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         Husserl Edmund:     more books (100)
  1. Edmund Husserl's Theory of Meaning (Phaenomenologica) by J.N. Mohanty, 1976-07-31
  2. Husserl's Phenomenology (Cultural Memory in the Present) by Dan Zahavi, 2003-01
  3. Experience and Judgment (SPEP) by Edmund Husserl, 1975-06-01
  4. Husserl at the Limits of Phenomenolgy (SPEP) by Maurice Merleau-Ponty, 2001-11-21
  5. The Paris Lectures (Volume 0) by Edmund Husserl, 1975-07-01
  6. The Development of Cognitive Synthesis in Immanuel Kant and Edmund Husserl (Studies in the History of Philosophy) by Lee R. Snyder, 1995-05
  7. Einleitung in die Ethik: Vorlesungen Sommersemester 1920 und 1924 (Husserliana: Edmund HusserlGesammelte Werke) by Edmund Husserl, Henning Peucker, 2010-11-02
  8. Science and the Life-World: Essays on Husserl's Crisis of European Sciences
  9. Edmund Husserl: Briefwechsel: Band I: Die Brentanoschule; Band II: Die Münchener Phänomenologen; Band III: Die Göttinger Schule; Band IV: Die Freiburger ... Edmund Husserl - Dokumente) (German Edition) by Edmund Husserl, Karl Schuhmann, et all 1994-01-31
  10. Readings on Edmund Husserl's Logical Investigations
  11. Edmund Husserl und die phanomenologische Bewegung: Zeugnisse in Text und Bild (German Edition)
  12. The Cambridge Companion to Husserl (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)
  13. Discovering Existence with Husserl (SPEP) by Emmanuel Levinas, 1998-07-22
  14. Phenomenology: The Philosophy of Edmund Husserl and Its Interpretation

61. Husserl Page: Gesammelte Werke & Dokumente
Gesammelte Werke. Husserliana 1 Cartesianische Meditationen und Pariser Vortr ge. Cartesian meditations and the Paris lectures. Edited by S. Strasser.
The Husserl Page
Husserl, Edmund 1859-1938
Current edition projects at Husserl archive

Mitteilungsblatt (Leuven Archive)

Chronological bibliography
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Husserliana: Dokumente

Husserliana: Materialien

Husserliana: Studienausgabe

Husserliana: Collected Works
Gesammelte Werke
Husserliana 1
[Cartesian meditations and the Paris lectures.] Edited by S. Strasser. The Hague, Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff, 1973. [ISBN: Husserliana 2
Husserliana 3 Erstes Buch: Allgemeine Einfhrung in die reine Phnomenologie. [Ideas: general introduction to pure phenomenology and to a phenomenological philosophy. First book.] Edited by Walter Biemel. The Hague, Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1950. Husserliana 3-1 Husserliana 3-2 Husserliana 4 Husserliana 5 Husserliana 6 Husserliana 7 Erste Philosophie (1923/4). Erste Teil: Kritische Ideengeschichte. [First philosophy (1923/24). First part: the critical history of ideas.] Edited by Rudolf Boehm. The Hague, Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff, 1956. [ISBN: Husserliana 8 Erste Philosophie (1923/4).

62. Edmund Husserl - Wikipédia
Biographie et bibliographie du philosophe allemand dans l encyclop die libre.
Edmund Husserl
Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. (Redirigé depuis Husserl Aller à : Navigation rechercher Edmund Husserl Philosophe et mathématicien allemand XX e Naissance avril Prostějov
Décès avril Fribourg-en-Brisgau
École/tradition Phénoménologie Principaux intérêts Logique linguistique épistémologie mathématiques ... imaginaire Idées remarquables phénoménologie épochè intentionnalité Œuvres principales Recherches logiques Idées directrices pour une phénoménologie Méditations cartésiennes La Crise des sciences européennes et la phénoménologie transcendantale Influencé par Platon Thomas d'Aquin Descartes Leibniz ... Natorp A influencé Ajdukiewicz Binswanger Brandom Derrida ... modifier Edmund Husserl avril avril ) est un philosophe logicien et mathématicien allemand, fondateur de la phénoménologie , qui eut une influence majeure sur l'ensemble de la philosophie du XX e

63. Husserl, Edmund Gustav Albrecht
Glossary of Religion and Philosophy Short Biography of Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl
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    Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl Dates:
    Born: April 8, 1859 in Prossnitz, Moravia
    Died: April 27, 1938 in Freiburg, Germany Specialization
    Epistemology Major Works
    Logical Investigations (1900)
    Ideas Pertaining to a Pure Phenomenology and to a Phenomenological Philosophy (1913)
    Formal and Transcendental Logic (1929)
    Cartesian Meditations (1931) Biography: Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl was a German philosopher who is generally associated with the modern development of phenomenology (a term he coined) as he attempted to create out of it a pure, non-empirical science. Husserl's focus was simply to study the nature of consciousness and how a conscious person could be conscious of their own consciousness. Thus, he criticized traditional attempts to understand the use of language through experience, arguing that naturalism was of no value and that insight was the best method to use here. Also Known As: none Alternate Spellings: none Common Misspellings: none Related Resources: Biographies of Philosophers This index of biographical index of famous philosophers throughout history includes many others who have contributed to our understanding of human nature and life - including sociologists, psychologists, scientists, and more.

