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         Whitehead Alfred North:     more books (99)
  1. The Concept of Nature - The Tarner Lectures Delivered in Trinity College, November 1919 by Alfred North Whitehead, 2010-07-12
  2. Process and Reality (Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of Edinburgh During the Session 1927-28) by Alfred North Whitehead, 1979-07-01
  3. Modes of Thought by Alfred North Whitehead, 1968-02-01
  4. Science and the Modern World by Alfred North Whitehead, 1997-08-01
  5. Aims of Education by Alfred North Whitehead, 1967-01-01
  6. Adventures of Ideas by Alfred North Whitehead, 1967-01-01
  7. Dialogues of Alfred North Whitehead (A Nonpareil Book) by Alfred North Whitehead, 2001-08-01
  8. An enquiry concerning the principles of natural knowledge by Alfred North Whitehead, 2010-08-25
  9. Symbolism: Its Meaning and Effect (New Edition) (Barbour-Page Lectures, University of Virginia, 1927) by Alfred North Whitehead, 1985-01-01
  10. Alfred North Whitehead: The Man and His Work: 1910-1947 (Lowe, Victor//Alfred North Whitehead) by Professor Victor Lowe, 1990-05-01
  11. Nature and life by Alfred North Whitehead, 1980
  12. Alfred North Whitehead: A Primary Secondary Bibliography (Bibliographies of famous philosophers) by Barry A. Woodbridge, 1977-06
  13. Process-Relational Philosophy: An Introduction to Alfred North Whitehead by C. Robert Mesle, 2008-03-01
  14. An Introduction to Mathematics (Classic Reprint) by Alfred North Whitehead, 2010-04-16

1. Whitehead, Alfred North; Bibliography By Subject
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Whitehead, Alfred North
(Alfred Whitehead)
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2. Alfred North Whitehead (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)
Sherburne, Donald W. (1995) “Whitehead, Alfred North,” in Robert Audi (ed.), The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, Cambridge Cambridge University Press.
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Alfred North Whitehead
First published Tue May 21, 1996; substantive revision Mon Apr 5, 2010 Bertrand Russell , he authored the landmark three-volume Principia Mathematica (1910, 1912, 1913) and contributed significantly to twentieth-century logic, philosophy of science and metaphysics. Although there are important continuities throughout his career, Whitehead's intellectual life is often divided into three main periods. The first corresponds roughly with his time at Cambridge, from 1884 to 1910. It was during these years that he worked primarily on issues in mathematics and logic. It was also during this time that he collaborated with Russell. The second main period, from 1910 to 1924, corresponds with his time at London. During these years Whitehead concentrated mainly, but not exclusively, on issues in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of education. The third main period corresponds roughly with his time at Harvard, from 1924 onward. It was during this time that he worked on more general issues in philosophy, including the development of a comprehensive metaphysical system which has come to be known as process philosophy

3. Whitehead, Alfred North Quote - Ideas Won't Keep, Something Must Be Done About T
Famous quote by Whitehead, Alfred North Ideas won't keep, something must be done about them. on Quotations Book

4. Alfred North Whitehead
Articles and book excerpts. Panentheism. Revisionism. Anarchocapitalism. Home Essays by Me Essays by Others
From Whose Togas I Dangle Alfred North Whitehead By Whitehead About Whitehead

5. Alfred North Whitehead - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Chul Chun Kreativit t und Relativit t der Welt beim fr hen Whitehead Alfred North Whiteheads fr he Naturphilosophie (1915–1922) eine Rekonstruktion, mit einem Vorwort von
Alfred North Whitehead
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Alfred North Whitehead Full name Alfred North Whitehead Born 15 February 1861
Kent England Died 30 December 1947
Cambridge, Massachusetts
United States
Era 19th century philosophy
20th century philosophy
Region Western Philosophy School Process Philosophy Main interests Metaphysics Mathematics Notable ideas Process Philosophy Influenced by Kant Bergson Plato James ... Alexander Influenced Gilles Deleuze Philip Clayton Charles Hartshorne Latour ... B.F. Skinner Alfred North Whitehead OM (15 February 1861 – 30 December 1947) was an English mathematician who became a philosopher . He wrote on algebra logic foundations of mathematics philosophy of science ... metaphysics , and education . Whitehead supervised the doctoral dissertations of Bertrand Russell and Willard Van Orman Quine , thus influencing logic and virtually all of analytic philosophy . He co-authored the epochal Principia Mathematica with Russell.
edit Life
Whitehead was born in Ramsgate Kent England . Although his grandfather, Thomas Whitehead, was known for having founded

