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         Algebraic Geometry:     more books (100)
  1. Algebraic Topology by Allen Hatcher, 2001-11-15
  2. Elementary Geometry of Algebraic Curves: An Undergraduate Introduction by C. G. Gibson, 1999-01-13
  3. Geometry of Low-Dimensional Manifolds, Vol. 1: Gauge Theory and Algebraic Surfaces (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)
  4. Algebraic Topology via Differential Geometry (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) by M. Karoubi, C. Leruste, 1988-01-29
  5. Global Geometry and Mathematical Physics: Lectures given at the 2nd Session of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo (C.I.M.E.) held at Montecatini ... Mathematics / Fondazione C.I.M.E., Firenze) by L. Alvarez-Gaume, E. Arbarello, et all 1990-12-03
  6. The Geometry of Schemes (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) (Volume 0) by David Eisenbud, Joe Harris, 2000-01-25
  7. Topological Methods in Algebraic Geometry (Classics in Mathematics) by Friedrich Hirzebruch, 1995-02-24
  8. Quadratic Forms with Applications to Algebraic Geometry and Topology (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) by Albrecht Pfister, 1995-10-27
  9. History of Algebraic Geometry by Jean A. Dieudonne, 1985-05-30
  10. Algebraic Geometry in Coding Theory and Cryptography by Harald Niederreiter, Chaoping Xing, 2009-09-21
  11. Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry: Lectures given at the 2nd Session of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo (C.I.M.E.) held in Trento, Italy, June ... Mathematics / Fondazione C.I.M.E., Firenze) by Jean-Louis Colliot-Thelene, Kazuya Kato, et all 1994-12-13
  12. Representation Theory and Complex Geometry (Modern Birkhäuser Classics) by Neil Chriss, Victor Ginzburg, 2009-12-01
  13. An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry (Translations of Mathematical Monographs) by Kenji Ueno, 1997-06-17
  14. A Vector Space Approach to Geometry by Melvin Hausner, 2010-07-21

81. Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic Geometry . What is Algebraic Geometry? Algebraic Geometry is a subject with historical roots in analytic geometry. At its most naive level it is concerned with the
Algebraic Geometry
What is Algebraic Geometry?
Research Interests:
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82. (USA) Chicago Algebraic Geometry Seminar
List of talks, with abstracts.

83. Surf - Home
A tool to visualize real algebraic geometry plane algebraic curves, algebraic surfaces and hyperplane sections of surfaces.
visualization of
real algebraic geometry Home Download Documentation Gallery ... Screenshots
What is surf
surf is a tool to visualize some real algebraic geometry: plane algebraic curves, algebraic surfaces and hyperplane sections of surfaces. surf is script driven and has (optionally) a nifty GUI using the Gtk widget set. The algorithms should be stable enough not to be confused by curve/surface singularities in codimension greater than one and the degree of the surface or curve. This has been achieved quite a bit. We have drawn curves of degree up to 30 and surfaces of degree up to 20 successfully. However, there are examples of curves/surfaces of lower degree where surf fails to produce perfect images. This happens especially if the equation of the curve/surface is not reduced. Best results are achieved using reduced equations. On the other hand, surf displays the Fermat-curves accurately for degree up to 98. surf is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Go here to download surf or visit the SourceForge project page
Project Info
Tracker Bugs 1 open / 5 total
Bug Tracking System Feature Requests 0 open / 2 total
Feature Request Tracking System Mailing Lists mailing lists ) CVS Tree commits

84. Algebraic Geometry —
More on algebraic geometry from Infoplease algebraic geometry meaning and definitions algebraic geometry Definition and Pronunciation; Suggestions for spelling of encyclopedia

85. Main
The Eighth International Symposium on Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry. Computing in and with algebraic geometry Theory, Algorithms, Implementations, Applications. Porto Conte, Alghero, Sardinia,Italy; 26 May 2 June 2005.

Dipartimento di Matematica

Porto Conte, Alghero, Sardinia (Italy) May 27th - June 1st 2005
Special Issue JSC

Call For Papers

DVD Active Proceedings

MEGA 2005
Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry
Computing in and with algebraic geometry:
Theory, Algorithms, Implementations, Applications.
The Conference MEGA 2005 was held at Hotel Corte Rosada , a sea resort at Porto Conte, Alghero, Sardinia (Italy) from Friday, May 27th to Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
MEGA is the acronym for Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry (and its equivalent in Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc.), a series of roughly biennial conferences on computational and application aspects of Algebraic Geometry and related topics with very high standards. Previous meetings were held in 1990 (Castiglioncello, Italy), 1992 (Nice, France), 1994 (Santander, Spain), 1996 (Eindhoven, Nederlands), 1998 (St. Malo, France) (Bath, United Kingdom) and (Kaiserslautern, Germany).
Conference Topics
Effective Methods and Theoretical and Practical Complexity Issues in: Commutative Algebra, Geometry, Real Geometry, Algebraic Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry and related fields: Algebraic Analysis of Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Associative Algebras, Group Theory , Algebraic Groups and Lie Algebras, Algebraic and Differential Topology, as well as applications of these fields.

