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         Abelard Pierre:     more books (53)
  1. Histoire de mes malheurs by Pierre Abelard, 2001-03-01
  2. Philosophe Du Xiie Siècle: Averroès, Alain de Lille, Pierre Abélard, Moïse Maïmonide, Hugues de Saint-Victor, Richard de Saint-Victor (French Edition)
  3. Pierre abelard by Jollivet, 2003-03-27
  4. Pierre Abélard by Jean-Pierre Letort-Trégaro, 2002-10-22
  5. The Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise by Pierre Abelard, Heloise, 2009-04-15
  6. Abélard ou la Philosophie dans le langage by Pierre Abélard, Jean Jolivet, 1994-01-06
  7. Philosophe Du Langage: Ludwig Wittgenstein, Gottlob Frege, Bertrand Russell, Pierre Abélard, Gaston Bachelard, Guillaume D'ockham (French Edition)
  8. Naissance Dans La Province de Bretagne: Bertrand Du Guesclin, Pierre Abélard, Jean V de Bretagne, Gabriel Calloet-Kerbrat (French Edition)
  9. Abelard en son temps: Actes du colloque international organise a l'occasion du 9e centenaire de la naissance de Pierre Abelard, 14-19 mai 1979 (French Edition)
  10. Théologien Catholique: Jean-Paul Ii, Léon Xiii, Thomas D'aquin, Pierre Abélard, Charles de Foucauld, Benoît Xvi, Hugues de Saint-Victor (French Edition)
  11. Philosophe Scolastique: Thomas D'aquin, Alain de Lille, Pierre Abélard, Hugues de Saint-Victor, Guillaume D'ockham, Jean Duns Scot, Roger Bacon (French Edition)
  12. Pierre Abelard, Pierre le Venerable: Les courants philosophiques, litteraires et artistiques en Occident au milieu du XIIe siecle : [actes et memoires ... de la recherche scientifique ; no 546)
  13. Compositeur Français Du Moyen Âge: Pierre Abélard, Guillaume de Machaut, Philippe le Chancelier, Gautier D'épinal, Adam de La Halle (French Edition)
  14. Personnalité Enterrée Au Cimetière Du Père-Lachaise (Division 7): Pierre Abélard, Camille Pissarro, Charles-Valentin Alkan, Rachel Félix (French Edition)

1. Peter Abelard - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Peter Abelard (1079 – April 21, 1142) was a medieval French scholastic philosopher, theologian and preeminent logician. The story of his affair with and love for H lo se
Peter Abelard
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search "Abelard" redirects here. For other uses, see Abelard (disambiguation) This article needs additional citations for verification
Please help improve this article by adding reliable references . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed (February 2010) Peter Abelard
"Abaelardus and Heloïse surprised by Master Fulbert", by Romanticist painter Jean Vignaud Full name Peter Abelard Born
Era Medieval Philosophy Region Western Philosophers School Scholasticism Main interests Metaphysics Logic Philosophy of language Theology Notable ideas Conceptualism , Scholasticism Influenced by Aristotle Porphyry Boethius Influenced John of Salisbury William of Ockham Peter Abelard (Latin: Petrus Abaelardus or Abailard ; French: Pierre Abélard ) (1079 – April 21, 1142) was a medieval French scholastic philosopher theologian and preeminent logician . The story of his affair with and love for Héloïse has become legendary. The Chambers Biographical Dictionary describes him as "the keenest thinker and boldest theologian of the 12th Century".

2. Musique - Disques Compacts - Supplément
Ab lard, Pierre, 10791142..Musique vocale. Extraits Ariane Ahmatova, Anna Andreevna, 1889-1966 IN The world ; Di dia ; Many years

