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  1. Biography - Schally, Andrew V(ictor) (1926-): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01
  2. The Nobel Duel by Nicholas Wade, 1981-09

1. Biographies Of Andrew V. Schally
Biographies of Schally Andrew V. and more Schally Andrew V. biography.
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2. Schally, Andrew V - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Schally
Polishborn endocrinologist who was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1977 for the discovery of hormones produced by the hypothalamus region of the brain., Andrew V

3. The Institute For Lasers, Photonics And Biophotonics - University At Buffalo
Wang, Xiaopeng; Pudavar, Haridas E.; Kapoor, Rakesh; Krebs, Linda J.; Bergey, Earl J.; Liebow, Charles; Prasad, Paras N.; Nagy, Attila; Schally, Andrew V. Journal of Biomedical
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    A conjugate of doxorubicin and an analog of Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone shows increased efficacy against oral and laryngeal cancers. Krebs Linda J; Wang Xiaopeng; Nagy Attila; Schally Andrew V; Prasad Paras N; Liebow Charles. Oral oncology (2002), 38(7), 657-663. A new approach to design light emitting devices using electroactive dyes. Pan, Michael; Patra, Amitava; Friend, Christopher S.; Lin, Tzu-Chau; Cartwright, Alexander N.; Prasad, Paras. N.; Burzynski, Ryszard. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings (2002), 734(Polymer/Metal Interfaces and Defect Mediated Phenomena in Ordered Polymers), 273-278. Bombesin and epidermal growth factor potentiate the effect of cytotoxic LH-RH analog AN-152 in vitro. Krebs, Linda J.; Wang, Xiaopeng; Nagy, Atilla; Schally, Andrew V.; Prasad, Paras N.; Liebow, Charles. International Journal of Oncology (2002), 21(6), 1325-1329. DC Magnetic Field Induced Magnetocytolysis of Cancer Cells Targeted by LH-RH Magnetic Nanoparticles in vitro. Bergey, Earl J.; Levy, Laurent; Wang, Xiaopeng; Krebs, Linda J.; Lal, Manjari; Kim, Kyoung-Soo; Pakatchi, Shadi; Liebow, Charles; Prasad, Paras N. Biomedical Microdevices (2002), 4(4), 293-299. Diphenylaminofluorene-Based Two-Photon-Absorbing Chromophores with Various p-Electron Acceptors. Kannan, Ramamurthi; He, Guang S.; Yuan, Lixiang; Xu, Faming; Prasad, Paras N.; Dombroskie, Ann G.; Reinhardt, Bruce A.; Baur, Jeffery W.; Vaia, Richard A.; Tan, Loon-Seng. Chemistry of Materials (2001), 13(5), 1896-1904.

4. Schally, Andrew V Definition Of Schally, Andrew V In The Free Online Encyclopedi
Schally, Andrew V(ictor) (born Nov. 20, 1926, Wilno, Pol.) Polishborn U.S. endocrinologist. His family fled Poland in 1939, and he received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from McGill, Andrew V

5. Andrew V. Schally - Significado De Andrew V. Schally Diccionario
Wang, Xiaopeng; Krebs, Linda J.; AlNuri, Mohammed; Pudavar, Haridas E.; Ghosal, Saswati; Liebow, Charles; Nagy, Attila A.; Schally, Andrew V.; Prasad, Paras N. Proceedings of the V. Schally

6. Andrew V. Schally —
More on Andrew V Schally from Fact Monster Rosalyn Sussman Yalow Yalow, Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, Rosalyn Sussman, 1921–, American medical physicist, b.

7. Andrew Schally
Andrew V. Schally . Andrew V. Schally won the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology in 1977, for his research into peptide hormone production in the brain.
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Andrew Schally
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Wikipedia Yahoo! Reference from Wikipedia
Andrew Schally
Andrzej " Andrew " Viktor Schally (born November 30, 1926) is a Polish-born American endocrinologist and Nobel Prize laureate (1977) in medicine, sharing the prize that year with Roger Guillemin and Rosalyn Sussman Yalow.
Schally was born in Wilno, Second Polish Republic (now Vilnius, Lithuania), as the son of Gen. Brigadier Kazimierz Schally who was Chief of the Cabinet of President Ignacy Mościcki of Poland. During World War II, Schally survived the Holocaust while living among the Jewish-Polish Community in Roumania. In 1945, he moved via Italy and France to England and Scotland.

