06-24
  2. A Programmer's Guide to Java SCJP Certification: A Comprehensive Primer (3rd Edition) by Khalid Mughal, Rolf Rasmussen, 2008-12-29
  3. SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide (Exam 310-055) (Certification Press) by Katherine Sierra, Bert Bates, 2005-12-21
  4. SCJP: Sun Certified Programmer for Java Platform Study Guide: SE6 (Exam CX-310-065) by Richard F. Raposa, 2009-03-23
  5. SCWCD Exam Study Kit Second Edition: Java Web Component Developer Certification by Hanumant Deshmukh, Jignesh Malavia, et all 2005-04-01
  6. Complete Java2 Certification Study Guide by Philip Heller, 2005-05-20
  7. Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE Study Guide (Exam 310-051) (Certification Press) by Paul Allen, Joseph Bambara, 2007-07-12
  8. The Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide by Simon Roberts, Philip Heller, et all 1999-07
  9. SCJA - Sun Certified Java Associate Certification Study Guide for Java 5, J2EE and J2ME Technology from - The Pre SCJP, Programmers Certification by Cameron McKenzie ( ), 2007-02-17
  10. Java 2 Web Developer Certification Study Guide, 2nd Edition by Natalie Levi, 2002-11-18
  11. Sun Certification Training Guide (310-080): Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Web Component Developer by Alain Trottier, 2002-11-17
  12. SCJA Sun Certified Java Associate Study Guide (Exam CX-310-019) (Certification Press) by Robert Liguori, Edward Finegan, 2009-08-12
  13. Sun Certification Programmer for Java 2 Study Guide (Exam 310-025) (Book/CD-ROM package)
  14. SCJD Exam with J2SE 5, Second Edition (Expert's Voice in Java) (Volume 0) by Terry Camerlengo, Andrew Monkhouse, 2005-12-13

1. Does Java Certification Matter? - O'Reilly ONJava Blog
Are you Java certified, and does it matter anyway?

2. Detailed Information About Java Certification
Detailed Information and definition of java certification where/how to get certified - the best java classes available
Java Certification
The Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform certification is the first level of certification for the Java language. Sun started certifying programmers back in 1996 when the 1.02 JDK was the current language version. The Java 2 Platform (or JDK 1.2) was released in December 1998, and we are now up to SDK 1.4 as the official release.
As more and more of the big software vendors committed heavily to Java, a multi-vendor certification initiative was created. These vendors, such as IBM and Novell have some specialty Java certifications under development but the initial level of certification remains the Sun Certified Programmer.
Current information on the multi-vendor certification initiative supported by IBM, BEA Systems, Sun Microsystems, and a number of training organizations can be found at: the JCert Web page. This organization was moribund for several years but now seems to have become much more active.
What are the benefits of becoming certified? Being certified will demonstrate to employers a minimum level of knowledge of the Java language. Because Java is a relatively new language there are few people with extensive practical experience. It will also concentrate your mind on the fundamentals of the language. With the proliferation of GUI based tools it is possible to create good looking Java applications without understanding what is going on "under the hood". It doesn't try to cover all of the Java technologies. You can become certified an still know nothing about JavaBeans, Corba, RMI or servelets.

3. Java Certification Resources
Information and links for Java related certifications. This is where you will find resources for Java training, study, and exams.
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  • Java Certification Resources Information and links for Java related certifications. This is where you will find resources for Java training, study, and exams. Java Practice Questions (20) EJB Programming Restrictions Here is a quick and dirty study tip for those who are studying for the SCBCD certification. Get the scoop on EJB programming restrictions. SCJP Exam CX 310-035 Study Notes This excerpt from UCertify's line of study notes for the SCJP Exam CX 310-035 is free for you to peruse. Top Java Certification Books Guide Top Picks for Java Certification Books. If you are studying for your Java Certification exams, check out this list of great books. Top 10 Reasons to Get Certified - SJCP This article tells why and how to pursue the Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform (SCJP) certification. From your Guide to Java. Java Certifications from

    4. Sun Java Certification Exams
    Ensure your success in Sun Java Certification and PMP exams through Whizlabs. 2 million users in last 9 years. Pass or 100% Money Back. Try NOW for FREE!

