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         Biophysics:     more books (100)
  1. Initial Rate Enzyme Kinetics (Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Biophysics) by Herbert J. Fromm, 1975-06
  2. Defense against Bioterror: Detection Technologies, Implementation Strategies and Commercial Opportunities: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop ... Series B: Physics and Biophysics) (Volume 0)
  3. ESR Spectroscopy in Membrane Biophysics (Biological Magnetic Resonance) by Marcus A. Hemminga, Lawrence Berliner, 2007-02-13
  4. Radiation Protection in Medical Physics (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics)
  5. Electron Transport in Nanosystems (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics) by Janez Bonca, 2008-10-16
  6. Quantum Magnetism (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics)
  7. Bioelectromagnetics Current Concepts: The Mechanisms of the Biological Effect of Extremely High Power Pulses (NATO Security through Science Series B: Physics and Biophysics)
  8. Biophysics and the Challenges of Emerging Threats (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics)
  9. Fundamentals of Light Microscopy (IUPAB Biophysics Series) by Michael Spencer, 1982-07-30
  10. The Biochemistry of Alkaloids (Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics Molekularbiologie, Biochemie und Biophysik) by Trevor Robinson, 1981-09-30
  11. Reaction Centers of Photosynthetic Bacteria: Feldafing-II-Meeting (Springer Series in Biophysics)
  12. Simulation and Theory of Electrostatic Interactions in Solution: Computational Chemistry, Biophysics and Aqueous Solutions: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 23-25 June 1999 (AIP Conference Proceedings)
  13. Patterns in Protein Sequence and Structure (Springer Series in Biophysics)
  14. Computational Methods in Biophysics, Biomaterials, Biotechnology and Medical Systems: Algorithm Development, Mathematical Analysis and DiagnosticsVolume ... MethodsVolume IV: Diagnostic Methods (Vol 1)

81. Biophysics, University Of Central Florida
The University of Central Florida biophysics Group facilitates the development of life sciences at UCF to a nationally recognized level.
Introduction The 20th century science was marked by groundbreaking discoveries in physics, followed by a gradual shift of the focus to biology. In his famous book "What is Life?" Erwin Schrödinger raised the idea that all life processes can be described by the laws of physics. Following the determination of the molecular structures of proteins and DNA in early 1950's, biology became from a descriptive to a quantitative discipline, which soon gave birth to a new branch of science, biophysics. Completion of the whole-genome sequencing of many organisms, including humans, gave rise to the worldwide Structural Genomics initiative, which is aimed at determination of a myriad of protein structures in a high throughput mode in order to understand the functions and create means of regulation of all proteins that govern key processes of life. The overall goal of biophysical research is to explain seemingly complex biological events in terms of explicit physical relationships. This is mostly achieved either by determining molecular structures that support certain functions, or by providing conceptual frameworks that explain biological processes in terms of physical parameters. The importance of using physical approaches to solve biomedical problems is demonstrated by recent Nobel prizes awarded to scientists for discovering the structures of ion and water channels in cell membranes (Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon, 2003), for devising magnetic resonance imaging (Paul C. Lauterbur and Sir Peter Mansfield, 2003), for the development of methods for identification and structure analyses of biological macromolecules (John B. Fenn and Koichi Tanaka, 2002), and for development of macromolecular NMR (Kurt WŁtrich, 2002).

82. Center For Molecular Biophysics & Biophysical Chemistry
Supports biophysics and biophysical research through fellowships, grants, resources, mentoring, events and faculty advising.
Dr. Edward Arnold (Rutgers University) Center for Molecular Biophysics
Rutgers University
610 Taylor Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: 732/445-6376
Fax: 732/445-1493 Many important contributions in molecular biophysics are a synthesis of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics not found in a single traditional discipline. The molecular biophysics curriculum therefore goes beyond the curricula of individual academic disciplines and sets it own guidelines for courses and the character of dissertation research. The requirements are, nevertheless, consistent with those of existing graduate programs at Rutgers University so that the students can earn a Ph.D. in one of the major academic disciplines with concentration in molecular biophysics. The 21st Annual Rutgers-UMDNJ Molecular Biophysics Minisymposium and poster contest will be held on Wednesday, April 29, 2009.
Please register before April 23, 2008.

83. Doklady Biochemistry And Biophysics
A journal containing English translations of current Russian research from the biochemistry and biophysics sections of the Doklady Akademii Nauk (Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

84. ScienceDirect - Biochemical And Biophysical Research Communications, Volume 401,
Weekly journal published by Academic Press. Research areas covered include biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, immunology, neurobiology, proteomics, and plant biology.
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pp. 493-624 (29 October 2010) Volume 401, Issue 3
pp. 321-492 (22 October 2010) Volume 401, Issue 2
pp. 169-320 (15 October 2010) Volume 401, Issue 1

85. Cambridge Journals Online - Quarterly Reviews Of Biophysics
A review journal of biological function, structure and mechanism, covering the whole field of biophysics, from ion channels to DNA topology and from X-ray diffraction to NMR.

86. Current Genetics - Free Access Available
The aim of this journal is to advance the understanding of biological structure and function by application of the principles of physical science. It publishes full research articles, and shorter articles of originality and scientific value. sci/biochemistry and biophysics/journal/249
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87. Division Of Structural Biology And Biophysics
Located within the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and biophysics at the University of Minnesota. Research includes crystallography and NMR.

88. Institut F. BIOPHYSIK, IfB - Institut F. BIOPHYSIK
Part of the University of Hannover in Germany. Their research is focused on structural biology, environmental biophysics and plant membrane proteins.