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- A - Abbado, Claudio IN Symphony no. 3 / Gustav Mahler
Ariane Ablard, Pierre, 1079-1142. Dolorum solatium
Ariane Ablard, Pierre, 1079-1142..Musique vocale. Extraits
Ariane Adam, de La Halle, ca 1235-ca 1288. Jeu de Robin et Marion. Prens l'abre
Ariane Adams, John, compositeur, 1947-.El Nio
Ariane Adams, John, compositeur, 1947-.Harmonium.
Ariane Adaskin, Murray, 1906- Concertos, basson, orchestre
Ariane Adaskin, Murray, 1906-.Diversion.
Ariane Adaskin, Murray, 1906- Divertimenti, percussion, orchestre, no 6
Ariane Adaskin, Murray, 1906- In praise of "Canadian painting in the thirties"
Ariane Adaskin, Murray, 1906- Suites, orchestre
Ariane Addison, John, 1920- Concertino, basson, orchestre
Ariane Ahmatova, Anna Andreevna, 1889-1966 IN The world ; Didia ; Many years ; Akhmatova songs / John Tavener
Ariane Aho, Kalevi IN Finntastic : musical souvenirs from Finland = Soivia matkamuistoja suomesta : Sibelius, Rautavaara, Kokkonen, Aho, Klami, Nordgren, Crusell
Ariane Akita, Masami, 1956- IN Turntable solos
Ariane Alain, Jehan, 1911-1940..Musique d'orgue

3. Pierre (Peter) Abelard, Introduction And Short Biography
Short biography of Pierre (Peter) Abelard, with summary of heresies used to accuse and try him at Sens in 1140.Links to explanations.Relevant bibliography.
Pierre (Peter)
Abelard of Le Pallet,
introduction and short biography
site map Web Pierre (Peter) Abelard, introduction and short biography

the logic of ethics, including Pierre (Peter) Abelard on ethics
On Aliquid by Roland, Pope Alexander III (12th century A.D.); translator: Dr Carolinne White ... Ile de France, Paris: in the context of Abelard and of French cathedrals For further background: The rise and fall of the Church of Rome pauca sed matura
No details guaranteed, especially in view of the intervening 900 years and the current unavailability of the original Abelard for interview! Index Major dates and details Probable locations of Abelard with approximate dates Some common misperceptions Some other background notes ... End notes
1 Major dates and details
Born Forced to burn his book Theologia, at Soissons Sens
Thence protected in his last years by Peter the Venerable at Cluny.
Cluny and Citeaux (S of Dijon) were in some degree of rivalry at this time [Cistercians (white friars) centred on Citeaux; Cluniacs (black friars) on Cluny]. Both sects/cults headed large monastic organisations with great temporal power. All three locations are in what was Burgundy, the cradle of the great monastic revival.

4. On Being Human Religiously: Selected Essays In Religion And Society
Abelard, Pierre 4 Acton, Lord John Emerich 103 Adams, Henry 22, 103, 234 Amos 92 Anaximander 38 Ardrey, Robert 144 Aristotle 22, 23, 210

5. - Abelard, Pierre "Introductio Ad Theologiam" & Other Works
of Artwork Introductio ad Theologiam, 1120 dialectical......Artist Abelard, Pierre (10791142) Confronting Bodies The Church Date of Action 1120 Specific Location France

6. Zoé Oldenbourg - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Textes de Saint Bernard, Ab lard, Pierre le V n rable, Geoffroi de Clairvaux, B renger de Poitiers, Bossuet (1970). Que vous a donc fait Isra l?é_Oldenbourg
Zoé Oldenbourg
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Zoé B. Oldenbourg (1916–2002) was a Russian -born French historian and novelist who specialized in mediæval French history , in particular the Crusades and Cathars
edit Life
She was born in Saint Petersburg Russia into a family of scholars and historians. Her father was a historian, her mother was a mathematician, and her grandfather was the head of the Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg. Her early childhood was spent among the privations of the Russian revolutionary period and the first years of Communism . Her father fled the country and established himself as a journalist in Paris With her family, she emigrated to Paris in 1925 at the age of nine and graduated from the Lycée Molière in 1934 with her Baccalauréat diploma. She went on to study at the Sorbonne and then she studied painting at the Académie Ranson . In 1938 she spent a year in England , and studied theology. During World War II she supported herself by hand painting scarves. She was encouraged by her father to write and she completed her first work, a novel

7. Abélard, Pierre Definition Of Abélard, Pierre In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Disclaimer All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.élard, Pierre

