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         Neuropsychology:     more books (100)
  1. Human Cognitive Neuropsychology: A Textbook With Readings by Andrew W. Ellis, Andrew W. Young, 1996-12-01
  2. International Handbook of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (Critical Issues in Neuropsychology)
  3. Fundamentals of Neural Network Modeling: Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (Computational Neuroscience)
  4. Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology: v. 1 (A Wiley-Interscience publication) by Susan B. Filskov, Thomas J. Boll, 1981
  5. The Neuropsychology Of Schizophrenia (Brain Damage, Behaviour and Cognition)
  6. The Geriatric Neuropsychology Casebook (Studies on Neuropsychology, Neurology and Cognition) by Jennifer J. Dunkin, 2010-11-01
  7. Neuropsychology: Clinical and Experimental Foundations by Lorin Elias, Deborah Saucier, 2005-10-14
  8. Neuropsychology for Occupational Therapists: Cognition in Occupational Performance by June Grieve, Linda Gnanasekaran, 2008-04-08
  9. The Neuropsychology of Written Language Disorders: Diagnosis and Intervention by Steven G. Feifer, Philip A. De Fina, 2002-02
  10. Clinical Neuropsychology of Alcoholism (Brain Damage, Behaviour and Cognition) by Robert G Kinght, Barry E. Longmore, 1996-04-01
  11. Handbook of Forensic Neuropsychology
  12. Successful Private Practice in Neuropsychology: A Scientist-Practitioner Model (Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional) by Mary Pepping, 2003-09-17
  13. INS Dictionary of Neuropsychology (Contemporary Neurology Series (Cloth))
  14. Building a Neuropsychology Practice: Developments in Clinical Psychiatry (Developments in Clinical Psychiarty) by Marvin H. Podd, 1998-05-01

81. Neuropsychological Services Clinical And Forensic Neuropsych Consultation Evalua
Independent practice offering clinical and forensic neuropsychological services. Find background and seminar information. Provides services throughout northeastern United States; located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Home Clinical Services Forensic Services Background ... Geriatric Long-term Care Mental Health Challenges For information, consultation or an appointment contact us at
Neuropsychological Services
developed by thebuzzforge
Neuropsychological Services Home Clinical Forensic Background ... Contact
Neuropsychological Services The new installment from Neuropsychological Services
ADHD Part 2

Read the rest of the Inside Neuropsychology blog here
AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,19,0','width','300','height','220','src','Images/Scenes/Index_3','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','Images/Scenes/Index_3' ); //end AC code Services Clinical Services
Neuropsychological Services provides comprehensive consultation, assessment and intervention services that utilize a holistic view of the individual to facilitate understanding of neuro (brain-related) and psychological (environmental, historical, etc.) factors along with moderator variables that mediate the expression of presenting problems/symptoms.

82. Connecticut Neuropsychological Society
Information for members of this professional organization, with public education topics about diagnosis and treatment of brain injury and other neuropsychological disorders.

83. Neuropsychological Evaluation Validity – Comprehensive Neuropsychological Serv
Offering diagnosis, treatment, evaluation and forensic services for persons with a broad range of neuropsychological, learning, emotional and behavioral disorders. Offices in Hartford, Glastonbury and Cheshire.
Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services, P.C. is a full-service independent group neuropsychological practice, offering examination, diagnosis, treatment, consulting, and forensic services for persons confronted with a broad range of emotional, behavioral and brain related issues. Our referrals originate from current and former patients, diverse health care providers, advocacy agencies, educators, and parties on both sides of a wide variety of legal questions and venues. In addition to our clinical and forensic services, we take pride in our educational programs offered to the public, healthcare organizations, schools, companies and other institutions. At CNS we are committed to remaining in the forefront of quality clinical care and to ethically and effectively applying research on the reliability and validity of neuropsychological evaluation performance. With offices throughout Connecticut, CNS serves individuals, schools and businesses statewide. Our consultation and litigation support services are available nationwide. Connecticut Psychological Association For clinical or forensic services we invite your inquiry at 203-271-3809 or toll-free at 877-788-7822.

