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         Gramsci Antonio:     more books (100)
  1. The Antonio Gramsci Reader: Selected Writings 1916-1935 by Antonio Gramsci, 2000-04-01
  2. Antonio Gramsci by Antonio Santucci, Lelio La Porta, et all 2010-04-01
  3. Selections from the Prison Notebooks by Antonio Gramsci, Quintin Hoare, 1971-11-24
  4. Antonio Gramsci (Routledge Critical Thinkers) by Steven J. Jones, 2006-10-18
  5. Prison Notebooks, Volume 1 by Antonio Gramsci, 1991-04-15
  6. Prison Notebooks, Volume 3 by Antonio Gramsci, 2007-05-23
  7. Prison Notebooks, Volume 2 by Antonio Gramsci, 1996-04-15
  8. Selections from Cultural Writings
  9. Gramsci, Culture and Anthropology by Kate Crehan, 2002-10-07
  10. Gramsci: Pre-Prison Writings (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought) (Volume 0) by Antonio Gramsci, 1994-04-29
  11. Gramsci, Political Economy, and International Relations Theory: Modern Princes and Naked Emperors
  12. Prison Notebooks: Three Volume Set by Antonio Gramsci, 2010-11-12
  13. Hegemony and Revolution: Antonio Gramsci's Political and Cultural Theory by Walter L. Adamson, 1983-11-15
  14. Language And Hegemony In Gramsci (Reading Gramsci) by Peter Ives, 2004-07-20

1. Gramsci, Antonio (1891 - 1937) - Credo Reference Topic
1891 Born on January 22nd in Ales, Italy, on the island of Sardinia. Founder of the Italian Communist Party and of the newspaper L'Ordine Nuovo, which led to his involvement in

2. Gramsci, Antonio
Beauty, Tradition Fascism in Antonio Gramsci's Sardinia June 10, 2010 Nestled between the lake Omodeo, once the biggest artificial basin in Europe, and the basaltic plateau

3. Antonio Gramsci - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Gramsci, Antonio (1971). Selections from the Prison Notebooks. International Publishers. ISBN 071780397X. Jay, Martin (1986). Marxism and Totality The Adventures of a Concept
Antonio Gramsci
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Antonio Gramsci
Antonio Gramsci Full name Antonio Gramsci Born January 22, 1891
Sardinia Italy Died April 27, 1937
Era 20th-century philosophy Region Western Philosophy School Marxism Main interests Politics Ideology Culture Notable ideas Hegemony , Organic Intellectual, War of Position Influenced by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Karl Marx Friedrich Engels Vladimir Lenin ... Francesco De Sanctis Influenced Louis Althusser Zygmunt Bauman Judith Butler Noam Chomsky ... Giovanni Arrighi Antonio Gramsci [anˈtɔːnjo ˈɡramʃi] ) (January 22, 1891 – April 27, 1937) was an Italian philosopher , writer, politician and political theorist . A founding member and onetime leader of the Communist Party of Italy , he was imprisoned by Benito Mussolini 's Fascist regime. His writings mostly deal with the analysis of culture and political leadership. He is notable as a highly original thinker within the Marxist tradition. He is renowned for his concept of cultural hegemony as a means of maintaining the state in a capitalist society.

4. Prison Letters By | 074531130X | 9780745311302
Rent and Save a ton on Prison Letters by Gramsci, Antonio Henderson, Hamish.ISBN 074531130X EAN 9780745311302
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  • Managing Human Resources George George W. Bohlander
Home Political Science
Prison Letters
Henderson, Hamish
Gramsci, Antonio
EDITION: BINDING: PUBLISHER: Pluto Press (08/20/1996) PAGES: This product is not available.
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5. MIA - Deutsch: Antonio Gramsci
Ausgangspunkt f r den Zugang zu Werken des marxistischen Schriftstellers.
MIA Deutsch Marxisten
Deutschsprachiger Teil
Antonio Gramsci
hier im Archiv Links zu anderen Webseiten Sozialismus und Kultur Die russischen Maximalisten Die Revolution gegen das Kapital ... Brief an das ZK der KPdSU(B) Andere Links:
The Gramsci Internet Archive

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6. Gramsci, Antonio - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Gramsci
Gramsci, Antonio (1891–1937) Italian Marxist who attempted to unify social theory and political practice. He helped to found the Italian Communist Party in 1921 and was elected to, Antonio

7. Gramsci, Antonio : Dictionary Of Cultural And Critical Theory : Blackwell Refere
Blackwell Reference Online is the largest academic online reference library giving instant access to the most authoritative and upto-date scholarship across the humanities and

8. Antonio Gramsci - Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia Libre
Biograf a del pensador con enlace a t rminos relacionados.
Antonio Gramsci
De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Saltar a navegación búsqueda Antonio Gramsci
Retrato de Gramsci de comienzos de los años 1920 Secretario General del Partido Comunista Italiano Predecesor Amadeo Bordiga Sucesor Palmiro Togliatti Datos personales Nacimiento 22 de enero de
Italia Fallecimiento 27 de abril de
Italia Partido PSI ... político Antonio Gramsci [an't :njo 'gra:m i] ( Ales Cerdeña 22 de enero de Roma 27 de abril de ) fue un filósofo , teórico marxista político y periodista italiano
  • Biografía
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    Sus padres fueron Francesco Gramsci ( ) y Giuseppina Marcias ( ). Francesco era originario de Gaeta y estudiaba derecho , pero a causa de la pobreza de su familia debió encontrar rápido un trabajo y partió para Cerdeña. Corría el año 1881 y se emplearía en la oficina de registro de Ghilarza (provincia de Oristano).. Allí conoce a Peppina, que sólo había estudiado hasta tercero de primaria y se casan, a pesar de la oposición de los padres de ella. Durante este período nacieron sus hijos: Gennaro ( ), Grazietta (

