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  1. Group Theory for Physicists by Zhong-Qi Ma, 2007-11-28
  2. Mathematics for Physics and Physicists by Walter Appel, 2007-02-12
  3. Problems & Solutions in Group Theory for Physicists by Zhong-Qi Ma, Xiao-Yan Gu, 2004-08
  4. The Quantum Doctor: A Physicist's Guide to Health and Healing by Amit Goswami, 2004-10-01
  5. Isaac Newton: Groundbreaking Physicist and Mathematician (Mission: Science Biographies) by Jane Weir, 2009-08-15
  6. Alvarez: Adventures of a Physicist (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Series) by Luis W. Alvarez, 1989-05
  7. Quantitative Finance for Physicists: An Introduction (Academic Press Advanced Finance) by Anatoly B. Schmidt, 2004-12-28
  8. Reinventing Gravity: A Physicist Goes Beyond Einstein by John W. Moffat, 2008-10-01
  9. Radiation Oncology: A Physicist's-Eye View (Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering) by Michael Goitein, 2010-11-02
  10. Heisenberg and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: The Physicist as Philosopher by Kristian Camilleri, 2009-02-23
  11. Our Improbable Universe: A Physicist Considers How We Got Here by Ph.D. Michael Mallary, 2004-08-03
  12. A Matter of Choices: Memoirs of a Female Physicist (Lives of Women in Science) by Fay Ajzentberg-Selove, 1994-01-01
  13. Kinetics of Nonhomogeneous Processes: A Practical Introduction for Chemists, Biologists, Physicists and Materials Scientists by Gordon R. Freeman, 1987-04-30
  14. From X-rays to Quarks: Modern Physicists and Their Discoveries (Dover Classics of Science & Mathematics) by Emilio Segre, 2007-06-05

Contains scientific research and personal information.
Titus Sebastiaan van Erp Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Amsterdam

Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
1018 WV Amsterdam
tel: 0031 20 5256917
Check out my new homepage at the
Centre Europeen de Calcul Atomique et Moleculaire !

(click on the picture to see my thesis)
Last updated: 22-04-2003

62. Harvey S. Leff Home Page
Professor Emeritus at the California State Polytechnic University. Includes teaching, research, and family information.
Dr. Harvey S. Leff
Professor Emeritus of Physics
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Home Page
(short) ...
California State Polytechnic University

("Cal Poly Pomona")
3801 West Temple Blvd.
Pomona, CA 91768 Building 8, Room 227
Voice: (909) 869-4013
FAX: (909) 869-5090 email: **MUSIC** OUT-LAWS OF PHYSICS! Movie snippets of Leff drumming at Cal Poly Pumpkin Festival, Oct. 18, 2003, with Jolene Houser singing and playing guitar Tiny QuickTimemovie Sizable QuickTime movie Still photo Death of a Good Friend - Alan Felzer ... and Cosmology
Recommended Links Recommended Local Jazz Applying to Graduate School(PDF) Heat Pump Presentation at AAPT Mtg. - Su 2004(Quicktime) Activities - California Content Standards- Grade 4 ... Maxwell's Demon 2: Entropy, Classical and Quantum Information, Computing (2003) Read Ch 1 online. Cal Poly Physics Department Home Page Cal Poly Pomona Physics Seminars Einstein Exhibition (American Museum of Natural History) How to Study Physics by Prof. Dan Styer, Oberlin College

63. Davison E. Soper's Page
University of Oregon; theoretical elementary particle theory.
Davison E. Soper
Dave Soper works in elementary particle theory. Much of his recent work describes the strong interactions, quantum chromodynamics. He has been concerned with developing the methods that enable one to make predictions from the theory that can be compared with experiment. He is a member of the CTEQ Collaboration , which consists of both theorists and experimentalists from several experimental collaborations. CTEQ promotes research in quantum chromodynamics and runs an annual summer school. Soper has worked on organizing workshops on terascale physics, that is physics with an energy scale of tera electron volts. A list of these can be found at the website of the UO high energy theory group Soper's most recent work concerns two subjects. One is the principles behind the construction of parton showers in Monte Carlo event generators. The other is performing next-to-leading order calculations of loop diagrams in quantum field theory by performing the integrations numerically. There is code available for this. The relevant papers on these subjects are in the list of recent publications below.

64. COS Expertise - A Knowledge Management System
Community of Science search engine to find home pages and contact addresses for scientists.
@import url(""); COS Expertise Search COS Expertise COS Expertise is a richly featured knowledge management system for individuals and institutions, containing more than 480,000 first-person profiles of researchers from over 1,600 institutions worldwide. This database is updated daily and was last updated on October 31, 2010.

