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         Algebraic Number Theory:     more books (102)
  1. Algebraic Number Theory and Representations (Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics Number 80 (1965)) by D. K. Faddeev, 1968
  2. A Brief Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory by Jasbir S. Chahal, 2006
  3. Algebraic Number Field: Field extension, Field (mathematics), Algebraic number theory, Rational number, Vector space, Dirichlet's unit theorem, Modulus ... number theory), Chebotarev's density theorem
  4. Algebraic Number Theory: Webster's Timeline History, 1843 - 2006 by Icon Group International, 2009-05-01
  5. Classical Theory of Algebraic Numbers (Universitext) by Paulo Ribenboim, 2010-11-02
  6. The Theory of Algebraic Numbers. First Edition. by Harry Pollard, 1950
  7. Algebraic Theory of Numbers by Hermann Weyl, 1959
  8. The Theory of Algebraic Numbers. Number 9. the Carus Mathematical Monographs by Pollard Harry, 1950-01-01
  9. Foundations of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers (Volume 2) The General Theory by Harris Hancock, 1964
  10. Foundations of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers Volume I by Harris Hancock, 1931
  11. Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Harry Pollard, 1965

81. Lemmermeyer, Franz
Bilkent University. Algebraic number theory, elliptic curves. Papers, lecture notes, texts.
Franz Lemmermeyer
Visiting associate professor Department of Mathematics Office: FEN 116 Telephone 1265
Spring 2007
Senior Projects
Generalized Jacobians in cryptography Cohomology groups of small dimension
Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics
Class Field Theory
Fall 2006
Senior Project
The Prime Number Theorem Galois Theory and second cohomology groups
Introduction to Cryptography
Algebraic Number Theory
Fall 1996 - Spring 2006
Stolen Books
My mathematical ancestors
A Collection of Lecture Notes
My Elliptic Curves page

82. Algebraic Number Theory
Algebraic Number Theory Richard A Mollin, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada From its history as an elegant but abstract area of mathematics, algebraic number theory now

83. D. Prasad
Tata Institute for Fundamental Research. Algebraic number theory, Automorphic forms, Representation theory. Publications.
Dipendra Prasad
Email Present Position Professor, School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Colaba, Mumbai 400005, INDIA PhD from Harvard University, 1989. Mathematical Interest
  • Algebraic number theory,
  • Automorphic forms,
  • Representation theory.
List of Publications Description of Work Professional Recognition Professional Experience
Editorial work Managing Editor: International Journal of Number Theory. Editor: Journal of Number Theory. Editor: Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Society. Editor: Proceedings of Indian Academy.
List of Publications
Papers in Journals
  • Trilinear forms for representations of GL(2) and local epsilon factors, Compositio Math , vol. 75, 1-46 (1990). PDF file (With B.H. Gross) Test Vectors for linear forms, Maths Annalen , vol. 291, 343-355 (1991). PDF file Invariant linear forms for representations of GL(2) over a local field, American J. of Maths, vol. 114, 1317-1363 (1992). PDF file (With B.H. Gross) On the decomposition of a representation of SO(n) when restricted to SO(n-1), Canadian J. of Maths
  • 84. Algebraic Number Theory « Abstract Nonsense
    Aug 28, 2006 After explaining one elementary technique in number theory, I should write about what motivates some of the basic ideas of algebraic number

    85. Stephen V. Ullom
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Algebraic Number Theory, Galois Module Structure.
    Stephen V. Ullom
    Professor, Department of Mathematics
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    1409 W. Green Street
    Urbana, Illinois 61801-2975 Office: 337 Illini Hall; (217) 333-6207; FAX: (217) 333-9576
    General Information
    Ph.D. Univ. of Maryland, 1968.
    Areas of Specialization and Research Interests
    Algebraic Number Theory, Galois Module Structure of Algebraic Integers and Unit Groups, Galois Groups of Maximal Class Two Extensions with Restricted Ramification, Projective Class Groups of Integral Group Ring of a Finite Group.
    Selected Publications
  • Unit indices and cohomology for biquadratic extensions of imaginary quadratic fields, Journal de Theorie des Nombres de Bordeaux 20 (2008), 181-202. (with Marcin Mazur)
  • Representations related to CM elliptic curves. Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 113 (1993), no. 1, 7185. (with Nigel Boston)
  • Generators and relations for certain class two Galois groups. J. London Math. Soc. (2) 34 (1986), no. 2, 235244. (with Stephen B. Watt)
  • Class groups of cyclotomic fields and group rings. J. London Math. Soc. (2) 17 (1978), no. 2, 231239.
  • 86. Introductory Algebraic Number Theory - Cambridge University Press
    Algebraic number theory is a subject which came into being through the attempts of mathematicians to try to prove Fermat s last theorem and which now has a

    87. Welcome To The Homepage Of The Computer Algebra Research Group Of The IWR
    Algorithmic Algebra and Number Theory. Members, research, activities, software, links.
    Research group Prof. Dr. B.H. Matzat
    Im Neuenheimer Feld 368
    D-69120 Heidelberg
    Tel: +49 6221 54-8318
    Fax: +49 6221 54-8850
    Research Teaching Activities ... Links
    News: Festkolloquium, February 5th 2010

