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         Behavior Analysis:     more books (100)
  1. Analyzing Social Behavior: Behavior Analysis & the Social Sciences by Bernard Guerin, 1994-06-01
  2. Acceptance and Mindfulness in Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Understanding and Applying the New Therapies by James D. Herbert, Evan M. Forman, 2010-11-23
  3. The Unadjusted Girl; With Cases and Standpoint for Behavior Analysis by William Isaac Thomas, 2010-01-12
  4. Ecological perspectives in behavior analysis: [proceedings of the Kansas Conference on Ecology and Behavior Analysis, held at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, in October, 1976]
  5. Theories and Applications of Plate Analysis: Classical Numerical and Engineering Methods by Rudolph Szilard, 2004-01-02
  6. Behavior Analysis: Foundations and Applications to Psychology by Julian C. Leslie, Mark F. O'Reilly, 1999-11-01
  7. Understanding Behaviorism: Science, Behavior, and Culture (Behavior Analysis and Society) by William M. Baum, 1994-03
  8. Quantitative Analyses of Behavior: Discrimination Processes by Michael L. Commons, 1984-04
  9. A Work Behavior Analysis Of Professional Counselors by National Board for Certified Counselors, Larry C. Loesch, et all 1993-08-01
  10. Biological Determinants of Reinforcement: Biological Determinates of Reinforcement (Quantitative Analyses of Behavior Series)
  11. Language and Autism: Applied Behavior Analysis, Evidence, and Practice
  12. Experimental and Applied Analysis of Human Behavior
  13. Adaptive Dynamics: The Theoretical Analysis of Behavior by J. E. R. Staddon, 2001-05-14
  14. Analysis and Behavior of Structures by Edwin C. Rossow, 1996-01-05

81. WBA - Home
Behavior analysis and support for mental retardation and geriatric populations. Includes articles on behavior support, samples of procedures, and information on evaluating capacity.
Gary Champlin, Ph.D.
Gail M. Champlin, MS Ed.

2032 Lincoln Court
Wyomissing, PA, 19610
Phone: 610-777-5459
Fax: 610-777-2415
E-mail: About WBA Privacy Notice
Topics in Behavior Support
WBA Training Programs
BEHAVIORAL DIAGNOSTICS It takes a real detective! This site includes:
1) a series of articles on Behavior Supports
2) samples of Behavior Support Procedures (BSP) 3) samples of the newer Personal Support Plans (PSP) 4) information on Geriatrics and the evaluation of Decision-Making Capacity 5) abstracts and outlines of available Training Programs The articles were part of a series for the local Arc Newsletter and focus on MR issues. The samples are an accumulation of years of writing Behavior Support Plans and now the more "person centered" Personal Support Plans for individuals with MR. They are all downloadable, zipped Word files. Use with permission. Contact us by e-mail The information on Decision-Making Capacity is potentially applicable to all populations. The Training Programs are on various topics in Behavior Support with somewhat of a historical and eclectic perspective.

82. Project Manager Behavior Analysis
Index of free project management articles and tools on this website
Project Management
Project "Best Practices"
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Project Manager's Behavior Analysis
By Dick Billows, PMP, GCA
Summary: Project managers need to be skilled at influencing people whether it is in motivating the project team, persuading stakeholders to support the project or resolving a conflict. The key is not just reacting to the actions of others but rather analyzing their behavior and what is behind it. We also need to develop a better understanding of the personality types and the patterns of behavior that we should expect from each personality type.
Quick Behavior Analysis
It is a good assumption that people's behavior results from their trying to satisfy their needs. We will do a better job handling people if we analyze their behavior and the needs behind it rather than just concluding that, "Dick Is a jerk!" or "Leslie is a nit-picker or "Sally always has to be the boss"
Think of the specific behavior of an individual that is troublesome. Now, do a behavior analysis, but don't get bogged down in details. Just answer these simple questions:

83. Dr. Robyn Catagnus, EdD, BCBA
BCBA supervisor available for supervision and mentoring across the United States. She provides PA and NJ behavior analysis services including technical assistance to schools, functional behavior assessment and behavior plans.

