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  1. Time and Psychological Explanation (S U N Y Series, Alternatives in Psychology) (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Brent D. Slife, 1993-07-01
  2. Orientation to Inquiry in a Reflective Professional Psychology (SUNY Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Lisa L. Tsoi Hoshmand, 1994-08-16
  3. Jung and the Religious Alternative: The Rerooting (Studies in the Psychology of Religion) by John P. Dourley, 1995-06
  4. About Psychology: Essays at the Crossroads of History, Theory, and Philosophy (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology)
  5. Social Skills Basis of Psychopathology: Alternatives to Abnormal Psychology (Current issues in behavioral psychology)
  6. Identification and Character: A Book on Psychological Development (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Howard Kamler, 1994-11
  7. The Last Resistance (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Marcus Bowman, 2002-08-15
  8. The Psychology of Human Possibility and Constraint (S U N Y Series, Alternatives in Psychology) (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Jack Martin, 1999-04-01
  9. The Subject of Lacan: A Lacanian Reader for Psychologists (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology)
  10. Taking Care: An Alternative to Therapy (Psychology/self-help) by David Smail, 1998-02
  11. Metaphors of Interrelatedness: Toward a Systems Theory of Psychology (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Linda E. Olds, 1992-09
  12. Between Conviction and Uncertainty: Philosophical Guidelines for the Practicing Psychotherapist (S U N Y Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Jerry N. Downing, 2000-07
  13. The Paradox of Power and Weakness (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) (Volume 0) by George Kunz, 1998-07-16
  14. Living An Idea: Empowerment and the Evolution of an Alternative High School (Series on Community and School Psychology) by Edison J Trickett, 1999-07-31

Marketplace and directory of Northwest (Washington state) businesses and alternative health care professionals.

22. Alternative Music - Listen Free At
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23. Alternative Remedies -
Learn about alternative Remedies on Find info and videos including alternative Remedies for Hypertension, Dementia alternative Remedies, alternative Remedies for
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Home Alternative Remedies
Alternative Remedies
Alternative Remedies Featured Articles
  • Alternative Cold Remedies Colds are caused by viruses, not by getting wet in the rain or catching a chill as mother always claimed. The symptoms of a cold normally include a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, chills, stuffy nose, scratchy throat, difficulty sleeping and headache. There is no cure for the common cold but there are alternative cold remedies you... Alternative Remedy for Acne Acne is a common skin condition that starts at the onset of puberty and can last a lifetime. It is caused by overactive sebaceous glands that produce an oily substance called sebum. Excess sebum clogs pores and promotes the growth of Propionibacterium acnes, the bacterium that causes acne breakouts. Conventional treatments fall into... Vertigo Alternative Remedies Vertigo is a sensation of spinning or falling and happens because of disturbance with equilibrium. The term vertigo is used to describe feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness and unsteadiness, and is caused as a result of problems in the vestibular system, i.e. the inner ear, which regulates balance; the brain, which sends signals to... Alternative Headache Remedies Headaches strike almost everyone occasionally. When the pain hits, we often think of reaching for an over-the-counter medication like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. But, sometimes these medications become the problem.

24. Alternative Training: Home
Distance learning courses in conventional medicine for alternative practitioners. Based in the UK.
Looking for a new sense of inspiration, want to help your family and others, fancy a career in healthcare, want to be your own boss, or perhaps you have just had enough of orthodox medicine, then our home study courses are for you.
beginner to practitioner courses
for alternative practitioners
for alternative practitioners
for alternative practitioners
homeopathy courses
Our distance learning homeopathy programmes are the most comprehensive home study courses available. They combine some of our finest teaching material, carefully selected from the accumulated resources of the School since it was founded, with regularly updated current approaches to give you thorough, enjoyable and creative study. Learn more...
nutrition course
The food we eat has a direct relationship on how we think, feel and perform. Our distance learning nutrition course provides a useful and practical knowledge as a foundation into nutrition. Explains the basic principles of nutrition and gives up to date guidance on it's application. Learn more...

25. Alternative - Definition Of Alternative By The Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus
al ter na tive ( lt r n-t v, l-) n. 1. a. The choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities. b. A situation presenting such a choice. c. Either of these possibilities.

26. Quackery And Alternative Medicine
alternative medicine and quackery what various alternative healing methods exist? For what diseases? Mainly critical viewpoints.
Diseases and medicine . Welcome to this SIMPOS page
Nederlands: kwakzalverij General Anthroposophy Aromatherapy ... Uriella
Information: diseases
Aids Cancer Cardiac diseases Drugs (therapies) ... Salmonella etc.
Medicine and healers

27. Alternative - Definition Of Alternative At
adjective. providing or being a choice between two or among more than two things alternative routes; designating or of an institution, enterprise, etc. that appeals to unconventional

28. Alternative Therapies For Horses
Articles and information about alternative health care and holistic therapies for horses, including chiropractic, magnatherapy, and homeopathy.
search thousands of articles, videos and images from the publisher of: EQUUS Practical Horseman Dressage Today and Arabian Horse World Select from the following: All Articles Blogs Forums Classifieds

29. Alternative Radio - Free Online Alternative Radio Stations - AOL Music
alternative Radio on AOL Radio offers over 20 free alternative rock music stations online.