    88. KANT Group (Algebra And Number Theory)
    Our name, KANT, is short for Computational Algebraic Number Theory with a slight hint at its German origin (Immanuel Kant). KANT is also the name of the
    Institute of Mathematics KANT Group
    KANT Group (Algebra and Number Theory)
    About us
    We are the Algebra and Number Theory research group of the Institute of Mathematics at Our name, KANT , is short for C omputational A lgebraic N umber T heory with a slight hint at its German origin ( Immanuel Kant ). KANT is also the name of the sophisticated computer algebra system that has been developed under the project leadership of Prof. Dr. M. E. Pohst more about KANT We are furthermore involved in the research projects SCIEnce QaoS , and GiANT
    PhD Students
    Full list of members
    10. Kryptotag
    Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2008: KryptoLabor
    Wir waren wieder bei der Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften am 14. Juni 2008 mit dem KryptoLabor dabei. Allgemeine Informationen zur Langen Nacht finden sich hier
    Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2006: KryptoLabor
    Wir waren wieder bei der Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften am 13. Mai 2006 mit dem

    89. Algebra And Number Theory At Boston University
    Algebra and Number Theory Research Group. Members, research interests, seminars, courses.
    The Algebra and Number Theory Group
    at Boston University
      Faculty and graduate students.
    Graduate program information
      A link to the Mathematics Department's graduate program web page.
    Seminar series
      Information on the Algebra seminars.
    Algebra courses
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    90. (USA) Penn State
    Algebra and number theory group. Members, seminars, preprints, links.

    91. Contributions To Algebraic Number Theory From India
    File Format PDF/Adobe Acrobat Quick View

    92. Algebraic Number Theory
    Author Message; Jamie. Registered User. Joined 02 Aug 03. Posts 5. Location New York, US. Posted Sat Aug 02, 2003 814 pm ; Post subject algebraic number theory
    @import url("images/styles.css"); @import url("forum.css");
    algebraic infants algebraic integers algebraic linear programmimg algebraic logarithms ... algebraic inequality in standard form equivalent Author Message Jamie Registered User Joined: 02 Aug 03 Posts: 5 Location: New York, US Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2003 8:14 pm ; Post subject: algebraic number theory Help me out here dude! I've got all this homework to do and I'm stuck on algebraic number theory . Where can I get help? Back to top Profile PM WWW Author Message moderator Joined: 11 Jan 2003 Posts: 1264 Location: Salt Lake City, UT Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2003 8:43 pm ; Post subject: RE: algebraic number theory On the bright side, you have help besides fellow students and the teacher. The Algebra Helper software will literally help you work on your own algebra problems at your own pace. By the time you're done with your homework, you can show that teacher (and if you're nice - your classmates too) how it's done. It seems like algebra homework can take forever. It seems like all you do is sit there and stare at the equations hoping that it will just suddenly sink in. And yet…when you're done staring at the homework, you still probably have a ton of other homework to do. Many algebra tutorials teach you how to solve math equations that barely look like what you're trying to do. When you're done solving those, you're still left wondering how to solve yours. What you really need is something that can help you with your own homework, not problems it already has programmed into it that barely look like what your  teacher or professor was trying to explain. This program works to solve your homework so that you can learn it and do it at the same time. You plug in your own equations, and it will go through them with you. No more cringing at exam grades and no more struggling for hours on end to finish up those last confusing equations. It no longer has to be so difficult to understand.

    93. McMaster's Algebra/Number Theory Seminar
    Algebra/Number Theory Seminar. Meetings, abstracts.
    Welcome to the McMaster University, Department of Mathematics, Algebra/Number Theory Seminar Homepage
    Here at McMaster we have a small, but active, group of mathematics faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students working in the fields of algebra, number theory, and arithmetic geometry. Our seminar meets weekly, usually on Wednesday afternoons at 4pm in the Burke Science Building, room 101. I will also include here any talks occurring in other seminars/colloquia at McMaster which may be of special interest to the algebra/number theory group.
    Current Schedule
    Fall 2001
    Schedule for 2000/2001

    File Format PDF/Adobe Acrobat Quick View

    95. ArchINFORM - Redirection | Weiterleitung
    Information about title Algebraic Number Theory with price comparison

    96. Department Of Algebra And Number Theory
    Department of Algebra and Number Theory. Staff list.
    Head of department István Gaál Address: University of Debrecen
    Institute of Mathematics
    H-4010 Debrecen, P.O. Box 12
    Members: Demonstrators:
    • Attila Földvári Carolin Hannusch Zsófia Balogh-Kereskényi Zsolt Rábai Tímea Szabó Nóra Varga
    Former members:
    • Béla Barna Béla Brindza Károly Buzási Szvetlána Buzási Pál Dömösi Mária Erdélyi Jenő Erdős Ferenc Fenyves Sándor Gacsályi Béla Gyires Andor Kertész Béla Kovács László Kovács Zoltán Papp Attila Pethő Csaba Rakaczki László Rédei Edit Szabó Tibor Szele Erzsébet Szodoray

    97. FreeScience - Books - Algebraic Number Theory
    This is a summary of the 1999–2000 course on algebraic number theory. Proofs will generally be sketched rather than presented in detail.

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    99. (Germany) University Of Siegen
    Algebra and Number Theory group. Members, research interests.

    100. Algebraic Number Theory
    This leads to understanding that number theory and algebraic geometry is in fact one and the same domain. The core of number theory being an elementary Number Theory.h

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