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         Algebraic Number Theory:     more books (102)
  1. The Elements of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Reid Legh Wilber, 2009-05-20
  2. The Theory of Algebraic Numbers by harry pollard, 1950-01-01
  3. The Elements Of The Theory Of Algebraic Numbers by Legh Wilber Reid, 2010-09-10
  4. Theory of Algebraic Numbers Carus 9 by Harry Pollard, 1950
  5. Distribution Theory of Algebraic Numbers (De Gruyter Expositions in Mathematics) by Pei-Chu, 2008-11-15
  6. Units and class numbers in number theory and algebraic geometry (Lectures notes distributed in conjunction with the Colloquium Lectures given at the eighty-fifth summer meeting of the American Mathematical Society, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania August 17-20,1981) by Serge Lang University Of California at Berkeley, 1981
  7. Applications of Algebraic K-Theory to Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory (Contemporary Mathematics) by Spencer J. Bloch, R. Keith Dennis, et all 1986-07
  8. Applications of Algebraic K-Theory to Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory (Contemporary Mathematics) by Spencer J. Bloch, R. Keith Dennis, et all 1986-07
  9. Algebraic K-Theory, Number Theory, Geometry and Analysis: Proceedings of the International Conference held at Bielefeld, Federal Republic of Germany, July ... in Mathematics) (English and French Edition)
  10. Applications of Algebraic K-Theory to Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory, (Contemporary Mathematics (American Mathematical Society), Vol. 55) (2 Volumes)
  11. Proceedings of Mian. T. 241 Number theory, algebra and algebraic geometry / Trudy MIAN. T. 241 Teoriya chisel, algebra i algebraicheskaya geometriya by unknown, 2003
  12. Alexander Grothendieck: Mathematician, Algebraic geometry, Algebraic topology, Number theory, Category theory, Galois theory, Homological algebra, Functional ... Medal, Crafoord Prize, Academic journal
  13. Algebraic Groups and Number Theory, Volume 139 (Pure and Applied Mathematics) by Vladimir Platonov, Andrei Rapinchuk, et all 1993-11-02
  14. The asymptotic behaviour of additive functions in algebraic number theory by Josephus Petrus Maria de Kroon, 1966

121. Igor Erovenko Home Page
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC, USA. Algebraic groups and algebraic number theory. Linear groups and their combinatorial properties, particularly bounded generation of S-arithmetic groups. List of papers, CV, teaching information.
Igor V. Erovenko
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro NC 27402 Office: 139 Petty
Phone: (336) 256
Fax: (336) 334
E-mail: igor (at)
Teaching Research Personal
The material located at this site is not endorsed, sponsored or provided by or on behalf of the University.

122. Open Questions: Algebraic Number Theory
In order to describe what algebraic number theory is about, we should start by discussing two things algebra and numbers .
Open Questions: Algebraic Number Theory
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In order to describe what "algebraic number theory" is about, we should start by discussing two things: "algebra" and "numbers".
Given that we have already an intuitive concept of what "number" is, let's take "algebra" first. The word comes from Arabic: al-jebr because the subject was studied and written about in something like the modern sense, by scholars who spoke Arabic in what is now the Middle East, in the 9th century CE. Although classical Greeks and various of their predecessors and contemporaries had investigated problems we now call "algebraic", these investigations became known to speakers of European languages not from the classical sources but from Arabic writers. So that is why we use a term derived from Arabic. Muhammad ben Musa al-Khwarizmi seems to have been the first person whose writing uses the term al-jebr The word al-jebr itself is a metaphor, as the usual meaning of the word referred to the setting or straightening out of broken bones. The same metaphor exists in Latin and related languages, as in the English words "reduce" and "reduction". Although they now usually refer to making something smaller, the older meaning refers to making somethng simpler or straighter. The Latin root is the verb

123. This Page Has Moved
A regional seminar for the greater Capital District of New York (the area of Albany, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, and Troy) devoted to number theory, algebra, and related topics in mathematics.

124. Some Applications Of Algebraic Number Theory
The following examples are meant to convince you that learning algebraic number theory now will be an excellent investment of your time.

125. K-theory Preprint Archives
Electronic preprint archives for mathematics research papers in K-theory. Includes some papers in algebraic number theory.

126. Local Fields And Their Extensions, Second Edition
I.B. Fesenko, S.V. Vostokov. PostScript.

127. NoMaDS
North of England Algebraic Number Theory Group, meeting termly, based at Durham, Nottingham, Sheffield and Manchester. Fifteenth meeting Nottingham, 29th April 2005.

128. 4th Midwest Algebraic Number Theory Day
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; 29 March 1997.
4th Midwest Algebraic Number Theory Day
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Saturday, March 29
web: The meeting will be held in 314 Altgeld Hall. From I-74, take the Lincoln Avenue exit. Go south for a 1.7 miles, until you reach Green Street. Go west on Green St. for 0.7 miles to 5th Street. Go south one block and then east on John. There is a free parking garage on your right at the end of the block. Altgeld Hall is the historic building with a bell tower at the end of John St., one block to the east. It's easiest to enter the building by its north face, going past the Alma Mater statue, then up to the top of the stairs to find Room 314 and the refreshment lounge. There will be signs!

