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  1. Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus, Enhanced Review Edition (with CD-ROM and iLrn? Printed Access Card) by James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, et all 2007-02-05
  2. Quick Calculus: A Self-Teaching Guide, 2nd Edition by Daniel Kleppner, Norman Ramsey, 1985-10-28
  3. Essential Calculus: Early Transcendentals by James Stewart, 2006-03-01
  4. Calculus by Ron Larson, 2000-11
  5. Homework Helpers: Pre-Calculus by Denise, Ph.D. Szecsei, 2007-05-30
  6. Study Guide for Stewart's Single Variable Calculus, 6th by Richard St. Andre, 2007-05-23
  7. Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals Student Solutions Manual by Jon Rogawski, 2007-08-09
  8. Student Solutions Manual for Stewart/Redlin/Watson's Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus, 5th by James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, et all 2005-10-07
  9. Calculus: Concepts and Contexts (Stewart's Calculus Series) by James Stewart, 2009-03-09
  10. Barron's AP Calculus with CD-ROM by Shirley O. Hockett, David Bock, 2010-02-01
  11. Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions by Ron Larson, Robert P. Hostetler, et all 2006-01-03
  12. Advanced Calculus by David Widder, 2009-01-23
  13. Calculus With Analytic Geometry by George Simmons, 1996-10-01
  14. The Calculus of Friendship: What a Teacher and a Student Learned about Life while Corresponding about Math by Steven Strogatz, 2009-08-03

61. Calculus Definition Of Calculus In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
calculus, branch of mathematics mathematics, deductive study of numbers, geometry, and various abstract constructs, or structures; the latter often abstract the features

62. Fractional Calculus
Provides notes, formulae, and examples.
Fractional Calculus Differentiation and integration are usually regarded as discrete operations, in the sense that we differentiate or integrate a function once, twice, or any whole number of times. However, in some circumstances it’s useful to evaluate a fractional derivative . In a letter to L’Hospital in 1695, Leibniz raised the possibility of generalizing the operation of differentiation to non-integer orders, and L’Hospital asked what would be the result of half-differentiating x. Leibniz replied “It leads to a paradox, from which one day useful consequences will be drawn”. The paradoxical aspects are due to the fact that there are several different ways of generalizing the differentiation operator to non-integer powers, leading to inequivalent results. In some ways the most natural and appealing generalization is based on the exponential function f(x) = e ax , whose nth derivative is simply a n e ax . This immediately suggests defining the derivative of order n (not necessarily an integer) as Negative values of n represent integrations, and we can even extend this to allow complex values of

63. I Love Calculus
calculus LINKS So Hot they ll Make Your T-1 Line Sizzle AP Physics calculus Problems of the Week From Kentridge High School. Interactive calculus
Okay, I admit it.
It's Fun,
It's a Challenge.
Calculus LINKS- So Hot they'll Make Your T-1 Line Sizzle Volume Functions A Maximization Problem Calc 101 Automatic Calculus Solutions From Kentridge High School Interactive Calculus AP Calculus from the College Board Physics and Calculus Problems of the Week Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus Resource Page Visual Calculus Mr. Calculus ... The rise of calculus For the history buffs among us First Semester Calculus The Continuity-Differentiability Issue The Calculus Hater's Homepage The other side heard from (poor fellow) Karl's Calculus Tutor Lots of information Dr. Papa's Course at Rice U. complete with exams Integral Calc Exam from U of Pitt Differentiation Problems from U of Pitt Integration Problems Same Place Learning Calculus A How-To-Be-Successful List of Tips The Math Forum's Calculus links Math Forum's Math Tools: Calculus
To Cynthia Lanius's Homepage

