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         Derrida Jacques:     more books (100)
  1. Jacques Derrida (Religion and Postmodernism Series) by Geoffrey Bennington, Jacques Derrida, 1999-06-15
  2. Who Was Jacques Derrida?: An Intellectual Biography by David Mikics, 2010-10-26
  3. Writing and Difference (Routledge Classics) by Jacques Derrida, 2001-05-18
  4. Aporias (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics) by Jacques Derrida, 1993-12-01
  5. Jacques Derrida (Routledge Critical Thinkers) by Nicholas Royle, 2003-05-16
  6. Of Spirit: Heidegger and the Question by Jacques Derrida, 1991-04-09
  7. The Politics of Friendship (Radical Thinkers) by Jacques Derrida, 2006-01-17
  8. On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness (Thinking in Action) by Jacques Derrida, 2001-06-26
  9. For Derrida by J. Hillis Miller, 2009-07-01
  10. The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida: Religion without Religion (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion) by John D. Caputo, 1997-05-01
  11. Of Grammatology by Jacques Derrida, 1998-01-08
  12. Positions by Jacques Derrida, 1982-11-15
  13. Copy, Archive, Signature: A Conversation on Photography by Jacques Derrida, 2010-07-13
  14. Psyche: Inventions of the Other, Volume I (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics) by Jacques Derrida, 2007-08-01

1. Derrida, Jacques
Of Grammatology, Writing and Difference, Rogues Two Essays on Reason (Meridian Crossing Aesthetics), Margins of Philosophy, The Post Card From Socrates to Freud and Beyond
Derrida, Jacques
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  • The problematization of writing Push through it A Celebration of Incoherency read poetry - it's better for you The perennial postponement of signification
Of Grammatology
Jacques Derrida
Manufacturer: The Johns Hopkins University Press
ProductGroup: Book
Binding: Paperback
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  • ASIN: Book Description "One of the major works in the development of contemporary criticism and philosophy." J. Hillis Miller, Yale University Jacques Derrida's revolutionary theories about deconstruction, phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and structuralism, first voiced in the 1960s, forever changed the face of European and American criticism. The ideas in De la grammatologie sparked lively debates in intellectual circles that included students of literature, philosophy, and the humanities, inspiring these students to ask questions of their disciplines that had previously been considered improper. Thirty years later, the immense influence of Derrida's work is still igniting controversy, thanks in part to Gayatri Spivak's translation, which captures the richness and complexity of the original. This corrected edition adds a new index of the critics and philosophers cited in the text and makes one of contemporary criticism's most indispensable works even more accessible and usable. Customer Reviews:
    Grammaire du russe d'aujourd'hui
    Authors: Chicouene
    Catalog: Book
    Media: Poche

    2. Derrida, Jacques Books - Page 12 (Sorted By Title)
    Derrida, Jacques Books. Discount prices on, Derrida and the End of History, Derrida and the Future of Literature, Derrida and the Future of Literature, Derrida the Political
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    3. Jacques Derrida - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Jacques Derrida (15 July 1930 – 8 October 2004) was a French philosopher born in Algeria. He developed the critical technique known as deconstruction, and his work has been
    Jacques Derrida
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search "Derrida" redirects here. For the documentary film, see Derrida (film) This article's Criticism or Controversy section(s) may mean the article does not present a neutral point of view of the subject . It may be better to integrate the material in those sections into the article as a whole. (October 2009) Jacques Derrida Full name Jacques Derrida Born 15 July 1930
    El Biar
    Algiers ), then French Algeria Died 8 October 2004
    Era 20th-century philosophy Region Western Philosophy School Deconstruction Continental Philosophy Phenomenology Main interests Philosophy of language Literary theory Ethics Ontology Notable ideas Deconstruction Différance Phallogocentrism Metaphysics of presence Influenced by Plato Søren Kierkegaard Alexandre Kojève Maurice Blanchot ... J.L. Austin Influenced Paul de Man Bernard Stiegler Jean-Luc Nancy Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe ... Slavoj Zizek Jacques Derrida [ʒak dɛʁida] ) (15 July 1930 – 8 October 2004) was a Jewish philosopher born in Algeria . He developed the critical technique known as deconstruction , and his work has been associated both with post-structuralism and postmodern philosophy His prolific output of more than 40 published books, together with essays and public speaking, has had a significant impact upon the

