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  1. Dreams on Film: The Cinematic Struggle Between Art and Science by Leslie Halpern, 2003-01-28
  2. Dream Your Problems Away: Heal Yourself While You Sleep by Bruce Goldberg, 2003-01
  3. Your Dreams and What They Mean by Nerys Dee, 1988-01
  4. Dreams Are Your Truest Friends by Joseph Katz, 1994-05-01
  5. Dreams: Night Language of the Soul by Phoebe McDonald, 1987-05
  6. The Dream Worlds of Pregnancy by Eileen Stukane, 1985
  7. You and Your Dreams by Hossein Kalami, Mehr-Ali Kalami, 1992-10
  8. Dream on: A Dream Interpretation and Exploration Guide for Women by Phyllis R. Koch-Sheras, E. Ann Hollier, et all 1983-10
  9. 1,001 Dreams: An Illustrated Guide to Dreams and Their Meanings by Jack Altman, 2002-07-01
  10. It All Begins Here: Interpreting Your Dreams by Mary Jo McCabe, Andree Boyd, 2003-03
  11. Children's Dreams in Clinical Practice by S Catalano, 1990-02-28
  12. Mary Summer Rain on Dreams: A Quick-Reference Guide to over 14,500 Dream Symbols by Mary Summer Rain, Alex Greystone, 1996-07
  13. Dreams and the Growth of Personality (General Psychology) by Ernest Lawrence Rossi, 1972-05
  14. Dreaming Souls: Sleep, Dreams and the Evolution of the Conscious Mind (Philosophy of Mind Series) by Owen Flanagan, 2001-05-17

121. Intro To Lucid Dreaming - LucidDreams.WS
Articles and resources.
Other Articles:
Intro to Lucid Dreaming
Introduction to Lucid Dreaming - The Basics
The simple definition of Lucid Dreaming would be: Dreaming while you know that you are dreaming, and being able to control the dream. is MUCH more than that. I often describe it to others, as being a "built-in virtual reality system" that is activated by achieving the awareness, that you are in fact dreaming WHILE you are asleep. Lucid dreams are some of the most AMAZING experiences you'll ever have!
There are some easy lucid dreaming techniques although most of them require a great deal of patience and confidence. That being said, achieving the lucid dreaming state is completely safe and natural, and can be accomplished by just about anyone.
Through this site, I will try to give you the best advice, tips and how-to information on learning lucid dreaming that I can. I will also try to share with you some of the science of lucid dreams. I feel that the more you understand how it the dream state occurs, you will be better able to induce lucid dreams in the future.
Having Your First Lucid Dreaming Experience
If you have never experienced one of these dreams before, let me tell you that once you do, you will want to tell anyone and everyone, no matter how wierd you sound when talking about it!

122. Dream Journal - Create An Online Journal For Your Dreams.
Dream Journal is a free service that allows you to create and customize your very own online dream journal.

123. Lucid Dreaming - Wikibooks, Collection Of Open-content Textbooks
A Wiki devoted to collect information about lucid dreaming.
Lucid Dreaming
From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection (Redirected from Lucid dreaming Jump to: navigation search Lucid Dreaming is a featured book on Wikibooks because it contains substantial content, it is well-formatted, and the Wikibooks community has decided to feature it on the main page or in other places. Please continue to improve it and thanks for the great work so far! You can edit its advertisement template . This book is also available as a print version PDF version
Lucid Dreaming
Dream Recall Induction Techniques Using ...
has related information at Lucid dream
  • Synopsis Contents
    edit Synopsis
    This book attempts to teach you the skills that can help you to have lucid dreams — dreams in which you know that you are dreaming. Lucid dreams have been scientifically demonstrated to exist. See scientific history . Being aware that you are dreaming, and still remaining asleep, can give you the ability to control your dreams. See the introduction for more details on what lucid dreaming is. To start with, you will find out a little on what dreaming is from the biological point of view. Then, the book will explain how to improve your dream recall so that you remember more of your dreams. Next, it will explain how to become lucid during dreams, and how to stay lucid. It will also explain how to keep yourself in the dream and prevent it from “fading”. Finally, there will be some suggestions for what you could do within your lucid dreams.