84. - Neurosciences On The Internet
Neurosciences on the Internet includes a searchable and browsable index of neuroscience resources available on the World Wide Web and other parts of the Internet. Neurobiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology, cognitive science sites and information on human neurological diseases are covered.

85. Origins Of Peace And Violence: Introduction
This site presents the results of several researchers on the origins of violence, mainly those of the developmental neuropsychologist James W. Prescott, Ph.D. (formerly NICHD/NIH). It contains many papers in full text, as well as the complete Time Life documentary movie Rock A Bye Baby .
Deprivation of Physical Affection as a Main Cause of Depression, Aggression and Drug Abuse INTRODUCTION SCIENCE POLITICS LINKS We need your support (see below for more info): INTRODUCTION It is generally known (back to medieval or ancient times) that deprivation of sensory stimuli like voice and vision in the early phases of human life will cause irreversible mental retardation in the child. Also the prevention of child play will cause intellectual deficits in the adult. But eyes, ears and the nose are not the only human sensory systems. Additionally there are the two body sensor systems, the "somatosensors". One is the vestibular sensor for maintaining orientation and upright walk. The other one is the skin, for sensing touch. MOTHER BONDING IS ESSENTIAL FOR PEACE Through the work of James W. Prescott, Ph.D. and various others until the mid 1970s it was established that these previously neglected senses are of overwhelming importance for the development of social abilities for adult life. Their deprivation in childhood is a major cause for adult violence. James W. Prescott, Ph.D., was a health scientist administrator at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), one of the Institutes of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) from 1966 to 1980. He created and directed the Developmental Behavioral Biology Program at the NICHD where he initiated NICHD supported research programs that documented how the failure of "Mother Love" in infant monkeys adversely affected the biological development of their brains. These astonishing abnormal brain changes underlie the behaviors of depression, impulse dyscontrol and violence that result from mother-infant separations.

86. Dickinson, Anthony R.
Electrophysiological correlates of hand-eye coordination behavior in posterior parietal regions of the brain (Washington University at Saint Louis).
Tony Dickinson
Email: tony at
University of Edinburgh, PhD.
University of Edinburgh, Pre-Clinical Veterinary Sciences. (Dip.Neurosci)
University of Sussex, Neuroethology. B.Sc.(Hons)
British Psychological Society: Chartered Psychologist. (C.Psychol)
Visiting research fellow to the Snyder Lab of the McDonnell Centre for Higher Brain Function at Washington University School of Medicine. Principle researches include investigating electrophysiological correlates of hand-eye coordination behaviour in posterior parietal regions of the brain.
As lecturer in Psychology and Medicine, courses taught include those concerned with Comparative Animal Cognition and the Biological Basis of Behaviour. 1991-1999: Faculty professor in Comparative Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
Master (Warden) of Salisbury Green Halls of Residence, University of Edinburgh.
Administrative duties included intake selection, schools liaison, special needs tutor and student grants administration.
Concurrent research was conducted within the Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience and Intelligent Systems (dir: Dr. Brendan McGonigle) and included cognitive aspects of comparative intellectual development with Cebus apella monkeys, birds, human children and clinical outpatients. Other research under Tony's supervision has involved the study of a wide variety of naturalistic behaviours of exotic animal species, both in captivity (largely involving the extensive collection of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland) and wild populations of various primate species in Kenya, Gabon, Bolivia and Costa Rica. Other supervised student projects have recruited both human and non-human primates, cetaceae, ungulates, birds and insects covering a broad range of comparative topics including sex behaviour, social dynamics and organisation, feeding and communication behaviours.

87. Brain, Behavior, And Immunity - Elsevier
Presents research in the expanding area of psychoneuroimmunology. Concerned with the interactions between the brain and the immune system at the molecular, cellular, and organismic levels, this innovative journal addresses the relationships among behavioral, neural, endocrine, and immunoregulatory processes.

88. Clinical Neurophysiology - Elsevier
The official journal of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology, Italian Clinical Neurophysiology Society, The Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology. Table of contents and abstracts. Full text by subscription.