    4. Adieu
    Obituario de L vinas a cargo de Derrida.

    5. Jacques Derrida (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)
    Cixous, H l ne, and Derrida, Jacques, 2001, Veils, tr., Geoff Bennington, Stanford Stanford University Press. Cornell, Drucilla; Rosenfeld, Michael; and Carlson, David Gray, eds
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    Jacques Derrida
    First published Wed Nov 22, 2006
    1. Life and Works
    Derrida was born on July 15, 1930 in El-Biar (a suburb of Algiers), Algeria, into a Sephardic Jewish family. As is well-known, Algeria at this time was a French colony. Because Derrida's writing concerns auto-bio-graphy (writing about one's life as a form of relation to oneself), many of his writings are auto-biographical. So, for instance in Monolingualism of the Other The Problem of Genesis in Husserl's Philosophy The 1960's is a decade of great achievement for this generation of French thinkers. 1961 sees the publication of Foucault's monumental Madness and Civilization Writing and Difference Speech and Phenomena , and Of Grammatology Glas Postcard from Socrates to Freud and Beyond Aporias Specters of Marx Rogues L'animal que donc je suis The Animal that Therefore I am ) appeared as the first posthumous work in 2006; concerning animality, it indicates Derrida's continuous interest in the question of life.

    6. Derrida Jacques - Marges
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    7. Untitled Document
    Un intervista di Piergiorgio Odifreddi a Jacques Derrida.
    Intervista a JACQUES DERRIDA
    Piergiorgio Odifreddi
    Nel 1966 un giovane filosofo francese di origine ebrea e algerina e di nome Jacques Derrida tenne una conferenza alla Johns Hopkins University, e scatenò un terremoto intellettuale proponendo un nuovo modo di leggere e interpretare testi che divenne noto come decostruzionismo. Da un giorno all'altro Derrida divenne l'"enfant terrible" della filosofia continentale, e il decostruzionismo suscitò applausi e fischi nei dipartimenti umanistici. Nel 1967 Derrida esplose anche sul mercato editoriale, con una trilogia di opere magmatiche e difficili che contribuirono ad aumentare il numero sia dei suoi estimatori che dei suoi detrattori: "La scrittura e la differenza", "La voce e il fenomeno" e "La grammatologia". Da quel momento i suoi titoli si sono succeduti a girandola, e hanno ormai raggiunto la settantina. In occasione dell'incontro di Orta Derrida ha acconsentito ad affrontare con noi il tema del controverso rapporto fra il suo pensiero e la scienza. Lei deve aver avuto un certo interesse per la matematica, se il suo primo libro è stata un'introduzione alle "

    8. Derrida, Jacques - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Derrida
    French philosopher who introduced the deconstruction theory into literary criticism. His approach involved looking at how a text is put together in order to reveal its hidden, Jacques

    9. La Diss Mination. DERRIDA, (Jacques).
    Glacine a bit browned with a few nicks and bumps, very good copy. Rare signed. First edition. Tall 8vo., 6pp., pp9-406, 8pp., in the original stiff card wrappers with

    10. Filosofi & Classici
    Scheda dell opera, a cura di Roberto Terzi.

    Swif - Sito web italiano per la filosofia
    Della Grammatologia di Jacques Derrida
    a cura di
    Roberto Terzi

