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  1. Clinical Hypnotherapy: A Transpersonal Approach, Second Edition by Allen S. Chips, 2006-02-01
  2. Word from the Soul: Time, East/West Spirituality, and Psychotherapeutic Narrative (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) by Stuart Sovatsky, 1998-11
  3. Lives in Spirit: Precursors and Dilemmas of a Secular Western Mysticism (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Huamnistic Psychology) by Harry T. Hunt, 2003-08-01
  4. Beyond Ego: Transpersonal Dimensions in Psychology
  5. Phenomenological Inquiry in Psychology: Existential and Transpersonal Dimensions
  6. The Fundamentals of Family Mediation (SUNY Series (S U N Y Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) by John M. Haynes, 1994-06-07
  7. The calling: A transpersonal adventure by Tony Perez, 1996
  8. The Raincloud of Knowable Things (Wisdom of the Transpersonal) by Ian Gordon-Brown, Barbara Somers, 2008-05-01
  9. On the Nature of Consciousness: Cognitive, Phenomenological, and Transpersonal Perspectives by Professor Harry T. Hunt, 1995-08-30
  10. Journey in Depth (Wisdom of the Transpersonal) by Ian Gordon-Brown, Barbara Somers, 2008-05-01
  11. Esoteric Psychology: A Treatise on the Seven Rays by Alice A. Bailey, 1970-06-01
  12. Ethics and the Discovery of the Unconscious (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanistics Psychology) by John Hanwell Riker, 1997-07-10
  13. Mysticism and New Paradigm Psychology by John E. Collins, 1991-01-28
  14. The Heart of Soul: An Afrocentric Perspective of Psychology by John L. Bolling, 1990-05

81. The Will Project
Program of research on the Will and Its applications, first proposed by Roberto Assagioli, with associated wiki.

82. Cressida Home Page
Finding the truth about the self and the meaning of life through art. Everything on the site is free. Audio CD promoted - The Role of Emotion in the Creation of Art .
Cressida's Transformations - art and photography 20TH CENTURY WOMAN A collection of portraits featuring 20th century women >> More information A PASSION FOR HATS Read the fascinating story of the history of women's fashion hats. >> More information BAYEUX TAPESTRY Read the history of tapestry art. View a section of the Bayeux Tapestry. Links to your sewing requirements.
>> More information
Art Tutorial - SEE your potential THROUGH ART >> More information AUDIO - The Role of Emotion in the Creation of Art Hear Kathleen Notman talk of how those who TRANSFORMED the mediocre into the sensational became GREAT artists.
Written translation into Chinese available for students. Listen to the speech in English, read the translation. >> More information CONTACT >> More information Edwardian photographs Edwardian photos FREE plus:
Every imaginable subject from PHOTOS.COM >> More information GREETING CARDS >> More information HOW TO MAKE SILHOUETTES Easy way to create beautiful silhouettes >> More information LINKS >> More information News and Reviews from the ARTS The latest news from around the globe >> More information >> More information TODAY'S FAVOURITE POEM >> More information Welcome to Cressida's Transformations The website dedicated to the ARTS

83. PARADISE2012 Visual Projections For Special Events
Since 1991 paradise2012 has been producing transcendental digital video designed to facilitate passage into shamanic states of being.
click here if you're not automatically redirected... rapidshare search Kids Printable Worksheets Free Printable Real Estate Flyers Carbon And Cycle And Printable ... Free Printable Posters Or Flyers

84. Leiah Bowden's Energy Portraits Show  Colors Of Our Multidiemnsional Auras And
Energy Portraits by intuitive artist Leiah Bowden activate the soul s journey, aligning the multi-dimensional Self.
Leiah Bowden
Energy Portraits let us see the colors of our auras and chakras
Open to the healing frequencies and messages of your multidimensional self.
In the news and on the web
Articles about


Energy Portraits

We are beautiful, radiant,
multi-dimensional beings.
Lifelong meditator, intuitive artist and visionary, Leiah Click to
Animal Communication Bio Classes Contact Leiah ... Listen to Leiah talk about how she creates Energy Portraits