9. Gramsci, Antonio Definition Of Gramsci, Antonio In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Gramsci, Antonio (ant n`y gr m`shē), 1891–1937, Italian political leader and theoretician. Originally a member of the Socialist party and a cofounder (1919) of the leftwing, Antonio

10. Gramsci, Antonio Resources In Connexions Social Justice Library
Gramsci, Antonio Subject Index Resources in the Connexions Library Below are resources (books, articles, etc.) in the Connexions Library related to this topic.

11. Antonio Gramsci, 1891-1937
Vita e opere di Antonio Gramsci, politico e intellettuale un sito interamente dedicato all autore.
dalla vita isolata, che ho vissuto
fino dalla fanciullezza,
a nascondere i miei stati d'animo
dietro una maschera di durezza
o dietro un sorriso ironico.
per molto tempo:
per molto tempo i miei rapporti
con gli altri furono un qualcosa
Antonio Gramsci
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12. Gramsci Antonio: Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online Library
Research Gramsci Antonio and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

13. Facts About Gramsci, Antonio, As Discussed In Britannica Compton's Encyclopedia
Facts about Gramsci, Antonio, (1891–1937), Italian politician and intellectual, founder of Italian Communist Party, born in Ales, Sardinia; brilliant scholastic career at Univ
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    Facts about Gramsci, Antonio, as discussed in Britannica Compton's Encyclopedia Gramsci, Antonio
    (1891–1937), Italian politician and intellectual, founder of Italian Communist Party, born in Ales, Sardinia; brilliant scholastic career at Univ. of Turin; joined Socialist Party 1914; studied Marxist thought during World War I; became leading theoretician; founded newspaper, The New Order, 1919; led leftist walkout at Socialist Congress to found Italian Communist Party, Livorno,... Get Random Facts

14. Antonio Gramsci - Biografia
Pagina biografica su Antonio Gramsci.
Antonio Gramsci (1891-1934)
boom Nel 1929 ottiene il permesso di scrivere in cella e inizia la stesura dei Quaderni dal carcere Quaderni dal carcere Il materialismo storico e la filosofia di Benedetto Croce Gli intellettuali e l'organizzazione della cultura Il Risorgimento Note su Machiavelli, la politica e lo Stato moderno Letteratura e vita nazionale Lettere dal carcere A cura della Redazione Virtuale Milano, 19 luglio 2004
Sandro Penna
o inviarne di nuovi sulla figura e sull'opera di
Antonio Gramsci
I quesiti
dei lettori
I commenti dei lettori
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15. Gramsci, Antonio - Definition Of Gramsci, Antonio By The Free Online Dictionary,
Gram sci (gr m sh), Antonio 18911937. Italian political leader and theorist who helped establish the Italian Communist party in 1921. Mussolini later outlawed the party and, Antonio

16. Antonio Gramsci Essay
Encyclopedia of the essay Gramsci, Antonio Italian, 18911937 For their range, perceptiveness, and originality Gramsci's writings on politics
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Encyclopedia of the essay
Gramsci, Antonio
Italian, 1891-1937
Web For their range, perceptiveness, and originality Gramsci's writings on politics and society have had a considerable influence on 20th-century thought. His early production, mainly articles of both a theoretical and an unashamedly propagandistic nature for the socialist daily Avanti! (Forward!) (1916-20) and for L'Ordine Nuovo (1919-24; The new order), were written in the heat of intense political involvement and were largely concerned with supporting workers' rights and advocating revolutionary action on the Soviet model. Later collected in five volumes, they constitute a stirring record of political activism at a time of turmoil and precariousness in Italy as well as a fascinating sociohistorical document of the period. When Gramsci's activity as a political leader (he was cofounder of the Italian Communist Party in 1921) led to his confinement in fascist prisons for the last ten years of his life (1926-37), he continued to write, committing to paper, mainly in the form of notes and short essays, his reflections on and analyses of an extraordinarily broad spread of topics: from literature through ethics to history and practical politics. The

17. File Not Found
Pagine dedicate al filosofo biografia e opere.
Marxists Internet Archive: File non trovato
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18. Gramsci, Antonio | Gramsci, Antonio Information | HighBeam Research - FREE Trial
Gramsci, Antonio Research Gramsci, Antonio articles at Find information, facts and related newspaper, magazine and journal articles in our online encyclopedia.

19. Liber Liber: Audioteca | Autori G | Gramsci, Antonio
Famous quote by Gramsci, Antonio I would like you to understand completely, also emotionally, that I'm a political detainee and will be a political prisoner, that I have nothing

20. El Decisionismo De Los A Os 90 Viejos Y Nuevos Principios - CLACSO
Ensauyo de Fabi n Bosoer sobre ese decisionismo en relaci n con Maquiavelo, Schmitt y Gramsci.

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