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  1. Dr. Wright's Kitchen Table Math: Book 1 by Chris Wright, 2007-03-29
  2. Dr. Wright's Kitchen Table Math: Book 2 by Chris Wright Ph.D., 2010-08-18
  3. Dr. Wright's Kitchen Table Math: Book 3 by Chris Wright Ph.D., 2010-08-17
  4. Sir Cumference and the First Round Table (A Math Adventure) by Cindy Neuschwander, Wayne Geehan, 1999-02
  5. Math Formulas and Tables: Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics. Tables of Integrals, Identities, Transforms & more. FREE Derivatives in demo (Mobi Study Guides) by MobileReference, 2009-08-24
  6. Real-Life Math for Tables, Charts, and Graphs, Grade 9-12 (Real-Life Math (Walch Publishing)) by Tom Campbell, 2007-01
  7. The Semple Math Times Tables, 1 to 12, "Just the Facts": Student Workbook by Janice L. Semple, 2006-01-23
  8. Starting Times Tables (Usborne Sticker Maths) by Fiona Watt, 2001-01
  9. 2, 5 And 10 Times Tables (Resource Bank Maths) by Ceri Morgan, 1999-05
  10. The Official Manchester United FC Key Stage 1: Times Tables (Official Manchester United maths) by Louis Fidge, Paul Broadbent, 2001-08-03
  11. Reeds Math Tables and Engineering Formula (Deck Officer series) by David M. Reid, 2008-01-01
  12. Math Tables: Mathematical Symbols (Mobi Study Guides) by MobileReference, 2009-08-24
  13. Math Dictionary for Kids: The Essential Guide to Math Terms, Strategies, and Tables (Grades 4-9) by Theresa R. Fitzgerald, 2005-10-01
  14. Masters of Maths, Captain X: Here to Rescue You from Times Table Trouble (Maths)

1. Math Formulas And Math Tables
Math formulas, quatratic formula, midpoint formula distance formula, mathematical formulae, tables and facts for solving mathematical problems. Trig formulas, distance formulas
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  • Home Education Mathematics
  • Mathematics
    See More About:
    Mathematical formulas, tables and facts for solving mathematical problems.
    Should Math Formulas Be Memorized?
    Should one memorize math formulas or not? There is a lot of debate about whether math formulas should be brought to tests and exams or whether they should be memorized.
    Derivative Rules for Calculus
    Derivative Rules Calculus Derivatives zSB(3,3)
    Surface Area and Volume: Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid, Sphere, Prisms
    Surface area and volume formulas for cylinders, cones, pyramids, spheres, rectangular prism, triangular prisms.
    Surface Area and Perimeter of a Triangle
    Area and perimeter formulas.
    Integration and Differentiation Calculus
    Integration and Differentiation Calculus
    Definition of Secant
    Definition of Secant
    Radius Perpendicular Tangent
    Radius Perpendicular Tangent
    Formula for Celsius and Farenheit Conversions
    Formula for Celsius and Farenheit Conversions.
    Derivative Formulas
    A handy printable reference for the calculus student. Some quick tips to help you memorize these formulas.

    2. Free Math Tables Downloads: MathTrac By RAD Software, Kids Tables And Time By Ra
    Top free math tables downloads. MathTrac Math Testing and Performance Tracking. Math practice software for children aged 4 and above
    New Software
    Top Software
    Related Software
    page All Freeware
    Math Tables
    MathTrac 1.14.29 RAD Software
    MathTrac - Math Testing and Performance Tracking!If you have school age children learning their basic math tables , or if you are a teacher, you will love MathTrac!MathTrac does three things extremely well-* First, you can quickly and easily setup and administer basic math table. Free download of MathTrac 1.14.29, size 1.44 Mb.
    Kids Tables and Time 1.3 Raylec Software ...
    Math practice software for children aged 4 and above. A challenging and entertaining way to learn counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication tables , division and much more. Plus a speaking clock to teach your child to tell the time. All in a friendly, motivational game format, so that your child will want to. Free download of Kids Tables and Time 1.3, size 883.71 Kb.