6. Quotes By Alfred North Whitehead
Learning preserves the errors of the past, as well as its wisdom. For this reason, dictionaries are public dangers, although they are necessities. Whitehead, Alfred North
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Quotes by Alfred North Whitehead
Your Ad Here Intelligence is quickness to apprehend as distinct from ability, which is capacity to act wisely on the thing apprehended.
Whitehead, Alfred North
ability intelligence
What is morality in any given time or place? It is what the majority then and there happen to like, and immorality is what they dislike.
Whitehead, Alfred North
Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.
Whitehead, Alfred North
Philosophy begins in wonder. And, at the end, when philosophic thought has done its best, the wonder remains.
Whitehead, Alfred North
Let us grant that the pursuit of mathematics is a divine madness of the human spirit, a refuge from the goading urgency of contingent happenings.
Whitehead, Alfred North
Not ignorance, but ignorance of ignorance, is the death of knowledge.
Whitehead, Alfred North

7. Biografia De Whitehead, Alfred North
Biograf a del fil sofo y matem tico ingl s.
CONTENIDOS Lengua Historia Ciencias Naturales Seccin Apuntes SERVICIOS Biografias Efemerides Libros Gratis Adivinanzas ... Diarios del Mundo RECREO Juegos Online Chistes Horoscopo Dibujos p/ Colorear ... Lecturas
Biografia de Whitehead, Alfred North

8. Whitehead, Alfred North - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About
English philosopher and mathematician. In his ‘theory of organism’, he attempted a synthesis of metaphysics and science. His works include Principia Mathematica (1910–13, Alfred North

9. WHITEHEAD, Alfred North
WHITEHEAD, Alfred North. The Aims of Education and Other Essays. MacMillan, New York 1929 (this edition 1959) This book contains ten addresses or papers delivered or written by A.N
WHITEHEAD, Alfred North The Aims of Education and Other Essays MacMillan, New York 1929 (this edition 1959) This book contains ten addresses or papers delivered or written by A.N. Whitehead at different times between 1912 and 1928. The general theme is "education on its intellectual side." The topics dealt with are: I The Aims of Education (24 pp.) II The Rhythm of Education (20 pp.) III The Rhythmic Claims of Freedom and Discipline (20 pp.) IV Technical Education and Its Relation to Science and Literature (28 pp.) V The Place of Classics in Education (22 pp.) VI The Mathematical Curriculum (19 pp.) VII Universities and Their Function (16 pp.) VIII The Organisation of Thought (26 pp.) IX The Anatomy of Some Scientific Ideas (51 pp.) X Space, Time and Relativity (15 pp.) Only the first seven essays are reviewed here, since they are the only ones directly related to education. One main idea runs throughout the volume: "The students are alive, and the purpose of education is to stimulate and guide that self-development." The corollary of this idea is that "teachers also should be alive with living thoughts." In short, the whole book is a protest against dead knowledge, that is to say, against inert ideas." (Preface, p. v) Summary of the First Seven Essays I. The Aims of Education

10. Alfred North Whitehead - Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia Libre
Perfil biogr fico del fil sofo ingl s con enlaces a t rminos y personajes relacionados.
Alfred North Whitehead
De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Saltar a navegación búsqueda Alfred North Whitehead cerca de 1924. Alfred North Whitehead OM Ramsgate 15 de febrero de Cambridge, Massachusetts 30 de diciembre de ), fue un matemático y filósofo inglés Nació en Ramsgate Kent Inglaterra ), y falleció en Cambridge, Massachusetts Estados Unidos ). Publicó trabajos sobre álgebra lógica , fundamentos de las matemáticas filosofía de la ciencia física metafísica ... epistemología y educación . El trabajo más conocido, del que es coautor con Bertrand Russell , es Principia Mathematica . En ese tiempo partiendo de una teoría relacionista (o más bien relativista ) del espacio centró su epistemología en la naturaleza de las cosas. Mantuvo tal postura hasta la década de . A partir de entonces su obra tomó visos más metafísicos Whitehead fue profesor en las universidades de Londres y de Cambridge , donde destacó por sus estudios lógico-matemáticos. Luego en Estados Unidos fue director de la cátedra de filosofía en la Universidad de Harvard , y tuvo entre sus discípulos a Quine
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  • Álgebra universal Principia Mathematica (1910–1913), en coautoría con Russell.