8. Schally, Andrew V.
Schally, Andrew V. (1926) I was born in Wilno, Poland on November 30, 1926, being of Polish, Austro-Hungarian, French and Swedish ancestry.
Schally, Andrew V. Beethoven Brahms and Liszt
In 1961 I spent about one month at the Institute of Biochemistry in Uppsala with Dr. J. Porath where I gained useful experience in the use of Sephadex and column electrophoresis. I also visited Dr. V. Mutt and the late Professor E. Jorpes in Stockholm, in connection with our collaboration on gastrointestinal hormones, and I was encouraged that they and other astute scientists had confidence in our work and the foresight to appreciate the possible scientific and medical importance of hypothalamic hormones.
It was my good fortune that in 1964 Dr. A. J. Kastin and in 1965 Dr. A. Arimura came to join our laboratory. Dr. Abba Kastin was mainly interested in continuing his work on control of release of MSH and in helping us in clinical work on hypothalamic hormones. He quickly became my best friend and a most efficient collaborator. Dr. Akira Arimura was an experienced physiologist and endocrinologist. Because of his great knowledge, enthusiasm and very hard work, he made great contributions in all phases of our program, and also broadened it with many independent ideas, especially in immunology. Other excellent collaborators at that time included Drs. I. Ishida, A. Kuroshima, T. Saito, and S. Sawano from Japan, and Dr. E. E. Muller from Italy.
The identification of TRH removed the skepticism surrounding the work on the hypothalamus and I realized that many workers would now be attracted to the field. We therefore redoubled our efforts on LH-RH.

9. Muslim Inventions - Nobel Prizes From Planck's Constant
Schally, Andrew V. USA 1977 Yalow, Sussman Rosalyn USA 1978 Nathans, Daniel USA 1980 Benacerraf, Baruj USA 1982 Vane, Sir John UK 1984 Milstein, Cesar UK/Argentina

10. AccessScience | Biography | Schally, Andrew V(ictor)
About AccessScience. AccessScience is a subscriptionbased website that features continually updated scientific and

11. [D-Trp6 ]-LH-RH And Intermediates Therefor - US Patent 4010125 Abstra
Schally, Andrew V. Coy, David H. Application No. 586437 filed on 06/12/1975 . US Classes 525/54.11, Solid polymer treated by stepwise reaction with naturally occurring alpha or beta

12. Andrew V. Schally (American Endocrinologist) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Andrew V. Schally (American endocrinologist), November 30, 1926Wilno, Poland now Vilnius, LithuaniaPolishborn American endocrinologist and corecipient, with Roger Guillemin and
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Andrew V. Schally
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  • Article Additional Reading Supplemental Information ARTICLE from the Andrew V. Schally in full Andrew Victor Schally (b. November 30, 1926, Wilno, Poland [now Vilnius, Lithuania]), Polish-born American endocrinologist and corecipient, with Roger Guillemin and Rosalyn Yalow , of the 1977 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. He was noted for isolating and synthesizing three hormones that are produced by the region of the brain known as the hypothalamus; these hormones control the activities of other hormone-producing glands.

13. Scientific Commons Peter Nemeth
Czompoly, Tamas, Schally, Andrew V.
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14. Andrew V. Schally Winner Of The 1977 Nobel Prize In Medicine
Andrew V. Schally, a Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology and Medicine, at the Nobel Prize Internet Archive.
1977 Nobel Laureate in Medicine
    for their discoveries concerning the peptide hormone production of the brain
    Born: 1926
    Place of Birth: Wilno, Poland
    Residence: U.S.A.
    Affiliation Veterans Administration Hospital, New Orleans, LA
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15. Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone Analogs With Cytotoxic Moiety - US Patent
Classification 530/313. by Janaky; Tamas (Szeged, HU), Juhasz; Attila (Budapest, HU), Bajusz; Sandor (Budapest, HU), Schally; Andrew V. (Metairie, LA).

16. Andrew V. Schally - Autobiography, The Official Web Site of the Nobel Prize
Home FAQ Press Contact Us ... Nobel Prize in Medicine Andrew V. Schally - Autobiography Sort and list Nobel Prizes and Nobel Laureates Create a List All Nobel Prizes Nobel Prize Awarded Organizations Women Nobel Laureates Nobel Laureates and Universities Prize category: Physics Chemistry Medicine Literature Peace Economics
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1977
Roger Guillemin, Andrew V. Schally, Rosalyn Yalow
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1977
Nobel Prize Award Ceremony ... Other Resources
My interest in medical research started at the age of 23, when I joined the National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR, MRC) Mill Hill, London, England. I was fortunate to work with and be exposed to the stimulating influences of such scientists as Dr. D. F. Elliott, Sir Charles Harington, Dr. R.R. Porter , Dr. A.J.P. Martin , Dr. R. Pitt-Rivers, Dr. J. Gross, Dr. T. S. Work, Dr. H. Fraenkel-Conrat, and Dr. W. Cornforth

17. LHRH Antagonists (US5198533)
Schally, Andrew V.; Metarie, LA Bajusz, Sandor; New Orleans, LA Assignee The Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund, New Orleans, LA other patents from TULANE

18. Schally, Andrew V(ictor) - Encyclopedia Britannica - On History
Full Name Andrew V. Schally. Nationality American Activity American endocrinologist. Born 3011-1926

Schally Andrew V. USA Shabsigh Ridwan USA Travison Thomas G. USA Treadwell Henrie M. USA Young April M. W. USA Zitzmann Michael

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20. Inhibition Of Growth And Metastases Of MDA-MB-435 Human Estr... : Anti-Cancer Dr
of growth and metastases of MDAMB-435 human estrogen-independent breast cancers by an antagonist of growth hormone-releasing hormone Chatzistamou, Ioulia; Schally, Andrew V; Varga

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