84. B. F. Skinner Foundation
Established in 1987 to publish significant literary and scientific works in the analysis of behavior and to educate both professionals and the public about the science of behavior. Documents on Skinner, publications, images and audio recordings, and a self-paced program of instruction in behavior analysis.

85. CalABA -- California Association For Behavior Analysis
Practitioners, employers and consumers of ABA services should be familiar with the BACB's recently revised Guidelines for Responsible Conduct For Behavior Analysts.

86. Verbal Behavior-Special Interest Group
VB-SIG is part of the Association for Behavior Analysis, and is dedicated to the study of language from a behavior analytic point of view.
Welcome to the Verbal Behavior Special Interest Group (VB-SIG), part of the Association for Behavior Analysis . This SIG is dedicated to the study of "language" from a behavior analytic point of view. Behavior Analysts attempt to study humans and nonhumans as objectively as possible, thus the focus on observable behaviors, as well as antecedents and consequences of those behaviors. The term "verbal behavior" was coined by Skinner (1957) - see that text for an in-depth analysis of language from a behavioral perspective. Website Summary: Newsletter: links to all newsletters, published in PDF format. Discuss: contribute to ongoing discussions on verbal behavior in this forum. Participation and etiquette are the foundation for a successful discussion community. Links: a variety of links, mostly related to Behavior Analysis. Send in your favorites here. Archive: various software, sound files and documents. Search: search this web site. Contact: links to contact the administrator, send emails to the VB Listserv, join the Listserv. References
Skinner, B. F. (1957). Verbal Behavior. Acton, MA: Copley Publishing Group.

87. FABA World - Florida Association For Behavior Analysis
FABA is the state-wide organization for the promotion and support of the effective and ethical application of behavioral principles.

88. Behavior Analysis Association Of Michigan
BAAM was organized to support research on principles of behavior and their extension to real world challenges. Contains many behavioral resources and information on the annual conference in Michigan.
Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan BAAM 2011 Keynote Presenter Richard W. Malott
(Western Michigan University) BAAM Conventions 2011-2013
2011: February 24-25, 2011
February 23-24, 2012
2013: February 21-22, 2013 BAAM 2011 Call for Papers Now Available Masaya Sato, former President of the Association for Behavior Analysis, pushed in front of train, dies of injuries. Masaya Sato, former president of the Association for Behavior Analysis International and pioneer of behavior analysis in Japan died after being accidentally pushed in front of a commuter train by an intoxicated man. Sato was born in 1932, and was Professor Emeritus at Keio University. Story from Daily Yoimuri Online Ole Ivar Lovaas, ABA Pioneer
Lovaas is known for developing the first comprehensive, science-based treatment for autism. By using laboratory-proven principles of learning Lovaas's methods exceeded all others in helping people with autism achieve increased independence and dignity. His reported success levels of nearly 50% of those helped achieving essentially normal levels in selected behavioral and intellectual assessments, with most others benefitting significantly, continued to be investigated, replicated, and extended by other researchers.

89. SPABA - Speech Pathology & Applied Behavior Analysis Special Interest Group
Promotes collaboration between speech pathologists and behavior analysts in the dissemination of behaviorally oriented speech and language research.
What is the SPABA SIG? dissemination of behaviorally oriented speech and language research and 2) application of evidence-based practices relevant to the full range of services provided by speech and language professionals. This collaboration between speech pathologists and behavior analysts has strong benefits for consumers of our services to treat speech, language, and swallowing disorders. In addition, it enhances communication between our related professions through conference presentations, collaborative research, workshops, publication of treatment protocols and materials, and many other venues. Members Our members are speech pathologists, behavior analysts, and students in these two fields who advocate a behavioral approach to address speech, language, and swallowing disorders both clinically and through empirical research. Most of our members are certified in either speech pathology ( ) or in behavior analysis (

