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         Van Fraassen Bas:     more books (27)
  1. Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective by Bas C. van Fraassen, 2010-09-01
  2. The Scientific Image (Clarendon Library of Logic and Philosophy) by Bas. C. van Fraassen, 1980-10-02
  3. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Time and Space by Bas C. Van Fraassen, 1992-08
  4. The Empirical Stance (The Terry Lectures Series) by Professor Bas C. van Fraassen, 2004-03-11
  5. Possibilities and Paradox: An Introduction to Modal and Many-Valued Logic by J. C. Beall, Bas C. van Fraassen, 2003-04-24
  6. Quantum Mechanics: An Empiricist View (Clarendon Paperbacks) by Bas C. van Fraassen, 1991-11-14
  7. Current Issues in Quantum Logic (Ettore Majorana International Science Series : Physical Sciences, V. 8) by Italy) Workshop on Quantum Logic (1979 : Erice, 1981-06-30
  8. Images of Empiricism: Essays on Science and Stances, with a Reply from Bas van Fraassen (Mind Association Occasional Series)
  9. Bas van Fraassen (Munstersche Vorlesungen Zur Philosophie) (Volume 8)
  10. Van Fraassen, Bas C. The Empirical Stance.(Book Review): An article from: The Review of Metaphysics by Paul O'Grady, 2004-06-01
  11. Laws and Symmetry (Clarendon Paperbacks) by Bas C. van Fraassen, 1990-01-04
  12. FORMAL SEMANTICS AND LOGIC by Bas C. van Fraassen, 1971
  13. Derivation and Counterexample: An Introduction to Philosophical Logic by Karel Lambert, Bas C. van Fraassen, 1972
  14. Philosophe Canadien: Charles Taylor, Marshall Mcluhan, John Ralston Saul, Jacques Lavigne, Christian Poirel, Bas Van Fraassen, Gilbert Boss (French Edition)

1. Van Fraassen, Bas | Participants | Profile | Closer To Truth
Closer To Truth is the definitive television series on Cosmos, Consciousness and God, a global journey in search of the vital ideas of existence.

2. Bibliography
Tooley, Michael (1997), Time, Tense, and Causation , Oxford OUP. van Fraassen, Bas (1974), The EinsteinPodolsky-Rosen Paradox , Synthese 29 , 291-309. van Fraassen, Bas (1982a

3. Bas C. Van Fraassen
Homepage at Princeton University.
Bas C. van Fraassen
Philosophy Department Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544 USA. Send e-mail to:
However, I receive e-mail only during the academic year roughly September through May. In June through August e-mail will be delayed 2-4 weeks. If you are not transferred to my new website in 10 seconds, please click on:
CV publications manuscripts, abstracts ...
modal and many-valued logic
SEMINARS Seminar S2002 representation, structuralism Seminar F2002 decision theory
New project: a bibliography of work pertaining to
The Scientific Image
(I welcome any suggestions for listing!)
New project: a Corrections Page where I will collect corrections
to my work. Additions and suggestions welcome! The Empirical Stance
(reviews) Conference poster: Dundee, April 2001 Conference poster: Paris, May 2003
Possibilities and Paradox:
an Introduction to Modal and Many-Valued Logic
New texbook by JC Beall
and Bas van Fraassen (publication April 1, 2003)

4. Bas C. Van Fraassen
Philosopher of science at Princeton University. Extensive bibliography and articles.

5. Ingentaconnect Part I. Determinism And Indeterminism In Classical Perspective
More like this? In this publication; By this publisher; By this author van Fraassen, Bas C.

6. Bas Van Fraassen: The Scientific Image, References
van Fraassen, Bas Constructive empiricism now , Philosophical Studies, 106 (2001), 151170. van Fraassen, Bas On McMullin's Appreciation of Realism
Bas van Fraassen The Scientific Image
References Below is a bibliography of articles pertaining to The Scientific Image , consisting of two parts. The first part was collected in 1993.
The second part is a list in progress of items published after 1993, or just recently added. At the end there is information about pertinent collections of papers and a link to the new Preface I wrote for the Greek edition, which indicates some changes in my view (and writings) since 1980. I would welcome additions for me to insert. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me
P. ACHINSTEIN, The Nature of Explanation, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1983. P. ACHINSTEIN, The Pragmatic Character of Explanation, in P. Asquith and P. Kitcher, eds. PSA 1984, vol. 2. East Lansing, Mich., Philosophy of Science Association, 1986, pp. 275-292. D. ARMSTRONG:, 'Reply to van Fraassen's 'Armstrong on Laws and probabilities', Australasian Journal of Philosophy (1988), 224-229.

