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         Bayle Pierre:     more books (100)
  1. Historical and Critical Dictionary: Selections by Pierre Bayle, 1991-05-01
  2. At the crossroads of faith and reason;: An essay on Pierre Bayle, by Karl C Sandberg, 1966
  3. An Historical and Critical Dictionary (Volume 2) by Pierre Bayle, 2010-10-14
  4. Pierre Bayle's Cartesian Metaphysics: Rediscovering Early Modern Philosophy (Routledge Studies in Seventeenth Century Philosophy) by Todd Ryan, 2009-06-15
  5. Bayle (Past Masters) by Elisabeth Labrousse, 1983-12
  6. Various Thoughts on the Occasion of a Comet by Pierre Bayle, 2000-06
  7. The Literary Criticism of Pierre Bayle, by Horatio E. Smith ... by Horatio Elwin Smith, 2010-04-22
  8. Reading Bayle (Toronto Studies in Philosophy) by Thomas M. Lennon, 1999-08-07
  9. Dictionnaire historique et critique de Pierre Bayle: Tome 4. Bos-Ca (French Edition) by Pierre Bayle, 2001-12-13
  10. Dictionnaire historique et critique de Pierre Bayle: Tome 5. Ce-Do (French Edition) by Pierre Bayle, 2001-12-13
  11. Pierre Bayle: Nach Seinen Für Die Geschichte Der Philosophie Und Menschheit Interessantesten Momenten (German Edition) by Ludwig Feuerbach, 2010-01-01
  12. Essai sur Pierre Bayle: Religion Critique et philosophie positive These presentee pour le doctoral a la Faculte des lettres de l'Universite de Paris by pierre / delvolve, jean bayle, 1906
  13. Dictionnaire historique et critique de Pierre Bayle: Tome 11. N.-Pez (French Edition) by Pierre Bayle, 2001-12-13
  14. Dictionnaire Historique Et Critique De Pierre Bayle, Volume 8 (French Edition) by Pierre Desmaizeaux, Jacob Le Duchat, et all 2010-02-24

1. Bayle Pierre Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online
Research Bayle Pierre and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

2. Pierre Bayles, Un Article Intitulé «Hobbes», In Dictionnaire Historique Et Cr
Article de Pierre Bayle sur le philosophe anglais (t l chargeable en Word, PDF et RTF).

3. Bayle, Pierre
Historical and Critical Dictionary Selections, Historical Critical Dictionary Selections, Bayle Political Writings (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought
Bayle, Pierre
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  • Wonderful Book (Wish it were unabridged) great philosopher
Historical and Critical Dictionary: Selections
Pierre Bayle , Richard H. Popkin , and Craig Brush
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  • ASIN: Customer Reviews: Wonderful Book (Wish it were unabridged) That Pierre Bayle is unknowned today is simply not true. Ask most people who Habermas is and they wouldn't be able to tell you, eventhough Habermas is a famous philosopher. Among the PEOPLE WHO MATTER, Pierre Bayle is quite well known. But if you want total mediocrity to be your standard of what thinkers we should study (A university course on Dr. Phil? Is that the future?), then that's your loss not mine. The last reviewer's comments reflect the growing anti-intellectualism and cult of celebrity and popularity of our age. Just because a thinker isn't on the tip of every avergae Joe's tongue doesn't mean that that thinker isn't of extreme importance. great philosopher Well, he was the most widely read philosopher in France throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, so he must have said something smart. But, his fifteen minutes of fame only lasted 150 years, today's he's unknown.

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    Bayle, Pierre The Royal Society Bayle, Pierre Bayle, Pierre The Literary Encyclopedia Bayle, Pierre
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    Pierre Bayle
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    5. Pierre Bayle (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)
    Detailed study by Thomas M. Lennon, from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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    Pierre Bayle
    First published Fri Feb 7, 2003; substantive revision Tue Aug 19, 2008 Pierre Bayle (1647-1706) was a Huguenot, i.e., a French Protestant, who spent almost the whole of his productive life as a refugee in Holland. His life was devoted entirely to scholarship, and his erudition was second to none in his, or perhaps any, period. Much of what he wrote was embedded in technical religious issues such as that of the Real Presence (roughly, the relation between Christ and the sacrament of the Eucharist). Nonetheless, for a century he was one the most widely read philosophers ever. In particular, his Dictionnaire historique et critique
    1. Bayle's life, work and circumstances
    More than for most philosophers, the circumstances of Bayle's life determined the shape, content and thrust of his work. Curiously, accounts nowadays of the lives of historical philosophers, usually written by philosophers for philosophers, often begin with this sort of statement, even though most philosophers otherwise write as if circumstances were irrelevant. In the case of Bayle, however, the importance of circumstances is undeniable, to the point that ignoring them inevitably leads to distortion and misinterpretation. An emblematic event in the life of Bayle was the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, which from his point of view was an instance of grotesque intolerance based on moral and logical absurdity. The greater part of his life's work can be understood as Bayle's attempt to lay bare the absurdity represented by this event. Nor was the significance of the event merely symbolic for Bayle, since he himself was a victim of the intolerance to an extreme degree.

