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  1. Topology and Geometry for Physicists by Charles Nash, Siddhartha Sen, 2011-01-20
  2. The Stock Market and Finance From a Physicist's Viewpoint by M. F. Osborne, 1996-01
  3. The Modern Technology Of Radiation Oncology: A Compendium for Medical Physicists and Radiation Oncologists, Vol. 2
  4. Mathematics for Physicists and Engineers: Fundamentals and Interactive Study Guide by Klaus Weltner, Wolfgang J. Weber, et all 2009-12-18
  5. Group Representation Theory for Physicists by Jin-Quan Chen, Jialun Ping, et all 2002-09
  6. Physical thought from the Presocratics to the quantum physicists: An anthology
  7. From Science to God: A Physicist's Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness by Peter Russell, 2004-12-22
  8. Physics of Life: The Physicist's Road to Biology by Clas Blomberg, 2007-11-15
  9. Galileo: Astronomer and Physicist (Signature Lives: Scientific Revolution series) by Doak, Robin S., 2005-06-01
  10. Russia's Lomonosov: Chemist, Courtier, Physicist, Poet by Boris Nikolaevich Menshutkin, 1970
  11. The faith of a physicist by H. E Huntley, 1960
  12. Nikola Tesla: Physicist, Inventor, Electrical Engineer (Signature Lives) by Michael Burgan, 2009-03-30
  13. Modern Differential Geometry for Physicists (World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics) by C. J. Isham, 1999-06
  14. Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers: Second Corrected Edition by Royal Eugene Collins, 1998-01-29

41. Physicists - Definition And More From The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Definition of word from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.

42. Famous Physicists
Physics couldn't exist without physicists who discover the laws that govern our universe. Here you will learn about some of the most famous physicists, and about some who never
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  • Physics 101 History of Physics
  • Physics couldn't exist without physicists who discover the laws that govern our universe. Here you will learn about some of the most famous physicists, and about some who never quite got the popularity they deserved. It will include biographies, quotations, anecdotes, links to writings and papers, and other materials.
  • Albert Einstein (9) Galileo Galilei (3) Michio Kaku (2) Niels Bohr (2) ...
  • About Inventors - Famous Inventors
    The About Inventors site includes some biographies of famous inventors and scientists, many of whom were also famous physicists. Definitely worth checking out. zSB(3,3)
    Brian Cox
    Brian Cox is known by some as the "rock star physicist," because he is in fact both a rock star and a physicist. He has especially risen to prominence following his work as a project leader at the Large Hadron Collider, in conjunction with a lot of work presenting science to the masses in understandable ways.
    Willard S. Boyle

    43. APS Physics | APS Home
    The world's second largest organization of physicists, APS publishes physics journals and organizes meetings.

    44. Physicists Prove That Vampires Could Not Exist
    .. Career information and college search tools for physicists and those interested in pursuing careers in related fields. The Top Cities tab shows......physicists Job

    45. Study MRI Physics
    Questions and answers on the basics of MRI for physicists and other clinical scientists. Also provides animated tutorials and interactive learning tools.

    46. Applied Physics Research And Product Development - The Industrial Physicist
    Bimonthly magazine published by The American Institute of Physics to promote the development, advancement, and recognition of industrial physicists and the applications of physics in industry.
    document.writeln(AAMB11); Advertise on TIP American Institute of Physics A special offer for readers of TIP from Physics Today The Industrial Physicist (TIP) magazine ceased publication effective with the December 2004/January 2005 issue.
    Browse index of our content:
    Browse our applied physics topical collections:
    • Reviews : Relevant topics, such as nanotechnology and biophysics Profiles : Physicists in industry Multimedia : Animations and interactives Primers : How to do it, how it works

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    47. Pictures Of Physicists
    Pictures and drawings of famous physicists, a comprehensive collection.
    Pictures of Famous Physicists
    The complete Picture Gallery (351 pictures, text-based version, alphabetically sorted)
    Thumbnail-enhanced showrooms of the gallery
    Pre-20th century (32 pictures)
    Pioneers of Quantum Theory (20 pictures)
    Theoreticians (35 pictures)
    Experimentalists (part 1) (24 pictures)
    Experimentalists (part 2) (24 pictures)
    Nobel prize 1971-1980 (25 pictures)
    Nobel prize 1981-1990 (23 pictures)
    Nobel prize since 1991 (13 pictures)
    Albert Einstein (63 pictures)
    Group photographs (24 pictures)
    The Nobel Prize winners in physics 1901-1998 (some pictures are still missing) Black-and-white drawings of physicists by I. Waloschek (53 pictures) Physics-related postage stamps 1321 pictures! Portraits from the other side of science (6 pictures) Visit the AIP Center for History of Physics A few more more pictures found at St. Andrews /Scotland Last modified: Oct. 24, 2010 jr
    Joachim Reinhardt

    48. Арбатский Дмитрий Александрович
    Theoretical physicist. Research interests and publications. In Russian and in English.

    49. Education And Employment Data - American Institute Of Physics
    The latest data regarding education and employment trends in physics and related science fields.

    50. Welcome To Giovanni Lasio's Home Page!
    A former high energy physicist turned into a medical physicist. This page contains some of the previous research as well as some other non-physics material, like pictures and links to other sites.

