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  1. Theoretical Physics: Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Waves and Particles by F. Woodbridge Constant, 1958
  2. Davis's Manual of Magnetism, Including Galvanism, Magnetism, Electro-Magnetism, Electro-Dynamics, Magneto-Electricity, and Thermo-Electricity ... by Daniel Davis, William Francis Channing, et all 2010-02-10
  3. Electromagnetism and electrostatics using S.I. units by W. F Archenhold, 1973
  4. Principles of Natural Philosophy, Or, a New Theory of Physics: Founded On Gravitation, and Applied in Explaining the General Properties of Matter, the ... Galvanism, Magnetism, & Electro-Magnetism by Thomas Exley, 2010-01-12
  5. The fundamentals of electro-magnetism by E. G Cullwick, 1966
  6. Molecular Electromagnetism by Alan Hinchliffe, Robert W. Munn, et all 1985-10-02
  7. The principles of electromagnetism, (The Oxford engineering science series) by E. B Moullin, 1932
  8. Advanced Physics Project for Independent Learning: Electromagnetism Unit EM by Advanced Physics Project for Independent Learning, 1980-11-27
  9. Lectures On Electricity: Comprising Glavanism, Magnetism, Electro-Magnetism, Magneto- and Thermo- Electricity, and Electro-Physiology by Henry Minchin Noad, 2010-02-23
  10. Electromagnetism and the earth's interior (Developments in solid earth geophysics) by Tsuneji Rikitake, 1966
  11. Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetism: Linear Theory and Applications (Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences) by Michel Cessenat, 1996-06
  12. Electromagnetism (Mission: Science) by Elizabeth R. Cregan, 2009-08-15
  13. Electromagnetism (Physics Topics) by J.M. Osborne, 1970-11-09
  14. Basic Electromagnetism and Its Application (Tutorial Guides in Electronic Engineering) by Compton, 1986-06

101. EMF Exposure - Risk Assessment - Remediation
Provides electromagnetic field measurement surveys, remediation services, and home design consultations.
Electromagnetic fields, or EMF, can be problematic from two perspectives: the concern over potential health effects from human exposure, and the disruption to computer monitors and other equipment under high field conditions. Our assessment and remediation services can address both issues. EMF exposure has become a topic of concern for many people and is an active area of biophysical research. Scientific studies in recent years have shown an apparent correlation between exposure to elevated magnetic field levels and the risk of adverse health effects. The same is true for radio frequency radiation from broadcast and cell phone towers . Significant controversy now exists over the degree of risk posed by this exposure, and the exact mechanisms of interaction by which electromagnetic fields may influence biological processes. Confronted with this uncertain risk, many individuals have chosen to take a cautious approach and limit their exposure where possible. Our services address this environmental health concern by providing measurement surveys , field reduction modalities, and building design consultation. We take an objective, information based approach to this issue in which clearly defined guidelines have not been established.

102. Vitatech Engineering - Professional Enginering EMF Consultants
Company specializes in electromagnetic fields surveys and measurements, exposure and risk assessments, and magnetic shielding solutions.
  • HOME EMF Overview
    . DC Field Mitigation with engineered performance guaranteed
    Magnetic Shielding
    VitaTech Engineering on GSA Schedule
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    Reasons To Use VitaTech Engineering, LLC
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    We are experts in measuring, simulating, and evaluating the potential impact from electric and magnetic fields emanating from: 1) 50/60 Hz power frequency sources (transmission and distribution lines, substations, transformers, secondary feeders, switchgears, distribution panels, ductbanks, busways, conduits, electrical panels and motors); 2) AC/DC traction catenary/ 3rd rail systems (trains, light rails, subways and trams); 3) DC static and quasi-static geomagnetic fields, scientific magnets (NMR, MRI, cyclotron, etc.), moving ferromagnetic masses (elevators, vehicles, trains); and, 4) HVDC (high voltage DC) transmission lines, inverters and converters. VitaTech engineers and installs shielding systems in commercial buildings, nanotech, research, medical and hospital facilities. We specialize in high performance AC ELF (extremely low frequency) shielding systems for electrophysiology research and diagnostic rooms (EEGs, EKGs, EMGs, etc.), combined AC ELF/DC shielding systems for high resolution electron beam research tools (TEMs, SEMs, STEMs, FIBs, E-Beams, etc.) and AC ELF/DC/RF shielding systems for NMRs, MRIs and MEGs. We also offer DC Active Compensation System (ACS) technology to ensure optimal low-noise quasi-static environments in all our shielded rooms.

103. Powerwatch - Home
Non-profit independent organization that has been researching electromagnetic field effects on health for the last 20 years. Provides information and news on the issues involved.
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Welcome to Powerwatch
Powerwatch is a small non-profit independent organisation with a central role in the UK Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Radiation health debate. We work closely with decision-makers in government and business, and with other like-minded groups, promoting policies for a safer environment. We have been researching electromagnetic field effects on health for over 20 years, and provide a range of information to help the general public try to understand this complex issue. To see a full list of the articles we have written (other than the standard pages on the side), please have a look through our

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