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1. Kroto, Sir Harold W 's Chemicals Dictionary
(1939 ). A British chemist who won the _disibledevent=hawley/hawley0015/hawley14613.xml

2. Biography Nobel Prize Winner: Kroto, Sir Harold W. | Chemdex
Biography Nobel Prize Winner Kroto, Sir Harold W.. (Rice University, Houston, USA). Awarded the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1996 with Robert F. Curl and Richard E. Smalley
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Biography Nobel Prize Winner: Kroto, Sir Harold W.
Biography Nobel Prize Winner: Kroto, Sir Harold W.. (Rice University, Houston, USA). Awarded the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1996 with Robert F. Curl and Richard E. Smalley for their discovery of fullerenes Website address: Biography Nobel Prize Winner: Kroto, Sir Harold W. Tags:
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Š 1993-2010 Mark Winter is located at the Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, England

3. Biographies Of Sir Harold W. Kroto
Biographies of Kroto Sir Harold W. and more Kroto Sir Harold W. biography.
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5. Kroto, Sir Harold W. Summary |
Kroto, Sir Harold W.. Kroto, Sir Harold W. summary with encyclopedia entries, research information, and more.

6. Nobel Prize Winners For Chemistry
Kroto, Sir Harold W. U.K. discovery of new carbon compounds called fullerenes Smalley, Richard E. U.S. discovery of new carbon compounds called fullerenes
Year Article Country* Achievement Hoff, Jacobus Henricus van't The Netherlands laws of chemical dynamics and osmotic pressure Fischer, Emil Germany work on sugar and purine syntheses Arrhenius, Svante Sweden theory of electrolytic dissociation Ramsay, Sir William U.K. discovery of inert gas elements and their places in the periodic system Baeyer, Adolf von Germany work on organic dyes, hydroaromatic compounds Moissan, Henri France isolation of fluorine; introduction of Moissan furnace Buchner, Eduard Germany discovery of noncellular fermentation Rutherford, Ernest U.K. investigations into the disintegration of elements and the chemistry of radioactive substances Ostwald, Wilhelm Germany pioneer work on catalysis, chemical equilibrium, and reaction velocities Wallach, Otto Germany pioneer work in alicyclic combinations Curie, Marie France discovery of radium and polonium; isolation of radium Grignard, Victor France discovery of the Grignard reagents Sabatier, Paul France method of hydrogenating organic compounds Werner, Alfred

7. Harry Kroto - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Sir Harold (Harry) Walter Kroto, KCB, FRS (born 7 October 1939), born Harold Walter Krotoschiner, is a British chemist and one of the three recipients to share the 1996 Nobel Prize
Harry Kroto
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This biographical article needs additional citations for verification . Please help by adding reliable sources . Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful. (May 2009) Harry Kroto
Born Harold Krotoschiner
7 October 1939
Cambridgeshire , England Nationality British Fields Chemistry Alma mater University of Sheffield Buckminsterfullerene Notable awards Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 Sir Harold (Harry) Walter Kroto KCB FRS (born 7 October 1939), born Harold Walter Krotoschiner , is a British chemist and one of the three recipients to share the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry He is on faculty at Florida State University , which he joined in 2004; prior to that he spent a large part of his working career at the University of Sussex , where he holds an emeritus professorship.

8. Harry Kroto - Pipl Profile
Kroto, Sir Harold W., born in 1939, British chemist and Nobel laureate. Welcome To Harry Kroto's Personal Website. Harry Kroto.
Harry Kroto
What is this profile? Sir Nobel Prize Chemistry ... People Named Kroto Quick Facts about Harry Kroto: Kroto is a Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry Source: FACULTY SENATE Minutes of September 15, 2005 Harry Kroto is Professor of Chemistry at Sussex University and recipient of the Nobel Prize for his pioneering Source: The Big Question Kroto was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1990, and awarded a knighthood (becoming Sir Harold Kroto ) in 1996 following his receipt of the Nobel Source: Harold Kroto Harry Kroto is professor of chemistry at Florida State University Source: BBC - Horizon - Place your Bet Kroto is known worldwide for the discovery of C60, a form of carbon Source: Professional Profile for Harry Kroto Web Extracted Biography - Zoominfo Harry Kroto , Sun Microsystems , Inc. ... Pages related to Harry Kroto Harry Kroto . Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Florida State University TallahasseeFlorida 32306-4390USA. Email: Tel:1 850

9. Kroto, Sir Harold W.
Kroto, Sir Harold W. I was the kid with the funny name in my form. That is one of the earliest memories I have of school (except for being forced to
Kroto, Sir Harold W. I was the kid with the funny name in my form. That is one of the earliest memories I have of school (except for being forced to finish school dinners). Other kids had typical Lancashire names such as Chadderton, Entwistle, Fairhurst, Higginbottom, Mottershead and Thistlethwaite though I must admit that there were the odd Smith, Jones and Brown. My name at that time was Krotoschiner (my father changed it to Kroto in 1955 so it is now occasionally thought, by some, to be Japanese). I felt as though I must have come from outer space - or maybe they did! I now realise that I had made a continual subconscious effort to blend as best I could into the environment by making my behaviour as identical as possible to that of the other kids. This was not easy indeed it was almost impossible with a couple of somewhat eccentric parents (in particular an extrovertly gregarious mother) who were born in Berlin and came to Britain as refugees in their late 30's. Bolton is a once prosperous but then (the fifties) decaying northern English town which is rightfully proud of its legendary contributions to the industrial revolution - the likes of Samuel Crompton and Richard Arkwright were Boltonians. Indeed we lived in Arkwright St. and I shall always remember walking to school each morning past the windows of cotton mills through which I could see the vast rows of massive looms and spinning frames operated by women who had been working from at least six o'clock in the morning, if not earlier.