    3. Math Tables And Formulas - WikiEducator
    Jul 27, 2010 Data contained in Math Tables and Formulas is organized into a hierarchical structure, having three levels arranged in a treelike structure.
    Math Tables and Formulas
    From WikiEducator
    Jump to: navigation search Math Tables and Formulas A resource for Home Basic Math Algebra Geometry Trigonometry ...
    Advanced Topics
    About Math Tables and Formulas
    • About Math Tables and Formulas Structure of Data Adding new tables and formulas in three easy steps Math Symbols and Math Notation ...
      The goal of Math Tables and Formulas is to:
      • develop a reusable resource of tables and formulas used in different Math projects in WikiEducator; target K-12 and early tertiary grade learners (Ages 5-18).
      Structure of Data
      Data contained in Math Tables and Formulas is organized into a hierarchical structure , having three levels arranged in a treelike structure. Please see Math Glossary
      Adding new tables and formulas in three easy steps
      STEP 1. Starting on Level 1 (this page), go to the Math Tables and Formulas navigation bar (top of this page), locate and click in the appropiate topic. Then you will entering Level 2
      STEP 2.
      On Level 2 , you will find a list of the tables and formulas (records) we already have added; if you find nothing, it means you will be the first contributor for the topic. Click the edit tab to switch to edtion mode, then copy and paste this code in the appropiate place in the list:

    4. Math Tables And Tools Lesson Plans & Activities For Teachers | Lesson Planet
    Search teacher approved math tables and tools lesson plans by grade and rating. Find thousands of math tables and tools lesson plans on hundreds of topics that inspire student
    Skip to Navigation Lesson Planet The Search Engine for Teachers Welcome! Sign In or Try it Free! Select Grade All Grades PreSchool-K K-2 Higher Ed PreSchool Kindergarten Higher Ed Select Rating All Ratings 1+ Stars 2+ Stars 3+ Stars 4+ Stars 5 Stars Search Advanced + Search 350,000+ Teacher Reviewed Online Lesson Plans and Worksheets
    Math Tables and Tools Lesson Plan
    Discover new math tables and tools activities and ideas.
    Lesson Plans Directory Math Math Tables and Tools Trout Pond
    6th - 8th Grade
    Students demonstrate the use of iteration, recursion and algebra to model and analyze a changing fish population. They use graphs, equations, tables, and technological tools to investigate the effect of varying parameters on the long-term population. [PDF] Money Math: Lessons for Life Newly Added
    11th - Higher Ed Grade
    Students develop a budget for a college student using all of the influences that the student would have. In this budgeting lesson plan, students use real life examples to create a budget spreadsheet. Students read and study sample spreadsheets and budgets before tackling their own. Lesson Plan: Defining, Describing and Calculating Rate

    5. Quick Math Tables, Conversion Charts And Math Formulas For Children And Adults -
    Apr 6, 2006 Who can remember all those formulas from school? Formulas for finding areas, other ones for finding density or distances.
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  • Home Lifestyle ... Education
  • Quick Math Tables, Conversion Charts and Math Formulas for Children and Adults
    Adjust font-size: Published April 06, 2006 by: Emma S. View Profile Follow Add to Favorites ... Gardening for Children
    Find Fast: Formulas, Areas, Roman Numerals and More
    Can't remember how to write the Roman numeral for 10,000? Need to figure square yards but don't remember the formula? That's the case with many of us - we learned the subjects once but may have forgotten much of it. In cases like that, you need a quick-reference. Here are some great pages that can help you on your way:
    There's a wealth of instant info at Length, speed, temperature, acceleration, angles, currency, dates, times, density, energy, flow rates, length or distances, and light are just some of the conversion charts they feature. You'll never have any more trouble with math problems after you bookmark this site.
    Go to to get charts for capacity and volume, speed, temperature, time, pressure, fuel consumption, torque, and many others. The site is easy to navigate and everything is listed in categories that makes it easy to find the subject in which you're interested.

    Has math tables for many areas of math from general math to advanced calculus. Includes areas formulas and integral approximation formulas. Español - select language / Text only ////    Math Reference Tables General Number Notation Addition Table Multiplication Table ... Transforms You can download this site and view it offline. ////    Other On-site resources ////    The Math Message Board The Math Message Board - this site's web-based discussion board for math talk and posting/answering math questions. M@TH en Ligne ////    Have a math question? Questions, Comments, Errors, Suggestions ////    Links Selected Links:

    7. Multiplication Table
    Tips for learning the multiplication tables from the Columbian Leaning Math Tables: Multiplication Table
    Multiplication Table
    x Remembering 9's
    What's 9 x 7 ? Use the 9-method! Hold out all 10 fingers, and lower the 7th finger. There are fingers to the left and fingers on the right.
    The answer is Links

