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  1. Creative Evolution: A Physicist's Resolution Between Darwinism and Intelligent Design by Amit Goswami, 2008-09-01
  2. Lectures on Groups and Vector Spaces for Physicists (World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics Vol. 31) by C. J. Isham, 1989-09
  3. The Medium, the Mystic, and the Physicist by Lawrence Le Shan, 1982-02-12
  4. Quantum Field Theory I: Basics in Mathematics and Physics: A Bridge between Mathematicians and Physicists (v. 1) by Eberhard Zeidler, 2006-08-14
  5. H.G.J. Moseley: The Life and Letters of an English Physicist, 1887-1915 by J. L. Heilbron, 1974-03-07
  6. Euler as Physicist by Dieter Suisky, 2009-12-09
  7. Locally Compact Quantum Groups and Groupoids: Proceedings of the Meeting of Theoretical Physicists and Mathematicians, Strasbourg, February 21-23, 2002/Rencontre ... in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, 2)
  8. Enrico Fermi, Physicist by Emilio Segre, 1995-08-01
  9. Heisenberg Probably Slept Here: The Lives, Times, and Ideas of the Great Physicists of the 20th Century (Wiley Popular Science) by Richard P. Brennan, 1998-09-18
  10. Recollections of a Chinese Physicist by C. K. Jen, 1991-07
  11. From Falling Bodies to Radio Waves: Classical Physicists and Their Discoveries by Emilio Segre, 2007-05-11
  12. In at the Beginnings: A Physicist's Life by Philip M. Morse, 1976-12-15
  13. Chien-Shiung Wu: Pioneering Nuclear Physicist (Makers of Modern Science) by Richard Hammond, 2009-10-31
  14. Statistics for Nuclear and Particle Physicists by Louis Lyons, 1989-04-28

81. Anthony J. Zukaitis
Resume of Ph.D. in Physics.
Anthony J. Zukaitis Work Address:
Los Alamos National Lab
Diagnostics Applications (X-5)
Mail Stop F663
Los Alamos, NM 87544
Phone: (505)-665-1276
Fax: (505)-665-3046
Home Address:
Los Alamos, NM 87544
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Department of Physics Advisor:
Dr. Tao Pang Ph. D. in Physics, Recieved May 2001. Dissertation Project: Density Functional Calculations of Rubidium under Pressure PDF (650Kb) Postscript (3.15Mb) Gziped Postscript (485kb) M. S. in Physics, Recieved May 1998 Master's Project: Classical Molecular Dynamics of a Polymer in a Solvent University of Wyoming, Laramie Department of Physics B. S. in Physics, Recieved May 1996 RESEARCH
  • Current Project: We are currently doing calculations on the high pressure phases of Rubidium at high pressure using Density Functional Theory.
  • Parallelization of the Density Functional Package using Parallelization Directives and the SGI SCSL Parallel Math Libraries. A summary can be found at
  • Masters' Project: I wrote a classical molecular dynamics program to study the topological effects on the diffusion of polymers in a solvent. The program was parallelized using MPICH , an implementation of MPI.

82. Welcome To Explorations In Science With Dr. Michio Kaku
Professor of theoretical physics, best selling author and populizer of science.

83. James N. Imamura
Professor at the University of Oregon interested in observational and theoretical astrophysics.
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Department of Physics
University of Oregon
Search UO Physics
James N. Imamura: Professor
Ph.D. 1981, Indiana
  • At UO since:
  • Director, Institute of Theoretical Science
  • Field of Specialization: Observational and Theoretical Astrophysics
  • Research Interests : accretion disks; dense fluids; X-ray timing observations
  • phone: 541-346-5212
    fax: 541-346-5217
    office: 444 Willamette
  • Group web site

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84. Home | Professor Danil Doubochinski
Includes biographical details, research interests, patents and publications.
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revolution in cooling technology
Revolution in cooling technology Cooling by the evaporation of water occurs throughout Nature, and belongs to the oldest known technologies used by Mankind. The principle could not be more simple: The process of evaporation removes heat from the surrounding medium, producing a corresponding c...
On the General Nature of Physical Objects and their Interactions, as Suggested by the Properties of Argumentally-Coupled Oscillating Systems
Danil Doubochinski and Jonathan Tennenbaum Quantix - Société de Recherche et Développement en Technique Vibratoire 86, Rue de Wattignies, 75012 Paris, France The work reported here originates in the discovery, four decades ago, of a previouslyunknown type of self-organizing interact...
On the Fundamental Properties of Coupled Oscillating Systems
On the Fundamental Properties of Coupled Oscillating Systems Danil Doubochinski and Jonathan Tennenbaum Quantix - Société de Recherche et Développement en Technique Vibratoire 86, Rue de Wattignies, 75012 Paris, France ; Abstract The...

