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  1. Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind by David Buss, 2007-07-01
  2. Evolutionary Psychology: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guides) by Robin Dunbar, Louise Barrett, et all 2005-05-25
  3. Evolutionary Psychology: An Introduction by Lance Workman, Will Reader, 2004-06-21
  4. Introducing Evolutionary Psychology, 2nd Edition by Dylan Evans, 2005
  5. Evolutionary Psychology: An Introduction by Lance Workman, Will Reader, 2008-07-14
  6. Introducing Evolutionary Psychology: A Graphic Guide by Dylan Evans, 2010-10-12
  7. Human Evolutionary Psychology by Louise Barrett, Robin Dunbar, et all 2002-01-28
  8. Evolutionary Psychology: The Science of Human Behavior and Evolution by Matthew Rossano, 2002-11-05
  9. The Disposable Male: Sex, Love, and Money: Your World through Darwin's Eyes by Michael Gilbert, 2006-06-01
  10. Evolutionary Psychology (2nd Edition) by Steven J. C. Gaulin, Donald H. McBurney, 2003-08-04
  11. Essential Evolutionary Psychology by Simon J Hampton, 2010-01-20
  12. Evolutionary Thought in Psychology: A Brief History (Blackwell Brief Histories of Psychology) by Henry Plotkin, 2004-07-30
  13. The Moral Animal: Why We Are, the Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology by Robert Wright, 1995-08-29
  14. The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology

1. Evolutionary Ecology Research -- A Scientific Journal
A scientific journal which has some sample readings available. Articles are rather technical but provide a good insight into contemporary evolutionary research.
Evolutionary Ecology Research) is a professional scientific journal focusing on the overlap between ecology and evolution.
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The Careful Foot Quick turnaround! Fully indexed in:
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Expanded coverage of Freelander Design

2. Evolutionary Psychology
A free, peer reviewed journal concerned with evolutionary approaches to psychology and behavior.
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Evolutionary Psychology
Co-Editors: Todd K. Shackelford, Ph.D. , and Steven M. Platek, Ph.D.
Evolutionary Psychology is an open-access peer-reviewed journal that aims to foster communication between experimental and theoretical work on the one hand and historical, conceptual and interdisciplinary writings across the whole range of the biological and human sciences on the other.
Evolutionary Psychology is indexed by PsycINFO EBSCOhost Scopus Socolar ... MEDLARS , and the following Thomson Reuters databases: Web of Science , Social Sciences Citation Index ( SSCI ), and Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences Evolutionary Psychology receives around 250 000 page views annually
Latest articles
26 Oct 2010: Extending the the behavioral immune system to political psychology: Are political conservatism and disgust sensitivity really related? by Tybur, J. M., Merriman, L. A., Hooper, A. E. C., McDonald, M. M., and Navarrete, C. D. 24 Oct 2010: Parents just don’t understand: Parent-offspring conflict over mate choice by Dubbs, S.L., and Buunk, A.P.

3. Evolutionary Psychology FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about evolutionary psychology.
The Evolutionary Psychology FAQ
Last updated September 8, 2004.
This FAQ is written and maintained by Edward Hagen , formerly of the Center for Evolutionary Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara, and now at the Institute for Theoretical Biology in Berlin. The FAQ assumes a basic knowledge of genes and natural selection. Its purpose is to outline the foundations of evolutionary psychology. These foundations are extremely robust (though not beyond criticism). The status of specific hypotheses (e.g., mate selection preferences, cheater detection modules) is more debatable, and will not be discussed in detail here. In addition, I address many of the common misconceptions about evolutionary psychology. This FAQ draws upon the work of many individuals. Comments and criticisms regarding it are welcome: . A Russian translation of this FAQ is also available. Frequently asked questions:
  • What is evolutionary psychology? What is the EEA and why is it important? (general answer) What is the EEA? (detailed answer) Isn't it true that we can't know what happened in the distant past, so the EEA concept is useless? ...
  • Click here for the entire FAQ on one page If you are interested in what I'm working on, here are some links: Evolutionary theory