124., E-business Success. Simple. Real
Provides information on dream interpretation issues, a dream log e-zine, free dream download."main"
Prosperity, Passion, Priorities, Freedom And Family
Site Build It! is all of that and more to these people...
Each SBI! owner below has achieved life-changing goals. Click on one to understand how s/he did it, and how SBI! enables you to do the same, even if you are a total newbie. Marc "B" Fiona Michelle ... Elad Marney has built a highly profitable e-good business through her creative and popular SBI! site. Marney sells over 250 items to a huge following and it all started with a simple PayPal shopping cart! With 15 employees, she never imagined that she'd be growing a business to this size. Click here to read Marney's story. This ex-sailor in the U.K. navy taught himself the intricacies of HTML, CGI, and MySQL. He built Web sites for himself and others. Barely getting by, he discovered SBI! in 2004 and dropped "the advanced stuff." See the photo of Marc holding a sign 2 years later? He and his wife had just bought their dream home. Click here to read Marc's story. "B" turned her "crazy idea" about a site covering the Australian Outback into an e-business that has allowed her to become happily self-employed. She writes about what she loves, and is free to roam the world with her laptop. In B's words... "Freedom is something that can't be paid for." Click here to read B's story.

125. Dreamcrowd - Dream Sharing Interpretation
Offers free online dream interpretation plus dream community.
Cannot connect to the

126. Free Dream Interpretations And Advice Understand The Meaning Of Your Dreams-free
Commercial dream interpretation services, plus dream-related online shop which includes scented pillows, herbal teas, and dream spirit animals.
“Dreams reveal the beauty of love relationships as well as the challenges we confront with those we love.” ~ Ariadne
       A Few Hints For Remembering Your Dreams
  • Deciding you want to remember your dream is the first step. 
    Write down a request for your dream body stating you want to remember your dreams tonight and slip it under your pillow.
    Buy a fancy dream journal or better yet design one with a collage of clippings on the cover.  Put it next to your bed and expect a dream by morning.
  • Free dream interpretation About Ariadne  Dreaming  Precepts Excerpts Dream Book ... Dream Prophesies           Dreamthread Blog
    Read Ariadne’s latest book.
    Divine Complement Submit a dream Are you dreaming of Michael  Jackson
    Many fans are...
    Submit your

    127. Lucid Dream - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Definitions, techniques, associated phenomenon, a history of the topic and some popular culture references
    Lucid dream
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Lucid dreaming Jump to: navigation search Illustration from " The Secret of the Golden Flower ", a Chinese book of alchemy and meditation A lucid dream , in simplest terms, is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik van Eeden A lucid dream can begin in one of two ways. A dream-initiated lucid dream DILD ) starts as a normal dream, and the dreamer eventually concludes it is a dream, while a wake-initiated lucid dream WILD ) occurs when the dreamer goes from a normal waking state directly into a dream state, with no apparent lapse in consciousness. Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically, and its existence is well established. Scientists such as Allan Hobson , with his neurophysiological approach to dream research, have helped to push the understanding of lucid dreaming into a less speculative realm.

    128. Lucid Dreaming | Learn How To Lucid Dream | Lucid Dreaming Techniques | Lucidity
    Resources on lucid dreaming, dictionary, products and online community.

    129. LucidBlog
    About lucid dreaming (explains what is this) and lucid dreaming techniques.

    130. Aisling Dream Interpretation
    Offers dream interpretation tutorial, dream symbols dictionary, free download.
    Home Online Analysis Interpretation Tutorial Dream Dictionary ... About Us You are: Home Main Menu Dream Articles Dream Book Dream Courses Dream Tutorials ... Links Search This Site:
    Page text NOTE: All words entered must appear exactly as typed. Restrict search term to one or two words
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    Aisling Dream Interpretation
    Aisling Dream Interpretation teach people how to interpret their dreams. Much of the information taught on our courses is available on this site in distilled format to help you analyze your own dreams. We dream, so we can receive vital information on how to improve our lives, so we can be healthy, happy and successful. Michael interpreting callers dreams live on TV Online Dream Interpretation Course is here Michael Sheridan's new book Available to order now! How To Interpret Your Dreams
    and discover your life purpose
    Order online or
    buy it in your local bookshop 317 page, full color