    6. Pierre Bayle - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Bayle, Pierre Alternative names Short description French writer and philosopher Date of birth 18 November 1647 Place of birth Carlale-Comte, near Pamiers Date of death
    Pierre Bayle
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Pierre Bayle French literature By category French literary history Medieval
    16th century
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    Playwrights ... Literature portal This box: view talk edit Pierre Bayle (18 November 1647 – 28 December 1706) was a French philosopher and writer best known for his seminal work the Historical and Critical Dictionary , published beginning in 1695. Bayle was a self-pronounced Protestant and as a fideist he advocated a separation between the spheres of faith and reason, on the grounds of God being incomprehensible to man. As a forerunner of the Encyclopedists and an advocate of the principle of the toleration of divergent beliefs, his works subsequently influenced the development of the Enlightenment
    edit Biography
    He was born at Carla-le-Comte (later renamed Carla-Bayle in his honor), near Pamiers Ariège ), France, and was educated by his father, a Calvinist minister, and at an academy at

    7. Browse Subject: Bayle, Pierre, 1647-1706 | The Online Books Page
    Bayle, Pierre, 16471706 Filed under Bayle, Pierre, 1647-1706. An Historical and Critical Dictionary, Selected and Abridged from the Great Work of Peter Bayle; With a Life of

    8. Pierre Bayle Biography -
    A life in four sentences.

    9. Bayle, Pierre Definition Of Bayle, Pierre In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
    Bayle, Pierre (pyĕr bāl), 1647–1706, French philosopher. Born a Huguenot, he converted to Roman Catholicism and then returned to Protestantism., Pierre

    10. Pierre Bayle Biography -
    Learn about the life of Pierre Bayle at Read Biographies, watch interviews and videos.

    11. The Pierre Bayle Home Page
    Biography, Bibliography and E-Texts at the Universit del Piemonte Orientale.
    January 2003: What's New Edited by Gianluca Mori UPO, Vercelli
    Pierre Bayle (1647-1706)

    ... Related Sites Go to the search form of ARTFL's image version of Bayle's Dictionnaire historique et critique
    "Rien n'est plus malaisé que de douter comme il faut,
    car ceux qui ont assez d'esprit pour douter n'en ont pas
    toujours assez pour faire un choix raisonnable: ils ne
    doutent que pour mieux s'ancrer ensuite dans l'erreur;
    & d'autres, s'étant mis une fois à douter, doutent toute leur vie"
    Nouvelles Lettres Critiques
    The Pierre Bayle Home Page
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    Biography Bibliography Bayle's Works Papers ... Sites
    Edited by Gianluca Mori Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Vercelli, Italia)
    Last update: January 23, 2003

    12. Bayle | Old Editions
    From Giles Lauren, Liber Redux, 231 'G' Street 2, Davis, CA 95616 / Bayle, Pierre A General Dictionary, Historical and Critical in which a New and Accurate Trans ; Lon
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    Old Records (1996 - 1998):
    February 1998
    P. Bayle, Het Leven van B. de Spinoza
    From De Graaf Books Dictionnaire historique et critique
    1.150.- (Dutch Guilders)
    B. de la Monnoye, Histoire de Mr. Bayle et de ses ouvrages
    From Librairie Henri Bonnefoi
    1.500 FF
    P. Bayle, Dictionaire historique et critique . 1st edition (1697)
    From ,54, rue Daguerre, 75014 PARIS e-mail : : BAYLE (Pierre). Dictionaire historique et critique
    4500 F [sold/vendu]
    From ,54, rue Daguerre, 75014 PARIS e-mail : : see on-line catalogue
    3200 F [sold/vendu]

    November 1997:
    Bayle, , IInd edition (1683)
    From Librairie HATCHUEL
    3500 F.
    From Librairie HATCHUEL
    5000 F.
    September 1997:
    Bayle, Dictionnaire historique et critique , The Basel Edition (1741)
    From : See item 6394 from XVIIIth century catalogue
    42.800 BEF