89. Neuropsychologia - Elsevier
An international interdisciplinary journal of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience. Tables of contents and abstracts. Full text by subscription.

90. Trends In Neurosciences - Elsevier
Monthly magazine of basic neurosciences. Tables of contents and abstracts. Full-text access by subscription only.

91. Behandeling Van Depressie (rTMS, TMS) En ADHD (Neurofeedback) En Klinisch Onderz
Applied neuroscience offering wireless neurofeedback and automated neuropsychological tests. Specialists in diagnostic services and treatment of brain related disorders such as ADHD and Depression. Located in The Netherlands.
Home Client Professional Over ons ... Contact Zoeken: Psychologische Hulpverlening Behandeling van depressie: rTMS Neurofeedback therapie - ADHD Tarieven ... Home
Behandeling van Depressie (rTMS, TMS), ADHD (Neurofeedback) en Klinisch onderzoek
Brainclinics is een eerstelijns psychologenpraktijk en onderzoeksinstituut, opgericht in 2001. Brainclinics is gespecialiseerd in de diagnostiek en behandeling van ADHD/ADD en Depressie . Naast deze specialisaties bieden wij ook reguliere eerstelijns psychologische zorg, zoals: Cognitieve gedragstherapie EMDR Mindfulness en Sociale Vaardigheidstraining . Brainclinics werkt in een multidisciplinair team van Klinisch Psychologen, Biologisch Psychologen, Orthopedagogen en een Basisarts. De behandelingen bij Brainclinics onderscheiden zich doordat wij naast de reguliere eerstelijnszorg gebruik maken van innovatieve technieken zoals Magnetische Hersenstimulatie (rTMS / TMS) bij Depressie en Neurofeedback bij ADHD/ADD en slaapproblemen. Klinisch onderzoek
Het klinisch onderzoek bestaat uit een QEEG en neuropsychologisch onderzoek. Wij gebruiken het klinisch onderzoek om tot een effectievere en individueel afgestemde behandeling te komen. Tevens verrichten wij wetenschappelijk onderzoek op het gebied van

92. BrainBlog
News and information about our knowledge of the brain and behavior.
News about our knowledge of the brain and behavior
Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Alzheimer's Disease: Rethinking Things?
A very readable piece from Gina Kolata of the New York Times:
Doubt on Tactic in Alzheimer’s Battle
The New York Times
Published: August 18, 2010
"The failure of a promising Alzheimer’s drug highlights the gap between diagnosis and treatment."
Read the full article
Labels: Alzheimer brain clinical trials CNS ... pharmaceutical companies posted by Anthony Risser at 6:40 PM 0 comments
Monday, August 16, 2010
Colin Blakemore: "The House I Grew Up In" (BBC Radio 4)
Audio available from The BBC

From the show's webpage:
"Neurobiologist Professor Colin Blakemore was a war baby brought up in devastated Coventry. His two-up two-down home had the first TV in the street on which he lived next door to relatives and a family of ten. As an only child, his parents were able to cash in an insurance policy of £16 which enabled him to go to the local grammar school where he proved himself to be more of an artist and actor than a scientist. Producer: Smita Patel." Labels: BBC neuroscience posted by Anthony Risser at 7:22 AM 0 comments
Thursday, August 12, 2010

93. Behavioral And Neuropsychological Consultants, LLP
Clinic provides services to address mental health issues and brain-behavior functioning. Offer neuropsychological assessment and psychotherapy to address cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning.

94. Psychological Investigations
Practice located in North Falmouth, Massachusetts. Forensic services, neuropsychological evaluations and fathering related issues. Includes the services offered, information about Michael Murphy, Ed.D., and articles.

95. Long Island Neuropsychologist - Brian K. Lebowitz, PhD
Private practice offering neuropsychological services in Port Jefferson Station and Holbrook, New York. List of services, brief listing of provider s credentials, links to related resources, and FAQ page.