To Cynthia Lanius' Math Lessons


64. Free Online Course Materials | Textbook | MIT OpenCourseWare
Chapters 1 Introduction to calculus, 2 Derivatives, 3 Applications of the Derivative, 4 The Chain Rule, 5 Integrals, 6 Exponentials and Logarithms, 7 Techniques of
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var addthis_pub = "katej"; Home Supplemental Resources Calculus Online Textbook Textbook
Published in 1991 by Wellesley-Cambridge Press , the book is a useful resource for educators and self-learners alike. It is well organized, covers single variable and multivariable calculus in depth, and is rich with applications. There is also an online Instructor's Manual and a student Study Guide The complete textbook is also available as a single file. ( PDF - 38.5MB Highlights of Calculus MIT Professor Gilbert Strang has created a series of videos to show ways in which calculus is important in our lives. The videos, which include real-life examples to illustrate the concepts, are ideal for high school students, college students, and anyone interested in learning the basics of calculus. Watch the videos
Textbook Components
  • Table of Contents ( PDF Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems ( PDF - 2.4MB Equations ( PDF
ChapterS FILES 1: Introduction to Calculus, pp. 1-43
1.1 Velocity and Distance, pp. 1-7
1.2 Calculus Without Limits, pp. 8-15

65. Calculus Animations
calculus and Computer Animations using Mathcad with Lecture Notes
Calculus Animations,Graphics and Lecture Notes Home Sponsors Calculus 1- Limits and Derivatives Calculus 1 - The Second Derivative ... 2 Poems In Loving Memory of Kelly George Liakos, December 14, 1954 - February 28, 2010 My name is Kelly Liakos and I have been teaching Calculus since 1983. This site contains animations,graphics, and lecture notes that I have developed based on those 25 years of teaching. The topic pages are in alphabetical order I'll be adding many more lectures and animations. If you have a special request on a topic where you would like to see graphics or an animation to help understand that topic let me know.
I can help on topics from PreCalculus through elemntary differential equations. The discussion of numerical integration techniques and numerical methods used in elementary differential equations are on the Computer Lab page.
Animation Earth Moon System Disoriented Mosquito on Rotating Disk The details and equation of the Earth Moon System and Disoriented Mosquito on a Rotating Disk are included on the Parametric- 2space Page You may also be intersted in my companion web site : creatinganimationsusing mathcad which is a detailed discussion of how I created the animations on this web sitesee the link below.

66. Multivariable Calculus Applets
Features graphing gradients, parametric, and polar curves, matrix manipulation, and a tutorial on determinants.

67. Math Tutor DVD - Online Algebra Help, Online Calculus Help, Online Physics Help,
Math Tutor DVD provides math help online and on DVD in Basic Math, all levels of Algebra, Trig, calculus, Probability, and Physics.
Home Discussion Forums Contact Us Text Size ... Search Email: Young Minds DVDs
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68. Calculus - Definition Of Calculus At
a. The branch of mathematics that deals with limits and the differentiation and integration of functions of one or more variables.

69. Topics In Integral And Differential Calculus
Contains several applets illustrating fundamental concepts of single-variable calculus.
Portuguese Version:
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    Topics in Integral and Differential Calculus: Functions: Introduction to Functions Polynomial Functions Rational Functions Trigonometric Functions Exercises Combinations of Functions
    Limits and Continuity: Limit of a Function Some Theorems on Limits Continuity Limits of Trigonometric Functions
    Differentiation: The Derivative Some Differentiating Trigonometric Functions Differentials; Newton-Raphson Approximations
  • 70. HippoCampus Calculus - AP Calculus AB I - Homework Help
    The best multimedia instruction on the web to help you with your AP calculus AB I homework and study. Calculus AB I