    13. Bayle, Philosophical Commentary
    Extracts from an anonymous English translation published in 1708.
    Macquarie University
    Open Learning Australia
    Extracts from:
    translator anonymous, London, 1708.
    (Thanks to Sue Folwell who typed the text from photocopy of the original edition.)
    Part I
    Eighth Objection: Compulsion in the literal Sense is maliciously misrepresented, by supposing it authorizes Violences committed against the Truth. The Answer to this; by which it is prov'd, that the literal Sense does in reality authorize the stirring up Persecutions against the Cause of Truth, and that an erroneous Conscience has the same Rights as an enlighten'd Conscience. In order to confute it, I lay down the Position, That whatever a Conscience well directed allows us to do for the Advancement of Truth, an erroneous Conscience will warrant for advancing a suppos'd Truth . This Position I shall make out and illustrate. But I go still further, and say, that a Sin does not only become the greatest that can be in its kind, by being committed against the greatest degree of Knowledge, but also that of two Actions, one of which we call good, the other bad, the good being done against the Instincts of Conscience, is a greater Sin than the bad Action done from the Instincts of Conscience. I shall explain by self by an Example. Let's now compare the Action of this Giver of Alms, with that of another Man who sends a Beggar away because his Conscience tells him he is a Rogue, a Cheat, a Varlet, who is much likelier to be reclaim'd by ill usage, than by relieving him in his necessity; and I affirm, tho we shou'd suppose each in an error as to fact, that the Action of the former is worse than that of the latter: and thus I prove it.

    14. Bayle, Pierre Encyclopedia Topics |
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    15. Bayle
    A timeline, picture and list of known works. From Great Voyages.
    Pierre Bayle (1647-1706)
    Internet Resources
    The Pierre Bayle Home Page has information, a biography, bibliography and other materials related to Bayle.
    Bayle Time Line
    1647 November 18, born at le Carla-le-Comte near Pamiers, the son of a Calvinist minister. 1669- Converts to Catholicism but later reverts to Calvinism. 1674 Fleeing persecution he goes to Geneva where he is exposed to Cartesianism. 1674 Returns to France incognito and tutors in Paris and Rouen. 1675 Appointed to the chair of philosophy at the Protestant university of Sedan. 1681 The university is supressed and he moves to Rotterdam where he becomes professor of philosophy and history at the ecole illustre . 1682 Publishes pseudonymously his Diverse thoughts on the Comet of 1680 . 1684 Begins publication of the journal, Nouvelles de la republique des lettres , one of the first scholarly journals of modern times. 1693 Loses his chair after having been attributed the author of a tract offensive to the government. Spends the next nine years working on his Dictionnaire historique et critique , which had an enormous impact on late seventeenth century thought. Spends the rest of his life encouraging toleration toward both Protestants and Catholics. 1702 Publishes second edition of

    16. Bayle Pierre From FOLDOC
    Bayle Pierre history of philosophy, biography although born in France and educated at Toulouse and Geneva, Pierre Bayle (16471706) spent most of his life in Holland, as Pierre

    17. Bayle
    A brief discussion of the life and works of Pierre Bayle, with links to electronic texts and additional information.
    Philosophy Pages
    Dictionary Study Guide ... Locke

    Pierre Bayle
    Life and Works


    Internet Sources
    Although born in France and educated at Toulouse and Geneva, Pierre Bayle spent most of his life in Holland, as the leading member of an active intellectual community at Rotterdam. The early writings of this French Protestant include a plea for broad political toleration of divergent opinions on religion. His greatest work is the incredibly ambitious Dictionnaire historique et critique Historical and Critical Dictionary ) (1697), which could reasonably be regarded as Western culture's first significant hypertext document. Although its articles about obscure ancient and modern figures sometimes contain little information of direct interest, Bayle used them as the starting-points for a complex series of endnotes, sidenotes, and footnotes in which he addressed contemporary philosophical nand theological concerns. Bayle's predominant theme was a profound skepticism about human knowledge, derived originally from his admiration of the ancient Pyrrhonists but applied strictly to the new science and philosophy of his own time. He used the fact of animal thinking as evidence against Cartesian efforts to establish the unique status of an immaterial human soul. On the other hand, he also argued that the untenability of the

    18. Bayle, Pierre - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Bayle, Pierre
    French critic and philosopher. In Dictionnaire historique et critique/Historical and Critical Dictionary (1696), he wrote learned and highly sceptical articles attacking almost all, Pierre

    19. Pierre Bayle —
    Encyclopedia Bayle, Pierre. Bayle, Pierre (pyer bāl) , 1647 – 1706, French philosopher. Born a Huguenot, he converted to Roman Catholicism and then returned to Protestantism.

    20. Pierre Bayle By David Levine | The New York Review Of Books
    A caricature printed in the New York Review of Books.

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