7. The Age Of The Clans: The Highlands From Somerled To The Clearances
Van Fraassen, Bas C. the Empirical Stance. by Paul O'Grady VAN FRAASSEN, Bas C. The Empirical Stance. New Haven Yale University Press, 2002. v + 282pp. Cloth, $30.00Van

8. Works Cited - Terada - "Seeing Is Reading" - Legacies Of Paul De Man - Praxis Se
Van Fraassen, Bas C. The Empirical Stance. New Haven Yale UP, 2002. Warminski, Andrzej. As the Poets Do It' On the Material Sublime.
Legacies of Paul de Man
Seeing Is Reading
Rei Terada, University of California, Irvine article abstract about the author search volume
Works Cited
Amiran, Eyal. "After Dynamic Narratology." Style 34 (Summer 2000), 212-226. Bahti, Timothy. Ends of Lyric: Direction and Consequence in Western Poetry. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1997. Brodsky, Claudia. Lines of Thought: Discourse, Architectonics, and the Origin of Modern Philosophy. Durham: Duke UP, 1996. Burt, E. S. Poetry's Appeal: Nineteenth-Century French Lyric and the Political Space . Stanford: Stanford UP, 1999. Butler, Judith. "Competing Universalities." Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues on the Left . Ed. Judith Butler, Ernesto Laclau, and Slavoj Zizek. London: Verso, 2000. 136-181. Caruth, Cathy and Deborah Esch, eds. Critical Encounters: Reference and Responsibility in Deconstructive Writing. New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 1995. Chase, Cynthia. Decomposing Figures: Rhetorical Readings in the Romantic Tradition . Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1986.

9. Van Fraassen, Bas (1941–) | Van Fraassen, Bas (1941–) Information | HighBeam
van Fraassen, Bas (1941–) Research van Fraassen, Bas (1941–) articles at Find information, facts and related newspaper, magazine and journal articles

10. Bas C. Van Fraassen | LibraryThing
Author of The Scientific Image (Clarendon Library of Logic Philosophy) Also known as BC van Fraassen, Bas van Fraassen, Bas C. Van Fraassen, Bastiaan C. Van Fraassen

11. Van Fraassen, Bas C. The Empirical Stance.(Book Review) - The Review Of Metaphys
Van Fraassen, Bas C. The Empirical Stance.(Book Review) find The Review of Metaphysics articles. div id= bedoc-text VAN FRAASSEN, Bas C. The Empirical Stance. New Haven

12. 920: General Philosophy Of Science
Arguments concerning scientific realism, van Fraassen, Bas (1980), The Scientific Image, Oxford Oxford University Press. Recommended reading The Bell argument as an
General Philosophy of Science Fall 2004, Malcolm R. Forster Discussion Page Help Chapter 1 of ms , especially the sections on discovery versus confirmation, historical versus logical theories of confirmation, indirect confirmation, and unification. Recommended reading: Musgrave, Alan (1974): Logical Versus Historical Theories of Confirmation The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 25: Chapter 2 of ms , curve fitting, the beam balance example, the problem of many models, normal and revolutionary science, and confirmation from above. Recommended reading: Priest, Graham (1976): Gruesome Simplicity Philosophy of Science 432 - 437. Reference: Guide to Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Chapter 3 of ms , simplicity versus unification (whats the distinction?), goodness-of-fit, leave-one-out cross validation, confirmation of unified models, and the harmony of planetary astronomy. Recommended reading: Cohen, I. Bernard (1985): The Birth of a New Physics, The Whewell-Mill debate
Glymour, Clark (1980).