85. Niels Bohr - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Information about his life, contributions to physics, and theories. Reference books and links to websites of interest.
Niels Bohr
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Niels Bohr
Born Niels Henrik David Bohr
7 October 1885
Denmark Died
Nationality Denmark Fields Physics Institutions University of Copenhagen
University of Cambridge

University of Manchester
Alma mater ...
Ernest Rutherford
Doctoral students Hendrik Anthony Kramers Copenhagen interpretation

Bohr model
... Bohr magneton Influences Ernest Rutherford Influenced Werner Heisenberg Wolfgang Pauli Paul Dirac Lise Meitner ... Max Delbrück and many others Notable awards Nobel Prize in Physics Franklin Medal Signature Notes Harald Bohr is his younger brother, and Aage Bohr is his son. Niels Henrik David Bohr [nels ˈb̥oɐ̯ˀ] Danish physicist who made fundamental contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum mechanics , for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. Bohr mentored and collaborated with many of the top physicists of the century at his institute in Copenhagen . He was part of a team of physicists working on the Manhattan Project . Bohr married Margrethe Nørlund in 1912, and one of their sons

86. Galileo
Short biography and sketch from PBS.
any scholars trace the birth of modern science back to Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), who used instruments to observe nature and experiments to understand it. Like Copernicus, he began training for a career in medicine, but later switched to a subject more to his liking, mathematics. Galileo long accepted Copernicus idea that Earth and the other planets orbited the sun, but he was the first able to prove it based on his observations with a telescope. Many people think Galileo invented the telescope, but thats not true. Spectacle makers in Europe had probably discovered how to make distant objects appear closer well before Galileo. The first telescope to arouse interest, however, was made in 1608 by the Dutch optician Hans Lippershey. When Galileo heard of it, he quickly made his own and turned it on the heavens. Within a few months he had discovered four moons orbiting Jupiterdestroying the Greek idea that Earth was the center of all motionand the phases of Venus overturning Ptolemys concept that the Sun and planets all orbited Earth. He wrote of his sensational discoveries in Italian rather than academic Latin so the general public could read about them. His observations improved our knowledge of the universe we live in and helped turn science into an experimental endeavor. For his efforts, and their devastating effect on the religious dogma of the time, he was forced to recant his findings before the Inquisition and spent the last decade of his life under house arrest.

87. The Galileo Project
Hypertext resource on life and work of Galileo Galilei.
Quick Link to.... Maria Celeste: Galileo's Daughter Awards and Recognition Lesson Plans News and Announcements Other Resources Galileo's Biography Site Map Featuring Maria Celeste:
Galileo's Daughter
The Galileo Project is a source of information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642). Our aim is to provide hypertextual information about Galileo and the science of his time to viewers of all ages and levels of expertise. What you read and see here is a beginning we will continue to add and update information as it becomes available. We solicit contributions from our colleagues in the history of science and comments on how we can improve the project from everyone, particularly suggestions on how to make this tool more useful in primary and secondary education.
This project is currently supported by the Office of the Vice President of Computing of Rice University . The initial stages of the project were made possible by a grant from the Council on Library Resources to Fondren Library
Albert Van Helden, Elizabeth Burr

88. Famous Astronomers: Galileo Galilei
Short biography written by students.
Image: Galileo Galilei Image Credit: Encarta Encyclopedia Back to Famous Astronomers Page Created by ThinkQuest Team 23830 Last Updated August 28, 1998. All images, unless otherwise credited, are credit of M. Mathis, 1998.

89. Albert Einstein
An overview of his life, from childhood through the final decades.
Albert Einstein
The German-American physicist Albert Einstein, b. Ulm, Germany, Mar. 14, 1879, d. Princeton, N.J., Apr. 18, 1955, contributed more than any other scientist to the 20th-century vision of physical reality. In the wake of World War I, Einstein's theoriesespecially his theory of relativityseemed to many people to point to a pure quality of human thought, one far removed from the war and its aftermath. Seldom has a scientist received such public attention for having cultivated the fruit of pure learning.
Einstein's parents, who were nonobservant Jews, moved from Ulm to Munich when Einstein was an infant. The family business was the manufacture of electrical apparatus; when the business failed (1894), the family moved to Milan, Italy. At this time Einstein decided officially to relinquish his German citizenship. Within a year, still without having completed secondary school, Einstein failed an examination that would have allowed him to pursue a course of study leading to a diploma as an electrical engineer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (the Zurich Polytechnic). He spent the next year in nearby Aarau at the cantonal secondary school, where he enjoyed excellent teachers and first-rate facilities in physics. Einstein returned in 1896 to the Zurich Polytechnic, where he graduated (1900) as a secondary school teacher of mathematics and physics.