30. Topix Alternative
News about alternative, collected from various sources on the web. News on Alternative continually updated from thousands of sources around the net. en-us The Edgewood Independent School District and the Texas AgriLife Extension Service joined forces to build a new student garden plot and recondition existing garden plots on the grounds of Coronado-Escobar Elementary, 5622 W. Durango in San Antonio. North Texas e-News Sun, 31 Oct 2010 09:42:37 GMT As 10 p.m. approached on Friday, dozens of Halloween revelers, many in costume, mingled in the lobby of the Red River Theatres. Sun, 31 Oct 2010 05:27:54 GMT Hyannis Youth and Community Center The HYACC has public ice skating every day, plus Rock Nights, a walking track, Wii play, as well as adult, preschool, toddler and school age programs.

31. Alternative Medicine: Definition From
n. A variety of therapeutic or preventive health care practices, such as homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, and herbal medicine, that do not follow generally accepted

32. Listen To Free Online Alternative Music - Live365 Internet Radio
Born from the punk rock scene of the 1970’s, alternative music has taken on a life of its own. Classic acts like The Smiths, The Pixies, and Nirvana have paved way for newer

33. New Alternative Gravity Theory
An alternative theory of gravity that is based on the equivalence principle. Developed by Unified Gravity Corporation, which is concerned with approaches to alternative energy.

34. Alternative - Wiktionary
A situation which allows a mutually exclusive choice between two or more possibilities. A choice between two or more mutually exclusive possibilities. One of several
Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary Jump to: navigation search Wikipedia has an article on: Alternative Wikipedia

35. A Creation Geology Alternative To Plate Tectonics - Shock Dynamics
A new geology theory featuring a rapid continental drift powered by a meteorite impact as an alternative to plate tectonics.
A new geology theory featuring impact-powered rapid continental drift as an alternative to plate tectonics.
The key to creation geology.
Click here for Video Clip 15 MB 26 sec .AVI Compare explanatory power:

    Expanding Earth - Offers only generalizations
    Hollow Earth - Offers only generalizations
    Hydroplate - Offers only generalizations Catastrophic Plate Tectonics - Offers only generalizations. Requires contrived initial conditions. Ignores trench rollback. Plate Tectonics - Globally random; each location has its own peculiar story. Driving forces are speculative and inadequate.

36. Alternative Synonyms, Alternative Antonyms |
adjective other, alternate. Synonyms another , backup, different , flipside, other noun possible choice. Synonyms back-up, druthers, opportunity , option , other

37. Alternative History
Provides an alternative world history from ancient history and the lost city of Atlantis to more recent conspiracy theories and UFO sightings.
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Alternative History
Book I
Forgotten Past History of Time Weird History Descent of Man
Book 2
Lost Civilisations A World Discovered Towards the Sky
Book III
Space Travel A Time of Confusion Plausible Deniability
Book IV
Nazi UFOs Antarctic Enigma
Book V
Space Anomalies Mysterious Moon Solar Anomalies
Book VI
Positive Disinformation Alien Hypothesis Epilogue: Earth Probe
Credits Guestbook Links Contact Us!! ... HOME Updated:
Welcome to Violations!
Violations Widgets More recently I decided that the information, whether accepted or rejected by its readers, should be made available to a wider audience to stimulate discussion, debate and to distil what has been collated so far into something that further reflects the truth. This is not a commercial enterprise, nor the promotion of a type of belief. Certainly, some of the topics covered are not "mainstream" but then mainstream has never been able to resolve certain historical puzzles - thus the start of the project. The information presented comes from a wide range of sources; some academic, some popular, some personal. Hopefully everything that is presented is fact, but we would willingly jettison whole sections of this work should opposing verifiable facts be produced. The truth is more important than any piece of this work.

38. Alternative - Simple English Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In natural language and in cognitive decisionmaking, alternative is one of two things/(abstract or real objects)/actions which can be chosen. From a specific perspective/(point of
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Simple English Wiktionary has the word meaning for: alternative In natural language and in cognitive decision-making alternative is one of two things/(abstract or real objects)/actions which can be chosen. From a specific perspective/(point of view)/goal, alternatives are always equivalent In logic and mathematics , alternative is the element of logical disjunction In different contexts alternative (or Alternativism

39. Alternative Cosmology Group
The ACG is an open society of scientists from all over the world, dedicated to the advance in cosmology and basic research.
Home Events Press Newsletter ... Contact About the Alternative Cosmology Group The Alternative Cosmology Group (ACG) was initiated with the Open Letter on Cosmology written to the scientific community and published in New Scientist, May 22, 2004. The text of the letter is as follows: "The big bang today relies on a growing number of hypothetical entities, things that we have never observed inflation, dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent examples. Without them, there would be a fatal contradiction between the observations made by astronomers and the predictions of the big bang theory. In no other field of physics would this continual recourse to new hypothetical objects be accepted as a way of bridging the gap between theory and observation. It would, at the least, raise serious questions about the validity of the underlying theory. But the big bang theory can't survive without these fudge factors. Without the hypothetical inflation field, the big bang does not predict the smooth, isotropic cosmic background radiation that is observed, because there would be no way for parts of the universe that are now more than a few degrees away in the sky to come to the same temperature and thus emit the same amount of microwave radiation. Without some kind of dark matter, unlike any that we have observed on Earth despite 20 years of experiments, big-bang theory makes contradictory predictions for the density of matter in the universe. Inflation requires a density 20 times larger than that implied by big bang nucleosynthesis, the theory's explanation of the origin of the light elements. And without dark energy, the theory predicts that the universe is only about 8 billion years old, which is billions of years younger than the age of many stars in our galaxy.

40. Alternative Motorcycle Club - Alternative Motorcycle Club
A Clean and Sober Motorcycle Club, Ride proud Ride free,alternative M/C A way of Life

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