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  1. Alpine Perspectives on Algebraic Topology: Third Arolla Conference on Algebraic Topology August 18-24, 2008 Arolla, Switzerland (Contemporary Mathematics)
  2. Algebraic Topology, Gottingen, 1984: Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1172)
  3. Algebraic Topology. Barcelona 1986: Proceedings of a Symposium held in Barcelona, April 2-8, 1986 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  4. Algebraic Topology: New Trends in Localization and Periodicity: Barcelona Conference on Algebraic Topology, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain, June 1-7, 1994 (Progress in Mathematics)
  5. Algebraic Topology. Seattle 1985: Proceedings of a Workshop held at the University of Washington, Seattle, 1984-85 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  6. Contemporary Trends in Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Topology
  7. Algebraic topology: A first course (Pure and applied mathematics ; 32) by Max K Agoston, 1976
  8. Algebraic Topology, Aarhus 1982: Proceedings of Conf Held in Aarhus, Aug 1-7, 1982 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1051)
  9. Algebraic Topology: Proceedings of an International Conference held in Arcata, California, July 27 - August 2, 1986 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
  10. A First Course in Algebraic Topology by A. Lahiri, 2000-08-01
  11. Symposium on Algebraic Topology in Honor of Jose Adem (Contemporary Mathematics) by Symposium on Algebraic Topology in Honor of Jose Adem, Samuel Gitler, et all 1982-09
  12. Algebraic K-Theory: Connections with Geometry and Topology (NATO Science Series C: (closed))
  13. Algebraic Topology and Its Applications (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications)
  14. Conference on Algebraic Topology in Honor of Peter Hilton (Contemporary Mathematics) by Renzo Picinini, 1985-04

121. ☮ Groups, Representations And Cohomology Preprint Archive ☮
Dave Benson s compilation of algebraic topology and finite group theory abstracts and DVI pages.
Groups, Representations and Cohomology Preprint Archive
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  • Authors A B C D ... Z Searching . Go to "What's Old" (above). Most browsers have a search facility which makes easy the task of finding papers by words in the title. There is no facility for keyword search, and I have no plans to install one. If you use this archive regularly (or even if you don't), please contribute by emailing me .dvi files, as well as plain text .data files containing information about author/title/abstract/status. My email address can be found here (please do not put this address on a web page or on mailing lists without asking first) If you don't include a .data file, I'll make one myself from the information I can find; so please don't let laziness stop you from depositing your papers! Conference Announcement: Approaches to Group Theory , Cornell University, 09-11 Oct 2010, dedicated to Ken Brown Created using /sw/bin/emacs under Mac OS 10.6.4.
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  • 122. Books F1f34375dac2aa9ebcf11c84e2d1a6f754ac67a7 IsoHunt The
    Assorted / Greenberg M.J., Harper J.R. Algebraic topology.. a first course ( Benjamin, . Assorted / Munkres J.R. Elements of algebraic topology (AW,

    123. MPIM - Algebraic And Topological Dynamics
    Max-Planck-Institut fuer Mathematik, Bonn, Germany; 1 May 31 July 2004.
    Home Contact News MathNet Sitemap Impressum
    About MPIM Application Research ... Algebraic and Topological Dynamics
    Algebraic and Topological Dynamics
    1 May 31 July, 2004 Organizers:
    Christopher Deninger, Eli Glasner, Sergiy Kolyada, Yuri Manin,
    Klaus Schmidt, Anatoly Vershik, Thomas Ward
    The posters of the activity and the ESF exploratory workshop Final Programme

    open positions

    Related Research in Bonn: Graduate School Moduli Spaces
    (IMPRS) Hausdorff Center for Mathematics Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics

    124. CatMAT 2000
    Categorical Methods in Algebra and Topology - Commemorating 25 years of Category Theory in Bremen. University of Bremen, Germany; 2125 August 2000.

    125. FG KATMAT
    Katmat. Research Group on Categorical Methods in Algebra and Topology. German/English site.
    Fachbereich 3
    FG KatMAT

    Kategorielle Methoden in Algebra und Topologie
    Research Group
    Categorical Methods in Algebra and Topology

    126. Jeremy Rickard's Home Page
    University of Bristol. Modular representation theory of finite groups and related areas of algebraic topology; Homological algebra; Representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras. Publications, resources.
    Jeremy Rickard's Home Page
    Professor of Pure Mathematics
    Office: 3.4
    Tel: (0117) 928 7989
    Fax: (0117) 928 7999
    School of Mathematics
    University of Bristol
    University Walk
    Bristol BS8 1TW
    Research interests
    • Modular representation theory of finite groups and related areas of algebraic topology. Homological algebra. Representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras.
    Teaching 2010-2011

    127. Gehrke, Mai
    New Mexico State University - Nonstandard mathematics, operators on boolean algebras, fuzzy mathematics, universal algebra, general topology, posets and lattices.