8. Love, Tragic Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion
Ab lard, Pierre (1079–c.1144) philosopher notorious for the tragic love affair with H loїse. Fr. Hist. Ben t, 2 Abel and Rima wordly Venezuelan falls passionately in love
// nothing @import "../css/default.css"; Other Documents and Websites Other Contributions
Allusions - Cultural, Literary, Biblical, and Historical: A Thematic Dictionary
Love, Tragic (See also Death, Premature .) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Love, Tragic (See also Death, Premature
  • Abel and Rima wordly Venezuelan falls passionately in love with girl who is killed by hostile Indians. [Br. Lit.: Hudson Green Mansions in Magill I, 333] Alfredo and Violetta his love for the courtesan is shattered by her renunciation and fatal illness. [Ital. Opera: Verdi La Traviata An Iceland Fisherman Breton fisherman and his girl marry just before fleet leaves; he is lost in a storm. [Fr. Lit.: An Iceland Fisherman in Magill I, 410] Annabel Lee Antony and Cleopatra victims of conflict between political ambition and love. [Br. Lit.: Antony and Cleopatra Archer, Newland The Age of Innocence Blessed Damozel, The Rossetti poem depicting the longing of a beatified maiden for her mortal lover. [Br. Poetry: The Blessed Damozel Cabot, Eben, and Abbie Putnam
  • 9. Quotations By Peter Abelard - Pierre Abelard Quotes
    Quotations written by philosopher, teacher, and monk Peter Abelard.
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  • Medieval History
    Quotations Written by Philosopher Peter Abelard By Melissa Snell , Guide
    Filed In:
  • Quick Reference Quotes
  • zSB(3,3)
    • Against the disease of writing one must take special precautions, since it is a dangerous and contagious disease.
      Letter 8 to Heloise
    • O how great and glorious are those sabbaths which the heavenly court for ever celebrates!
      O quanta qualia sunt illa sabata,
      Quae semper celebrat superna curia
      Hymnus Paraclitensis

    • Often the hearts of men and women are stirred, as likewise they are soothed in their sorrows, more by example than by words. And therefore, because I too have known some consolation from speech had with one who was a witness thereof, am I now minded to write of the sufferings which have sprung out of my misfortunes, for the eyes of one who, though absent, is of himself ever a consoler. This I do so that, in comparing your sorrows with mine, you may discover that yours are in truth nought, or at the most but of small account, and so shall you come to bear them more easily.
      Historia Calamitatum
      translated by Henry Adams Bellows
    • The first key to wisdom is defined, of course, as assiduous and frequent questioning.

    10. Names & Dates
    Abelard, Pierre 1079?1144 Adorno, Theodor 1903-1969 Albinoni, Tommaso 1671-1750 Althusser, Louis 1918-1990 Anaxagoras 0500-0428
      KERYKEION An alphabetical listing of figures who have made contributions or left a mark of one sort or another in the history of communication. The list is neither exhaustive nor yet finished; a work in progress. The array is diverse as the field is interdisciplinary in character. Any thinker or practitioner of any sort who has expanded our understanding, or influenced others to deepen our grasp, of the conditioning effects of media and communication on relational ecologies should be on the list. Recommendations for additions welcome.
      Aalto, Alvar 1898-1976
      Abelard, Pierre 1079-?1144
      Adorno, Theodor 1903-1969
      Albinoni, Tommaso 1671-1750
      Althusser, Louis 1918-1990
      Anaxagoras 0500-0428
      Anaximander 0611-0547
      Anderson, Benedict 1936-
      Anderson, Hans Christian 1805-1975
      Aquinas, Thomas (Saint) 1225-1274 Arcesilaus 0315-0240 Arendt, Hanna, 1906-1975

    11. Abelard, Pierre
    definition of abelard, pierre in Knolik abelard, pierre defined in 1939 year abelard, pierre Abelard, pierre (1079-1142);
    abelard, pierre
    abelard, pierre defined in 1939 year
    abelard, pierre - Abelard, pierre (1079-1142)
    abelard, pierre - French scholastic philosopher and theologian. Born at Le Pallet, near Nantes, Brittany, he sacrificed his heritage and health to the pursuit of knowledge, becoming a rival to his former master, the dialectician William of Champeaux. A thinker of subtle and commanding intellect, in 1115 he was appointed lecturer at the cathedral school of Notre Dame, Paris, and from all parts of Europe drew students, including Peter Lombard and Arnold of Brescia.
    In the house of Fulbert, a canon of Notre Dame, Abelard was tutor to his host's niece, the accomplished and beautiful Heloise, with whom he fell passionately in love. A son was born, and the two were then privately married in Brittany, with Fulbert's consent. But when Heloi'se, in order not to mar Abelard's career in the Church, fled to the convent of Argenteuil, her uncle, in revenge, caused Abelard to be castrated, in the hope that all chance of preferment would be denied him. Thus maimed and humbled. Abelard, whose scholastic fame had made him many enemies, retired to the abbey of S. Denis, and induced Heloise to take the veil. During the remainder of his life he was continuously pursued with charges of heresy, particularly in reference to his views on the Trinity. Condemned by the synod of Soissons in 1121. he afterwards built a hermitage at Xoirent-sur-Seine. and a chapel dedicated to the Holy Ghost. Here he regained some of his former fame.