    4. Evolutionary Psychology
    Provides a concise definition of the field with links to related topics.

    5. Evolution - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    evolutionary biologists document the fact that evolution occurs, and also develop and test theories which explain its causes. The study of evolutionary biology began in the mid
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article is about evolution in biology. For other uses, see Evolution (disambiguation) For a generally accessible and less technical introduction to the topic, see Introduction to evolution Part of the Biology series on Evolution Mechanisms and processes Adaptation
    Genetic drift

    Gene flow

    Research and history Introduction

    Evolutionary history of life

    ... Evolutionary biology fields Cladistics
    Ecological genetics

    Evolutionary development

    Evolutionary psychology
    ... e Evolution (also known as biological genetic or organic evolution ) is the change in the inherited traits of a population of organisms through successive generations. This change results from interactions between processes that introduce variation into a population, and other processes that remove it. As a result, variants with particular traits become more, or less, common. A trait is a particular characteristic— anatomical biochemical or behavioural —that is the result of gene–environment interaction The main source of variation is mutation , which introduces genetic changes. These changes are

    6. Evolutionary Yoga
    New York City Kevin Kortan offers private lessons where yoga postures and breathing exercises are selectively chosen and developed to meet your specific needs.

    What is Evolutionary Yoga
    How do I learn and practice? Sample EY Lessons Artic ... Contact Us
    Photo credits: David Morgan (left), John Nieman (right).

    7. Evolutionary Psychology - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    evolutionary psychology (EP) explains psychological traits —such as memory, perception, or language —as adaptations, that is, as the functional products of natural
    Evolutionary psychology
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Psychology History ... Developmental
    Evolutionary Experimental
    ... e Evolutionary psychology EP ) explains psychological traits —such as memory perception , or language —as adaptations , that is, as the functional products of natural selection or sexual selection Adaptationist thinking about physiological mechanisms, such as the heart, lungs, and immune system, is common in evolutionary biology . Evolutionary psychology applies the same thinking to psychology. Modern evolutionary psychologists argue that much of human behavior is generated by psychological adaptations that evolved to solve recurrent problems in human ancestral environments. They hypothesize, for example, that humans have inherited special mental capacities for acquiring language, making it nearly automatic, while inheriting no capacity specifically for reading and writing. Other adaptations, according to EP, might include the abilities to infer others' emotions, to discern kin from non-kin, to identify and prefer healthier mates, to cooperate with others, and so on. Consistent with the theory of natural selection, evolutionary psychology sees organisms as often in conflict with others of their species, including mates and relatives. For example, mother mammals and their young offspring sometimes struggle over weaning, which benefits the mother more than the child. Humans, however, have a marked capacity for cooperation under certain conditions as well.

    8. Evolutionary Martial Arts Hackettstown, New Jersey
    Our school offers a state of the art facility with top quality instruction and instructors who are nationally certified and accredited. and a place were people of all ages can
    dqmcodebase = "scripts/"
    Evolutionary Martial Arts Give us a call to schedule a trial class and come and see for yourself what the buzz is all about!
    Call 908-850-6009 NOW! EMA is located at 199 Main Street in Hackettstown! Welcome to The New Evolutionary Martial Arts ( formerly Integrated Martial Arts and Fitness West), Northwest New Jersey's exclusive Mixed Martial Arts Academy. We've been serving Warren and Morris Counties since 2003!
    We invite you to stop by and meet our staff and students and observe a class. If you'd like to schedule a Trial Program please call in advance so that we can accommodate you. We can be reached by phone at (908)-850-6009 or by email at We look forward to meeting you soon! See you on the mat!
    About us Photo Gallery Contact us ...
    ChampionsWay Inc

    9. Evolutionary Psychology Primer By Leda Cosmides And John Tooby
    An invaluable primer written by two of the founders of the field.

    10. Evolutionary Delivery
    A WikiWiki discussion on the definition of Evo, as well as on its relation to Extreme Programming and other agile methods.