    64. Husserl & La Phénoménologie - Site Académique De Philosophie De Toulouse
    Informations et liens l acad mie de philosophie de Toulouse.
    Responsable du site:
    Textes des philosophes

    Edmund Husserl, Gesammelte Werke
    ... Phaenomenologica Textes:

    30 ko; format HTML
    Logische Untersuchungen. Erster Band
    200 ko. Voir Ressources
    Husserliana. Edmund Husserl, Gesammelte Werke Retour au sommaire de la page For further information see the Kluwer Academic Publishers Webpage Volume 30: Edmund Husserl, Hrsg. Ursula Panzer. Volume 29: Edmund Husserl, Hrsg. Reinhold N. Smid. Volume 28: Edmund Husserl, Hrsg. Ullrich Melle Volume 27: Edmund Husserl, Hrsg. Thomas Nenon, H.R. Sepp Volume 26: Edmund Husserl, Hrsg. Ursula Panzer Volume 25: Edmund Husserl, Hrsg. H.R. Sepp, Thomas Nenon Volume 24: Edmund Husserl, Einleitung in die Logik und Erkenntnistheorie. Vorlesungen 1906/07. Hrsg. Ullrich Melle Volume 23: Edmund Husserl, Hrsg. Eduard Marbach. Volume 22: Edmund Husserl, Hrsg. B. Rang Volume 21: Edmund Husserl, Studien zur Arithmetik und Geometrie. Texte aus dem Nachlass (1886-1901). Hrsg. I. Strohmeyer Volume 19: Edmund Husserl, Logische Untersuchungen.

    65. Husserl, Edmund (Gustav Albrecht) - Definition Of Husserl, Edmund (Gustav Albrec
    Hus serl (h s rl, rl), Edmund 1859-1938. Austrian-born German philosopher and mathematician. A leader in the development of phenomenology, he had a major influence on the, Edmund (Gustav Albrecht)

    66. MEMO - Le Site De L'Histoire
    Pr sentation historico-encyclop dique du fondateur de la ph nom nologie. Biographie et pens e.

    67. Husserl Edmund Gustav Albrech From FOLDOC
    Husserl Edmund Gustav Albrech history of philosophy, biography german philosopher t (18591938). Student of Brentano and teacher of Heidegger, Husserl pursued the development of Edmund Gustav Albr

    68. Victor DELBOS, HUSSERL. Sa Critique Du Psychologisme Et Sa Conception D’une Lo
    Pr sentation de la pens e du premier Husserl par Victor Delbos dans un article de 1911.

    69. Husserl, Edmund : A Companion To Metaphysics : Blackwell Reference Online
    Blackwell Reference Online is the largest academic online reference library giving instant access to the most authoritative and upto-date scholarship across the humanities and

    70. Husserl
    Trois articles de Michel Boucey.

    71. From The Lectures, Winter Semester, 1910-1911 By | 1402037880 | 97814
    Rent and Save a ton on From the Lectures, Winter Semester, 19101911 by Husserl, Edmund Farin, Ingo Husserl, Edmund Hart, J. G. Hart, James G..ISBN 1402037880 EAN 9781402037887
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    • Managing Human Resources George George W. Bohlander
    From the Lectures, Winter Semester, 1910-1911
    Farin, Ingo
    Husserl, Edmund
    Husserl, Edmund
    Hart, J. G. ...
    Hart, James G.
    EDITION: BINDING: PUBLISHER: Springer (10/09/2006) PAGES: This product is not available.
    SUMMARY SUMMARY The editor, Iso Kern, of the three volumes on intersubjectivity in Husserliana XIII-XV, observes that in his Nachlass Husserl probably refers to no other lecture so often as this one, i.e., The Basic Problems of Phenomenology (1910-1911). Husserl regarded this work (along with the 1907 "Five Lectures") as basic for his theory of the phenomenologica... Customer Service Media Center Mobile Bookstores ... Gift Certificates

    72. - Husserl - La Forma E La Sostanza
    La forma e la sostanza un saggio di Vittorio De Palma.
    Scarica il file Pdf Acrobat reader 5.0 o successivo. vedi anche:
    Un recente convegno husserliano: le "Giornate di studi su Husserl" (Roma, ottobre 2002).

    di Paolo Spinicci
    "La forma e la sostanza"
    di Vittorio De Palma , oltre che l'analisi fenomenologica della percezione [
    torna torna torna ... torna ] Ms. D 13 II/200b, cit. in V. De Palma, op. cit., p. 229 n. 49. [ torna ] Cfr. V. De Palma, op. cit., pp. 225 ss. [ torna ] Cfr. E. Tugendhat, Der Wahrheitsbegriff bei Husserl und Heidegger, Berlin 1967, pp. 173 ss., 216 ss. [ torna ] Ms. A VII 17/14b. [ torna torna torna ] Ms. B I 13/23 ss., cit. in V. De Palma, op. cit., p. 194 n. 11. [ torna ] Mss. B IV 1/98b e A VII 20/43a, citt. in V. De Palma, op. cit., pp. 230-1 nn. 53-4. torna

    73. 9789187172908 (9187172909) - Logiska Underskningar : Husserl, Edmund
    Understrykningar endast i n gra kapitel. Fint skick. Inbunden. 40 tillkommer i porto.