    131. DreamHat
    Offering analysis of symbols, with dream dictionary.
    The Dream Hat:
    Dream Interpretation Resource
    A unique way of exploring the meanings and understanding the wisdom of our dreams. "Heroes are ordinary people that rise to meet extraordinary circumstances that profoundly affect someone else's life."-Cwest Website Designed and Maintained
    Walking Sky

    132. Dream Interpretation, Dream Analysis, Dream Dictionary
    Dream interpretation services.
    Dream Interpretation Dream Analysis Dream Dictionary
    Request a Dream Interpretation ... Testimonials reams can be powerful sources of life-changing information if we pay attention to their meanings . Dream interpretation and analysis of dream symbols offer glimpses of yourself and your life that you might never see otherwise. Because dreams are as individual as each person, dream interpretation demands a well-developed intuition to understand dream meanings and analyze hidden messages.
    Self-help and Professional Guidance
    This site is dedicated to understanding dreams and their meanings. Take advantage of the professional services offered and the full range of dream interpretation tools, including Dream Dictionary Dream Analyzer and Dream Quiz . Also, explore dream interpretation and recall tips in Interpreting your Dreams Increasing Dream Recall Determining Dream Type and Developing Dream Intuition
    Dreams are Power
    Dreams are a window into your subconscious mind and any information flowing into or out of it. A dream can convey feelings, thoughts, ideas, desires and other psychological factors that may lie buried when you're awake. Dreams are also said to convey information from outside of yourself, such as spiritual guidance, premonitions , and interactions with loved ones who have passed on.

    133. Dream Interpreter - Free Dream Analyzing
    Dream interpretation online service.

    134. Home
    Dream Doctor is your personal dream interpreter. Free dream dictionary, dream interpretation Dream Wizard, based on the world s largest dream database.
    Based on the World's Largest Database of Dreams Username
    Remember Me Forgot your password    or   username Register Can't login? Be sure to a ctivate your account via the link in our  email (may be in your  spam folder.) Click here Try our Listen Now! samples below. All new informative entertaining relevant
    . They feature mini-lessons about dreams, dream symbols, examples of dream interpretation and sleep information. 
    Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl, Ella! To see pix, click here
    Welcome to Dream Doctor! Explore and let us know what you think Please share with your friends!
    To celebrate our 10th year anniversary, we have made huge upgrades to our site, the most in our 10 year history.  The site now features...
    the dream wizard , the most advanced dream interpretation tool available on the Internet
    2.  the dream doctor dream dictionary , more than 5x the number of dream symbols defined
    3.  an

    135. Dream A Little Dream Movie Reviews, Pictures - Rotten Tomatoes
    Links to movie reviews, synopsis, cast and crew information, and forum.

    136. Elephants Dream
    Elephants Dream is the world s first open movie, made entirely with open source graphics software such as Blender, and with all production files freely

    137. Dream Diary - Stereowaltz: A Dream Blog
    A dream journal spanning 4 years.

    138. Lucid Dreaming - How To Lucid Dream
    Free lucid dream journal, wiki library articles, weblog, forum, and media downloads.

    139. Lucid Dreaming | Mortal Mist
    An online community dedicated to the art, discipline and promotion of lucid dreaming. Includes a forum.
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    • Mortal Mist Mortal Mist is dedicated to exploring and promoting Lucid Dreaming by providing an encouraging atmosphere where member-owners share and discuss experiences, informally promoting research and knowledge of lucidity and all aspects of dreaming through individual and collective documentation and experimentation. Are you looking for Dr. James Kroll's research? You'll find it at the dream research
      Are you dreaming?
      Welcome to Mortal Mist , home to a growing multi-national online community dedicated to exploring and promoting the practice and art of Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the common term used by those involved in developing awareness that they are dreaming and exercising control over their dreams. Aware Dreaming Conscious Dreaming or Dream Control might be more accurate descriptions. A lucid dream Lucid Dreaming can be used for self-exploration, experiencing fantasies, and for accessing a state of consciousness where anything you can imagine becomes possible. Depending on your level of self-awareness, lucid dreams can be extremely realistic and move vivid than real life. Lucid dreaming has been researched, and the reality of the experience is well established. Scientists, such as Dr. Stephen LaBerge in his seminal work "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming," have greatly contributed to the growing understanding and popularity of this amazing experience.

    An introduction to lucid dreaming; includes articles and news.

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