10. Nobel Prize Winners, Nobel Prize In Chemistry, Nobel Prize In Literature, Nobel
Kroto, Sir Harold W. 1996 Smalley, Richard E. 1996 Curl, Robert F., Jr. 1996 Walker, John E. 1997 Skou, Jens C. 1997 Boyer, Paul D. 1997 Kohn, Walter 1998

11. Kroto, Sir Harold W - Carbon, Spectroscopy, Design, Chemistry, Curl, And Discove
(1939–) British chemist codiscoverer of a novel group of carbon molecules, the fullerenes. Kroto, the child of pre-Second World War escapees from Germany, grew up in Bolton

12. FisicaNet - BiografĂ­as. Premios Nobel De QuĂ­mica.
*Some Chicago Boyz know each other from student days at the University of Chicago. Others are Chicago boys in spirit. The blog name is also intended as a goodhumored gesture of

13. The University Of Sheffield
Founded in 1905, the University of Sheffield is one of the UK's leading Russell Group universities with an outstanding record in both teaching and research.

14. Encyclopaedia Britannica Online Shop
Kroto, Sir Harold W. English chemist who, with Richard E. Smalley and Robert F. Curl, Jr., was awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their joint discovery of the carbon
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15. Browse - Encyclopédie Universalis
Kroto, Sir Harold W. English chemist who, with Richard E. Smalley and Robert F. Curl, Jr., was awarded the 3 Related Articles Kroumirie mountainous region with extensive forests

16. The Vega Science Trust - Science Video - Homepage
The Vega Science Trust`s extensive collection of science videos include lectures, discussions, interviews, Nobel Prize interviews, careers profiles, educational resources, and
The Vega Science Trust Videos
An Independent Broadcaster of Informed Scientific Visual and Audio Media

17. Kroto Sir Harold - WIEM, Darmowa Encyklopedia
Kroto, Sir Harold W., 17, 53; Exhibit 3c, 424 Krugman, Paul, 70, 101, 388; Exhibit 7b, 450 Ku Klux Klan, 237, 348 Kubrick, Dr. Jacques, 154 Kubrick, Gertrude Perveler, 154,,,,kroto_sir_harold,haslo.html
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kroto sir harold Informacje o serwisie Kursy on-line Kody dostępu Napisz do nas O nas ... Aktualizacja encyklopedii wszystkie słownik informatyczny polski bez błędów Pokaż tylko zdjęcia, filmy i mapy Jak szukać?
Kroto Sir Harold
Dodaj do notesu Chemia, Europa, Wielka Brytania Kroto Sir Harold W. (1939-), chemik brytyjski. Profesor University of Sussex w Brighton (od 1985, pracuje tam od 1967). Uzyskał tytuł Royal Society Research Professor (1991). Prowadził prace w zakresie spektroskopii mikrofalowej ( spektroskopia ) - związków węgla i azotu zawierających podwójne i potrójne wiązania między tymi pierwiastkami. Przyczynił się do rozwoju chemii fosfoalkenów i fosfoalkinów. W atmosferze gwiazd olbrzymów bogatych w węgiel i w obłokach materii międzygwiazdowej odkrył obecność długołańcuchowych związków węgla i azotu.
Obecnie zajmuje się chemią fullerenów , których jest współodkrywcą, a także badaniami nad klasterami węgla i metali, mikrocząstkami węgla i nanorurkami oraz cząsteczkami występującymi w przestrzeni międzygwiezdnej i w mgławicach planetarnych.

18. Kroto,_sir_harold_w | Define Kroto,_sir_harold_w At
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19. Harold Kroto - Wikipedia
Sir Harold W Kroto. F dd i Wisbech, Cambridgeshire 7 oktober 1939. Brittisk kemist. Tilldelades, tillsammans med Robert F Curl Jr. och Richard E Smalley, Nobelpriset i kemi 1996 f r

20. Prof Harold Kroto : Chemistry : University Of Sussex
University of Sussex staff profile for Prof Harold Kroto
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Prof Harold Kroto
In detail...
Key contacts A-Z list People by role Location: Chichester 3 3R341 Email: Telephone numbers Internal: UK: International:
Harry Kroto's personal webpages The Vega Trust webpages Nanoscience at Sussex Harold Kroto received a BSc (Chemistry, 1961) and a PhD (Molecular Spectroscopy, 1964) from the University of Sheffield. After Postdoctoral work at the National Research Council (Ottawa, Canada) and Bell Telephone Laboratories (Murray Hill, NJ USA) he started his academic career at the University of Sussex (Brighton) in 1967. He became a professor in 1985 and a Royal Society Research Professor in 1991. In 1996 he was knighted for his contributions to chemistry and later that year, together with Robert Curl and Richard Smalley (of Rice University, Houston, Texas), received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the discovery of C60 Buckminsterfullerene a new form of carbon.
Main research areas:
I Spectroscopy of Unstable Species and Reaction Intermediates
(Infrared, Photoelectron, Microwave and Mass Spectrometry)

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