    Scheda sulla vita, l opera e la bibliografia del filosofo.
    Vai a: Le Opere Bibliografia Husserl, in Rete Edmund Husserl (1859 - 1938)
    di Francesco V. Tommasi
    "In primo luogo dico i compiti generali ,che debbo risolvere per me, se voglio potermi chiamare un filosofo. Intendo una critica della ragione. Una critica della ragione logica e della ragione pratica, della ragione valutante. Senza venir in chiaro con me stesso, almeno in tratti generali, circa il senso, l'essenza, i metodi e i principali punti di vista di una critica della ragione, senza aver
    Il testo di questo lavoro, ampliato, costituì la sua prima pubblicazione, nel 1891, la Filosofia dell'aritmetica, nella quale si tenta esplicitamente di cercare i fondamenti che permettano la futura costruzione del sistema della matematica. Sì è discusso tra gli studiosi sulla questione se, e fino a che punto, tale primo scritto husserliano sia definibile come rispondente a un orientamento "psicologistico", ma, prescindendo qui da analisi specifiche, risulta evidente come nelle Ricerche logiche (1900/1901) si assista ad una netta inversione di tendenza (suscitata anche da una aspra critica di Frege, ma anticipata peraltro, per alcuni versi, da articoli di quel periodo)..
    Husserl pubblicò ancora Logica formale e trascendentale, nel 1929, in cui, come evidenziato dal titolo, si differenziano i due livelli di pensiero già distinti in precedenza sotto forma di ontologia eidetica e piano ridotto, mentre ottenne poi grande fama in Francia grazie ad una serie di conferenze tenute alla "Sorbona" di Parigi nello stesso anno (raccolte poi sotto il titolo di Meditazioni cartesiane), in cui viene esposta la filosofia fenomenologica in una forma ormai radicale, tanto da essere avvicinabile al monadismo leibniziano e a presentare, nella V Meditazione, il grave problema del solipsismo e quindi l'ipotesi di un intersoggettività trascendentale.

    75. Edmund Husserl ::: Filosofi :::
    Scheda sulla vita e l opera del filosofo.

    76. Edmund Husserl (1859-1938)
    Fil sof alemany iniciador del corrent filos fic anomenat fenomenologia.

    77. GTH - Glossary-guide For Translating Husserl
    A publication of a multilingual glossary offered as a guide for translating works by Edmund Husserl into Spanish or any other language.
    Glossary-Guide for Translating Husserl
    To carry forward the undertaking of Dorion Cairns:
    to establish a multilingual guide for translating the works of Edmund Husserl The new web-site of the Glossary-Guide for Translating Husserl
    since June 24, 2009, is found in

    To go directly to the English section:

    78. Husserl, Edmund [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
    Biography of the leader of the German phenomenological movement together with an explanation of his thought. By Marianne Sawicki.
    Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Edmund Husserl (1859-1938)
    Naturalism is the thesis that everything belongs to the world of nature and can be studied by the methods appropriate to studying that world (that is, the methods of the hard sciences). Husserl argued that the study of consciousness must actually be very different from the study of nature. For him, phenomenology does not proceed from the collection of large amounts of data and to a general theory beyond the data itself, as in the scientific method of induction. Rather, it aims to look at particular examples without theoretical presuppositions (such as the phenomena of intentionality, of love, of two hands touching each other, and so forth), before then discerning what is essential and necessary to these experiences. Although all of the key, subsequent phenomenologists ( Heidegger Sartre Merleau-Ponty , Gadamer, Levinas, Derrida ) have contested aspects of Husserl’s characterization of phenomenology, they have nonetheless been heavily indebted to him. As such, he is arguably one of the most important and influential philosophers of the twentieth century. The key features of his work, and his understanding of the phenomenological method, are considered in what follows.
    Table of Contents
  • Biography Logische Untersuchungen (Logical Investigations, 1900-01)
  • 79. Steven Galt Crowell - Husserl, Heidegger, And The Space Of Meaning: Paths Toward
    Taylor Carman reviews this book by Steven Galt Crowell. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

    80. Edmund Husserl, J. N. Findlay (trans.) , Michael Dummett (new Preface), Dermot M
    Daniel Dahlstrom reviews this work by Edmund Husserl, trnalsated by J. N. Findlay. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

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