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         Electromagnetism:     more books (100)
  1. Physics Problems for Programmable Calculators: Mechanics and Electromagnetism by Richard Cristman, 1981-03
  2. Electromagnetic Compatibility in Power Systems (Elsevier Series in Electromagnetism)
  3. A Popular Sketch Of Electromagnetism Or Electrodynamics: And Outlines Of The Parent Sciences Of Electricity And Magnetism (1856) by Francis Watkins, 2010-05-22
  4. Electromagnetism: Webster's Timeline History, 1791 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-07-08
  5. Elements of Electricity, Magnetism, and Electro-Magnetism: Embracing the Late Discoveries and Improvements, Digested Into the Form of a Treatise, Being ... for the Use of the Students of the Universi by Jean-Baptiste Biot, 2010-01-12
  6. An Introduction to Applied Electromagnetism (Wiley Student Series in Electronic and Electrical Engineering) by Christos Christopoulos, 1990-10
  7. Theoretical Physics: Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Waves, and Particles by f constant, 1961
  8. Outlines of the Theory of Electromagnetism a Ser by Gilbert T. Walker, 1910
  9. Outlines Of The Theory Of Electromagnetism: A Series Of Lectures Delivered Before The Calcutta University (1910) by Gilbert T. Walker, 2010-09-10
  10. Magnetic Fields of Force: An Exposition of the Phenomena of Magnetism, Electro-Magnetism, and Induction Based On the Conception of Lines of Force, Part 1 by Hermann Ebert, Charles Vandeleur Burton, 2010-04-22
  11. Elements of Electricity, Magnetism, and Electro-Magnetism by John Farrar, 2009-12-22
  12. Electro-Magnetism: History Of Davenport's Invention Of The Application Of Electro-Magnetism To Machinery (1837) by Benjamin Silliman, 2010-05-22
  13. Treatises On Electricity, Galvanism, Magnetism, and Electro-Magnetism by Peter Mark Roget, 2010-01-11
  14. Theory of Electromagnetism (Pure & Applied Mathematics Monograph) by D.S. Jones, 1964-12

81. Molecular Expressions: Electricity And Magnetism - Interactive Java Tutorials: H
Interactive Java tutorial explaining the principles of electromagnetic induction.

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How A Metal Detector Works
The operation of metal detectors is based upon the principles of electromagnetic induction. Metal detectors contain one or more inductor coils that are used to interact with metallic elements on the ground. The single-coil detector illustrated below is a simplified version of one used in a real metal detector. Interactive Java Tutorial ATTENTION Our servers have detected that your web browser does not have the Java Virtual Machine installed or it is not functioning properly. Please install this software in order to view our interactive Java tutorials. You may download the necessary software by clicking on the "Get It Now" button below.
A pulsing current is applied to the coil, which then induces a magnetic field shown in blue. When the magnetic field of the coil moves across metal, such as the coin in this illustration, the field induces electric currents (called eddy currents) in the coin. The eddy currents induce their own magnetic field, shown in red, which generates an opposite current in the coil, which induces a signal indicating the presence of metal. Questions or comments? Send us an

82. Molecular Expressions: Electricity And Magnetism - Interactive Java Tutorials: F
A virtual experiment on creating electric current with a changing magnetic field.

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Faraday's Magnetic Field Induction Experiment
When Michael Faraday made his discovery of electromagnetic induction in 1831, he hypothesized that a changing magnetic field is necessary to induce a current in a nearby circuit. To test his hypothesis he made a coil by wrapping a paper cylinder with wire. He connected the coil to a galvanometer, and then moved a magnet back and forth inside the cylinder. Interactive Java Tutorial ATTENTION Our servers have detected that your web browser does not have the Java Virtual Machine installed or it is not functioning properly. Please install this software in order to view our interactive Java tutorials. You may download the necessary software by clicking on the "Get It Now" button below.
Click and drag the magnet back and forth inside the coil.
When you move the magnet back and forth, notice that the galvanometer needle moves, indicating that a current is induced in the coil. Notice also that the needle immediately returns to zero when the magnet is not moving. Faraday confirmed that a moving magnetic field is necessary in order for electromagnetic induction to occur. Questions or comments? Send us an

83. Electromagnetic Induction And Inertia
Derivation and proof of the inertial properties of electrostatic and magnetostatic fields.
Electromagnetic inertia Home EM
Overview Have you ever thought “If an electron induces a magnetic field when it moves, and magnetic fields contain energy, where does the energy to create this field come from?” It comes from the force that accelerated the electron from rest - the work done in accelerating it (as the integral of the force over the distance) directly creates the energy of the induced field. Another way of saying this is that part of the electron’s inertia comes from supplying energy to the induced magnetic field. We do not know the fine detail of the electron’s electric field structure, only the way it falls off as the square of the distance when we are some way away from the electron (in terms of the electron size). So it is easier to deal with the inertia of simple electromagnetic fields. The equations are straightforward and derived for Newtonian velocities, using source equations to be found in any first-year physics textbook. Electrostatic inertia - the basics If a point in space has a vector electrostatic field of strength X ’ volts/meter, its energy density over space ‘dE