    128. Mathematical / Scientific Books - Audio » Audiobooks - Torrent Download | Bitsn
    Mar 19, 2010 Munkres J.R. Elements of algebraic topology 4)(ISBN .. Bott, Tu Differential forms in algebraic topology (GTM) BAD QUALITY.djvu

    129. Arithmetic Quantum Chaos
    A series of introductory lectures in the Mediterranean Seminar of Algebra and Topology (MAT). Universit Montpellier II - France; 2324 January 2004.

    130. Mathematical / Scientific Books Torrent Overview F1f34375dac2aa9ebcf11c84e2d1a6f
    Jul 14, 2009 Greenberg M.J., Harper J.R. Algebraic topology.. a first course (Benjamin, . Munkres J.R. Elements of algebraic topology (AW,

    131. Aberdeen Functional Analysis Group
    Operator algebras, topological groups, and Non-linear analysis
    University of Aberdeen Institute of Mathematics Log in Research
    Aberdeen Functional Analysis group
    Academic staff
    Honorary staff
    • Dr Douglas Somerset
    Research interests
    Operator algebras and topological groups (Archbold, Somerset, Wright). Archbold works on several aspects of operator algebras and their representation theory, often in collaboration with Somerset and others:
    • upper and lower multiplicities for irreducible representations of C*-algebras, of locally compact groups and of their crossed products, with applications to the strength of convergence in orbit spaces associated to transformation groups and nilpotent Lie groups; real rank and stable rank for group C*-algebras; norms of inner derivations and other elementary operators on C*-algebras; ideal structure in multiplier algebras of C*-algebras; extensions and limits of pure states and factorial states of C*-algebras;

    132. Page: 1 - Downloadca - Rapidshare Search - Algebraic Topology A
    lcm in prealgebra,ld algebra,ld algebra textbooks,leading coefficient definition middle school algebra,lean algebra free,leap frog algebra,learb algebra topology A

    133. ATMCS2
    Algebraic Topological Methods in Computer Science II. University of Western Ontario, Canada; 1620 July 2004.
    Algebraic Topological Methods in Computer Science, II
    Department of Mathematics
    University of Western Ontario July 16-20, 2004 The main areas to be covered by this conference include computational geometry and topology, networks and concurrency theory. The meeting will consist of invited one-hour lectures, with additional sessions for shorter lectures. The following mathematical scientists have agreed to speak: Saugata Basu (Georgia Tech)
    Peter Bubenik (Lausanne)
    Herbert Edelsbrunner (Duke)
    Robin Forman (Rice)
    Robert Ghrist (Illinois/Urbana-Champaign)
    Eric Goubault (Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, France)
    Kathryn Hess (Lausanne)
    Michael Joswig (Berlin)
    Robert Kotiuga (Boston Univ.)
    Dmitry Kozlov (KTH) Reinhard Laubenbacher (Virginia Bioinformatics Institute) Frank Lutz (Technische Universitaet Berlin) Martin Raussen (Aalborg) Vin de Silva (Stanford) Afra Zomorodian (Stanford) All lectures will be held in Room 240 of Western Science Centre. There will be a session for contributed talks. Participants who would like to speak in this session should send a title and abstract for their lecture to one of the organizers. The contributed talks will be 30 minutes in length. Here is a schedule for the lectures. The abstracts for the conference are

    134. AMS Summer 1999 Research Conference In Algebraic Topology
    University of Colorado, Boulder, USA; 2024 June 1999. Photos, proceedings.
    1999 AMS-IMS-SIAM Summer Research Conference on
    WHEN: Sunday, June 20 - Thursday, June 24, 1999 (check in June 19, check out June 25) WHERE: University of Colorado , Boulder, CO Now that the conference is over, this web page will be maintained for a time as a source of information about the conference and about the proceedings of the conference. (Which should be appearing any day now.) Here are some photos from the banquet, taken by Donna Salter of the AMS. Here is a copy of the conference photo . It is a 700500 byte jpeg, 3000 x 2187 pixels in size, which takes 10 to 20 minutes to download on my 28 K line. Note that the upper left corner is quite dark: there is nothing wrong with your browser. Scroll down and right to see the people in the photo. Here is a cropped version which is only 532849 bytes, 1265 x 436 pixels in size, and which appears much smaller for some reason known only to XV, the program used to crop it. This is the schedule of talks as they actually occurred, and an alphabetical list of speakers (with titles and abstracts), and the

    135. Prof Victor Snaith
    University of Sheffield. Research interests in number theory, algebra, representation theory and algebraic topology. Publications and notes.

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