90. HomePage
Among the APA divisions that advance psychology as a natural science, the Division for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior is perhaps unique in its emphasis on behavior as a subject matter in its own right. Website has a listing of behavior analysis resources.
Behavior Analysis
Division 25 of the American Psychological Association
About the Division
Among the APA divisions that advance psychology as a natural science, the Division of Behavior Analysis is perhaps unique in its emphasis on behavior as a subject matter in its own right. This analysis is pursued in three relatively distinct ways: In the experimental analysis of behavior per se , which undertakes research on basic behavioral processes in a temporal and biological context. In applied behavior analysis, which extends these processes and research procedures to behavior in a social context, especially to behavior-environment relationships of relatively immediate individual , social, and cultural importance. In the conceptual analysis of behavior, which addresses historical, philosophical, theoretical, and methodological issues. Webmaster Last Updated. 03-Jun-10

91. Behavior Analysis & Therpay |Home| SIUC
Devoted to empirically-based development and application of learning principles to human needs that arise from developmental, psychological, social, or medical disabilities. The graduate of the program is prepared to assess the needs of individuals, assist those individuals in acquiring skills to maximize their capabilities, evaluate effectiveness of interventions, and teach other service providers techniques for assessment, training, and evaluation.
  • Home On Campus Programs
    • Apply to On Campus Coursework ... About Us
    • Home Oct Sunday
      Main Menu
      See For Yourself
      The Behavior Analysis and Therapy program has excellent clinical and research opportunities for students and a great record of funding graduate students with assistantships that pay most if not
      all of their tuition.
      Each year we accept applicants for admission in the fall semester. Interested students should attempt to complete the application by February 1st to ensure consideration.
      Open house is a wonderful place to meet faculty, current students, and see the clinical settings in which you will be trained.
      Please contact Dr. Nicole Heal for more information.
      Come mingle with current students, other applicants, and meet faculty and staff in a relaxed atmosphere. Read More...
      Why SIUC?
      The Past
      The Behavior Analysis and Therapy Program at SIUC was the first master’s degree program in the world specifically in behavior analysis. The Present
      SIUC’s master’s training program has a five-year accreditation from the Association for Behavior Analysis. SIUC is the only school in Illinois and one of only 11 nationally to have this distinction. SIUC has an approved course sequence from the Behavior Analysis Certification Board for both on- and off-campus courses.
      The Future
      The faculty, facilities, and training opportunities are growing year after year. Our graduates are in extremely high demand. Most graduates have starting salaries in the $55,000 - $65,000 range.

92. University Of Florida Department Of Psychology
The area of Experimental Analysis of Behavior (EAB) functions within the Department of Psychology to provide instruction and training, and to conduct research. Students are offered instruction and mentorship from faculty and affiliated faculty, and may choose to emphasize programs of study and research in various areas of behavior analysis including behavioral pharmacology, choice, developmental disabilities, behavioral medicine, and instructional technology, among others. Research laboratories are located both on and off campus and involve applied and basic research with humans and nonhumans.

93. Behavior-Based Safety, BBS, Behavioral Safety, Values-Based Safety | Quality Saf
Houston-based consulting company (Dr. Terry McSween and others) applies behavior analysis to design behavior based safety programs for companies, reflecting values of the employees. Many articles about behavioral safety on this site. Annual host of the Behavioral Safety Now conference.
Sunday, 31 October 2010

  • Home About QSE
    Values-Based Safety® Clarifies and Strengthens Values For Long-Term Safety and Performance Improvement
    Quality Safety Edge Delivers Behavior-Based Safety Consulting and Implementation For Oil Fields, Manufacturing and Construction using Values-Based Safety® as our Foundation. With more than 20 years of proven results, Quality Safety Edge delivers custom, behavioral-based safety systems that improve quality and safety, delivering you a competitive edge in business performance. Values-Based Safety a proprietary approach to BBS developed by QSE, is a proven, framework to structure a custom BBS program that will establish safety leaders, create a culture of safety, and sustain a successful safety process.
    More About Values-Based Safety
    Case Studies
    Linbeck Construction Company Despite industry challenges, Linbeck achieves 50% incident rate reduction with a behavioral safety process. VIDEO Behavioral Safety in a Refinery: Large-Scale Change and Long-Term Results This article describes the implementation of a behavioral safety process in a CITGO Petroleum Corp. oil refining facility. The data show the long-term effects of the implementation on recordable incident rates, lost-workday case rates and direct costs of injuries. The program contributed to decreases in recordable injuries, lost workday cases and workers' compensation costs, and promoted desired changes in the organization's safety culture. READ MORE
    Solutions From QSE

94. Florida State U., Panama City
MS in Psychology with a specialty in Applied Behavior Analysis. Graduates of this program are prepared for employment as Certified Behavior Analysts in private, community, and state agencies. A minimum of 36 hours of psychology courses is required including six semester hours of behavior analysis practicum. This is a part-time, non-thesis program with a comprehensive exam at the end. Completion time for the degree will depend on when the student enters the program in relation to the course offerings.