13. Bas Van Fraassen (philosopher) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Bas van Fraassen (philosopher), Email is the email address you used when you registered. Password is case sensitive.
document.write(''); Search Site: With all of these words With the exact phrase With any of these words Without these words Home CREATE MY Bas van Fraa... NEW ARTICLE ... SAVE
Bas van Fraassen
Table of Contents: Bas van Fraassen Article Article Related Articles Related Articles Citations LINKS Related Articles Aspects of the topic Bas van Fraassen are discussed in the following places at Britannica.
Assorted References

14. Wilfrid Sellars (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)
van Fraassen, Bas C., 1975, “Wilfrid Sellars on Scientific Realism,” Dialogue, 14 606–16. –––, 1976, “On the Radical Incompleteness of the Manifest Image,” in F
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Wilfrid Sellars
First published Sat Feb 22, 1997; substantive revision Mon Jun 8, 2009
1. Sellars' Life and Career
  • 1912, born May 20 in Ann Arbor, MI 1933, receives A.B. at the University of Michigan 1934, receives A.M. at the University of Buffalo, NY, enters Oriel College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar 1936, receives B.A. with First Class Honours in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (M.A. 1940) 1938, becomes Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Iowa 1943, enters U.S. Naval Reserve, assigned to Air Combat Intelligence 1946, becomes Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Minnesota 1950, founds Philosophical Studies 1951, becomes Professor of Philosophy, University of Minnesota 1958, moves to Yale University, CN, first as a visitor, subsequently as Professor of Philosophy 1963, assumes the position of University Professor of Philosophy and Research Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, PA, publishes

15. Van Fraassen, Bas C. - Homepage At Princeton University.
Society, Philosophy, Philosophers, V Van Fraassen, Bas C.. Homepage at Princeton University.

16. Semantic View Of Theories | Encyclopedia
1960) and da Costa, Newton C. A., and Steven French (1990), “The ModelTheoretic Approach in the Philosophy of Science”, Philosophy of Science 57 248–265. ^ van Fraassen, Bas

17. UC Berkeley - Department Of Philosophy
van Fraassen, Bas C. “Against Naturalized Empiricism”, pp. 68–88 in P. Leonardi and M. Santambrogio (eds.) On Quine. Cambridge Univ. Press, 1995; available at http//www
Event Detail
Tue Sep 29, 2009 NOTE: New date Townsend Visitor Bas C. van Fraassen (San Francisco State University and Princeton University) Against Naturalism: a Parting of the Ways in Philosophy Empiricism, as a philosophical position, is associated first of all with a distinctive view of science as aiming at adequate representation of the phenomena rather than discovery of any deeper reality ‘behind’ the phenomena. What further views, on other philosophical issues, can be palatable to an empiricist? I’ll explore this with reference to philosophical naturalism, metaphysical realism, and the transcendence of the Self. Lecture 1 Philosophical naturalism, from the 1944 School of Naturalism of Columbia University to Quine and Maddy, proclaims itself as a stance rather than a thesis or dogma. What precisely characterizes that stance, how does it differ from empiricism or realism? While naturalism comes in many shapes and flavors, it tends to imply a starting point for philosophical analysis that may subtly sabotage the analysis itself. My focus here will be entirely on naturalism in epistemology and philosophy of science, with metaphysics left aside. Kim, Jaegwon “The American Origins of Philosophical Naturalism” pp. 83–98 in Robert Audi (Ed.)

18. Profile | How Does Metaphysics Reveal Reality? (Bas Van Fraassen) | Closer To Tr
Learn about Closer To Truth participants. Browse bios and articles on CTT topics.

19. Structure: Its Shadow And Substance - PhilSci-Archive
Structure its shadow and substance. van Fraassen, Bas C. (1999) Structure its shadow and substance.
@import url(/style/auto.css); @import url(/style/print.css); @import url(/style/nojs.css);
Structure: its shadow and substance
van Fraassen, Bas C. Structure: its shadow and substance. UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished) Preview PDF
Download (295Kb)
Export/Citation: EndNote BibTeX Dublin Core ASCII (Chicago style) ... OpenURL Social Networking: Share Item Type: Other Keywords: structuralism, structural realism, scientific realism, constructive empiricism, representation Subjects:
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20. Bas Van Fraassen, Canadian Journal Of Philosophy: - ZoomInfo Business Informatio
van Fraassen, Bas Oxford University Press Inc van Fraassen, Bas Princeton University van Fraassen, Bas San Francisco State University Fraassen_Bas_1437749553.aspx
Canadian Journal of Philosophy
The Canadian Journal of Philosophy was founded in 1971 by four Alberta philosophers, John King-Farlow, Kai Nielsen, T.M. Penelhum, and W.W. Rozeboom. Since its...
Bas C. van Fraassen
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