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  1. Homotopy Methods in Algebraic Topology: Proceeding of an Ams-Ims-Siam Joint Summer Research Conference Held at University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, June 20-24, 1999 (Contemporary Mathematics)
  2. Handbook of Algebraic Topology
  3. Homotopy Theory: Relations With Algebraic Geometry, Group Cohomology, and Algebraic K-Theory : An International Conference on Algebraic Topology, March 24-28, 2002 Nor (Contemporary Mathematics) by International Conference on Algebraic Topology, Paul Gregory Goerss, et all 2004-04
  4. Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms in Algebraic Topology: Proceedings of a Conference Held at Institute Advanced Stdy (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  5. Algebraic Topology: Oaxtepec 1991 : Proceedings of an International Conference on Algebraic Topology, July 4-11, 1991 With Support from the National (Contemporary Mathematics) by China) International Conference on Advances in Structural Dynamics (2000 : Hong Kong, Martin C. Tangora, et all 1993-06
  6. Effective Algebraic Topology (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) by Rolf Schon, 1991-07
  7. Topology of Real Algebraic Sets (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications) by Selman Akbulut, Henry King, 1991-12-20
  8. Algebraic Topology (Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, Volume XXII) by Pure Mathematics Symposium Staff, 1971
  9. Algebraic topology: Proceedings, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, August, 1977 (Lecture notes in mathematics ; 673)
  10. Algebraic Topology - Rational Homotopy: Proceedings of a Conference held in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, May 2-6, 1986 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) (English and French Edition)
  11. Algebraic topology, Waterloo 1978: Proceedings of a conference (Lecture notes in mathematics ; 741)
  12. Algebraic and Differential Topology of Robust Stability by Edmond A. Jonckheere, 1997-05-29
  13. Topology: General and Algebraic Topology and Applications. Proceedings of the International Topological Conference held in Leningrad, August 23-27, 1983 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  14. Algebraic K-Theory and Algebraic Topology (NATO Science Series C: (closed))

101. Algebraic Topology
Thorough, modern treatment, essentially from a homotopy theoretic viewpoint. Topics include homotopy and simplicial complexes, the fundamental group, homology theory, homotopy
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102. Algebraic General Topology And Math Synthesis - Replacement Of Mathematical Anal
Abstract topological objects expressing infinities with algebraic operations.
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Algebraic General Topology and Math Synthesis
I discovered Algebraic General Topology AGT ), a new field of math which will replace old General Topology. Mathematical Synthesis is how I call Algebraic General Topology applied to study of Mathematical Analysis. Please nominate me for Abel Prize. Please collaborate writing Filters on posets and generalization math book.
AGT articles
Funcoids and Reloids (PDF, draft)
Consider generalizations of proximity spaces and uniform spaces. Also in this article continuity is defined algebraically hiding old epsilon-delta notion under a smart algebra. Generalizes continuousness, uniform continuousness, and proximity-continuousness in one formula.
Convergence of funcoids (PDF, partial draft)
Defined the notion of convergence and limit for funcoids. Defined (generalized) limit of arbitrary (not necessarily continuous) functions under certain conditions.
Connectors and generalized connectedness (PDF, preprint)
Defined the notion of connectedness for special binary relations called connectors. This generalizes topological connectedness, path connectedness, connectedness of digraphs, proximal connectedness, and some other kinds of connectedness.

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104. Free Books > Computers & Internet > Programming > Algorithms > Compression > Alg
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105. Mathematical Scientific Books Torrent Download -
Massey W. Algebraic topology.. An introduction (Springer, 1977)(ISBN .. Brown , Higgins, Sivera Nonabelian algebraic topology.7z scientific books/MzcyODEzOQ

106. How To Learn Algebraic Topology |
Algebraic topology is the study of the surfaces of complex shapes and objects. The goal of algebraic topology is to further understand and classify topographical shapes in
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How to Learn Algebraic Topology
By an eHow Contributor I want to do this! What's This? Algebraic topology is the study of the surfaces of complex shapes and objects. The goal of algebraic topology is to further understand and classify topographical shapes in terms of more simple constructions, making it an extremely useful, if difficult, field of mathematics. Difficulty: Challenging
  • Get your math skills in order and pay specific attention to complex concepts involved in topography, such as notions of completeness, compactness and separation axioms. You should have a very strong grasp of Cartesian and Euclidean geometry and the lexicon involved in these two fields of math. You also need to understand basic terms and concepts from homology (including basics of abelian groups) and homotopy theory. Take a look at Allen Hatcher's comprehensive study on the topic, entitled "Algebraic Topology." Hatcher's book, which is widely considered to be one of the "bibles" for the study of algebraic topology, is available online for free download, making it a very good opportunity for you to peruse the text to see what you need to brush up on before diving more deeply into the topic.
  • 107. Dror Bar-Natan's World-Wide-Web Home Page
    Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Quantum algebra and topology; bibliography of Vassiliev invariants.

    108. Algebraic Topology
    Algebraic Topology The 2007 Abel Symposium took place at the University of Oslo in August 2007. The goal of the symposium was to bring together mathematicians whose
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    109. Mandell, Michael A.
    University of Cambridge. Algebraic Topology and Homotopy Theory. Publications.

