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         Reid Thomas:     more books (100)
  1. An Inquiry Into the Human Mind: On the Principles of Common Sense by Thomas Reid, 2010-02-22
  2. Thomas Reid (Arguments of the Philosophers) by Keith Lehrer, 1991-05-23
  3. The works of Thomas Reid; with an account of his life and writings, Volume by Thomas Reid, 2009-08-30
  4. Thomas Reid: Critical interpretations (Philosophical monographs)
  5. The Cambridge Companion to Thomas Reid (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)
  6. The Ruby Guardian (Forgotten Realms: The Scions of Arrabar) by Thomas M. Reid, 2004-11-02
  7. The Works of Thomas Reid: Volume 1 by Thomas Reid, 2000-11-23
  8. The Works of Thomas Reid: Volume 2 by Thomas Reid, 2000-11-23
  9. The Forest Exiles; or, The Perils of a Peruvian Family amid The Wilds of the Amazon by Thomas Mayne Reid, 2001-02-06
  10. Thomas Reid's Inquiry and Essays by Thomas Reid, 1983-12-01
  11. Thomas Reid and the Story of Epistemology (Modern European Philosophy) by Nicholas Wolterstorff, 2004-01-12
  12. The Philosophy of Thomas Reid: A Collection of Essays (Philosophical Quarterly Special Issues)
  13. The Gossamer Plain (Forgotten Realms: The Empryean Odyssey, Book 1) by Thomas M. Reid, 2007-05-08
  14. Manifest Activity: Thomas Reid's Theory of Action by Gideon Yaffe, 2007-11-11

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3. Reid, Thomas (Open Library)
Books by Reid, Thomas Essays on the intellectual powers of man 16 editions first published in 1785 Read

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6. Thomas Reid (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)
Thomas Reid (17101796) is a Scottish philosopher and one of the founders of the “common sense” school of philosophy. (Also included in the common sense school are such less
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Portrait courtesy of the National Trust for Scotland
Thomas Reid
First published Mon Aug 28, 2000; substantive revision Fri Feb 20, 2009 Inquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue . Although this was his only published work, he was given a professorship at King's College Aberdeen in 1752. There he published An Inquiry Into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense (or 'IHM') in 1764. Shortly afterward he was given a much more prestigious professorship at the University of Glasgow. He resigned from this position in 1781 in order to give himself more time to write, and published Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man (or 'EIP') in 1785 and Essays on the Active Powers of Man (or 'EAP') in 1788. In the Inquiry , which is primarily a work in epistemology, Reid examines each of the five senses and discusses the ways in which we achieve knowledge of the world through employing them. Much of the view developed in the Inquiry reappears in the Intellectual Powers , which expands his epistemological picture beyond the apprehension of the world through the senses to consideration of memory, imagination, knowledge concerning kinds of things, the nature of judgment, reasoning and taste. The

7. Reid B Thomas
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8. The Reid Society
Organization supporting scholarly work on Thomas Reid and Scottish philosophy. List of members, membership information, and related links.
The Reid Society
In conjunction with The Centre for the Study of Scottish Philosophy at the Princeton Theological Seminary
News Dear Reid Society Membership: There are several new items I wish to draw your attention to. 1. Under a new agreement with Edinburgh University Press, Reid Society membership dues and the discounted subscription to the Journal of Scottish Philosophy enjoyed by members of the society will now be processed by EUP. We are grateful to EUP for this new arrangement, which we hope will increase membership, subscription and the effectiveness of the Reid Society. Please see the 'Becoming a Member' section for renewal information. 2. Please see "Call for Papers and Conference Announcements" below for a new post on an NEH Seminar on Scottish Enlightenment Aesthetics and its German Reception. Sincerely,
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9. Reid, Thomas - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Reid, Thomas
Scottish mathematician and philosopher. His Enquiry into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense 1764 attempted to counter the sceptical conclusions of Scottish philosopher, Thomas

10. Reid, Thomas Reid: Information From
Reid , Thomas Reid Scottish philosopher of common sense who opposed the ideas of David Hume

11. Thomas Reid - Essays On The Intellectual Powers Of Man - Reviewed By Philip De B
Philip de Bary reviews this wrok by Thomas Reid. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

12. REID, Thomas
Lexikonartikel mit Bibliographie ber den Philosophen und katholischen Theologen (1710-1796) aus dem Biographisch-Bibliographischen Kirchenlexikon.
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Band VII. (1994) Spalten 1507-1511 Autor: Susanne Siebert Werke: The works of Th.R., ed. by Sir William Hamilton, 2 vol., Edinburgh 1895 ; Philosophical Orations of Th. R. Delivered at Graduation Ceremonies in King's College, Aberdeen 1753, 1756, 1759, 1762, ed. by Walter R. Humphries, Aberdeen 1937; Unpublished Letters of Th. R. to Lord Kames, ed. Ian Simpson Ross, in: Texas Studies in Literature and Language 7 (1965), p. 17-65; Lectures on the Fine Art, ed. by Peter Kivy, The Hague 1973; Th. R.'s Inquiry and Essays, ed. by Keith Lehrer, Ronald Beanblossom, Indianapolis 1975, 1983 ; Th. R.'s Criticism of Adam Smith's Theory of the Moral Sentiments, ed. by E.H. Duncan, R.M. Baird, in: Journal of the History of Ideas 38 (1977), 509-518; Elmer H. Duncan (Ed.), Th. R.'s Lectures on natural Theology (1780). Transcribed from students notes,... with an ... essay by W.R. Eakin, University Press of America 1981; Cura prima on common sense, in: Louise Marcil-Lacoste, C. Buffier and Th. R. Two common-sense philosophers, McGill-Queen's Studies in the history of ideas, Kingston/Montreal 1982. Lit. Auswahl:

13. Thomas Reid - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Thomas Reid; Thomas Reid Full name Thomas Reid Born 26 April 1710 (171004-26) Strachan, Kincardineshire, Scotland Died 7 October 1796 (aged 86) Glasgow, Scotland
Thomas Reid
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other people named Thomas Reid, see Thomas Reid (disambiguation) Thomas Reid
Thomas Reid Full name Thomas Reid Born 26 April 1710
Kincardineshire Scotland Died 7 October 1796
Era 18th-century philosophy Region Western Philosophy School Scottish School of Common Sense
Scottish Enlightenment
Main interests Metaphysics Epistemology Mind Ethics Notable ideas direct realism , proper functionalism (later made popular by Alvin Plantinga Influenced by Hume Cicero Aquinas Berkeley Influenced Cousin Plantinga C.S. Peirce Moore ... Hartley Thomas Reid (7 May (26 April O.S. ) 1710 – 7 October 1796), Scottish philosopher , and a contemporary of David Hume , was the founder of the Scottish School of Common Sense , and played an integral role in the Scottish Enlightenment . The early part of his life was spent in Aberdeen Scotland , where he created the 'Wise Club' (a literary-philosophical association) and graduated from the University of Aberdeen . He was given a professorship at King's College, Aberdeen

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15. Reid Bibliography (Squillante)
An extensive list of primary and secondary sources, and translations, assembled by Martino Squillante.
c18 Europe
c18 America
Selected Bibliography:
Thomas Reid (1710-1796)
By Martino Squillante
Last revised 14 November 2000
  • T. E. Jessop, A Bibliography of David Hume and of Scottish Philosophy from Francis Hutcheson to Lord Balfour
  • N. Mikhalevsky, "Bibliography," in S. F. Barker and T. L. Beauchamp, eds., Thomas Reid: Critical Interpretations (Philadelphia: Temple Univ. Philosophical Monographs, 1976), 133-40.
  • R. A. Legum, "An Updated Bibliography of Works on the Philosophy of Thomas Reid," The Monist 61, no. 2 (1978): 340-44.
  • K. Haakonssen, "Bibliographic Index," in Practical Ethics (Princeton: Princeton Univ. Press, 1990), 467-511.
  • M. Squillante, "Thomas Reid: An Updated Bibliography," Part I in Reid Studies 1, no. 2 (1988): 71-81; Part II in Reid Studies 2, no. 1 (1998): 57-78.
  • Collected Works
    • K. Lehrer and R. E. Beanblossom, eds., Thomas Reid's Inquiry and Essays (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merril, 1975). Selection from the 6th ed. of The Works of Thomas Reid edited by W. Hamilton (1863); with an introduction by R. E. Beanblossom.
    • W. Hamilton, ed.

16. Reid, Thomas Definition Of Reid, Thomas In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Reid, Thomas, 1710–96, Scottish philosopher. He taught at King's College, Aberdeen, and at the Univ. of Glasgow. He is known as the founder of the commonsense school of, Thomas

17. Reid, Thomas (d.1624) (DNB00) - Wikisource
REID, READ, or RH DUS, THOMAS (d. 1624), Latin secretary to King James I, was second son of James Reid, minister of Banchory Ternan, Kincardineshire, a cadet of the Pitfoddels,_Thomas_(d.1624)_(DNB00)

18. Comment On William Davis On Hume And Reid
Text of this 1993 speech by James Fieser, which attempts to show the inadequacies of Reid s philosophy and the value of Hume s.
COMMENT ON WILLIAM C. DAVIS'S "HUME AND REID ON THE POSSIBILITY OF A RELATIONAL MORAL ONTOLOGY" APA Central Division Annual Meeting, 1993. James Fieser Professor Davis has presented an excellent interpretation of Hume's critique of moral relations and Reid's defense of a foundational moral relation between an agent and his action. According to Professor Davis, Reid proposes a moral relation which not only is a plausible account of moral judgment, but also circumvents Hume's key arguments against moral relations. My task is to show the inadequacies of Reid's account and defend Hume's assessment of moral relations. The distinction between the moral agent and moral spectator is key to understanding Hume's account of morality and his rejection of moral relations. The moral agent is the person who performs an action (such as stealing a car), and the moral spectator is the person who approves or disapproves of the agent's action. The spectator can be either a third-party observer of an action, or a first-party participant in an action. For example, I am a third -party spectator when I disapprove of Smith stealing Jones's car. By contrast, Smith, who is the agent of the action, can also be a

19. Reid, Thomas - Definition Of Reid, Thomas By The Free Online Dictionary, Thesaur
Thesaurus Legend Synonyms Related Words Antonyms. Noun 1. Thomas Reid Scottish philosopher of common sense who opposed the ideas of David Hume (1710-1796), Thomas

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