86. Algebraic Geometry (Graduate Texts In Mathematics) Download Treasure!
Algebraic Geometry (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) Publisher Springer ISBN 0387902449 edition 1977 PDF 512 pages 36,1 mb Robin Hartshorne
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Algebraic Geometry (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) Categories: E-Books
Algebraic Geometry (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
Robin Hartshorne studied algebraic geometry with Oscar Zariski and David Mumford at Harvard, and with J.-P. Serre and A. Grothendieck in Paris. After receiving his Ph.D. from Princeton in 1963, Hartshorne became a Junior Fellow at Harvard, then taught there for several years. In 1972 he moved to California where he is now Professor at the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of "Residues and Duality" (1966), "Foundations of Projective Geometry (1968), "Ample Subvarieties of Algebraic Varieties" (1970), and numerous research titles
Download Links (36.1 Mb)

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Algebraic Geometry (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) free Download on Rapidshare Hotfile Fileserve Megaupload, Algebraic Geometry (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) Torrents Download or anything related to the article here. Only English is allowed.
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  • 87. UUMath - Algebraic Geometry Seminar
    The Zariski space of a normal variety X encodes all resolutions of X. In joint work with Charles Favre and Sebastien Boucksom, we study positivity
    Algebraic Geometry Seminar
    Date Speaker Title August 31 Tommaso de Fernex
    University of Utah The valuation space of an isolated normal singularity. The Zariski space of a normal variety X encodes all resolutions of X. In joint work with Charles Favre and Sebastien Boucksom, we study positivity properties of divisors on the Zariski space of a normal variety X. In the case X has an isolated singularity, we concurrently work on the full space of valuations of rank one centered at the singular point and study properties of various functions on it.
    The motivation of our work comes from an old paper of Wahl, where he defines a "characteristic number" of the surface singularity an invariant that vanishes if and only if the singularity is log canonical. Our goal is to extend Wahl's result to all dimensions. By working in full generality (especially, without assuming X to be Q-Gorenstein), we also obtain interesting applications to global geometry, and address questions of the following type:
    • Is the property of being log-Fano preserved by finite morphisms of projective varieties?

    88. Third Annual COLLOQUIUMFEST
    University of Saskatchewan, Canada; 1823 March 2001.
    in honour of the (60+epsilon)-th Birthday of Murray Marshall (organized by Franz-Viktor and Salma Kuhlmann and Murray Marshall) Mathematical Sciences Group
    University of Saskatchewan

    106 Wiggins Road, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5E6, Canada
    Phone: (306) 966-6081 - Fax: (306) 966-6086 The Third Annual Colloquiumfest was held in March 2002. We had several seminar talks from Monday 18th until Friday 22nd, three colloquium talks on Friday 22nd, and seven talks on Saturday 23rd. The Third Annual Colloquiumfest was generously supported by the Vice-President Academic and the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Science The emphasis of the colloquiumfest was on
    Algebraic Geometry, Real Algebraic Geometry and Computational Algebra.
    Schedule of talks
    Friday, March 22
    3-4 pm:
    Edward Mosteig (Tulane):
    4-5 pm:
    Bernd Sturmfels (Berkeley):
    Multigraded Hilbert Schemes 5-6 pm:
    Pablo A. Parrilo
    Sums of squares, convex optimization, and the Positivstellensatz
    Saturday, March 23
    9:30-10:30 am: Tom Craven (Hawaii): Valuation Theory and Ordered *-Rings 10:30-11:30 am: Tara Smith (Cincinnati): Multiplicative Subgroups of Fdot/Fdot : Additive Properties and Extensions 11:30 am-12:30 pm: Dale Cutkosky (Missouri): Ramification of Valuations LUNCH 1:30-2:30 pm: Roland Auer (Saskatoon): Reduction of elliptic curves in equal characteristic 2 and 3 2:30-3:30 pm: Hagen Knaf (Kaiserslautern): COFFEE BREAK 4-5 pm: Vincent Astier (Dublin): Pfister's subform theorem for spaces of orderings 5-6 pm:

    89. Algebraic Geometry (mathematics) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
    algebraic geometry (mathematics), study of the geometric properties of solutions to polynomial equations, including solutions in dimensions beyond three. (Solutions in two and
    document.write(''); Search Site: With all of these words With the exact phrase With any of these words Without these words Home CREATE MY algebraic ge... NEW ARTICLE ... SAVE
    algebraic geometry
    Table of Contents: algebraic geometry Article Article Additional Reading Additional Reading Related Articles Related Articles External Web sites External Web sites Citations Primary Contributors: Robert Alan Bix ARTICLE from the algebraic geometry study of the geometric properties of solutions to polynomial equations , including solutions in dimensions beyond three. (Solutions in two and three dimensions are first covered in plane and solid analytic geometry , respectively.)