96. Theresa Lavoie, Ph.D. Therapy Counseling Mindfulness Psychologist
Private practice in Andover, Massachusetts. Information about services offered, including neuropsychological evaluations, as well as tips, articles, and links to related resources.
Clinical Neuropsychologist in Andover, MA Home Contact Background Request an Appointment ... Recommended Readings on Well Being Theresa Lavoie, Ph.D. 68 Main Street
Andover 01810
drtheresalavoie com Imagine...therapy that really helps people feel greater happiness! That should be the goal of therapy. The way I work with people with anxiety, depression, and/or ADHD is based on the basic principles of how psychological reality is created moment to moment. People often describe having spent many years and a great deal of money on traditional therapy with little improvement. Individuals benefit from understanding how their mind works and the role thinking plays in happiness and well-being. With that knowledge people are better able to learn and apply strategies that allow them to approach life differently resulting in change. My mission is to help people lead happier, more productive lives through a balanced, integrative and holistic, mindfulness-based treatment model. I work with individuals and groups. I am not opposed to discussing medication or refering to medication specialist but I do not believe that medicine is always the first place to begin treatment.
For inspiration:
"Without understanding how your inner nature evolves, how can you possibly discover eternal happiness? Where is eternal happiness? It's not in the sky or in the jungle; you won't find it in the air or under the ground. Everlasting happiness is within you, within your psyche, your consciousness, your mind. That's why it's important that you investigate the nature of your own mind."

97. - Providing Help And Information For Autism And Other Neuropsycho
Online course for caregivers of children with autism or other neuropsychological disorders.

Share on Facebook
Share on Twitter Finding the right therapy for a child with autism can be overwhelming. Only Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has years of scientific research proving it's effectiveness and is recommended by The National Institute of Mental Health and the Surgeon General. But caregivers quickly learn that well-trained therapists in ABA are expensive and hard to find. During my forty years of clinical experience I have tried to provide low-cost ABA resources for caregivers so they can do their own ABA. ABA increases your child's happiness, likelihood of being mainstreamed, and gives you hope. Testimonials from caregivers and teachers who have learned to provide effective ABA.
Click on one of the windows below for more information If you have a question about a child email Dr. Brown Read My ABA blog Gary Brown, Ph. D Licensed Psychologist/HSP The Children's Treatment Center 302 Broadway Martin, TN 38237 Recovering from Autism with ABA If you are a caregiver, this course and my guidance will provide you with the skills you need to manage children's behavior. It's never too early to start ABA. In fact there are studies that say that you may even be able to

98. Aphasia Forum
Background information for aphasic individuals, caregivers, speech therapists, and researchers. Presented in English and Italian by the Neuropsychological and Speech Therapy Service of Genoa University.
aphasia incidence and prevalence living with aphasia therapy neurological department ... guidebook for professionals
Aphasia is a serious social disability but, even today, in Italy it is an almost unknown problem for the community. It is very difficult to spread knowledge about social model of disability because we are still influenced by an old medical model.
We believe that for those interested in language disorders, it may be useful to open their minds to new visions about the role of community to influence the Quality of life of all of us.

99. MMS: Error
Older study on added T3, its possible role in improving mood, and neuropsychological function.
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100. Jopie Van Rooyen And Partners — Psychological Test Providers In Africa. Call U
Providers of psychological tests for a wide range of organisational, educational, clinical and neuropsychological applications in Africa.
The JvR Group blog
You are here: Home (Blog) Search for:
Helping Leaders to Recognize and Adapt to Change
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First AIMC (Association of Internal Management Consultants) Meeting in Africa
in Consulting General More than 30 senior delegates from various industries attended the first of our Strategic Leadership Conversations sessions at The Venue at Melrose Arch on 23rd August 2010. JvR brought these delegates together with international guest speakers from the Center for Creative Leadership and the Association of Internal Management Consultants as well as local leaders. The [...] Tagged as: AIMC jvrc comments
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Job Stress : The Three-Headed Monster
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ILS Recap: Jarrett Shalhoop, from Hogan Assessment Systems, USA

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