    11. Free Astrology Readings Online Astrology Horoscopes Learn Astrology Corresponden
    Sharing the principles of evolutionary Astrology as developed by Jeffery Wolf Green. Featuring articles, books, forecasts, the EA Radio Show, and the Jeffery Wolf Green School of evolutionary Astrology.
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      Welcome to the Evolutionary Astrology Network! Here you will find the world of Evolutionary Astrology via the Jeffrey Wolf Green method. Evolutionary Astrology is a paradigm for understanding and sharing natural spiritual laws and principles in human consciousness through the language of astrology.
      Segment II - Relationships, Sexuality, Synastry
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      What is Evolutionary Astrology?
      Evolutionary Astrology is a term most popularized by the writings of Jeffrey Wolf Green. * It embraces a paradigm, or body of knowledge that can be understood through observation and correlation, which measures the growth of a Soul from life to life. The principle of reincarnation underlies Evolutionary Astrology. Human consciousness evolves as it exhausts the separating desire nature and expands in conscious ways to include, share and give back as the Soul reconnects with Universal energy. This process is no less than the discovery of the Soul past and present life as well as future potential. It is less a technical approach and more a philosophical outlook based in natural law and the expansion of human consciousness. The School of Evolutionary Astrology and our learn astrology online correspondence course helps guide the student through this process. Evolutionary Astrology includes a specific methodology that involves the planet Pluto and the Moons Nodes as representative of the Soul in any given birth chart.

    12. Evolutionary Psychology: Definition From
    n. The study of the psychological adaptations of humans to the changing physical and social environment, especially of changes in brain structure, cognitive mechanisms, and

    13. Evolutionary Definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
    Encarta World English Dictionary North American Edition (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

    14. Evolutionary
    Articles about various aspects, ideas, views, and opinions of evolutionary including science, evolutionary psychology and also about other matters such as economics, health
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    Male Female Attraction - Evolutionary Theory
    Labels: Evolutionary Theory 0 comments Is the root of our attraction in Evolutionary Theory?
    The root of male female attraction: is this the greatest mystery of all? People have been wondering for generations just what is the source of the thing that makes someone attracted to someone else? And while we are asking this question, how about finding out how do I make it work for me?
    This question has been the basis of academic study from Ivy League school academics to pop culture gurus and falls under the sub heading of behavioural studies. There are many theories. In the words of one well known dating expert: " attraction is not a choice
    He may not be wrong. It seems as if, some scientists and academics would agree. Evolutionary Theory of human attraction provides that interpersonal attraction occurs when someone has physical features indicating that he or she is very fertile. It is a simple theory that relies on the premise that the sole purpose of relationships is reproduction. Because of this people invest in partners who appear to be very "reproductive", which would naturally seem to increase the chance of their genes being passed down to the next generation.
    An obvious weakness to this theory has been the lack of its ability to explain attraction between same-sex couples or attraction between couples who do not want children.

    15. Evolutionary Ethics
    A plausible theory of the integration of science and ethics. The Evolution of Ethics An Introduction to Cybernetic Ethics
    Chapters Listed Below The Evolution of Ethics The Evolutionary Process Seminal Social Catalysts The Evolution of Reason ... Visceral Morality The
    Evolution of Ethics
    An Introduction to Cybernetic Ethics
    S. E. Bromberg
    Author's note: The following is a summary of concepts found in this book. A simpler, but more precise, explanation of evolutionary ethics can be found in the first four chapters. Other evolutionary ethics web sites are at bottom of the page.
    Important ideas implicit in this book are:
    Science and Ethics Evolutionary Ethics has no (necessary) logical connection to the formal ethics of philosophy. This is to say one does not need to know philosophy to know how ethics have come to be. The words "The Evolution of Ethics" could be more precisly stated as "The Evolution of Ethical Systems." Ethics is best described in scientific terms rather than the contigent and speculative terms of philosophy. Cybernetic Ethics
    Ethics merges with science in cybernetic ethics. This book presents a persuasive theory describing how ethics can (and should) be linked to science and mathematics. Here, there are objective moral standards* that can be derived from the consequences of human actions. The evolution of ethical systems is shown as an "adaptation." Humans adapt to survive and they do so by creating standards and rules of behavior to stop viscous cycles of pain, suffering and death. The more organized and efficient human activities become, the more certain the survival of the species becomes. The science of cybernetics best describes this process. Norbert Wiener first developed cybernetic science in 1947. In this book, cybernetics means "informational feedback in dynamic systems" (such as a social system) that sustains or redirects behaviors.