    Math Addict
    - a very good computer-based flashcard game, by Jeremiah Calvino (Windows) Fantasic Math Tips contains some tricks for doing simple two-digit arithmetic in your head. Tips for learning the multiplication tables - from the Columbian Leaning Center. Math Baseball Game - Practice your arithmetic facts with this web-based game from
    Change Maker Game
    - Practice your arithmetic by determining how many pennies, nickels, dimes, dollars, etc., are required for change another web-based game from

    8. Formulas & Tables
    Used with permission from Dave's Math Tables. Formula Derivations (High School +) Derivations of area, perimeter, volume and more for

    9. S.O.S. Math - Mathematical Tables And Formulas
    Large integral tables along with other math tables. Polynomial, trigonometric, logarithmic, hyperbolic. and Laplace transform tables.

    S.O.S. Homepage
    Algebra Trigonometry Calculus ...

    Search our site! S.O.S. Math on CD
    Sale! Only $19.95.

    Works for PCs, Macs and Linux.
    Tell a Friend about S.O.S.
    Books We Like Math Sites on the WWW S.O.S. Math Awards ...
    Privacy Concerns?
    This site is a place for students and educators to quickly access mathematical formulas. The tables will be organized by topics:

    10. Math Worksheets, Tables, Charts And More From provides free, printable resources for parents who want to help their children with math. There are worksheets, tables, charts, number lines, games, and more.

    11. Teaching Tables - Making Learning Times Tables Fun
    Multiplication Bingo Machine A fun way for the class to practise their multiplication facts. Give each pupil a bingo card generated in the supporting resources
    Times tables activities, games and worksheets.
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    Home ~ Other iR Titles News
    AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,28,0','width','450','height','100','title','Times Tables Pricing','src','webelements/SidBubbleBanner','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','webelements/SidBubbleBanner' ); //end AC code
    Home User Download School Purchase Home User CD's
    Multiplication Bingo Machine
    A fun way for the class to practise their multiplication facts. Give each pupil a bingo card generated in the supporting resources section and set the bingo machine running. The bingo machine will display a multiplication question for a preset time. If a pupil has the answer on their card they must cross it off. The first pupil(s) to cross off all their numbers wins. Bingo Machine
    Multiplication Bingo Machine (Supporting Resources)
    A whole class tool for finding the fraction of a set of counters.

    12. Education 4 Kids, Inc.
    Math Tables. Welcome to the Math Tables. The directions are simple. In each square put the solution to the row and column problem (if the row number is 3 and the column number is 6

    13. Maths Practice Math Tables In Australia
    details about Maths Practice math tables in Australia Our math tables software was created with parent and teacher assistance to make sure that the math tables software is tables au.htm
    Math tables
    Our math tables software was created with parent and teacher assistance to make sure that the math tables software is appropriate for your youngster, and importantly that its founded on the current curriculum. We have pleasure in being able to offer the primary math tables software that really shows improvement. Doing a search for education math tables software? Go no further. We have one of the best math tables software offering in todays market. Having been an expert in offering simple and dedicated math tables software for many years, we are delighted to provide math tables software at inexpensive prices that everyone can afford. If you want your child to progress, our math tables software has resulted in 80% improvementsin children's abilities in a very short interval. Why not sample our math tables software before you make a decision? Users who tackle our math tables software rapidly increase confidence and see improvements. Maths Practice Pty/Ltd math tables software is utilized in schools and homes everywhere with these similar sensational results. Our math tables software is also constantly being enhance and modified to make sure it is always up to date. Additions are frequently added making it bigger and better with each revision. Producing the appropriate

    14. Dave's Math Tables
    group) for math talk, question, and answers. There are sections for algebra, trig, geometry,

    15. The N! Conjecture
    Offers outline of the problem, bibliography, and math tables. Resources assembled by Fran ois Bergeron.
    Harmonic Polynomials
    for the
    Symmetric Group
    Macdonald Symmetric Polynomials
    (See also A. Garsia's n! homepage , and M. Zabrocki's page on Macdonald Polynomials
    • go down to a brief Outline of these subjects
      go down to Publications from various sources concerning these subjects
      go down to some Tables of values for various objects

    For more information on the Garsia-Haiman conjecture (also known as the n! conjecture) stating that the bigraded Frobenius characteristic of the modules mentioned above is closely related to Macdonald polynomials The study of similar questions for diagonal harmonics is linked to the study of the nabla operator , which can be used to define a (q,t)-analog of the Catalan polynomials Also available, tables of small values of the bigraded Frobenius characteristic of the modules mentioned above, as well as some of Macdonald q,t-Kostka coefficients appearing as coefficients of Macdonald polynomials when expanded in the Schur polynomial basis.
    Publications Summaries of some of the manuscripts (PostScript 71K)
    • J. Alfano, A basis for the Y2 subspace of Diagonal Harmonics , PHD. Thesis UCSD 1994.