84. The Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Poster
A poster of all known ranges of EMR including gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared, microwaves, radio waves.
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Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Poster This poster includes all known ranges of EMR including gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared, microwaves, radio waves (ULF, VLF, LF, MF, HF, long, short, HAM, VHF, UHF, SHF, EHF), cosmic microwave background radiation and brain waves, all organized by octaves. The audio frequency spectrum is also included. Descriptions are included for all ranges and properties of EMR including reflection, refraction, LASER, television, gravity waves, emission and absorption. There is also a handy chart of SI unit prefixes ranging from yocto to yotta. All items are accurately placed on the graph using custom programmed formulas. Order one now by clicking on the "Add to cart" button. More details including full PDF of poster here Page generated in 0.0019 seconds.

85. PowerLabs NEW Rail Gun!
Electromagnetic capacitor powered 20kJ rail gun research.
PowerLabs Rail Gun 2.0 Research!
RailGuns are expensive ! This project was made possible by the generous contributions of my sponsors. Would you like to sponsor PowerLabs research? Please donate *any* amount. Every little bit helps and you can be sure your money will be put to good use :-)
Project Introduction: From its conception, the original PowerLabs Linear Magnetic Accelerator ("Rail Gun" , or "Railgun" ) was conceived for the primary goal of simply proving that it could be done; on a low budget, with common materials and powered by a never tried before electrolytic capacitor bank
In that, it was extremely successful: Not only did the gun fire flawlessly over 30 times (it is not uncommon for research rail guns to break down in the first shot), but it also attracted vastly more attention than I could ever have hoped for:
After its page generated hundreds of thousands of hits, the gun was featured on Discovery Channel
The original railgun design was completely experimental; built, assembled and operated solely by myself, on my first year of engineering school and being entirely based on my knowledge of electricity and magnetism at the time. With the catastrophic failure of the injector casing and the injector/rail assembly during a full power shot, I found the extra motivation I needed to re-design the gun so that my research in this area could continue. Of course, by now, with 3 years of engineering school and extensive research on the subject, I expected even greater successes.

86. Brigham Young University - Department Of Electrical And Computer Engineering - D
Research group at Brigham Young University is investigating the use of the calculus of differential forms in teaching and research.
Differential Forms in Electromagnetic Theory
Brigham Young University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
459 Clyde Building, Provo, Utah 84602
Richard H. Selfridge David V. Arnold and
Karl F. Warnick
The differential forms research group at BYU is investigating the use of the calculus of differential forms in teaching and research. Differential forms have been used to express Maxwell's laws since early in this century, but many of the advantages of forms as a tool for applied electromagnetics have only recently been discovered. Relative to the usual vector analysis treatment, differential forms make elementary electromagnetics clearer, simpler, and more intuitive. At the same time, differential forms are a powerful tool for research, and open the way for the application of powerful tools of modern differential geometry to electromagnetics. The purpose of this website is to make available publications and course materials to those interested in differential forms and their use in research and teaching. Download the latest EM theory course notes , also available in pdf form I have recently published a new book on electromagnetics using differential forms with problems and solutions: K. Warnick and P. Russer

87. New Induction
The new model of electromagnetic induction is claimed as superior to Faraday s law in every respect. It predicts things that Faraday can not.
Chose a site : Main Site
Home of New Electromagnetism World Leader In Electromagnetic Physics Enter
The Paradox 2 Experiment page
(Under construction) Inventors Association of Connecticut Main Page Members Services Page

88. Arkadiusz Jadczyk: Critical Notes On Bearden And Hoagland
Notes on Alpha Foundation s Institute of Advanced Study and on getting electromagnetic energy from vacuum. The site of Arkadiusz Jadczyk.
Ark's Homepage Publications Curriculum Vitae What's New ... QFG Site Map
Bearden and Hoagland
By Arkadiusz Jadczyk
Critical Notes on Tom Bearden and Richard Hoagland - NOTES on AIAS: This page consists mostly of quotes from other sources. I have added only a few remarks, as the material is generally self-explanatory. The first two pages are here and here US Department of Energy has an Office of Transportation Technologies. This Office, as it seems, hosts AIAS, and Tom Bearden is AIAS Program Manager. Here are the links ( Note: the links are valid as of December 12, 2001): Department of Energy Office of Transportation Technologies Advanced Electromagnetic Theory Program Goal
The goal is to develop an improved, higher topology electromagnetic theory that pulls together patches and threads used in chemistry, astrophysics and elsewhere to explain experimental and theoretical anomalies into a single model that leads to advanced understanding of time, space, energy and matter and unique energy sources and transportation systems.