    71. The Math Forum - Math Library - Calculus (SV)
    The Math Forum's Internet Math Library is a comprehensive catalog of Web sites and Web pages relating to the study of mathematics. This page contains sites relating to calculus
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  • Calculus and Differential Equations (MathPages) - Kevin Brown
    About 40 "informal notes" by Kevin Brown on calculus and differential equations: limit paradox, proofs that pi and e are irrational, Ptolemy's Orbit, leaning ladders, how Leibniz might have anticipated Euler, and many more. more>>
  • Calculus - Math Forum
    Links to some of the best Internet resources for calculus: classroom materials, software, Internet projects, and public forums for discussion. more>>
  • Calculus on the Web (COW) - Mendoza, Reich; Department of Mathematics, Temple University
    A collection of auto-scoring calculus modules organized into books, chapters, and sections, with help and hints for the problems. Modules with asterisks (including chain rule, Taylor polynomials, Riemann sums, and arc length) allow you to change values and see the effect. Book I: functions and geometry; limits and continuity; the derivative; techniques and theory of differentiation; applications of the derivative; and integration. Book II: integration; applications of integration; transcendental functions; methods of integration; geometry, curves, and polar coordinates; and sequences and series. Book III: sequences and series; vectors and analytic geometry; curves; functions; and integration. Registered students can log in for a session in which their work will be recorded and graded.
  • 72. Dansmath - Lessons - Calculus 1
    Features step by step lessons to introductory calculus. Included are function and precalculus preview pages.
    Differential Calculus (Check out the ANIMATION!)
    Integral Calculus (updated 3/99)
    Vector Calculus
    (top of page) Limits (Sequences, functions, graphs) What do the numbers 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, . . . get closer and closer to? It may be clear that they approach zero, so we say the limit is 0. The nth term is 1/n, so the notation is lim 1/n = 0. (The -> means "approaches"; the oo is a cheesy infinity symbol.) f(x) = lim 1/x = 0. On the graph we'd have a horizontal asymptote at y = since the output values approach as the graph goes off to the right. (Click here to review functions or graphing.) Example 1: [x+3] = 6. Example 2: Let g(x) = (x^2 - 9) / (x - 3) . By algebra, we have g(x) = (x + 3)(x - 3) / (x - 3) and if x =/= 3 then we can cancel, so g(x) = x + 3 if x =/= 3. Notice that f(3) = 6 but g(3) is undefined. The f(x) from example 1 has domain "all real numbers," but the g(x) from example 2 has domain "all reals except 3," so they're different functions. But the limit as x -> 3 is the same in both cases: lim f(x) = lim Example 3: Some other interesting limits: lim [(sin x) / x] = 1 lim [(1 + x)^(1/x)] = e = 2.71828 approx

    73. Calculus Problem Solver - Calculus Tutorial Software For Solving Differentiation
    A calculus tutorial software that can solve differentiation problems and generate step-by-step solutions. Tests differentiation skills by generating dynamic quizzes.
    Calculus Problem Solver 1.0 Home Products Downloads Purchase ... About us Product Overview How to use Screen shots
    Get it
    Solve any calculus differentiation problem with this calculus tutorial software. Calculus Problem Solver can solve differentiation of any arbitrary equation and output the result. It can provide detailed step-by-step solution s to given differentiation problems in a tutorial-like format. On top of these, it can also initiate an interactive quiz in which you can solve differentiation while the computer corrects your solutions. This software is useful for beginner calculus students and can be used to learn differentiation and even practice differentiation by using the interactive quiz.
    Key Features
    • Differentiation of input equations that can be solved by the following rules:
      • Constant Rule: d(C) = Sum Rule: d(E1+E2)=d(E1)+d(E2) Factor Rule: C*d(X) Multiplication Rule: d(E1*E2)=d(E1)*E2+E1*d(E2) Division Rule: d(E1/E2)=(d(E1)*E2-E1*d(E2))/(E2^2) Power Rule: d(X^N)=N*X^(N-1)*d(X) Exponential Rule: d(C^X)=ln(C)*C^X*d(X) Sin Rule: d(sinX)=cosX*d(X) Cos Rule: d(cosX)=-sinX*d(X) Tan Rule: 1/((cosX)^2)*d(X) Arcsin Rule: d(arcsinX)=1/((1-X^2)^0.5)*d(X)