11. Whitehead, Alfred North Definition Of Whitehead, Alfred North In The Free Online
Whitehead, Alfred North, 1861–1947, English mathematician and philosopher, grad. Trinity College, Cambridge, 1884. There he was a lecturer in mathematics until 1911., Alfred North

12. Religion In The Making By | 0823216462 | 9780823216468
Rent and Save a ton on Religion in the Making by Whitehead, Alfred North Jones, Judith Jones, Judith A..ISBN 0823216462 EAN 9780823216468
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  • Managing Human Resources George George W. Bohlander
Home Religion Philosophy
Religion in the Making
Jones, Judith
Whitehead, Alfred North
Jones, Judith A.
EDITION: Edition Type: Revised BINDING: PUBLISHER: Fordham University Press (01/01/1996) PAGES:
SUMMARY This classic text in American Philosophy by one of the foremost figures in American philosophy offers a concise analysis of the various factors in human nature which go toward forming a religion, to exhibit the inevitable transformation of religion with the transformation of knowledge and to direct attention to the foundation of religion on our apprehension of those permanent elements by reason of which there is a stable order in the world, permanent elements apart from which there could be no changing world. SUMMARY This classic text in American Philosophy by one of the foremost figures in American philosophy offers a concise analysis of the various factors in human nature which go toward forming a religion, to exhibit the inevitable transformation of religion with the transformation of knowledge and to direct attention to the foundation of religion on our app...

13. Sminaires WHITEHEAD
Rencontres consacr es au logicien anglais, liens et informations.
Bibliographie SMINAIRES A.N. WHITEHEAD Chromatiques Whiteheadiennes La collection Textes de Whitehead disponibles sur le net Comit Scientifique ... Autres liens Programme Programme 2005-2006 Chromatiques Whiteheadiennes IV Enqute sur la philosophie de la nature ... Contact Certification IDDN L'quipe Philosophies de l'exprience du Dpartement de philosophie de l'Universit de Nantes et les Chromatiques whiteheadiennes ( Universit de Louvain et Universit de Bourgogne ), organisent des sminaires de recherche sur la philosophie de A. N. Whitehead. Les sminaires sont accueillis par le Centre d'tudes sur le Pragmatisme et la Philosophie Analytique, Universit Paris I Panthon-Sorbonne - cole Doctorale. Ils ont pour but premier de mettre en contact les doctorants whiteheadiens et d'offrir un lieu de dialogue entre ceux-ci et chercheurs expriments. Comit Scientifique Jean-Marie Breuvart (Lille)
Jean-Claude Dumoncel (Caen)
Guillaume Durand (Nantes)
Mathias Girel (Paris I)
Xavier Verley (Toulouse le Mirail)
Michel Weber (Louvain-la-Neuve) Contact et informations : Guillaume Durand haut Textes de Whitehead disponibles sur le net "

14. Whitehead Alfred North: Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online Library
Research Whitehead Alfred North and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

15. Whitehead Summary
Biography of this logician and philosopher by J.J. O Connor and E.F. Robertson. Traces the relationship between his private life and his writings.
Alfred North Whitehead
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to see two larger pictures Alfred Whitehead was a mathematician and philosopher who collaborated with Bertrand Russell on Principia Mathematica Full MacTutor biography [Version for printing] List of References (24 books/articles) Some Quotations Mathematicians born in the same country Show birthplace location Additional Material in MacTutor
  • A N Whitehead's Mathematics in the History of Thought
  • A N Whitehead's Autobiographical Notes ...
  • Obituary: The Times Honours awarded to Alfred North Whitehead
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  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Principia Mathematica
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  • 16. Whitehead, Alfred North [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
    Alfred North Whitehead (1861–1947) Alfred North Whitehead was a notable mathematician, logician, educator and philosopher. The staggering complexity of Whitehead’s thought
    Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Alfred North Whitehead
    Alfred North Whitehead was a notable mathematician, logician, educator and philosopher. The staggering complexity of Whitehead’s thought, coupled with the extraordinary literary quality of his writing, have conspired to make Whitehead (in an oft-repeated saying) one of the most-quoted but least-read philosophers in the Western canon. While he is widely recognized for his collaborative work with Bertrand Russell on the Principia Mathematica , he also made highly innovative contributions to philosophy, especially in the area of process metaphysics. Whitehead was an Englishman by birth and a mathematician by formal education. He was highly regarded by his students as a teacher and noted as a conscientious and hard-working administrator. The volume of his mathematical publication was never great, and much of his work has been eclipsed by more contemporary developments in the fields in which he specialized. Yet many of his works continue to stand out as examples of expository clarity without ever sacrificing logical rigor, while his theory of “extensive abstraction” is considered to be foundational in contemporary field of formal spatial relations known as “mereotopology.” Whitehead’s decades-long focus on the logical and algebraic issues of space and geometry which led to his work on extension, became an integral part of an explosion of profoundly original philosophical work He began publishing even as his career as an academic mathematician was reaching a close. The first wave of these philosophical works included his