90. Homepage Thomas Lottermoser & Familie Lottermoser
Ph.D at the University of Dortmund in 2002 about the magnetic and electric ordering of hexagonal manganites.
Wenn Sie zur privaten Homepage von Thomas Lottermoser wollen, klicken Sie bitte auf den folgenden Link: Familie Lottermoser
Photoalbum-Seite interessiert, sollte den nachfolgenden Link einmal ausprobieren. Dort finden Sie Photos, die ich in den letzten Jahren in Brasilien, Seattle, Berlin und anderen Orten in Deutschland und Europa gemacht habe: hexagonalen Manganiten

91. Stphane Job - Supmca
of teaching area....... Assistant Professor in Acoustics (Supmeca, Paris, France). Research interests (granular material acoustics, aeroacoustics, thermoacoustics). List of publications and preprints.
Index Recherche Enseignement Liens
Matre de Confrences
Des nouveauts sur ce site
(actualis en novembre 2009)
  • 2010-2013 : Financement ANR MicMacGrains (Programme Blanc Internationnal France-Chili: ENS Lyon, Usach, Supmca)
  • Avril-Mai 2009 : Chercheur invit au California Institute of Technology (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Janvier 2009 : Organisation de la session speciale Waves in Granular Matter (ICU 2009, Santiago, Chile)
  • Depuis 2007 : Membre de la commission spcialiste de l' Universit du Maine (Section 60, Le Mans, France)
  • Depuis 2005 : Enseignant vacataire l' Ecole Polytechnique (Dept. de Mcanique, X, Palaiseau, France)
  • Depuis 2004 : Matre de Confrences Supmca (Acadmie de Crteil, Saint-Ouen, France)
  • - 2003-2004 : Chercheur invit au NLPLAB (Dept. de Fisica, Universidad de Santiago de Chile)
  • - 2001-2003 : Postdoctorant au POEMS (UMR CNRS 2706, ENSTA, Paris, France)
  • - Sept. 2001 : Qualifi par le CNU (CNU 60 : Mcanique, Gnie Mcanique, Gnie Civil)
  • - 1998-2001 : Docteur en Acoustique au LAUM (UMR CNRS 6613, Universit du Maine, Le Mans, France)

92. Sunil Mukhi's Home Page
Faculty member at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Includes string theory and quantum mechanics articles, classical Indian music and culture, also photos and music links.
Welcome home! Please take off your shoes and make yourself comfortable. You are visitor number: since April 8, 2008. Sierra Trading Post
on this website Physics. My publications, and a number of articles and links on string theory for a general audience. tantu-jaal. My new blog on science, music, food, cinema, literature and the city of Mumbai. Home page for my Graduate Course on General Relativity, being given at TIFR from August-November 2009. All about my father. A website in memory of my father, the late Parsram Mukhi. Music Some information about Indian Classical Music, and some links. Photographs. A few photographs of myself: you have been warned! Kumar Gandharva. A separate website, maintained by myself, about Pandit Kumar Gandharva, legendary musician and intellectual of Indian Classical Music. Interests. Links to some of my other hobbies and interests, webpages that I liked, and a few articles that I wrote. Mail me. about myself I am a faculty member at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in Mumbai, India, in the Department of Theoretical Physics. My research deals with the physics of elementary particles, more specifically Quantum Field Theory and String Theory. If you like, you can learn more about these subjects by going to the

93. Rick Matthews
Professor at Wake Forest University. Contains information on teaching, research, and personal life.
Rick Matthews
G. Eric Matthews
Associate Provost for Technology and Information Systems

hief Information Officer
Professor of Physics
Wake Forest University

94. Rolf Könenkamps Homepage
Professor at Portland State University. Includes research interests, publications, cv, nano-devices, and electron optics.
Gertrude-Rempfer Professor of Physics

group members



Phone: 503 - 725 4224
Fax: 503 - 725 9525
Portland State University
Physics Department P.O.Box 751 Portland, OR. 97201 Portland State University - Physics Department

95. Index
Researcher at the Center for Radiation. Contains information on x-ray scattering, cryptography, and contact information.
JP. RUEFF Home Page - X-ray science - January 3, 2007 This is my new webpage with a totally new zen design. Official launch on April 23, 2004. Check-it out ! Some infos / links / etc. missing Working on it. Outline Home Science Pictures Matlab tools Click-n'-drag Specplot

96. Chuck Niederriter
Professor at Gustavus Adolphus College. Includes contact information, research and academic interests, and personal information.

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