    Università degli Studi di Torino
    Della grammatologia , pubblicata nel 1967, è uno dei primi testi di Derrida Nella lettura che Derrida compie della storia della metafisica emergono i primi concetti fondamentali dell’opera: la tradizione si caratterizza, per Derrida, come logocentrismo e fonocentrismo. Logocentrismo , perché la filosofia ha sempre attribuito un privilegio al logos come sede della verità, cioè all’intelligibile piuttosto che al sensibile, all’interiorità dell’anima piuttosto che all’esteriorità, fondandosi, in questa operazione, su determinati concetti di “ragione”, “scientificità”, “logica”. Fonocentrismo , perché il luogo proprio di questo logos viene individuato nella phoné , nella voce, in contrapposizione alla scrittura. Come mostra il

    11. Derrida, Jacques Definition Of Derrida, Jacques In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
    Derrida, Jacques (zh k` dĕr'rēd `), 1930–2004, French philosopher, b. El Biar, Algeria. A graduate of the cole Normale Sup rieure in Paris, he taught there and at the, Jacques

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    13. Filosofi & Classici
    Scheda biografica a cura di Vincenzo Costa.
    Jacques Derrida vedi la cartina corrispondente
    a cura di
    Vincenzo Costa

    Univeristà Cattolica di Piacenza Jacques Derrida nasce il 15 luglio 1930 a El Biar, presso Algeri, da una famiglia ebraica. Proprio per questo, durante gli anni della Seconda guerra mondiale conoscerà le discriminazioni derivanti dalle leggi razziali emanate dal regime di Pétain. In gioventù entra in contatto con le correnti più vive della cultura francese e con le esperienze politiche dell’estrema sinistra non comunista. L’impegno politico resterà una costante della sua personalità, e lo porterà negli anni seguenti a impegnarsi a favore del dissenso nella ex Cecoslovacchia comunista o a favore del movimento antirazzista in Sudafrica. Derrida prende senza dubbio le mosse dalla fenomenologia trascendentale di Husserl , riflettendo sulla quale fa emergere la propria originale posizione . Tuttavia, che il suo pensiero possa ancora essere inquadrato anche solo in senso lato all’interno della fenomenologia non è per niente ovvio. Derrida, infatti, ha costantemente cercato di mostrare come la ragione sia il risultato di un insieme di forze e come essa sia radicata in certi idiomi, in certe strutture segniche determinate e circoscritte, poiché a suo parere non vi è alcun significato puro, cioè indipendente dal significante attraverso cui noi ci possiamo rapportare ad esso. L’idea di un significato puro, che esiste prima e fuori del tempo, dunque di una verità stabile, è un’idea caratteristica della metafisica occidentale che Derrida, seguendo

    14. Derrida, Jacques [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
    Jacques Derrida (1930—2004) Jacques Derrida was one of the most well known twentieth century philosophers. He was also one of the most prolific.
    Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Jacques Derrida (1930—2004)
    Deconstruction has at least two aspects: literary and philosophical. The literary aspect concerns the textual interpretation, where invention is essential to finding hidden alternative meanings in the text. The philosophical aspect concerns the main target of deconstruction: the “metaphysics of presence,” or simply metaphysics. Starting from an Heideggerian point of view, Derrida argues that metaphysics affects the whole of philosophy from Plato onwards. Metaphysics creates dualistic oppositions and installs a hierarchy that unfortunately privileges one term of each dichotomy (presence before absence, speech before writing, and so on). The deconstructive strategy is to unmask these too-sedimented ways of thinking, and it operates on them especially through two steps—reversing dichotomies and attempting to corrupt the dichotomies themselves. The strategy also aims to show that there are undecidables, that is, something that cannot conform to either side of a dichotomy or opposition. Undecidability returns in later period of Derrida’s reflection, when it is applied to reveal paradoxes involved in notions such as gift giving or hospitality, whose conditions of possibility are at the same time their conditions of impossibility. Because of this, it is undecidable whether authentic giving or hospitality are either possible or impossible. In this period, the founder of deconstruction turns his attention to ethical themes. In particular, the theme of responsibility to the other (for example, God or a beloved person) leads Derrida to leave the idea that responsibility is associated with a behavior publicly and rationally justifiable by general principles. Reflecting upon tales of Jewish tradition, he highlights the absolute singularity of responsibility to the other.