    16. Conic Sections Math Tables Conic Sections. (Math). circle conic, ellipse conic Math Tables: Conic Sections
    Math Circle
    Ellipse (h)
    Parabola (h)
    Hyperbola (h)
    A conic section is the intersection of a plane and a cone. Ellipse (v)
    Parabola (v)
    Hyperbola (v)
    By changing the angle and location of intersection, we can produce a circle, ellipse, parabola or hyperbola; or in the special case when the plane touches the vertex: a point, line or 2 intersecting lines. Point
    Double Line The General Equation for a Conic Section: Ax + Bxy + Cy + Dx + Ey + F = The type of section can be found from the sign of: B If B - 4AC is... then the curve is a... ellipse, circle, point or no curve. parabola, 2 parallel lines, 1 line or no curve. hyperbola or 2 intersecting lines. The Conic Sections. For any of the below with a center (j, k) instead of (0, 0), replace each x term with (x-j) and each y term with (y-k). Circle Ellipse Parabola Hyperbola Equation (horiz. vertex): x + y = r x / a + y / b 4px = y x / a - y / b Equations of Asymptotes: Equation (vert. vertex): x + y = r y / a + x / b 4py = x y / a - x / b Equations of Asymptotes: Variables: r = circle radius a = major radius (= 1/2 length major axis) b = minor radius (= 1/2 length minor axis) c = distance center to focus p = distance from vertex to focus (or directrix) a = 1/2 length major axis b = 1/2 length minor axis c = distance center to focus Eccentricity: c/a c/a Relation to Focus: p = a - b = c p = p a + b = c Definition: is the locus of all points which meet the condition...

    17. Harvard Mathematics Department : Undergraduate Mathematics Colloquium Aka Math T
    Details of the weekly speaker meetings to expose students to diverse topics of pure and applied mathematics.
    Harvard Mathematics Department Undergraduate Mathematics Colloquium aka Math Table Department of Mathematics FAS Harvard University One Oxford Street Cambridge MA 02138 USA Tel: (617) 495-2171 Fax: (617) 495-5132
    Next Mathtable
    Translation-Invariant Binary Representations , by Akhil Mathews , Harvard Undergraduate The standard binary representation of real numbers can be modified to allow alternate weighting systems replacing the (nonpositive) powers of 2 by arbitrary summable sequences. Under suitable weighting schemes, one may be able to represent certain real numbers by binary sequences in such a manner that the radix (or origin) does not affect the real represented. Nonetheless, such translation-invariant representations can exist only for a small set of numbers (dependent on the initial system of weights). I will give precise number-theoretical bounds, in terms of the Fourier transform, to quantify the limitedness of such schemes.
    Fall 2010
    Translation-Invariant Binary Representations , by Akhil Mathews , Harvard Undergraduate On a conjecture of Lubin , by Joel Specter , Visiting Harvard Undergraduate Tannakian Duality for Finite Groups , by Eric Larson , Harvard Undergraduate Block Monoids and Factorizations of Algebraic Integers , by Scott Chapman , Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, Texas) Fourier Series and Elliptic Regularity , by Akhil Mathew , Harvard Undergraduate Limits, measures and democracy

    18. Weights And Measures Math Tables Weights and Measures. (Math) Before you use this Math Tables: Weights and Measures
    Unit Conversion Tables
    Also, Ken Prentice offers a variety of unit conversion calculators that run on Windows. A note on the metric system:
    Before you use this table convert to the base measurement first, in that convert centi-meters to meters, convert kilo-grams to grams. In this way, I don't have to list every imaginable combination of metric units.
    SI Prefixes
    Number Prefix Symbol deka- da hecto- h kilo- k mega- M giga- G tera- T peta- P exa- E zeta- Z yotta- Y Number Prefix Symbol deci- d centi- c milli- m micro- nano- n pico- p femto- f atto- a zepto- z yocto- y

    19. Math Tables Bookmarks - Add Favorites About Math Tables In The Social Bookmarks
    All the results about math tables to your bookmarks

    20. Multiplication Tables
    A stunning new multiplication tables computer game from Big Brainzas entertaining as a top video game, yet as rigorous and effective as onone-one

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