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  1. The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles Book: Brain Teasers, Games, and Activities for Hours of Fun (Everything Kids Series) by Meg Clemens, Sean Clemens, et all 2003-06
  2. Math Puzzles and Games, Grades 6-8: Over 300 Reproducible Puzzles that Teach Math and Problem Solving by Terry Stickels, 2009-09-15
  3. My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles (Math & Logic Puzzles) by Martin Gardner, 1994-11-01
  4. Math Puzzles and Brainteasers, Grades 3-5: Over 300 Puzzles that Teach Math and Problem-Solving Skills by Terry Stickels, 2009-09-15
  5. Challenge Your Brain Math & Logic Puzzles (Mensa) by Dave Tuller, Michael Rios, 2005-10-01
  6. Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers (Math & Logic Puzzles) by Martin Gardner, 1988-05-01
  7. The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations (Math & Logic Puzzles) by Boris A. Kordemsky, 1992-04-10
  8. Mega-Fun Math Games and Puzzles for the Elementary Grades: Over 125 Activities that Teach Math Facts, Concepts, and Thinking Skills (Jossey-Bass Teacher) by Michael S. Schiro, 2009-02-24
  9. Amazing Math Puzzles by Adam Hart-Davis, 2006-11-30
  10. Mensa Exercise Your Mind Math & Logic Puzzles by Dave Tuller, Michael Rios, 2005-11-01
  11. Math puzzles and Games (2 volumes in 1) by Michael Holt, 1997
  12. The Liar Paradox and the Towers of Hanoi: The Ten Greatest Math Puzzles of All Time by Marcel Danesi, 2004-08-27
  13. Puzzles in Math and Logic by Aaron J. Friedland, 1971-01-01
  14. Ready-to-Go Reproducibles: Amazing Math Puzzles & Mazes (Grades 6-8) by Cindi Mitchell, 2000-12-01

1. Cool Math 4 Kids .com - Brain Benders - Math Puzzles That Will Bend Your Brain!
The easy ones math puzzles are first and, then, they get harder! What s Next 1 (keep scrolling down for more math puzzles!) button Pascal s Triangle
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Brain Benders -
Math puzzles that will bend your brain!
Your browser does not support the IFRAME tag. Your browser does not support the IFRAME tag. Your browser does not support the IFRAME tag. NEW Animated Logic Puzzles Bridge Crossing Coin Weighting Eight Queens Hour Glass ... Water Jars Do you think you are a genius? Genius Test
Genius Test 2
- kid version
Genius Test 2
- to work with your parents If you've survived my genius tests... Let's see if you can make it through some of my favorite brain bending math puzzles! I've tried to arrange them in order... The easy ones math puzzles are first and, then, they get harder! See if you can make it through all the puzzles! Alphabet Soup (I've even messed my college students up with this one!)
Penny Triangle

Toothpick Squares

Number Fun #1

Number Fun #2
How Many Triangles
How Many Squares
The Handshake Puzzle Family Photo What's Next #1 (keep scrolling down for more math puzzles!)

2. Math Puzzles And Games - Mathematical Puzzles - Cross Sums
Free online math games for math lovers mathematical puzzles, prime numbers, cross sums, memes, Sudoku, Kakoru, logic puzzles, brainteasers and more. Good for students trying
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  • Home Puzzles
  • Puzzles
    Free online math games for math lovers: mathematical puzzles, prime numbers, cross sums, memes, Sudoku, Kakoru, logic puzzles, brainteasers and more. Good for students trying to improve their math skills.
    Math Games from About Mathematics
    Interactive math games, math brain teasers and math puzzles from your Mathematics Guide at About.
    The Strange Case of 142,857
    142,857 is just a number but it has some intriguing aspects and, when multiplied and manipulated, it displays some amazing properties. zSB(3,3)
    K-12 Math Puzzles
    From the Math Forum, a collection of math puzzles and math line puzzles for students. Try the 'Year Game' which is especially challenging for the year 2000.
    Kakuro Puzzles - Books for Kakuro Puzzlers
    More and more people are turning to puzzles and brainteasers as a way to keep their minds sharp as they age. In Kakuro, the objective of the puzzle is to fill in the numbers so that every row and column adds up to the corresponding numerical indicator. These books feature Kakuro, Meiro, Tensen, Hanjie, Sum Squares, Wordoku and other fun puzzle games.
    Kakuro Puzzles Index
    Fill in the puzzle so that every row and column adds up to its corresponding numerical indicator. No number may repeat in any row or column. These are print-friendly versions.