    110. Algebraic Topology
    Math reference, an introduction to algebraic topology. Algebraic Topology, An Introduction Introduction As the name suggests, algebraic topology is a marriage of algebra,intro.html
    Algebraic Topology, An Introduction
    As the name suggests, algebraic topology is a marriage of algebra and topology. These branches of mathematics seem unrelated, yet they can be connected in several ways. For instance, a topological space S might be assigned a group G, based on the propertyies of S, in such a way that any space homeomorphic to S will be given the same group G. Therefore, two spaces that exhibit different groups cannot be homeomorphic. Proving a negative is always difficult; this is often the only way we can prove two spaces are different from each other. Consider a simple example, the line and the plane. These spaces seem different enough, yet they have the same cardinality. There are invertible functions that map the plane onto the line and back again. Perhaps one of these functions preserves open sets. Perhaps one dimension is really the same as two, when viewed from the right perspective. This isn't true of course; the plane is different from the line. But we need algebraic topology to prove it. The groups associated with these spaces (actually their compactifications) are different, and that closes the case. The first group that we will assign to a space S is its homotopy group, but before we can do that we need to know what a homotopy is.

    111. Research Group: Algebraic Topology And Group Theory
    Algebra and Topology Research Group.
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    112. Mauve (Year 4) PYDC 2010-2011 - MA408 Algebraic Topology
    Warwick Mathematics Institute Home Page Status List C. Suitable for Year 3 MMath. Commitment 30 onehour lectures.
    Search University Contact Us A-Z Index Overview (White) ...
    Mauve (Year 4) PYDC 2010-2011 - MA408 Algebraic Topology
    Term 2 Algebraic Topology 18 CATS Status List C . Suitable for Year 3 MMath. Commitment : 30 one-hour lectures. Suitable for Third Year MMath. Prerequisites MA3F1 Introduction to Topology (keen students can take this module at the same time), MA455 Manifolds (when available) can be taken at the same time as Algebraic Topology Content : Algebraic topology is concerned with the construction of algebraic invariants (usually groups) associated to topological spaces which serve to distinguish between them. Most of these invariants are ``homotopy'' invariants. In essence, this means that they do not change under continuous deformation of the space and homotopy is a precise way of formulating the idea of continuous deformation. This module will concentrate on constructing the most basic family of such invariants, homology groups, and the applications of these homology groups. The starting point will be simplicial complexes and simplicial homology. An

    113. University Of Glasgow :: Mathematics :: Geometry & Topology
    Geometry and Algebraic Topology.
    @import ""; @import ""; @import ""; @import ""; A-Z : STAFF ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS DEGREES SERVICES
    Mathematics Part of the Faculty of Information and Mathematical Sciences home departments Mathematics ... Publications
    Information about
    Geometry and Topology
    Research activity in Geometry and Topology occurs in several areas, including that of Category Theory. Our interests in Geometry cover a broad range of topics including: algebraic geometry; differential geometry; geometric group theory; and interactions with differential equations, representation theory and string theory. Our interests in Topology encompass low-dimensional topology and algebraic topology. While the study of these subjects often involves geometric intuition, Topologists tend to study much less `rigid' geometric situations than Geometers.
    Category theory looks at mathematics on a large scale. The aim is to strip away inessential details in order to get to the essence of things.

    114. New Directions Short Course: Applied Algebraic Topology, June 15-26, 2009
    From June 1526, 2009 the IMA will host an intensive short course designed to efficiently provide researchers in the mathematical sciences and related disciplines the basic
    University of Minnesota
    Main navigation
    Main content Campuses:
    • Twin Cities Crookston Duluth Morris ... myU Search U of M Web sites What's inside
      • Homepage About the IMA Giving Opportunities What's Happening ... New Directions Program
        New Directions Short Course:
        Applied Algebraic Topology
        June 15 - 26, 2009 Instructors: Gunnar Carlsson Mathematics, Stanford University Robert Ghrist Mathematics/Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania Schedule Participants Application deadline passed IMA Live Streaming and Webcasting Photo Gallery Maps Abstracts and Talk Materials ... Dining Guide From June 15-26, 2009 the IMA will host an intensive short course designed to efficiently provide researchers in the mathematical sciences and related disciplines the basic knowledge prerequisite to undertake research in applied algebraic topology. The course will be taught by Gunnar Carlsson , Department of Mathematics, Stanford University and Robert Ghrist , Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, Department of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania. The primary audience for the course is mathematics faculty. No prior background in applied algebraic topology is expected. Participants will receive full travel and lodging support during the workshop. Description: Many of these same questions about the transition from local to global were asked in different guise a century ago at the dawn of algebraic topology. In this realm, one wishes to discern the global properties of a space given its local features (e.g., charts and overlaps, in the case of a manifold; cells and attaching maps in the case of a cell complex). The 20th century saw the creation of vast, elegant machinery for answering global questions. Recent developments in mathematics have made this machinery a useable computational tool, as well as a valuable tool for theoretical investigations. Spurred by advances in computation, classical and contemporary ideas in algebraic topology are emerging as tools for global problems in data analysis (in biology, image processing, biochemistry) as well as in engineering (robotics, communication systems, sensor networks).