89. Thinkbotics
The description, design and construction of a handheld coil gun rifle that is capable of launching a 0.30 caliber metallic projectile at adjustable velocities.
This Site is News Contact Future Weapons Systems Technology Project The EM-15 coil gun is a handheld, battery powered (12 VDC) rifle that is capable of launching a .30 caliber metallic projectile at adjustable velocities. The electronic circuit consists of a voltage step-up transformer converter, a Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier cascade, a capacitor energy storage bank, a voltage comparator to set the charge voltage on the capacitor bank, an SCR switching section and a single accelerator coil. Other components of the gun are the barrel, breech loading mechanism, battery supply, capacitor bank, control panel, display, projectile, pistol grip with trigger assembly and an aluminum stock that contains all of the components. Watch the movie to see the possible future of military rifle technology. Email me if you'd like the link to the orginal movie file (my download quota has been getting exceeded every month)
Plans Available Soon
The full detail plans explain the design and construction of every part needed to build this exciting technology - right down to winding the transformer needed for the high voltage converter circuit. EM-15 Main Circuit Board
The circuit board contains the step-up transformer converter, a cockcroft-walton voltage multiplier cascade, a voltage comparator to set the charge voltage on the capacitor bank, an SCR switching section, control panel and connectors for the 12V battery pack, capacitor bank, accelerator coil and the fire switch.

90. Numerical Electromagnet Code (NEC) Archives
A code for an RF antenna design unofficial archives including executables, source and documentation.
( page updated June 6, 2005)
The unofficial Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC) Archives
To contact archive maintainer:
Quick Links to the most popular downloads: MultiNEC
File Name
Short File Description
NEC Executables, Source Code and Documentation
ANTENNA.EXE ANTENNA.EXE is a self unzipping DOS file containing WIRE, based on some
of the original MiniNEC work. However, the changes were so drastic that it can no
longer referred to it as a variation on MiniNEC. One feature that it has is that it can
handle coaxial structures. Thus a coax can be analyzed as two wires of different radii.
There is care required at the terminations since there is fringing capacitance
since an actual end-cap has not been included. A paper covering the theory behind
WIRE is also available for download. The plotting of current and patterns were designed to be rather straight
forward. The package can handle up to about 160 unknowns in DOS. program and documentation provided by author Dr. William A. Davis

91. CST MICROSTRIPES - 3D EM Simulation Software
Commercial electromagnetic analysis simulation software and consultancy services for EMC compliance, by Flomerics, UK.

92. Infolytica Corporation
Offer electromagnetics design software for both low and high frequency applications. Products include MagNet, ElecNet and FullWave.
Your fastest solution to a better design
Electromagnetic specialists since 1978
  • Home Products View our product line for Motor Design
    MagNet v7
    2D/3D electromagnetic field simulation software MORE
    ElecNet v7
    2D/3D electric field simulation software MORE
    MotorSolve BLDC
    Template-based design software for brushless dc motors MORE
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    Template-based design software for switched reluctance motors MORE See all our products
    Designing 4 HP Wound Field IM
    Showcases the design and analysis capabilities of MotorSolve IM. MORE
    Battery Charging with Maximal Peak Power Tracking
    Detecting flaws in a pipe
    Using a pancake coil to detects flaws in this WFNDEC benchmark MORE
    Surge arrester
    Transverse flux configuration based on a NASA prototype MORE See all the applications
    CWIEME 2010 October 26-28, 2010 Chicago, IL MORE
    SMMA 2010
    November 9 - 11, 2010

93. Field Simulation Consultants: Finite-element Electromagnetics
Company specialized in 3D finite-element software for electromagnetic theory and experiments. It is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
This site has been moved to Field Precision LLC

94. ElectroMagnetic & Magnetic Simulation Software
Electromagnetic software package coupled with SolidWorks. It allows electrostatic, conduction, magnetostatic, AC-magnetic and transient simulations.
for Free
 International: +1 514 634 9797 maincell1='Products'; subnavalign1='0'; Products maincell2='Services'; subnavalign2='0'; Services maincell3='Customer Successes'; subnavalign3='1'; Customer Successes maincell4='News and Events'; subnavalign4='1'; News and Events maincell5='Company'; subnavalign5='2'; Company
Information for: Customers Prospective Customers Educators Resellers Information about: Service Packs Technical Support Sales Training ... Consulting Featured Products: EMS HFWorks ATLASS Quotes: Request a Quote Web-meetings: Join a meeting Share EMS
EMS is a powerful, easy-to-use 3D design analysis and optimization software fully embedded within SolidWorks®, the most popular CAD software. It is ideal for engineers working on low frequency applications and can be used to perform a wide range of analyses including Electrostatic, Conduction, Magnetostatic, AC-Magnetic and Transient Watch Video Now!
Free Evaluation: Request Now!
HFWorks HFWorks is the easiest to use high frequency and full-wave 3D design analysis and optimization software package available anywhere. Fully embedded within SolidWorks®, HFWorks is a powerful software loaded with four analysis options for Resonance, Antenna, S-Parameters and RCS calculations. Watch Video Now!