    74. Calculus Applets
    These pages present interactive Java applets for teaching and learning single variable calculus. They use graphs and tables to illustrate concepts in
    Calculus Applets
    Prev Home Next
    Introduction to Calculus Applets
    These pages present interactive Java applets for teaching and learning single variable calculus. They use graphs and tables to illustrate concepts in calculus and allow the user to dynamically change the functions involved or the point on the graph that is of interest. These pages can be explored by students learning calculus, or used by teachers while teaching calculus, and are geared to the topics covered in AB and BC Advanced Placement Calculus. Each applet comes in a version shown on a web page, suitable for viewing in a browser window, and also as a separate resizeable window with larger fonts and line widths, suitable for projection on a screen. Note that this set of pages is not a complete text for calculus, but is intended to supplement a standard textbook or web site. I have used Calculus by Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, McCallum, et al. in my teaching, and I also like by Michael Kelley. See Compatibility, Downloading, and Modifying for more information on computer/OS/browser compatibility, downloading the entire web site, and modifying the web pages. Send comments, questions, and feedback to
  • Using the Graphing Tools
  • Introduction to using the applets Limitations of Graphing Software Continuity and Limits
  • An Informal, Graphical View of Continuity
  • 75. Calculus Solutions
    Reference site with a vast amount of information and example problems which are alphabetically listed by topic.
    Aid for Calculus: Home About this site
    How to use this site

    Feedback: How to improve this site

    About the author

    76. Calculus History
    The main ideas which underpin the calculus developed over a very long period of time indeed. The first steps were taken by Greek mathematicians.
    A history of the calculus
    Analysis index History Topics Index
    Version for printing
    The main ideas which underpin the calculus developed over a very long period of time indeed. The first steps were taken by Greek mathematicians. To the Greeks numbers were ratios of integers so the number line had "holes" in it. They got round this difficulty by using lengths, areas and volumes in addition to numbers for, to the Greeks, not all lengths were numbers. Zeno of Elea , about 450 BC, gave a number of problems which were based on the infinite. For example he argued that motion is impossible:- If a body moves from A to B then before it reaches B it passes through the mid-point, say B of AB. Now to move to B it must first reach the mid-point B of AB . Continue this argument to see that A must move through an infinite number of distances and so cannot move. Leucippus Democritus and Antiphon all made contributions to the Greek method of exhaustion which was put on a scientific basis by Eudoxus about 370 BC. The method of exhaustion is so called because one thinks of the areas measured expanding so that they account for more and more of the required area. However Archimedes , around 225 BC, made one of the most significant of the Greek contributions. His first important advance was to show that the area of a segment of a parabola is

    77. Calculus Questions, Answers, News, Images And Info | ChaCha
    calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with limits, functions, derivitatives, integrals, and infinite series.

    78. Magooey's Math Problems Website
    Contains problems and solutions for differential calculus in PDF format.
    Magooey's Math Problems Website
    Tips, Tricks and More
    Philosophy of this website
    This site is dedicated to practice problems for students of Calculus. In addition, some background topics with relevant exercises will be included. Such topics as mathematical induction, geometry and trigonometry are useful tools that will be to the advantage of the student to know. Look at the sections on induction and a general review of formulas as many of the items covered here will likely show up during a typical Calculus course. You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or higher to use this site. Alternatively, if you are using a UNIX operating system, recent versions of the xpdf program will render the files here reasonably well. While many solutions are included on the website, the full solutions manual is available for purchase.

    79. Calculus Calculators
    calculus Differentiate The differentiate command allows you to find the derivative of an expression with respect to any variable.

    80. Calculus Help: Answers For Calculus Homework Problems -
    Click your calculus textbook below for homework help. Our answers explain actual calculus textbook homework problems. Each answer shows how to solve a textbook problem, one
    Ask a Tutor My Hotmath Buy/Renew Log In ... SUPPORT Search Don't see your textbook? See our Workbooks page. Having problems? See our Support page.
    Calculus Help
    Click your Calculus textbook below for homework help. Our answers explain actual Calculus textbook homework problems. Each answer shows how to solve a textbook problem, one step at a time. Calculus: Essential Calculus Brooks/Cole James Stewart Availability Calculus: Early Transcendentals Brooks/Cole James Stewart Availability Calculus: Early Transcendentals Brooks/Cole James Stewart Availability Calculus: Vector Functions Brooks / Cole James Stewart Availability Calculus, 6/e Brooks/Cole James Stewart Availability Calculus, 5/e Brooks/Cole James Stewart Availability Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 5/e Brooks/Cole James Stewart Availability Calculus, 4/e Brooks/Cole James Stewart Availability Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 4/e

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