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  1. Outlines & Highlights for Classical Mechanics by John R. Taylor, ISBN: 9781891389221 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews, 2009-12-08
  2. Intermediate Dynamics for Engineers: A Unified Treatment of Newton-Euler and Lagrangian Mechanics by Oliver M. O'Reilly, 2008-08-04
  3. Computational Continuum Mechanics by Ahmed A. Shabana, 2008-03-10
  4. First Course in Continuum Mechanics (3rd Edition) by Y.C. Fung, 1993-08-05
  5. An Introduction to Continuum Mechanics (Mathematics in Science and Engineering) by Morton E. Gurtin, 1981-12-12
  6. Objects in Motion: Principles of Classical Mechanics (Secrets of the Universe) by Paul Fleisher, 2001-05
  7. Exactly Solved Models in Statistical Mechanics by Rodney J. Baxter, 2008-01-11
  8. Geometric Mechanics: Toward a Unification of Classical Physics by Richard Talman, 2007-07-30
  9. The Sheer Joy of Celestial Mechanics by Nathaniel Grossman, 1996-01-26
  10. Elements of Newtonian Mechanics by J. M. Knudsen, P.G. Hjorth, 1995-12-31
  11. Fluid Mechanics (5th Edition) by J. F. Douglas, J. M. Gasoriek, et all 2006-07-27
  12. Classical and Quantum Dynamics: From Classical Paths to Path Integrals (Advanced Texts in Physics) by Walter Dittrich, Martin Reuter, 2001-08-09
  13. Problems and Solutions on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (Major American Universities Ph.D. Qualifying Questions and Solutions)
  14. Classical and Celestial Mechanics: The Recife Lectures

101. Newton Physics - Links To Papers, Books And Web Sites
Collection of articles and online books, by Paul Marmet; topics include the death of Big Bang cosmology, how classical mechanics can explain the effects commonly attributed to relativity, how the Lorentz transformations mean that the speed of light is not the same for all inertial observers, and gravitational length contraction.
Newton Physics
Paul Marmet
Last modified: 2009/11/9
In the web pages below, we present explanations which are compatible with Newtonian and semi-classical physics. We apply the principle of causality and avoid models requiring a probabilistic existence of matter and non-locality. This differs from the current approach of modern physics.
A CD-ROM of this Web site is available.
Index of Papers, Books and relevant links
A New Non-Doppler Redshift
Semi-classical physics can explain a slightly inelastic collision of photons due to traces of hydrogen in outer space. These inelastic collisions are responsible for an observed redshift which is undistinguishable from the cosmological redshift. Numerous observations give strong supporting evidence for that previously ignored natural phenomenon.
Big Bang Cosmology Meets an Astronomical Death

More and more astronomical evidence points to inconsistencies in the Big Bang theory. A canadian astrophysicist presents this evidence and explains how the cosmic redshift is caused by gaseous matter in space, not by the Doppler effect.
Discovery of H
in Space Explains Dark Matter and Redshift
Molecular hydrogen, difficult to detect and long ignored, is now shown to exist in sufficient quantity to explain Dark Matter and the cosmological redshift. Exotic particles are not needed and the universe can be interpreted as not expanding.

102. Home Page
A modern atomist theory of the physical universe.Alternative theory that overturns Einstein s Theory of Relativity and returns physics to Classical Mechanics with absolute space and time.
Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']); HYPOTHETICAL COLLISIONS OF AN IDEAL SOLID
This hypothesis overturns Einsteinís Theory of Relativity and returns physics to Classical Mechanics with absolute space and absolute time. To view now (graphics will be missing or messed up, and page numbering is in-correct)
Click Here To be able to download (with good graphics and paging) as a Microsoft word document
Including: Godís Infinite Nature, Evolution and Creation, Psychology, Modesty and others. PART II ECONOMICS
Including: The Economic Cycle, Economic Growth, Capitalism and Socialism, the Myth of Competition. PART III FREEDOM AND GOVERNMENT
Including: Types of Freedom, Maximizing Freedom, population stabilization, immigration, tobacco products ban. To view now (all drawings and graphs gone or messed up)

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