85. Possibility Portraits | Inner Vision | Unique Women's Gifts
Artist Pamela Moss paints unique possibility portraits that show who people are at heart and what s possible for them, their relationships, and their families. Includes Moss s free handbook, collage workshops, ebooks, etc.
Inner Vision Portraits - Custom Painted Portraits
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Your privacy matters to me. I will never rent, sell, trade, or share your email with anyone! Get the Inner Vision Ezine Email:

86. Artist / Camilo Villanueva - Plastic Artist / PAINTING OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM
Through his paintings, Camilo Villanueva provides energy, invites us to dive and be transported, elevates that which is subtle and precipitates the tension, in deep spiritual messages of love and unity.

87. Sarah Schaleger
Artist Sarah Schaleger paints soul portraits and spiritual paintings, creating healing art to connect you to your soul and assist you in knowing your wholeness.

88. The Headless Way -- Douglas Harding
A site based on the work of Douglas Harding, who explains how to discover a new level of consciousness in a wonderfully clear way.
>skip intro Web Site of the Shollond Trust.UK Registered Charity 1059551

89. Institute Of Noetic Sciences | Consciousness | Science | Spirituality | Wisdom
Dedicated to expanding science beyond conventional paradigms. Founded by Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut. The noetic sciences study the mind and its diverse ways of knowing in a truly interdisciplinary fashion.
News at IONS Looking for the real science behind The Lost Symbol ? IONS audio teleseminars guide Dan Brown fans through the mind-bending mysteries of fact and fiction. EarthRise Retreat Center The Institute’s emphasis on personal and collective transformation finds a physical home at EarthRise, our retreat center. Welcome to IONS! Here is a short introductory video from our President, Dr. Marilyn Mandala Schlitz.
Click to play then move your cursor away to hide controls.
Support Us When you become a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, you join an international network of people who are excited about our uncharted human potential...
IONS People Returning to Earth after having just walked on the Moon, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell had an experience for which nothing in his life had prepared him…

90. Personal Development At Trans4mind
Resources for personal development and transformation of body, mind and spirit, including an online book, free articles and courses.

Find Unshakable Inner Peace


EXPLORE THESE LIFE CHALLENGES... THE WORLD'S PREMIER PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WEBSITE Discover an abundance of effective resources to aid your personal and spiritual growth. Learn how to heal yourself, be more successful, improve loving relationships and gain insights on life's great questions... and in this way, to nurture unshakable inner peace Start clicking on the horizontal blue menu bar above, which presents a wide range of Life Challenges, and you will soon discover exactly what you are looking for. Or use the site search below...
All the Personal Development Resources You Need
When you arrive on the special page provided for each of the Life Challenges , using the blue menu-bar above, the Free Resources are titled in green , and the Recommended Products are titled in blue . Additionally, you can go directly to these summary pages... FREE RESOURCES RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS Your free weekly toolkit for planting seeds of success, abundance, love and joy... Cultivate Life! is the best personal development ezine, widely recognized for the quality of the articles. Each issue contains advice by experts to help you find your life's purpose, improve your relationships, heal your heart, and live at your full potential.

91. Anders Transhuman Page
A well-organised exploration of information and sites that address the realisation of human potential.
Transhumanist Resources
'What is a human being, then?'
'A seed.'
'A... seed?'
'An acorn that is unafraid to destroy itself in growing into a tree'
David Zindell, The Broken God Transhumanism is a philosophy that humanity can, and should, strive to higher levels, both physically, mentally and socially. It encourages research into such areas as life extension cryonics nanotechnology physical and mental enhancements, uploading human consciousness into computers and megascale engineering The resources at this site are divided into five spheres of interest:

92. Is There Meaning In The Madness?
Especially for teens and young adults, an exploration of the raw materials of meaning symbols, myths, dreams and stories.
Listen to
lyrical works with Enter

93. The Physics Consciousness Research Group
Much synergy is taking place involving work in physics, consciousness, and paranormal phenomena. Provides information on research and new ideas.

