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         Alfven Hannes:     more books (37)
  1. Cosmical Electrodynamics Fundamental Principles by Hannes and Carl-Gunne Falthammar Alfven, 1963
  2. COSMIC PLASMA by Hannes Alfven, 1980
  3. On hierarchical cosmology by Hannes Alfven, 1982
  4. Worlds-Antiworlds. Antimatter in Cosmology ... Translated by Rudy Feichtner. by Hannes. ALFVÉN, 1966-01-01
  5. Cosmical Electrodynamics (International series of monographs on physics) by Hannes Alfven, 1950
  6. Worlds-antiworlds; antimatter in cosmology. by Hannes Alfven,
  7. Cosmical Electrodynamics (The International Series of Monographs on Physics) by Hannes; Falthammar, Carl-Gunne; Alfven, 1963
  8. Worlds-Antiworlds: Antimatter in Cosmology. by Hannes Alfven, 1980

41. Hannes Alfvén Bibliography - (The Plasma Universe Wikipedia-like Encyclopedia)
Alfven, Hannes, Kopal, Zdenek, and Urey, Harold C.1970 Cosmology and physics translated into Russian in Nauka i Chelovechestvo Alfven, Hannes-1970én_bibliography
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Hannes Alfvén bibliography
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From (The Plasma Universe Wikipedia-like Encyclopedia)
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This is a bibliographic list of paper by Hannes Alfvén
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Bibliographical list
The Ref number in the first column is from the article " Hannes Olof Gosta Alfven. 30 May 1908-2 April 1995 " by R. S. Pease; S. Lindqvist, in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society , Vol. 44, Nov., 1998 (Nov., 1998), pp. 2-19. ( Full text , PDF). Ref Year Title Publication Author(s) Versuche mit einer Verstärkerröhre nach dem Querfeldprinzip Zeitschrift far Hochfreuuenztechnik 38, 27-29
(Investigations of Barkhausen-Kurz oscillations) Zeitschrift für Physik A Hadrons and Nuclei, Volume 83, Numbers 3-4 / March, 1933 Investigations on the ultra-short electro-magnetic waves. [Doctor's dissertation)

42. 12 Offprints On Physics And Astrophysics, From The Library Of Raymond Birge By H
19311937.. Alfv n, Hannes (1908-95). Collection of 12 offprints as listed below. V.p., 1931-37. Original
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12 offprints on physics and astrophysics, from the library of Raymond Birge
by Alfven, Hannes
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Book Description
wrappers mm chipped unbound Not sure what some of these terms mean? Look it up in our glossary MM : Mass Market Paperback. Often thought of as the pocket paperback. wrappers : Paperback or softbound. Also, wraps. chipped : A defect in which small pieces missing from the edges. Unbound : A book or pamphlet which does not have a covering binding, sometimes by original design, sometimes used to describe a book in which the cover has become removed. Also, the name of the monthly ezine for book lovers and collectors. Bibliopolis, LLC and Inc contact subscribe to newsletter terms ... member login graphic design by Gore Creative

43. Hannibal | Define Hannibal At
–noun 1. 247–183 b.c., Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps and invaded Italy (son of Hamilcar Barca). 2. a port in NE Missouri, on the Mississippi Mark Twain's

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