65. Dr. Oliver Rudzick
Researcher at the National Institute for the Physics of Matter. Includes research interests in the field of nonlinear dynamics.
Oliver Rudzick
Hello, welcome to my homepage!
I am a researcher in the Complex Systems Group of Prof. Alexander Mikhailov Dept. of Physical Chemistry Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck-Society Berlin
Fields of interest
Theoretical studies on
  • control of pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems
    (investigation of the periodically forced complex Ginzburg-Landau equation as well as realistic models describing eg. the catalytic CO oxidation on Pt(110) or the photosensitive Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction) nonequilibrium pattern formation in reactive soft matter nonlinear dynamics in semiconductors
Videos of wave traps and twisted spirals (Phys. Rev. Lett. cover article)
Picture of a twisted spiral in "ZEIT online" (in German)
Animations of propagating oscillating phase kinks
List of publications
My diploma thesis in physics dealt with the theoretical description of self-generated high-frequency current oscillations in semiconductor multilayer structures. When an electric field is applied parallel to the layers of such structures one can observe a small interval with negative slope in the current-voltage characteristic, i.e. an increasing electric field leads to decreasing current. That behaviour is called negative differential conductivity and is known to give rise to current instabilities. In my diploma thesis about nonlinear dynamics in modulation doped semiconductor multilayer structures I investigated a model describing current oscillations in structures consisting of GaAs - and

66. De Lotto Barbara Home Page
Professor of Physics at the University of Udine, Italy. Provides useful information about scientific and teaching activity.

67. Dr. DarkMatter
Faculty member at the University of Oregon who engages mostly in observational astronomy. Contains many pictures of astronomical phenomenon.
Home of Dr. DarkMatter
NUTS at MOO (a.k.a. DrDarkMatter) is actually a tenured faculty member in the Physics Department at the University of Oregon who engages mostly in observational astronomy. Dr. DarkMatter is known to work at all hours under a variety of conditions. This is the only known photo of Dr. DarkMatter at work Dr. DarkMatter's interest are primarily in galaxy evolution and large scale structure, although he is also quite committed to trying to improve the quality of science education not to mention trying to deal with the various aspects of the energy crises on this planet. Indeed here is a current cv He also serves as a UNIX system administrator and is involved in trying to use the Network as an Educational Outreach instrument between the University and local area schools as well as the general public. He is the current director of the Pine Mountain Observatory , a facility that offers weekend public programs on the Electronic Universe in which the general public can use a 32-inch telescope with CCD to acquire images and take them home. Our Wide Field CCD Camera (cowcam) is now in place and taking data and we are doing several resarch and outreach projects with it. Listed below are most of the collected works of Dr. DarkMatter as they represent his "contribution" to Astronomy (and perhaps other areas). These works are arranged by Subject Matter and Year. They are linked to the Journal Title Page Abstract when that is available from the

68. Marcelo Gleiser
Professor at Dartmouth College. Contains research, teaching, public understanding of science, and public lectures.




Public Understanding of Science
Contact Info

I am presently the Appleton Professor of Natural Philosophy and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth College. In this web site you will be able to find out more about what I do as a scientist, teacher, and science popularizer. I have a very abbreviated CV available online: Abbreviated CV. My new book has just been published! A Tear at the Edge of Creation: A Radical New Vision for Life in an Imperfect Cosmos. Here is a video where I describe its main ideas:
Also, check my blog on science and culture hosted by National Public Radio.
Last updated 08 February 2010
Email comments to the site editor

69. Papers By Daniel Swift
Researcher at the University of Alaska. Includes links to research projects.
Substorm Simulation by Use of a Two-Dimensional Global-Scale Hybrid Code Daniel W. Swift, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, AK 99775-7320 and Yu Lin, Physics Department, Auburn University Auburn, AL 36849-5311 Use of a Hybrid Code for Global-Scale Plasma Simulation Daniel W. Swift, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, AK 99775-7320 Auroral Precipitation and Quasi-Trapped Electrons (PDF file)
Fig 1-5
Access to the directory with the text (trapped.pdf) and figures
D. W. Swift, M-C. Fok, G. Khazanov, D. Lummerzheim, and Y. Zheng

70. Stepanov, Misha
Working on turbulence theory, optical telecommunications and data clustering. Contains publications, CV, and notes.