    3. Math Puzzles
    Math Problems Puzzles Brain Teasers Puzzle Corner Interactive Math Puzzles Kids Place at Cuisenaire Magic Squares Mazes and Mathematics.

    4. Math Puzzles
    Dec 15, 2009 recommends five math puzzle websites. Math puzzles really do offer something for everyone. They can be used to engage kids

    5. ScienceDaily: Math Puzzle News
    Oct 28, 2010 Explore a wide range of mathematical research, including surprising discoveries in gaming, math puzzles, prime numbers and encryption.
    Math Puzzle News
    Sunday, October 31, 2010 Print Email Bookmark
    Latest News
    Computer Science Mathematics
    Violent Video Games Increase Aggression Long After the Game Is Turned Off, Study Finds
    full story
    Child's 'Mental Number Line' Affects Memory for Numbers
    full story ... New Teaching Tools Aid Visually Impaired Students in Learning Math
    Browse News Stories
    1 to 10 of 193 stories (34 over past year) view headlines only

    6. Brain Teasers & Math Puzzles : Puzzle & Brain Teaser Collection
    Syvum's Math Puzzle Brain Teaser Collection contains free online interactive brain teasers math puzzles with answers explanations

    7. Math Puzzles
    Logic puzzles and riddles with some solutions.
      Math puzzles
      Andrej's homepage Elena's homepage These puzzles do not require any mathematical knowledge, just logical reasoning. Check, how smart you are. If you cannot solve them, take it easy. Almost all puzzles were told to us by a computer/math genius Vlad Mitlin . Visit us again: we intend to place here new puzzles and the solutions. Please email us your comments and new puzzles: Enjoy!
        Andrej and Elena
      1. Coins
        There are 12 coins. One of them is false; it weights differently. It is not known, if the false coin is heavier or lighter than the right coins. How to find the false coin by three weighs on a simple scale?
      Solution: Click here 2. Bridge crossing
      This problem was recently published in MAA on line: Crossing a Rickety Bridge at Night By Flashlight.
        A group of four people has to cross a bridge. It is dark, and they have to light the path with a flashlight. No more than two people can cross the bridge simultaneously, and the group has only one flashlight. It takes different time for the people in the group to cross the bridge:
          A nnie crosses the bridge in 1 minute

    8. Math And Logic Puzzles
    Symmetry Jigsaw Puzzles Number Puzzles Card Puzzles Einstein Puzzles Sam Loyd Puzzles Algebra Puzzles Assorted Maths Puzzles and Quizzes

    Celebrates math puzzles and mathematical recreations.

    10. Maths Puzzles And Quizzes
    Assorted Maths Puzzles and Quizzes. Try the links below to find some puzzles

    11. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany And Puzzles
    An encyclopedic collection of math resources for all grades. Arithmetic games, problems, puzzles, and articles.
    Manifesto Amazon store Term index What changed? ... Recommend
    Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
    We are grateful to all our visitors who support this site by shopping at our amazon store . Thank you.
    Important note:
    On many pages, some words or phrases are omitted and empty space they occupied is undelined like in this,there,at home,here,this,in school,mathematics example. On such occasions, when the cursor hovers over the omission, a menu is displayed forcing you to make a choice. Your selection is then appears in the previously empty space. This technique has been long used in the Outline Mathematics,Outline Mathematics,White House,National Science Foundation pages with the help of Java applets. The latest implementation is quite different and is much easier to use. Observe that the intended selection appears on a different background or in a different typeset. So do not be surprised.

    Base Conversion

    Divisibility Criteria

    Euclid's Game
    High School Diploma Online

    Test your math and other school subjects with Mayflower Academy which provides a free online high school program that you can use to earn your high school diploma online quickly! Mathematical Droodles
    Circle Chains

    Diagonal Count

    Directly Similar Figures
    And much much more ...

    12. Puzzles, Games, And Contests
    Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to their math problems

    13. Nick's Mathematical Puzzles
    I usually provide only a proximate credit; some math puzzles have been around for so long it can be difficult to trace their provenance. However, if I know the original source
    Site search: RSS What's this?
    Nick's Mathematical Puzzles
    Welcome to my selection of mathematical puzzles. I aim to add one new puzzle each week, so please stop by again. What's new? See puzzle 160 The math puzzles presented here are selected for the deceptive simplicity of their statement, or the elegance of their solution. They range over geometry, probability, number theory, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and logic. All require a certain ingenuity, but usually only pre-college math. Some puzzles are original. Explaining how an answer is arrived at is more important than the answer itself. To this end, hints, answers, and fully worked solutions are provided, together with links to related mathematical topics. Further references are provided with many of the solutions. The puzzles are intended to be fun, with an educational element. Each puzzle is assigned a level of difficulty of between one and four stars, with four being the most difficult. Clearly this is to some extent subjective, but it may be useful as a rough guide. The source for each problem is given at the bottom of the solution page. I usually provide only a proximate credit; some math puzzles have been around for so long it can be difficult to trace their provenance. However, if I know the original source, such as when a puzzle is a recognized mathematical theorem, I credit that source.