129. International Conference On Number Theory
Topics elementary, analytical and algebraic number theory and its applications. Ostravice, 38 September 2001.

Final announcement
The 15 th Czech and Slovak International Conference on Number Theory
Ostravice (Czech Republic), Hotel Montér
September 3. - 8., 2001
Organized by the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Ostrava Department of Mathematics, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague Department of Mathematics, Masaryk’s University of Brno Department of Mathematical Analysis, Charles University, Prague Mathematical institute of Slovak Academy of Scientes, Bratislava PARTICIPANTS The following mathematicians confirmed the participation INVITED SPEAKERS Takashi Agoh, Japan
Jannis A. Antoniadis, Greece
Antal Bege, Romania
Kurt Girstmair, Austria
Alain Escassut, France
Peter Grabner, Austria
Cornelius Greither, Germany
Georges Grekos, France
Kálman Gyory, Hungary Franz Halter - Koch, Austria Terence Jackson, United Kingdom Anatoly Karatsuba, Russia Günter Lettl, Austria Claude Levesque, Canada

130. 14th Czech And Slovak International Conference On Number Theory
Covers elementary, analytical and algebraic number theory. Tatra mountains, Slovakia, September 6-10, 1999.

131. Claus Fieker
Technische Universit t Berlin. Algebraic number theory; computational class field theory; the KANT computer algebra system.
Claus Fieker
School of Mathematics and Statistics, F07
University of Sydney
NSW, 2006
Australia phone: +61-2-9351 5795 fax : +61-2-9351 4534 email: claus AT
Research Interests:
  • Algebraic Number Theory
  • Computational Class Field Theory
  • Computer Algebra MAGMA and KANT
  • Newly: computational microbiology with my wife Michelle
Publications Last modified: Fri Mar 12 19:03:03 MET DST 2004

132. Nakagawa's Homepage
Joetsu University of Education. Algebraic number theory the distribution of the discriminants of algebraic number fields, class numbers of binary forms, zeta functions associated with prehomogeneous vector spaces and Igusa s local zeta functions.
Welcome to Nakagawa's Homepage
Last modified on 2008.07.01
Japanese Version
Jin Nakagawa (Number Theory)
I am working in algebraic number theory. In particular, I am interested in the distribution of the discriminants of algebraic number fields in connection with class numbers of binary forms, zeta functions associated with prehomogeneous vector spaces and Igusa's local zeta functions. I intend to apply the results of these research to the study of unramified Galois extensions of algebraic number fields, class numbers of algebraic number fields and Iwasawa theory.
Introduction to Algebraic Number Fields
  • Class numbers of pairs of symmetric matrices, Acta Arithmetica 105, 207-225 (2002)
  • On the relations among the class numbers of binary cubic forms, Invent. math. 134, 101-138 (1998)
  • Orders of a quaternion algebra over a number field, J. reine angew. Math. 479, 183-194 (1996)
  • Orders of a quartic field, Memoirs Amer. Math. Soc., No. 583 (1996)
  • Orders of quadratic extensions of number fields, Acta Arithmetica LXVII, 229-239 (1994)
  • Binary forms and unramified A n -extensions of quadratic fields, J. reine angew. Math. 406, 167-178 (1990) (Erratum, ibid. 413, 220 (1991))

133. UT - Department Of Mathematics - Faculty Members
University of Texas. Algebraic number theory, including class numbers, class groups, discriminants, class field theory, density theorems, Iwasawa theory. Contact information.
Gerth, Frank E, III , Ph.D., Princeton, 1972
Mathematics: Algebraic Number Theory.
Phone: 471-1187 / Office: RLM 12.162 / Office hours: M 10:30-11:30 a.m., WF 12:45-1:30 (second session).

134. Tan Victor
National University of Singapore. Automorphic forms and representations, algebraic number theory, modular forms and elliptic functions, combinatorial designs and difference sets.
Home Page of Tan Victor
Current interests
  • Linear Preserver Problems
  • Number Theory
  • Automorphic Forms
  • Combinatorial Designs
Photo Gallery List of publications The module I am teaching this semester Teaching Academy Teaching Excellence Awards Featured in CIT Newsletter (IDEAS) Singapore Mathematical Society (Honorary Secretary) SMS Enrichment Programme (Coordinator) Great mathematicians Some mathematical links Script writing for stage plays Eusoff Hall (Resident Fellow) The Violin Tan Victor
Block S17 #07-22
Department of Mathematics
National University of Singapore
10 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119076
Republic of Singapore Send me an email at: (65) 6516-7936 (office)
(65) 6779-5452 (fax)
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