94. The Institute Of Psychosynthesis
The Institute offers professional training and self-development in psychotherapy, therapeutic counselling and applying psychosynthesis to other fields of service. The Institute also runs a referral clinic.

95. Peter Russell - Spirit Of Now - Home Page
Peter Russell s site on Consciousness and Personal Growth. Sections on The Global Brain, Mind Maps, Science, Consciousness, and God.
Printed from Peter Russell's site The Spirit of Now Subscribe to Newsletter
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Science and Consciousness
Can science explain consciousness?
How has consciousness evolved? Are all creatures conscious? Is reality all in the mind? Spiritual Awakening Letting go. Opening to now. Meditation. Love. Earth and Environment Roots of the Global Crisis. The Real Threat of Climate Change. The Global Brain. The Universe Around Us. Since its creation in 1996, this site has grown from a few dozen pages to over four hundred, and from text only to audio, video, and interactive sections. The organic nature of its growth means it has no simple hierarchical structure. A page can often be approached from several directions. So follow what attracts you, and see where you arrive. Counters World Population: Total Internet Users: My age is And a few surprises...

96. Metaself - A Metaphor Model Of The Self
This extensive site shows how we use metaphor to help us understand ourselves and others.

97. Welcome To Psyber Inn
Journey Through The Labyrinth

Mystic Labyrinth Here to intrigue your imagination with theory, poetry, fun, spirituality, and shamanic journeys into the Matrix of Light.
Welcome to Psyber Inn
Journey through the Labyrinth
I hold no great Secrets...
I am what you know:
an illusion of limits,
a uniqueness of soul.
I hold no great Power...
I am what you see:
a fingerprint glimpse
of the Great Mystery.
Welcome! I am Damiqiel Oceana (Miq'O) Lighthawk:
Counselor, Poet, Lightshaman of many paths and much adventure. This Page is a Door into a Mystic Labyrinth, here to intrigue your imagination with theory, poetry, fun, spirituality, and shamanic journeys into the Matrix of Light. So, again, welcome to the Inn. Draw up a comfy chair and sit next to the fire, enjoy your brew and stew, and listen closely to the stillness that whispers your name. You never know what you will find here, but... keep coming back... discover who you are as I discover who I am. Listen as Spirit calls: "Go beyond the Web." Click on the link below to begin your Journey. [Some pictures on this website are not my own; I have respectfully copied them and honor the artists.] The Inn awaits...

98. The Contemplative Forum - Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Practice In Bristol An
Dedicated in general to the exploration of contemplative awareness and its values. In particular seeks to explore the confluence of depth psychotherapy with the world s contemplative traditions.
  • Home Mindfulness Courses All resources
    Forum for Contemplative Studies Bath and Bristol
    Eight Week Mindfulness Courses and Further Training
    Forum for
    Contemplative Studies
    Welcome to the Forum for Contemplative Studies, a resource site for the meeting of psychotherapy, mindfulness and Buddhism. It contains information on mindfulness meditation, contemplative psychotherapy, a directory of psychotherapists, courses, articles and literature.
    Welcome to the Bath and Bristol Eight Week Mindfulness Course. A stress reduction program originally designed by Jon Kabat Zinn. Using mindfulness meditation, the eight evenings and one full Saturday, can help us be with physical and emotional stress, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. It is particularly recommended by NICE for recurrent bouts of chronic depression. This can be achieved, not by rejecting our emotional experience, but by learning to be present with it in a consciously spacious and kindly way – that is mindfully. email:

99. Southern Psychosynthesis Community Network
Located in Dunedin New Zealand. Contains articles, and members biographies.

100. The Center For Story And Symbol, Joseph Campbell And Archetypal Psychology
Offering online mythological studies resources, workshops and seminars for clinical psychologists and those interested in archetypal perspectives.
Workshop Information
Mythic Realm of Jonathan Young

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