    14. AIMS Puzzle Corner: Free Math Puzzles
    AIMS Puzzle Corner. The AIMS Puzzle Corner provides over 100 interesting math puzzles that can help students learn to enjoy puzzles and the mathematics behind them.

    15. Free Puzzle Collections
    Home FAQs About Us 1000+ Puzzles Collected, 255 posted. Try new Math and Geometry Puzzles Logic Puzzles Math Puzzles

    16. Math Puzzles Worksheets
    A whole bunch of helpful math puzzles that you can print out.
    Teachnology The Online Teacher Resource
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    Receive free lesson plans, printables, and worksheets by email:
    Complete Math Sets
    - 5,000+ Math Worksheets
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    Grade K-6 Math Series
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    Math Puzzles Worksheets
    These puzzles practice a wide variety of math skills. Students will use all basic operator skills you can think of.
  • Math Cross Number Addition and Subtraction Puzzle 1 Math Cross Number Addition and Subtraction Puzzle 2 Math Cross Number Addition and Subtraction Puzzle 3 Math Cross Number Addition and Subtraction Puzzle 4 ... Answers to Worksheets 9-16
  • Math Puzzle Related Resources
    A number of great resources for you to enjoy.
  • Advanced Fraction Pack Do Now Math! (Grade Specific) Flash Card Math Game Logic Puzzle Worksheets ... Word Problem Worksheets
  • Middle and High School Math
    - Super Helpful
    - Easy To Use!

    17. Math Forum: Math Puzzles
    Math Line Puzzles. Can you connect the dots in a 3x3 grid using 4 straight lines ? Can you figure out how to plant 7 rosebushes so that they form 6 straight
    K-12 Math Puzzles from the Math Forum
    Back to
    2010 Puzzle
    2009 Puzzle 2007 Puzzle 2006 Puzzle ... 1998 Puzzle - Judy Ann Brown ^ (raise to a power), and ! (factorial), along with grouping symbols, to write expressions for the counting numbers 1 through 100. All the King's Digits - Terry Trotter 1997 Puzzle - Ruth Carver - 1996 Puzzle Challenge: Using the digits in 1997 or 1996 and any operations, try to write equations that have the numbers from to 100 as the answer. Four 4's Puzzle - Ruth Carver Challenge: Using four 4's and any operations, try to write equations that have the numbers from to 100 as the answer.
    Math Line Puzzles
    Can you connect the dots in a 3x3 grid using 4 straight lines? Can you figure out how to plant 7 rosebushes so that they form 6 straight lines with 3 rosebushes in each line? Or 10 bushes in 5 lines with 4 in each? How about 19 in 9 lines with 5 in each? Can you construct 9 triangles by drawing 3 straight lines through a capital M? Can you move exactly two toothpicks to form four 1x1 squares?
    Critical Thinking Puzzles
    A selection of brain teasers from Michael DiSpezio's new book

    18. The Ultimate Puzzle Site - Puzzles, Riddles, Quizzes, And Tests...
    The Ultimate Puzzle Site Lots of challenging puzzles and riddles in various categories and exciting interactive quizzes and tests! The Ultimate Puzzle and Riddle Site!

    19. Math Puzzles
    Oct 18, 2010 Math Puzzles by Math Goodies are puzzles that hone students vocabulary skills the fun way. We offer interactive and printable crosswords and
    MathGoodies is a free math help portal for students teachers , and parents Home About Us Contact Us ... More Interactive MathGoodies Software
    Worksheets WebQuests Games ... Privacy
    Math Puzzles
    Our math puzzles hone students' vocabulary skills the fun way! We have interactive crosswords with three levels of difficulty. We also have printable versions for each theme, and solutions for all. Students find our puzzles engaging. Our complete library of puzzles is available only on CD or by download . Choose a theme below and enjoy! Puzzles by Theme Availability Circles Decimals Fractions Integers Logic More On Decimals Number Theory Percent Percent Applications Polygons Pre-Algebra Probability Intro to Statistics Data and Graphs
    More Math Help: Algebra Fun Games Videos Featured Sites: Masters in Education

    Lesson Plans for Teachers

    Shop Math Games
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    20. Math Games Page. Short Illustrated List
    Math Games and Puzzles A Short Illustrated List. (Note most of the games

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