    5. Java Certification ( SCJP) - Mock Exam, Study Notes And Links
    Contains SCJP mock exam, tidbits, exam notes and links to other resources.
    Home Blog Java Jokes ... Contact Java Certification After I became a Sun Certified Java Programmer (conducted by Sun Microsystems), I thought of trying to help other aspirants. This was the only way I could think of showing my gratitude to all the persons who helped me by providing excellent java resources related to java certification on their sites. So, I designed a java mock exam applet. The questions are a bit harder than the real exam. This exam covers almost all of the objectives, except very simple points. This exam was designed with SCPJ2 exam in view. Though, Sun Microsystems has launched a new version of the exam (Java 1.4), most of the objectives remain the same. So, this mock exam remains useful to aspirants of the either version of the exam. I am pleased to say that this is one of the most highly rated mock exams on the net. To see what has been said of this exam, click here There are also study notes for this exam. These notes were prepared when I myself was studying for the exam. Though, the notes are not exhaustive, they will most certainly prove to be extremely useful, I hope.

    6. PMP & Java Certification Preparation - Whizlabs
    Offers practice exams for Java certification

    7. Welcome Sun Learning Services Customers
    Continuing to teach all active Sun Java, Solaris, MySQL, software, server and storage courses; Continuing Sun s popular certification program and honoring

    8. How Do I Get Java Certification
    How do I get Java certification? Java Certification demonstrates technical skills and professional dedication.
    Java Java in Action Downloads Help Center ... Support Options
    Printable Version
    How do I get Java certification?
    This article applies to:
    • Platform(s): All Platforms Browser(s): All Browsers
    • Java version(s): All JRE Versions
    Earning a Sun Java technology certification provides a clear demonstration of the technical skills, professional dedication and motivation for which employers are willing to pay a premium. Recognized industry-wide, Sun's Java technology training and certification options help ensure that you have the necessary skills to efficiently meet the challenges of your IT organization. To know more about Java certification path, please visit: Sun Java Certification Select Language About Java Technology Partner with Us ... Sun Microsystems

    9. Free Java Certification Training
    Free web tutorials free training resources for Java Web Technologies sponsored by nTier. Java Training, Java Certification Training, Struts, Tomcat, Eclipse, etc..
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    10. Java Articles,Tips,Tutorials - JavaBeat
    Java certification resources.

    11. Sun Certified Professional - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Sun Certified Professional (SCP) is a professional certification program by Sun Microsystems, a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. It is meant to verify a particular skillset in
    Sun Certified Professional
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Sun Certified Professional SCP ) is a professional certification program by Sun Microsystems , a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation . It is meant to verify a particular skillset in Sun technologies, especially the Java programming language and the Solaris Operating System

    12. Java Programmer Certification, SCJP FAQ, Tutorial, Mock Exam, Demo Applets, Syll
    Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam Resources including (FAQ) Tutorial based around objectives, Mock Exam, Demo Applets illustrating language points,
    Java Programmer Certification Exam And Training
    This site is entirely independent of Sun Microsystems, creators of the Java technology.. The Sun Certified Java Programmers Exam (SCJP) is the internationally recognised certification of Java knowledge. This site contains the equivalent of many hundreds of pages of information to help students of this exam. It includes Mock Exams, tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions, Discussion forums and sample code. It was created by a Sun Certified Java Programmer and includes feedback from many hundreds of users (thank you all)
    Click the logo to see site stats
    Created and Maintained by Marcus Green
    My Amazon wish list
    To find out how to send me an email follow this link
    Demo Applets FAQ Tutorial ... Whats New
    Live, Instructor-led, Online training for SCJP 1.4
    You can test yourself on a fresh exam question each day at
    Whizlabs have a version of their simulator for the 1.4 upgrade exam see

    13. Javaprepare - Java Certification Tutorial
    This page provides a tutorial for Java Certification preparation.


    Java Tutorial

    Questions by Topic

    Mock Exam 1
    About JavaPrepare

    Certification Books

    SCEA Books

    Online Books

    Tutorial Topics Language Fundamentals Operator and Assignments Declaration and Access Control Classes in Java ... Files Advertisements Struts in action your tool for Java Certification home tutorial questions test 1 ... test 2
    Java TM Certification Tutorial
    This tutorial highlights important concepts that you must know for Sun's Java TM Certification exam. Read the tutorial when you have grasped the fundamentals of the Java TM technology and want to prepare for the Certification exam. The tutorial covers all the topics that are part of the Java certification exam. For some topics the description may be a little brief and you may want to refer to some Java Certification book.
    Language Fundamentals
    The section covers Java technology basics like reserved words, identifier names, primitive types, contents of a Java source file etc. It also covers Java's command line arguments.
    Operator and Assignments
    This section explains commonly used Java language's operators with special emphasis on shifting operators.
    Declaration and Access Control
    The section covers fundamentals of array declarations and classes in Java technology.

    14. JGuru: JavaCertification Forum Home Page
    Forum to pose and view the who, what, where, why and how questions on Java certification.