    51. Ed Boyden
    Research on physics of computation and neuroengineering.
    Ed Boyden, Ph. D.
    Curriculum vitae/resume
    I lead the Synthetic Neurobiology Group at MIT. We are inventing new tools for analyzing and engineering brain circuits. We are devising technologies for controlling specific neural circuit elements, to understand their causal contribution to normal and pathological neural computations. Our inventions include 'optogenetic' tools we developed for activation and silencing of neural circuits with light, and noninvasive devices using novel physical principles to control neural activity. We are using our inventions to enable systematic approaches to neuroscience, revealing how entire neural circuits operate to generate behavior, and empowering new therapeutic strategies for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Our entrepreneurial approach to tackling clinically and philosophically important problems will hopefully yield a better understanding of the nature of human existence, and enable the ability to engineer improvements thereupon.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: The links below describe activities roughly between 1995 and 2008, and will become increasingly obsolete over time - I will only update scientific content on The Synthetic Neurobiology Group web page from now on.

    52. Dr_Paul_Kinsler:
    Physicist at Imperial College. Contains research and professional interests, past and present.
    c) Dr Paul Kinsler.
    Dr. Paul Kinsler
    Research Physicist
    BSc, MSc(1st), PhD, CPhys, MinstP.
    Specialising in nonlinear optics, semiconductor microstructures, and quantum optics.
    Member of the Institute of Physics Employed by:

    Department of Physics

    Imperial College London

    Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2BW, United Kingdom.
    INDEX: Optical Pulses Semiconductor Microstructures Quantum Optics Publications ... Contact Information RELATED SITES: me @ Imperial College (master site); me @ (mirror); IRC #physics channel page Good web sites support user feedback and discussion forums. So if you have any questions, feel free to email me at As for discussion forums, I'll just point out my favourite ones: firstly, the sci.physics.* internet newsgroups (which naturally have a FAQ file). I read the newsgroups sci.physics. research electromag cond-matter , and sci.optics . Secondly, there is the real-time chat medium of IRC (channel #physics As a rule I check the RSS feeds from various APS, AIP, IoP, and OSA journals, also the arXiv. If something catches my eye I might tag it ( rss ), or even

    53. Welcome To Dr. Zhi Gang Yu's Web Site
    Research physicist studying spin-dependent transport in organic materials and devices, DNA and proteins, conducting polymers, and high-temperature superconductors.
    I am a Senior Research Physicist at Applied Optics Laboratory in SRI International
    Graphics by

    54. Jackson, Paul
    Physicist on the BaBar experiment in California. Links to work on the angle gamma of the unitarity triangle are available.

    55. Armando Giannattasio, D.Phil., CAPM
    Physicist and material scientist, now working at MEMC Electronic Materials on silicon single crystals grown by the Czochralski method.
    Armando Giannattasio D.Phil., CAPM® Senior Engineer Crystal Innovation, Process and Product MEMC Electronic Materials S.p.A.
    Contacts: MEMC Electronic Materials SpA via Nazionale, 59 39012 Merano (BZ) Italy Tel: +39 0473333222 Fax: +39 0473333270 E-mail1: E-mail2: Home About Me Interests Publications Photo Gallery This site was last updated

    56. Ard's Homepage
    Theoretical physicist working as independent scientific consultant. Contains curriculum vitae and publication list.
    Ard van Bergen
    This is the homepage of Ard van Bergen University of Utrecht My CV will give you all details about my skills and experience and includes a publication list Business links
    More about flying

    More about chess
    Pareto Optimization

    57. Jan Troost, Physicist
    Theoretical physicist working at the Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique. Includes research interests and education along with lists of references on string theory and quantum field theory, and course notes.

    Academic Consultant. Resum of the webmaster.
    Ahmet Satir's Home Page
    • Nationality: Turk
    • Date of Birth: January 5, 1954
    • Place of Birth: Ankara, Turkey
    • Languages: Basic German, Basic French
    • Home Address: Koza Sokak 136/1, G.O.P 06670 Ankara, Turkey
    • Home Phone: +90 312 437 86 34
    • Home Fax: +90 312 437 86 34
    • Present Position: Academic Consultant
    • Address for correspondence: Kucukesat Postanesi P.K.2 Ankara, Turkey
    • Work Phone: +90 532 297 17 67
    • E-mail address:
    • B.S., Physics Department, Middle East Technical University,(1980) (I had completed 80 % of Mathematics department curriculum)
    • M.S.''Solutions of Yang-Mills equations in Euclidean space'', Physics Department, Middle East Technical University (1982)
    • Ph.D.''Generalized local symmetries of the SO(2,1) invariant nonlinear sigma model''
      Physics Department,Middle East Technical University (1994)
    • Docent Degree in Mathematical Physics (1996)
    • Selected in Who's Who in the World (Marquis,1999,2001,2002) 121 Chanlon Road, New Providence, NJ 07974 USA
    • Reviewer in Mathematical Reviews (1998) 416 Fourth Street, P.O.Box 8604, Ann Arbor, MI 48107, USA

    59. Group Of Prof. Thomas Nattermann | Homepage
    Professor of theoretical and statistical physics.
    Statistical Physics and Random Systems
    Thomas Nattermann
    Institute for Theoretical Physics
    University of Cologne home contact ... positions Statistical Physics and Random Systems Prof. Dr. Thomas Nattermann
    Institute of Theoretical Physics
    University of Cologne SFB 608

    60. Gupta, Sandeep
    Graduate assistant at Rutgers University. Contains information about research, personal page, and resume.

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