    17. Whitehead Research Project: Home Page
    The Whitehead Research Project website is dedicated to the research of, and scholarship on, the texts, philosophy and life of Alfred North Whitehead. It explores and analyzes the
    Members Donations Doctoral Programs Subscribe to Email List ... Conferences
    The Latest From Our Blog
    Actual Occasions
    (Feb 5) Les Rencontres de Sophie 2010: “Les autres”
    (Feb 1) “Le philosophe doit-il se soucier des autres ?”
    (Jan 24) Michel Magnant
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    Inauguration of the Critical Edition of Whitehead (Sep 11, 2010)
    It is our pleasure to announce that the Whitehead Research Project (WRP) has secured permission from A. N. Whitehead's estate to begin editing his published and unpublished academic writings. With this very welcome news we also announce the inauguration of the Critical Edition of Whitehead, a long-term initiative of the WRP that will, for the first time, make available the complete published and unpublished writings of Alfred North Whitehead in a single, critical edition.
    New Books (Jun 25, 2010)
    Roland Faber is pleased to announce the publication of
    • Secrets of Becoming: Negotiating Whitehead, Deleuze, and Butler , Roland Faber and Andrea M. Stephenson, eds., (New York: Fordham University Press, 2010) Event and Decision: Ontology and Politics in Badiou, Deleuze, and Whitehead

    18. Whitehead, Alfred North | Whitehead, Alfred North Information | HighBeam Researc
    Whitehead, Alfred North Research Whitehead, Alfred North articles at Find information, facts and related newspaper, magazine and journal articles in our online

    19. Alfred North Whitehead Biography From
    Alfred North Whitehead began teaching mathematics in 1884 at Trinity College in Cambridge, England. Between 1910 and 1913 he published the threevolume work Principia Mathematica
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    Alfred North Whitehead Biography
    Mathematician Philosopher
    Alfred North Whitehead began teaching mathematics in 1884 at Trinity College in Cambridge, England. Between 1910 and 1913 he published the three-volume work Principia Mathematica with his former student, Bertrand Russell , an attempt to define the logical foundation of science and mathematics. Whitehead taught in England until 1924, when he moved to the United States to accept a chair in philosophy from Harvard University. In 1929 he published Process and Reality , and spent the rest of his life writing and lecturing on what is called process theology.
    Four Good Links
    Alfred North Whitehead for the Muddleheaded
    One guy's description of how he liked what he read
    Alfred North Whitehead
    Good description from Stanford University
    Process Philosophy and the New Thought Movement
    An attempt to explain Whitehead's philosophy, with many related links
    Alfred North Whitehead
    Brief biography and some pertinent links
    Vital Stats
    15 February
    Ramsgate , Isle of Thanet, Kent, England
    30 December
    age 86
    Best Known As
    Mathematician who turned to metaphysics and religion
    Something in Common with Whitehead

    20. Alfred North Whitehead For The Muddleheaded
    A laudatory essay by Richard Lubbock, expounding the value of Whitehead s ideas for Western thought.
    Alfred North Whitehead
    Philosopher for the Muddleheaded
    T he moment I was born, I knew that William James was right. The world of the new-born baby is indeed "All one great blooming, buzzing confusion". I was alarmed and baffled by the tumult that raged around and inside me. Intuition told me, "Here's something that matters greatly." Had I possessed language, I would have demanded "What the devil's going on here?" That's the prime philosophical question, and I've been trying out different answers ever since. I have come to believe that Alfred North Whitehead can tell me what it's all about. In my view the writings of Whitehead point at the most hopeful and all-embracing philosophy of all time. Whitehead aimed for nothing less than the refutation of gloomy scientific materialism. He hoped to reconstruct the moral universe without disrupting the beneficence of science. The structure he devised is not everything a devout religious believer would wish. Nor has his eloquence yet overswept Western culture and conquered it. Nonetheless, when they become better known, his insights will replace the nihilism, and correct the moral slackness of our times. Once you have allowed Whitehead's powerful engine of hope to transform your attitude to life you will never again need to consult another philosopher. Those sinister philosophical miseries of the 20th centuryyou know who I mean: malignant Heidegger, disjointed Wittgenstein, cross-eyed Husserl, sour Sartreyou can consign their jeremiads to the fire. They failed to salute the quantum and relativistic earthquakes of our century and so they're dust, history, trash. Forget 'em.

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