    15. Lesson: Preparation For Java Programmer Language Certification (The Java™ Tuto
    http// A table of links to
    Download the JDK
    Search the Tutorials

    Trail: Bonus Home Page Bonus Trail Lesson: Preparation for Java Programmer Language Certification Sun Microsystems provides certification examinations for Solaris administrators and different types of Java programmers. Sun also offers training classes and practice exams for each type of certification. Much of the material in this tutorial is pertinent to preparation for the examination to become a "Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform." Some useful links are:
    An overview of all of the various certifications offered and their associated learning tools.
    Information specific to the certifications available for Java technologies.

    If you open the last link and select the Testing Objectives for the Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, you will find a list of objectives that includes bulleted items in seven areas:
  • Declarations, Initialization, and Scoping
  • 16. Java Certification Training
    Java Certification. Getting Suncertified is a great way to invest in your professional development. Skills verified during the certification process can help lead to increased
    tech training schools .org Home About Us ... e-Business Java Certification Getting Sun-certified is a great way to invest in your professional development. Skills verified during the certification process can help lead to increased productivity. Java is a programming language expressly designed for use in the distributed or networked environment of the Internet. It was designed to have the "look and feel" of the C++ language, but it is simpler to use than C++ and enforces an object-oriented programming model. Java can be used to create complete applications that may run on a single computer or be distributed among servers and clients in a network. Sun currently has three Java Certifications, programmer and developer and architect. Certification exams are based on both recommended Sun instructor-led classes and six to twelve months of actual job role experience. Java Certifications provide a clear demonstration of the technical skills, professional dedication and motivation for which employers are willing to pay a premium. Recognized industry-wide, Java technology training and certification options help ensure that you have the necessary skills to efficiently meet the challenges of your IT organization. See all Technology Schools by Location Review our list of schools that offer Java Certification Training: Arizona Schools
    Phoenix Tempe ) - Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW), Cisco CCNA, Cisco CCNP, CompTIA A+, CompTIA i-Net+, CompTIA Linux+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, Database Administration, IT, Engineering, Java Programming (SCJP), Microsoft .NET, Microsoft MCAD, Microsoft MCDBA, Microsoft MCP, Microsoft MCSA, Microsoft MCSD, Microsoft MCSE, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Oracle Certified Associate, (OCA), Oracle Database Administrator, Software Development

    17. Free Java Certification Exam Preparation
    Free mock exams to prepare for your Java Certification and SCWCD. Practice hundreds of java practice question for SCJP exam and SCWCD exam

    About us Contact us Privacy ... Search
    Sun Java Certifications
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    We are helping you to become Sun Certified Java Professional since 2001. Our expert, with more than 10 years of industry experience has designed more than 550 java questions based on Java Certification Exam Objectives and more than 250 questions based on Web Component Developer Certification objectives
    Free version of exam simulator allows you to try with limitted configuration options. You can register here to access the full version of SCJP exam simulator and SCWCD exam simulator.
    The registered users can enjoy the full access of exam simulator in practice mode and real exam mode. The registered users can also save the practice test and later re test only incorrectly answered questions.
    We provide exam simulators for the following certifications .
    Click on the following link to launch quiz, practice exams, preset mock exams, and real exams.
    Sun Certifications:

    18. For Java Developers,
    Choose an Oracle Certification Path. Partner . Java Champion Adam Bien
    United States Communities Social Applications Oracle Mix Oracle Blogs Oracle Wiki Oracle on Facebook ... Oracle on Twitter Networks Oracle ACEs Oracle PartnerNetwork Oracle Technology Network Knowledge Base Oracle User Groups Oracle Discussion Forums Support My Oracle Support Community I am a... Java Developer Database Admins and Developers ... Architect C-Level Executives Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Chief Information Officer (CIO) Other Roles Analyst Investor Job Seeker Partner ... I want to... Support Create or Update Service Request Search Support Knowledge Database Download Patches Education Find Oracle University Training Choose an Oracle Certification Path Partner Find a Partner Solution Access Software and Technical Support Attend a Partner-Only Event Attend Training ... Manage Solutions Catalog Other Tasks Purchase Oracle Products Online Browse Oracle Documentation Search Oracle Documentation Check Oracle Earnings ... View Oracle Benchmarks Filters:

    19. Java Certification Computer Books - Browse Books & Magazines At Bizrate. Compare
    Compare prices on Java certification Computer Books with bizrate. Buy Books Magazines from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for Java certification Computer Books.
    Suggestions related searches: less related searches: java certification exam certification more related searches: java certification exam certification certification study comptia certification ... Computer Books java certification
    you're in Computer Books, see other matches in:
    Advertisement refine your results

    20. Java Certification Forum
    A discussion forum dedicated to Java certification exams.

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