    90. The Cubic Surface Homepage
    Images, software, links. At the University of Mainz, Germany.
    Have you ever played with cubic surfaces
    NEW!!! We have got our own domain now:

    Please check out the new site ! This old one will no longer be supported, but some interesting pages, like singularities and Cubic Surface Movies are not ported to the new site yet...
    Do you know, what a double six is?
    Oliver Labs
    The Cubic Surface Homepage Algebraic Geometry Group University of Mainz, Germany A new project:
    Interactive Plane Geometry

    91. Algebraic Geometry Authors/titles "new.AG"
    Submissions received from Wed 13 Oct 10 to Thu 14 Oct 10, announced Fri, 15 Oct 10 math math.AG
    Search or Article-id Help Advanced search All papers Titles Authors Abstracts Full text Help pages
    Algebraic Geometry
    New submissions
    Submissions received from Wed 27 Oct 10 to Thu 28 Oct 10, announced Fri, 29 Oct 10 [ total of 7 entries:
    [ showing up to 2000 entries per page: fewer more
    New submissions for Fri, 29 Oct 10
    arXiv:1010.5835 pdf ps other
    Title: The supersingular K3 surface with Artin invariant 1 in characteristic 2 Authors: Toshiyuki Katsura Shigeyuki Kondo Subjects: Algebraic Geometry (math.AG) We construct, on a supersingular K3 surface with Artin invariant 1 in characteristic 2, a set of 21 disjoint smooth rational curves and another set of 21 disjoint smooth rational curves such that each curve in one set intersects exactly 5 curves from the other set with multiplicity 1 by using the structure of a generalized Kummer surface.
    arXiv:1010.5906 pdf ps other
    Title: Degenerations of K3 Surfaces of Degree Two Authors: Alan Thompson Comments: 40 pages, 9 figures, comments welcome Subjects: Algebraic Geometry (math.AG)

    92. The Hodge Conjecture
    A description of the conjecture by Deligne (PDF) and details of the prize offered for its resolution.

    93. Algebraic Geometry, Department Of Mathematics, University Of Illinois At Urbana-
    The mission of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign is to pursue outstanding research and to provide high quality
    E-mail, search functions, and current weather

    94. Paul Smith's Research
    People, groups and publications. Compiled by Paul Smith, University of Washington.
    Noncommutative geometry and algebra My main interest is the non-commutative world in all its aspects: geometric, algebraic, topological, physical, et cetera. Here are some homepages I like to visit. Some of these people are also interested in the non-commutative world: More pages. Lieven LeBruyn's blog Conferences: Conference Notes: Oberwolfach May 2006
    Here are some articles that might be of interest:

    95. 8.1 Algebraic Curves
    An overview.
    Next: 8.2 Roulettes (Spirograph Curves)
    Up: 8 Special Plane Curves
    Previous: 8 Special Plane Curves
    8.1 Algebraic Curves
    Curves that can be given in implicit form as f x y )=0, where f is a polynomial, are called algebraic . The degree of f is called the degree or order of the curve. Thus conics (Section ) are algebraic curves of degree two. Curves of degree three already have a great variety of shapes, and only a few common ones will be given here. The simplest case is when the curve is the graph of a polynomial of degree three: y ax bx cx d , with a 0. This curve is a (general) cubic parabola (Figure ). It is symmetric with respect to the point B where x b a
    Figure 1: The general cubic parabola for a a
    The semicubic parabola (Figure , left) has equation y kx ; by proportional scaling one can take k
    Figure 2: The semicubic parabola, the cissoid of Diocles, and the witch of Agnesi
    This curve should not be confused with the cissoid of Diocles (Figure , middle), which has equation ( a x y x with a 0. The latter is asymptotic to the line x=a , while the semicubic parabola has no asymptotes. The cissoid's points are characterized by the equality