Contains overview of research on nonlinear wave motion, references, conventions and events.
goal osborne challenge greetings ... admin
Hi , welcome to The purpose of this web site is to promote the development of software for the periodic inverse scattering transform. The osborne challenge is to make the software useful to folks, even if they are not experts in the mathematics of the inverse scattering transform. Follow the wave.. design feedback students area

72. Shankar, Balaji
Talks about work in CFD, university and personal interests.

73. Marco Avila
Includes flash physics animations for students
Marco A. Avila
UT Austin Physics Department

If you have the flash plug in Click Here HTML Version
To view this page you need Flash Skip Intro

74. University Of Alaska: Watkins Home Page
Professor at the University of Alaska. Includes research interests and graduate students.
Brenton Watkins Professor of Physics and
Physics Department University of Alaska Fairbanks
Home Students Research Collaborators Research Projects ... Contact

75. Dan Holmes - Home Page
Particle physics student. Contains galleries of photos.
Dan's Pages HOME FAVOURITE LINKS RECENT PUBLICATIONS USEFUL CODE SNIPPETS ... NON-WORK The CMS barrel sitting and waiting patiently in April 07.
Hello there... My name is Dan Holmes. I work for the University of Florida on the End Cap Muon Trigger of CMS. CMS is one of the two multipurpose experiments that will record data from the LHC at CERN. These pages are an area i use to keep all sorts of things that are useful to me. Feel free to browse around and borrow code snippets etc. I take no responsibility for anything you do with what you find here. Dan ps. This page used to serve as an unofficial CSCTF project page, there is now an official one, click below......

76. :: Benedykt | Jany................ Leukonoe ............. Leuconoe .............
student at Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics Jagiellonian University Kracow
:: About Me
:: Curriculum Vitae

:: Science

:: Portfolio
:: Blog

Name: Benedykt, Ryszard
Surname: Jany
Date of birth:
Profession: PhD Student at Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics Jagiellonian University Cracow Poland

77. Homepage Of Eleftheria D.M. Kavoussanaki
Personal site with info about past and current research.
Hi! Thanks for visiting!
For info about my past and current research please click here
For info about teaching please click here
For info about my past radio programme please click here
For some software related tips please click here
For some simple codes please click here
For a list of my bookmarks please click here
For info about the programmes I have on my pc please have a look here
For info about me (and contact details) please have a look here For any comments or suggestions feel free to contact me at : Page Last Updated On: document.write(document.lastModified)

78. Jens A. Berger @ BNL
Information about the scientist s life and work.
Jens A. Berger (BNL)
STAR Experiment

Level-3 Trigger group

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)

Physics Department
Building 510A
Upton, New York 11973 USA

fax: ++1 631 344 4206
Home Institution:
Jens A. Berger (IKF) Institut Kernphysik Frankfurt (IKF) High Energy Nuclear Physics Group August-Euler-Str. 06 D-60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany phone: +49 69 798 24254 fax: +49 69 798 24212
Relativistic heavy Ion Physics:
  • Anti-Proton to Proton Ratio in Au+Au Collisions at STAR , PhD Thesis. Submitted to the physics department of J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany on Nov. 4th 2003. Defended April 5th 2004. [ps] [pdf] New States of Matter in Hadronic Interactions (PASI), Campos Do Jordao, SP, Brasil, January 07-18, 2002 "Critical review of Quark Gluon Plasma Signatures" published in "New States of Matter in Hadronic Interactions" edited by H.-T. Elze et al. 2002 American Institute of Physics ISBN 0-7354-0086-6 [ps] [pdf] . Talk [pdf] by Horst Stoecker The STAR Level-3 Trigger System , Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A499:778-791,2003

79. Physics Research Homepage Of Dr. Christian Buth
Louisiana State University. Contains research interests, curriculum vitae, and publications.
Physics Research Homepage
Dr. Christian Buth
R esearch J obs T eaching S oftware
  • Free electron laser atomic, molecular, and optical physics program package (FELLA)
    The program package comprises several multiphoton codes to study the interaction of optical laser light and x rays with atoms and molecules. It uses the Hartree-Fock-Slater approximation for the atomic electronic structure and a Floquet-type theory to describe the interaction with light Crystal orbital algebraic diagrammatic construction (CO-ADC)
    The CO-ADC program suite has been designed to calculate band structures of semiconducting and insulating crystals. Based on the Hartree-Fock approximation, the electron correlations are accounted for on ab initio level using the crystal orbital algebraic diagrammatic construction (CO-ADC) scheme
C ontact
Bothe Laboratory, room 327

80. Stephen Jordan's Homepage
Postdoc in quantum computation at Caltech. Homepage containing research information and publications.
Stephen Jordan's Homepage
Postdoc at IQI , Caltech
PhD in Physics 2008 MIT
BS in Physics 2003 Penn State

Quantum Algorithm Zoo
It is now believed that quantum computers can solve certain problems more efficiently than classical computers. For example, quantum algorithms have been discovered which can factor large numbers in an amount of time which varies roughly as the cube of the number of digits. In contrast, the best known classical algorithm for factoring requires time which grows almost exponentially with the number of digits. Such results raise many questions. The two main questions I am currently interested in are:
  • How can we build a quantum computer?
  • What could we do with a quantum computer if we had one? For more information see my list of publications , most of which are available online.
    In the course of writing my thesis I compiled a list of all the quantum algorithms I am aware of. I have now put this quantum algorithm zoo online with the hope that it will be a useful resource. My previous research involved condensed matter experiment and simulation.
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