    Ab lard , Pierre 10791142 Nationality French Occupation writer

    13. ATHENA: Literature, Books; Pierre Perroud
    ABELARD, Pierre Abaelardi ad Amicum suum Consolataria Epistola (Historia Calamitatum) (in lingua latina scriptum, in situ GEORGETOWN) History of My Calamities (in English
    Athena getting ready to write
    (amphora from Nola).
    ATHENA Alphabetical List
    Authors whose name begin with "A"
  • ABBOTT, Edwin A.:
    Flatland (in English, at MALASPINA)
    Flatland (in English, illustrated version, at UNC/GUTENBERG)
    Flatland (in English, illustrated version, at UNC/GUTENBERG)
    Flatland (in English, at UNC/GUTENBERG)
    Flatland (in English, at UNC/GUTENBERG)
    Flatland: a romance of many dimensions (in English, at PG)
  • ABELARD, Pierre:
    Abaelardi ad Amicum suum Consolataria Epistola (Historia Calamitatum) (in lingua latina scriptum, in situ GEORGETOWN)
    History of My Calamities (in English, trans. Bellows, at FORDHAM)
  • ABOUT, Edmond:
    Le Nez d'un Notaire
    Le Roi des Montagnes
    Le Roi des Montagnes
    Les Mariages de Paris
  • ADAM, Paul:
  • ADAMS, John Quincy:
    Orations (in English, at PG)
  • ADDAMS, Jane:
    Twenty Years at Hull House (in English, at PG)
  • ADY, Endre:
    (magyarul, MEK)
    Life of Virgil (in English, trans. Okamura, at VIRGIL)
    Life of Heligabalus (in English, at HELIOGABBY)
    Life of Heligabalus (in lingua latina scriptum, in HELIOGABBY)
    Life of Caracalla (in English, at HELIOGABBY)
  • 14. Pierre Abelard - Definition Of Pierre Abelard By The Free Online Dictionary, The
    Pierpont, Francis Harrison Pierpont, Francis Harrison Pierre Pierre Pierre Pierre Abailard Pierre Abelard Pierre Ab lard Pierre Alexandre Monsigny Abelard

    15. Pierre Abelard | Define Pierre Abelard At
    , ( Peter Abelard ), 1079–1142, french scholastic philosopher, teacher, and theologian. His love affair with Helo se is one of the famous romances in history. Use Pierre abelard

    16. Abelard Pierre | Facebook
    Heloise and Abelard, The Mystical Theology of Saint Bernard, Conf rences Dialogue d'un philosophe avec un juif et un chr tien Connais-toi toi-m me - thique, Pierre
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    17. Abelard Pierre.(from Le Monde Des Livres, Sept. 1, 2000)(Review)(Reprint) - Biog
    Abelard Pierre.(from Le Monde des Livres, Sept. 1, 2000)(Review)(Reprint) find Biography articles. div id= bedoc-text Abelard, Michael T. Clanchy. Trans. (from English

    18. Peter Abelard —
    More on Peter Abelard from Infoplease Ab lard meaning and definitions Ab lard Definition and Pronunciation; Abailard meaning and definitions - Abailard Definition and

    19. Abelard, Peter Abelard, Pierre Abelard: Information From
    Abelard , Peter Abelard , Pierre Abelard French philosopher and theologian; lover of Heloise

    20. The New Student's Reference Work/Abelard, Pierre: Information From
    See the modern Wikipedia entry at Peter Ab lard . Ab'elard ( ăb' elard ) Pierre, a brilliant French scholar, was born in Brittany in 1079. Moved by a thirst for knowledge

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