95. Ansoft - HFSS
Ansoft s 3D full-wave electromagnetic field software can be used in circuit, high frequency, signal integrity, and electromechanical simulations.
PRODUCTS INDUSTRIES SUPPORT Product Information HFSS home Product overview Product features Product datasheet ... Supported operating systems Related Material Press releases Articles Presentations Contact Sales Technical Library Materials 3M™ Embedded Capacitance Material Design Kits HFSS Antenna Design Kit v2.0 Left-Handed Metamaterial Design Guide Via Wizard 3.1 Gigabit Backplane SI Design Kit and White Paper ... Spiral Design Kit and Whitepaper White Papers Electromagnetic Safety in Wireless Communications and Bio-Medical Technologies Multiphysics Simulation of Satellite Dish RFID Radio Circuit Design in CMOS High Speed Interconnect Design ... Products
3D Full-wave Electromagnetic Field Simulation Each HFSS solver is based on a powerful, automated solution process where users are only required to specify geometry, material properties and the desired output. From here HFSS will automatically generate an appropriate, efficient and accurate mesh for solving the problem using the proven finite element method. With HFSS the physics defines the mesh; the mesh does not define the physics. New in HFSS 13.0

96. Stangenes Industries Inc : High-Voltage, High-Power Custom Pulse Transformers &
Transformers, current transformers, voltage dividers, electromagnets, X-ray power supplies, pulse forming networks.
An ISO 9001:2008 Registered Firm
contact us Products Service Capabilities ... Distributors
Stangenes Industries, Inc. produces
Isolation Transformers, Current Monitors, Charging Inductors, and many other magnetic components designed and manufactured to customer specifications. We are the worldwide leader in the design and production of High-Voltage Pulse Transformers for High-Power Microwave Tubes. For tape-wound soft magnetic cores manufactured from a broad range of materials, visit our subsidiary,
MK Magnetics Inc.

service capabilities support ...

Electromagnetic complex materials with both negative real permittivity and permeability. General information and provides a forum for discussion.
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98. Less Radiation
Blog covering a range of issues of concern to the author, mostly being the risks involved in the use of new technologies and devices that cause electromagnetic fields.

99. EMR Network - Citizens And Professionals For The Responsible Use Of Electromagne
Organization working to reduce hazardous exposure to electromagnetic radiation worldwide. Includes news and information about risks, ongoing research, regulations, and litigation.
Contact Info

Mission FAQ ... Donate Citizens and Professionals for the Responsible Use of Electromagnetic Radiation
- cell phones
- antennas and towers
- wireless networks ( Wi-Fi and WiMAX
- power lines
Welcome to the the EMR Network web site. We are currently at work transfering over the content from our former site.
The EMR Network now features an online interactive community designed to share information, ideas and resources. Click here to learn more
HOW THEY AFFECT YOUR COMMUNITY Information on cell towers and what you can do about them HOW THEY AFFECT YOUR HEALTH Information on what your devices could be doing to you. HOW THEY AFFECT YOUR FAMILY Information on children and wireless
- News Flash-
October 26, 2010 Cell-Phone Safety: What the FCC Didn't Test By Michael Scherer We are a nation grown numb to the seemingly endless fine print that accompanies our purchases. But every now and then a product is sold with a warning that should command attention. Consider the little-noticed bit of legalese that comes in the safety manual for Apple's iPhone 4...

100. Bioelectromagnetics Society
International society for scientific research, knowledge and understanding of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with biological systems.
BEMS Home Society Publications Calendar ... Submit a news item
The Bioelectromagnetics Society promotes the exchange of ideas to advance the science of natural and applied electromagnetic fields in biology and medicine. BEMS 32nd Annual Meeting The 32nd Annual Meeting of The Bioelectromagnetics Society will be held June 14-18, 2010, in Seoul, Korea, at the Seoul Education Culture Center (also known as the KyoYuk MunHwa ... (more)
News Now Online: Newsletter #215 The latest issue of the Bioelectromagnetics newsletter is one that you won't want to miss: it has some very interesting background details on each of the student presentations (poster and platform) that received awards at the recent meeting in Seoul, Korea. These are followed by two especially intriguing notes from members. You may even find that you want to comment on what you read, and if you do, please send those comments to Hey, wait, is that a new email address? Yes it is - and that's just the beginning of the significant changes you are about to see in the BEMS electronic world. Read about more of them in issue 215 of the BEMS newsletter, now available.
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