    Ohio State University, USA; 13 December 2000.
    Ohio State University
    Columbus, Ohio
    December 1-3, 2000
    • S. Bloch :University of Chicago
    • M. Brion :Institut Fourier/CNRS
    • P. Brosnan :UC Irvine
    • H. Esnault :University of Essen
    • E. Friedlander :Northwestern University
    • H. Gillet :University of Illinois(Chicago)
    • R. Joshua :Ohio State University
    • M. Levine :Northeastern University
    • J. Lewis :University of Alberta
    • F. Morel :University of Paris
    • J. Murre :University of Leiden
    • S. Muller-Stach :University of Essen
    • N. Ramachandran:University of Maryland
    • M. Rost :Ohio State University
    • B. Toen :Max Planck Institut (Bonn)
    Schedule of Events
    Thursday November 30
    Afternoon-Evening: Checking into the hotels. Reception at the University Plaza Hotel(6:30pm-8:00pm).
    Friday December 1
    8:00 am. Registration and Coffee-Mw 724(Math Lounge) Buses leave the hotel around 7:50 and 8:10am. All talks in Journalism 300: Coffee and refreshments in Mw 724. James Lewis (University of Alberta)
    A conjecture of Jannsen and a filtration on Chow groups JR (Journalism) 300 Coffee-Mw 724 9:50-10:40 am.

    97. MSRI - Algebraic Geometry
    William Fulton (University of Michigan), Joe Harris (Harvard University), Brendan Hassett (Rice University), J nos Koll r (Princeton University), S ndor Kov cs* (University of
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    • Home Scientific For Scientists Programs Programs Home Current Programs Upcoming Programs ... Calendar for Scientists Search for Events By Title or Description: After: Before: MSRI Home Scientific Programs Programs Home Main Wiki Discussions Algebraic Geometry 2009-01-12 to 2009-05-22 William Fulton (University of Michigan), Joe Harris (Harvard University), Brendan Hassett (Rice University), János Kollár (Princeton University), Sándor Kovács* (University of Washington), Robert Lazarsfeld (University of Michigan), and Ravi Vakil (Stanford University) Tags: scientific Algebraic geometry has long been a central subject, with deep and substantial connections to almost every aspect of modern mathematics. There are numerous different approaches to the field, utilizing widely varying technical tools: Commutative algebra, complex analysis, sheaf theory, cohomological methods, and combinatorial techniques all play important roles.
      This multiplicity of techniques and interconnections creates a conundrum for the student of algebraic geometry: How can I learn all the specific tools of the trade, while at the same time developing an overall sense for what guides the subject? Even established researchers can feel powerful centrifugal forces pulling at the field, as it spawns new specialties with astonishing regularity.
      In Spring 2009, the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute will sponsor a program on algebraic geometry, emphasizing cross-fertilization between different areas, including classical and complex algebraic geometry, linear series techniques, moduli spaces, enumerative geometry, varieties with group actions, birational geometry, rational curves on algebraic varieties, and classification theory. The full resources of MSRI will be devoted to a comprehensive discussion of these topics. The organizers hope to convey the essential unity of the subject, especially to young researchers and established mathematicians in other fields who use algebraic geometry in their research.

    98. Friedrich Knop: Office Page
    Rutgers University. Algebraic groups. Publications.
    Friedrich Knop: Office Page
    I moved to the University of Erlangen in Germany. Please visit my

    99. Goemetric Algebra Vs Algebraic Geometry. [Archive] - Physics Forums
    11 posts 6 authors - Last post Aug 23Archive Goemetric Algebra Vs Algebraic Geometry. General Math.
    Physics Forums Mathematics General Math PDA View Full Version : Goemetric Algebra Vs Algebraic Geometry. MathematicalPhysicist Aug17-07, 11:23 AM is there any difference between the two discplines, and what is it?
    what do you think of emil artin's classical book on geometric algebra, is it still appropiate for learning the subject, and also go into the advanced stuff of this subject?
    thanks in advance. Feldoh Aug17-07, 11:39 AM vs. mathwonk Aug17-07, 11:35 PM yes artins book is wonderful for learning the subject of geometric algebra, but i have no idea what connection it has to algebraic geometry.
    by the way, anytime anyone asks whether it s worthwhile to read a book by a great mathematician, the answer is always YES, YES, YES!
    get a clue. MathematicalPhysicist Aug18-07, 01:02 AM and what about a book for algebraic geometry, any recommendations? MathematicalPhysicist Aug18-07, 02:48 AM but does artin's book cover also advanced topics in goemetric algebra?
    I gave a look at the contents, and it seems that it doesn't cover a lot of material, perhaps the subject doesnt have a lot of material, don't know.

    100. UMass Amherst Dept Of Mathematics And Statistics: Algebraic Geometry
    Tom Braden, Eduardo Cattani, Peter Dalakov, Paul Gunnells, Paul Hacking, Eyal Markman, Ivan Mirkovic, Peter Norman, Alexei Oblomkov, Eric Sommers, Jenia Tevelev, Giancarlo Urzua, Geometry

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