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    16. Jacques Derrida
    Nota bio-bibliografica sull autore.
    Nella rubrica " Riflessioni sul Senso della Vita
    Rubriche d'Autore
    Sul Senso della Vita
    Riflessione ...
    Sei nella sezione Utenti connessi
    Jacques Derrida
    Heidegger , ma tenendo in considerazione anche lo sviluppo della psicanalisi e della linguistica, dell' antropologia e della ricerca artistica, Derrida concepisce una critica radicale della metafisica occidentale, operando una decostruzione delle strutture concettuali sulle quali essa poggia. Fra le sue prime opere: Della grammatologia (1967; trad. it. 1989), La scrittura e la differenza La voce e il fenomeno (1967; trad. it. 1984), La disseminazione (1972; trad. it. 1989), (1975; trad. it. 1978), (1978; trad. it. 1981). Nelle opere successive Derrida ha accentuato la sua critica della metafisica occidentale, mettendo capo alla scrittura come continuo differimento di senso. Ricordiamo: Sopra-vivere (1979; trad. it. 1982), La carte postale Dello spirito (1987; trad. it. 1989), Limited Inc. La mano di Heidegger Oggi l'Europa Sproni: gli stili di Nietzsche Retorica della droga: intervista Ritorno da Mosca Spettri di Marx : stato del debito, lavoro del lutto e nuova Internazionale

    17. Derrida Jacques: Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online Library
    Research Derrida Jacques and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

    18. Derrida, Jacques Forum Frigate
    Derrida, Jacques Discussion Deck. PHILOSOPHY FLEETCarolinanavy.comQuarterdeck Classicals.comWestern Canon University Commons,Jacqueshall/shakespeare1.h
    Derrida, Jacques Forum Frigate

    Post Message
    The Jolly Roger One Page Version ... Great Books Forums
    The are at and
    Derrida, Jacques Forum Frigate
    PHILOSOPHY FLEET Quarterdeck
    Welcome to the Derrida, Jacques Forum Frigate. Post yer opinion, a link to some of yer work, or yer thoughts regarding the best books and criticisms concerning Derrida, Jacques. We'd also like to invite ye to sail on by the Derrida, Jacques Live Chat , and feel free to use the message board below to schedule a live chat. And the brave of heart shall certainly wish to sign their souls aboard The Jolly Roger If ye long for truth and the honest sea,
    the Carolina Navy longs for ye.
    Philosophy Philosopher Aristotle
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    19. General Philosophy Sites
    A brief biography with links for Derrida studies.
    Jacques Derrida Links
    Jacques Derrida
    A brief intellectual biography of Derrida.
    Jacques Derrida Profile
    A list of sites that utilize Derrida's work.
    Deconstruction on the Net
    Nicely organized (table) page on Jacques Derrida. and its mirror site (for U.S. users) at Deconstruction on the Net
    The Deconstruction of Actuality
    (text version of) an interview with Derrida, in Paris 1993, subsequently published in English translation by Radical Philosophy.
    Baptismal Eulogies:
    Reconstructing Deconstruction from the Ashes On-line essay on Derrida by Glen Scott Allen (text version).
    Historicizing Derrida
    On-line essay by Steven Helmling published by PMC.
    Collection of comments on Derrida taken from Derrida e-mail list.
    Derrida/Fort-Da: Deconstructing Play
    On-line essay by Alan Aycock, published by PMC.
    The Microstructure of Logocentrism
    Sign Models in Derrida and Smolensky On-line essay by Kip Canfield, published by PMC.

    20. Derrida, Jacques - Definition Of Derrida, Jacques By The Free Online Dictionary,
    Thesaurus Legend Synonyms Related Words Antonyms. Noun 1. Jacques Derrida French philosopher and critic (born in Algeria); exponent of deconstructionism (1930-2004), Jacques

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