    115. Algebraic Topology And Distributed Computing
    Powerpoint tutorials by Maurice Herlihy at Brown University.
    Algebraic Topology and Distributed Computing Page
    PowerPoint Tutorial
  • Distributed and concurrent systems
  • Protocols
  • read/write memory
  • decidability
  • 116. Topology Split Manager Using Graph Contraction - Docstoc
    Sep 29, 2010 Tags algebraic topology, topological space, General Topology, . Tags algebraic topology, problem set, topological spaces,

    117. Course 421 - Algebraic Topology
    Course 421 Algebraic Topology Lecture Notes for the Academic Year 2008-9. The following sets of notes are currently available online Section 1 Topological Spaces PDF
    Course 421 - Algebraic Topology
    Lecture Notes for the Academic Year 2008-9
    The following sets of notes are currently available online:
    Non-Examinable Material 2008-9
    Candidates will not be examined on section 8 (Modules) in 2009. Candidates will not be examined on subsections 4.5 to 4.7 (from Lemma 4.18 to Corollary 4.26). Candidates will not be examined on subsection 10.3 (The Mayer-Vietoris Sequence)
    Worked Solutions for some recent 421 Exam Papers
    Lecture Notes for the Academic Year 2002-3
    The following lecture notes for the academic year 2002-3 are currently available:-
    Michaelmas Term 2002
    DVI PDF PostScript
    Hilary Term 2003
    DVI PDF PostScript
    Problem Sets for the Academic Year 2002-3
    The following problems sets for the academic year 2002-3 are currently available:-
    Problems I
    DVI PDF PostScript
    Problems II
    PDF PostScript
    Lecture Notes for the Academic Year 1998-9
    The lecture notes for course 421 ( Algebraic topology ), taught at Trinity College, Dublin, in the academic year 1998-1999, are available also here. (Note that the syllabus for the course as taught that year differs from the current syllabus.)

    118. Five Talks On The Poincaré Conjecture
    Streaming video links to lectures by Prof. John Morgan filmed during a 5-day series held at Columbia University in 2003. Thurston Geometrization, and Hamilton s Ricci flow method, leading up to the Perelman s proposed proof, are discussed. RealOne Player is required to view the video.
    John Morgan
    Columbia University
    Monday, October 13, through Friday, October 17, 2003
    Where: MBI Lecture Hall (MA240)
    Mathematics Department
    Ohio State University
    231 W. 18 th Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43210
    Streaming Video of the Lectures ( RealOne Player Required):
    Note: Due to technical difficulties, the wrong video for day 2 was recorded, but the audio is correct. This video also starts approximately 8 minutes into the lecture. Herb Clemens Mike Davis

    119. Nonabelian Algebraic Topology
    Planned publication Autumn, 2010. ISBN 9783-13719-083-8. Approx 670 pages. Our theme is that the use of filtered spaces rather than just topological spaces allows the
    Planned publication: Autumn, 2010 ISBN 978-3-13719-083-8 Approx 670 pages Our theme is that the use of filtered spaces rather than just topological spaces allows the development of basic algebraic topology in terms of higher homotopy groupoids; these algebraic structures better reflect the geometry of subdivision and composition than those commonly in use. Exploration of these uses of higher dimensional versions of groupoids has been largely the work of the first two authors since the mid 1960s.
    Download one page flyer as pdf file
    Further details
    This book gives in one place a full account of a theory which, without using singular homology theory or simplicial approximation , but employing filtered spaces and methods analogous to those used originally for the fundamental group or groupoid, obtains for example:
  • the Brouwer degree theorem;
  • the Relative Hurewicz theorem, seen as a special case of a homotopical excision theorem giving information on relative homotopy groups as a module over the fundamental group;
  • nonabelian information on second relative homotopy groups of mapping cones , and of unions
  • homotopy information on the space of pointed maps To compare the work needed for this with that for traditional approaches, the two papers published in Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 1981, ([31,32] of my
  • 120. Programming Symbolic Computation Team Research Of The University Of La Rioja
    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of La Rioja, Logro o, Spain. Research has been focused on the design, specification and construction of symbolic computation systems for Algebraic Topology.
    P rogramming and Sy mbolic Co mputation T eam O f U niversidad de La R ioja We are the Programming and Symbolic Computation Team, at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of La Rioja Symbolic computation systems are an important tool for the scientific calculation and discovery. Apart from well-known commercial products (Mathematica, Maple,…), there exists a great variety of systems developed in the academic context, without many connections with the current trends in Software Engineering. Our previous experience has been focused on the design, specification and construction of symbolic computation systems for Algebraic Topology. In particular, our main research area has been the formal analysis of one of these tools, namely, the EAT system. At this moment, we are involved in a more holistic approach, one that deals with software verification, conceptual modelling and Internet-based services; that is, to devise algebraic manipulation systems in the Software Engineering framework. Our objective is then to make progress towards a methodology for the analysis, specification, development, verification and maintenance of symbolic computation systems. Research Areas Members Last Papers

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