A Walden Two community (after the book by Fred Skinner) founded in 1973. Los Horcones is an experimental culture. It functions as a social laboratory where cultural practices or macrocontingencies are scientifically studied from a behavioral analytic perspective.
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96. Behaviorists For Social Responsibility
Contingencies shape and maintain behavior that affects individual choices, social justice, and environmental protection. The search for contingencies that enhance these outcomes, instead of ignoring them, is a concern of this site.

Behaviorists for Social Responsibility
Behavior and Social Issues the Journal Association for Behavior Analysis Take Data-Based Action! Youth Violence Prevention! Contact BFSR ... Access the Community Toolbox

97. Positive Reinforcement Tutorial : Centre For Psychology : Athabasca University
Online tutorial on positive reinforcement. Also serves as an example of the self-instructional distance learning exercises used in many Athabasca University (Canada) courses.

98. Behavior Analysts, Inc, BACB
Behavior Analysts, Inc., seeks to provide high-quality, effective interventions for children with developmental disabilities, and to provide training to other professionals in the delivery of these services.

99. Joint Control And Verbal Behavior
Abstracts of published articles and presented papers on joint control. Highly technical. Application of Skinner s concepts of verbal behavior to a rigorous, behavioral description of those human performances commonly ascribed to hypothesized psychological processes of perception, cognition, memory, problem solving, and goal orientation.
THE JOINT CONTROL HOME PAGE is a n archival resource. It contains presented papers, symposia, published articles, and unpublished position papers concerned with the application of Skinner's concepts of verbal behavior to a rigorous, behavioral description of those human performances commonly ascribed to hypothesized psychological processes of perception, cognition, memory, problem solving, and goal orientation. Articles and papers on this web site are particularly focussed on the role joint control plays in extending the descriptive and explanatory functions of Skinner's verbal operants in accounting for these sorts of psychological processes. Your comments, critical, complementary, inquisitive or otherwise, are welcome as are requests for reprints. Comments and requests for reprints
Barry Lowenkron
Table of Contents

100. Classical And Operant Conditioning
Describes the science and terminology of operant conditioning and how it can be used in animal training. Explores the use of conditioned reinforcers and clicker training , too.
An Animal Trainer's Introduction To
Operant and Classical Conditioning Stacy Braslau-Schneck, MA
Stacy's Wag'N'Train
This page is dedicated to all those seeking to use positive reinforcement in animal training, especially those on the ClickerSolutions, ClickTrain and Click-L e-mail discussion list s.... and to "The Ds", Phoenix, Akeakamai, Elele and Hiapo, who taught me almost all I needed to know ...and to Shayna, for whom it was too late. This page attempts to explain Operant Conditioning, and promote the use of Positive Reinforcement and Negative Punishment in animal trainin g. Last updated November 12, 2003. For awards this page has won, click here
Contents (click on the section title to jump to that section)
Learning Theory and Learning Theory Classical Conditioning Operant Conditioning Four possible consequences of a behavior ... Who's Using Clicker Training Learning Theory and Learning Theory "Learning Theory" is a discipline of psychology that attempts to explain how an organism learns. It consists of many different theories of learning, including instincts, social facilitation, observation, formal teaching, memory, mimicry, and classical and operant conditioning. It is these last two that are of most interest to animal trainers. Why should animal trainers be bothered with learning the theory behind how their animals learn? Many excellent trainers have no formal schooling or organized understanding of how their training is effective or how their charges work. But training is both an art and a science. More and more trainers - pet owners, show competitors, horseback riders, show-business trainers, zookeepers, aquarium trainers and more - are finding that an understanding of learning theory helps them understand their animals' behaviors better, and plan their training accordingly. So trainers are learning the theory of learning theory!

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