    16. Behavior OnLine: Evolutionary Psychology
    Brief introduction to evolutionary psychology and sociobiology.
    @import url("/includes/style.css");
    Behavior OnLine hosts a forum on Evolutionary Psychology. What follows is an introduction to the topic to orient our participants. You are welcome to join the discussion Behavior OnLine Home Page Behavior OnLine Forums
    James Brody, Ph.D. Adapted Mind , (Oxford, 1992) rests on assumptions that:
  • the human mind is a mosaic of "information processing systems" that are extraordinarily efficient in handling specific kinds of stimuli and responses to them,
  • human evolution has been generally static since the Pleistocene,
  • these systems are "content specific" and generate many invariant aspects of human culture. There are problems and benefits with this view. EP would appear to share the same circular morass of the Instinct Crowd from decades ago. ("Why do we eat cheese?" "It's instinctive." "How do we know it's instinctive?" "Because so many of us do it.") There are two escapes: (1) EP will use hunter-gatherer hypotheses to generate predictions about unstudied, subtle aspects of human performance in cognitive and social tasks. (2) It also tries to weaken the circularity issue by specifying physiological systems that solve an adaptive problem. Rather than assuming the independent evolution of a dozen components that just happen to work well together, EP asks "What adaptive problem is solved? What physiological resources would be needed to solve it? Is it possible that visual and motor systems work so well because their interplay led to fuller bellies at some point long ago?"
  • 17. Understanding Evolution
    Teaching the science and history of evolutionary biology, from the University of California Museum of Paleontology and the National Center for Science Education.
    Search Glossary Home Get to know us: take our site tour , find out what's new , or subscribe for updates Dive right in: for basic information on how evolution works, start with Evolution 101 What is evolution and how does it work?
    Detailed explanations of the mechanisms of evolution and the history of life on Earth
    Includes: Examples of evolution Genetics History of life on Earth Macroevolution ... How does evolution impact my life?
    The relevance of evolutionary theory to our everyday lives
    Includes: Agriculture Conservation Medicine What is the evidence for evolution?
    Multiple lines of scientific evidence relating to evolution
    Includes: Homology and analogy What is the history of evolutionary theory?
    The history of ideas, research, and contributors in the study of evolution
    Looking for information on controversies in the public arena relating to evolution? See our frequently-asked questions
    Explore the ultimate evolution resource for K-12 teachers, including: lesson plans conceptual framework ...and more. Teachers click here Evolving altitude aptitude October 2010
    Read the rest of the story
    See the Evo in the News archive ... How to survive a mass extinction: The work of David Jablonski David Jablonski researches how patterns of evolution relate to mass extinctions. Why are some species doomed while others survive?

    18. Evolutionary Eros: Tantric Yoga For Men
    * exploring embodied ecstasy * sexualerotic energy as the fuel for your spiritual flight * liberate, integrate, celebrate
    Naked Yoga for Men
    Private Sessions



    Using traditional and contemporary Yogic, Tantric, and Somatic techniques, we learn to liberate, integrate, and celebrate the energy of Eros, which is the lifeblood of creation and transformation. Eros - from the Greek word for 'love' - is used here to mean our innate energy of creation and evolution manifesting as love, sensuality, sexuality, desire, yearning and longing for union. Through yoga postures, movement, breathing, sounding, touch, gazing, relaxation, meditation, and play we embody the energy of Eros, reclaiming innocence and developing maturity simultaneously.
    Photo credit: John Nieman (right) website
    To contact Kevin with questions or to make an appointment, please call in Minneapolis: 612.203.4016; in New York: 917.671.6412, or email

    19. Connotea Evolutionary Psychology
    Syndication provides links to news and journal articles. Psychology

    20. Evolutionary - Definition Of Evolutionary By The Free Online Dictionary, Thesaur
    ev o lu tion (vl sh n, v-) n. 1. A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. See Synonyms at development.

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