89. Biophysics Of Functional Systems
Part of the Physics Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The main emphasis is on functional properties of biomolecules and cells.

90. Institute Of  Biochemistry  And  Biophysics
Trains students at the graduate level and focuses on research and development in biochemistry, biophysics, and related specialized fields. Located at Tehran University in Iran.
I nstitute of B iochemistry and B iophysics Center of Excellence Affiliated UNESCO Chair in Biology National Chair in Biology Secretariat for the Advancement of Science and Technology In Islamic World (SASTIW) University of Tehran About IBB ... Digital Library
Search the web
Search in IBB Last News: Postgraduate Seminars in Biophysics
17-20-11-1388 to 1-4-1389 (February 9, 2010 to June 22, 2010)
9th Iran Biophysical Chemistry Conference
Tehran, Tarbiat Modares University,
24-25 February 2010 Pdf Word Iran Nanotechnology Laboratory Network ,

91. The Imperial College Membrane Biophysics
Research is focused on applying physical chemistry techniques and instrumentation to gain a novel insight into biological and bio-physical properties of natural and model membranes.

92. Calcified Tissue International
Serves as a forum to explore biochemical, biophysical, and clinical aspects of bone structure, function, and metabolism. sci/biochemistry and biophysics/journal/223
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93. Biophysical Journal
A major journal published by The Biophysical Society. Contains the latest research and review articles.
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Current Issue
Volume 99 Issue 8: October 20, 2010
Next issue: November 3, 2010 On the cover: The background schematically shows cancer cells in vivo are in the process of metastasis. The cells are dissociating from the primary tumor in colon and metastasizing to liver. The four petri dishes show that colon cancer cells in vitro demonstrate metastasis-like phenotype on soft substrates (shown in green), but not on standard hard cell-culture dish (the bottom dish). This finding suggests that the onset of in vivo metastasis may, in part, be linked to the mechanical microenvironment of the tumor. Credits: Alex Jerez, Ryan Durdle, Jeremy Miller, and the Beckman Institute. See the article by Tang et al. on page 2460. Click here for a high-resolution version of the cover.
Research Highlights
These featured articles are available for free:
Proteins, Nucleic Acids, and Supramolecular Assemblies

94. Biophysical Chemistry - Elsevier
An international journal devoted to the physics and chemistry of biological phenomena. Tables of contents with abstracts; full text by subscription.

95. Cielo Institute - Biophysical Solutions
A group of mathematical, physical, chemical, biophysical and biomedical researchers focused on the development of computational techniques for the analysis of polypeptides.

96. Raymond W. Friddle
Current research interests and publications.

97. BIOPH 354
UIUC course explores the major mechanisms of bioenergetics, with particular emphasis on respiration and photosynthesis, and the tools required to describe these processes.
Introduces and explores the major mechanisms of energy conversion in biology, with particular emphasis on respiratory and photosynthetic bioenergetics, and the physico-chemical tools required to describe these processes.
Course Outline
Lecture 1.
Introduction to biological energy conversion, overview and global perspective
Lecture 2.
Review of anaerobic metabolism (glycolysis)
Lecture 3.
Elementary chemical thermodynamics; thermodynamic functions; equilibrium constant, pH, pK, enthalpy, entropy and free energy
Lecture 4.
Review of aerobic metabolism (citric acid cycle)
Lecture 5.
Coupling between reactions; D G o í for ATP hydrolysis; redox reactions; electrode potential and relation to free energy.
Lecture 6.
Electron transport chains; overview and redox components
Lecture 7.
Effects of ligands, H , on redox potential; Quinone redox states; Redox potentiometry
Lecture 8.
Electron transport chains as proton pumps.
Lecture 9.
Chemical potential; electrochemical potential; membrane potential; coupling between electron and proton transport.
Lecture 10.

98. BMRB - Biological Magnetic Resonance Bank
Database for NMR spectroscopy information on biomolecules hosted at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

99. SPR Pages - Introduction (1)
Describes surface plasmon resonance (SPR), a powerful method of measuring biomolecular interactions in a label-free environment.
SPR Pages
Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is a powerful technique to measure biomolecular interactions in real-time in a label free environment. While one of the interactants is immobilized to the sensor surface, the other are free in solution and passed over the surface. Association and dissociation is measured in arbitrary units and displayed in a graph called the sensorgram.
The Biomolecular Interaction Analysis is not limited to proteins. Interactions between DNA - DNA, DNA - protein, lipid - protein and hybrid systems of biomolecules and non-biological surfaces can be investigated.
read more ...


The new SPRpages are on line at This is the new starting point of these pages. Update your preferences and spread the word.

100. Electrophysiology And Electrofusion Of Plant Protoplasts,
Describes the membrane and action potentials of enzymatically isolated giant plant protoplasts and induction of electrofusion along with its mechanisms.
Section of Biophysics Electrophysiology of Plants Membrane potentials of enzymatically isolated plant protoplasts. -Electrophysiological Studies on Plasma Membrane Potential of Intact Plant Cells and Protoplasts Electrofusion A milestone work. Publications related to biophysics Link to Eric Davies' Lab If you have any comments or questions, please send an e-mail to: Dr. Shunnosuke Abe, Associate professor.
Chief of Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology, College of Agriculture, Ehime University, Matsuyama, Japan Culture Media for Chara and Nitella Home Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology All publications for Dr. Shunnosuke Abe ... Japanese version here

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