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         Cellular Automata:     more books (100)
  1. Mathematics and Culture: Cellular Automata in Popular Culture, Ethnomathematicians, Fictional Mathematicians, M. C. Escher, Mathematical Films
  2. Cellular automata modeling of resistance to innovations: Effects and solutions [An article from: Technological Forecasting & Social Change] by S. Moldovan, J. Goldenberg, 2004-06-01
  3. In traffic flow, cellular automata=kinematic waves [An article from: Transportation Research Part B] by C.F. Daganzo, 2006-06-01
  4. Shoaling and schooling: Caspian Sea, Forage Fish, Cellular Automaton, Emergence, Pelagic Fish, Collective Intelligence, Plant Defense against Herbivory, ... United States Army Corps of Engineers.
  5. Cellular Automaton Modeling of Biological Pattern Formation- Characterization, Applications, & Analysis by ADrutsch, 2004
  6. Classical Homogeneous Structures. Cellular Automata (Russian Edition) by V.Z. Aladjev, 2009-04-27
  7. Cellular Automaton Patterns: Von Neumann Universal Constructor, Still Life, Garden of Eden, Rake, Puffer Train, Glider, Methuselah, Spark
  8. Social Simulation: Complex System, Robert Axelrod, Von Neumann Machine, Stanislaw Ulam, Cellular Automata
  9. Cellular Automata in Popular Culture: Permutation City, M. A. Foster, Bloom, Hacker Artist, the Ooze, Zarlor Mercenary
  10. Assessing cellular automata model behaviour using a sensitivity analysis approach [An article from: Computers, Environment and Urban Systems] by V. Kocabas, S. Dragicevic, 2006-11-01
  11. Speed of Light (cellular automaton)
  12. An artificial-neural-network-based, constrained CA model for simulating urban growth.(cellular automata): An article from: Cartography and Geographic Information Science by Qingfeng Guan, Liming Wang, et all 2005-10-01
  13. Methuselah (cellular automaton)
  14. Zoning grassland protection area using remote sensing and cellular automata modeling-A case study in Xilingol steppe grassland in northern China [An article from: Journal of Arid Environments] by C. He, Q. Zhang, et all

121. Stone's Free Mac Programs
Many free CA, ALife, and Chaos programs for Macs.
Welcome to Stone's Home Page
Here is my freeware for Macintosh and a few for Windows.
Keywords: ArtificialLife,Fractal,Chaos,CellularAutomata,HyperDimension,Java,XCMD,AfterDark,GeneticProgramming (since 1997/4/16) ArtificialLife AfterDarkModules Cellular Automata Chaos ... MacOSX This page is designed by Ishihama Yoshiaki

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123. Artificial Life
A collection of Jeffrey Ventrella s AL programs, including a very original Breeding gliders with CA simulator. Papers on Artificial Life.
Bio-inspired Things and Stuff by JJ Ventrella
Drum Sticks

See all published papers and chapters by JJ Ventrella:
Published Papers

124. Java Applets Collection
Links to sites containing applets for various CA Conway s game of life, Bays 3-D life, triangular CA and life objects, and some new games of life that have been discovered in the hexagonal and pentagonal tessellations.
Conway Life (squares) New gliders in the pentagonal and hexagonal grids Three dimensional life ...
For more information, see Complex Systems 15 (2005) pp 245-252.

visitors to this page since 10/10/04.

125. Robin Upton's Free Downloads - Friend2Friend, XSL
An open source implementation of Langton s ant in Q-Basic. Supports older monitors; by Robin Upton.
My Latest Software Productions
Programming Language
Friend2Friend (F2F) is an XML-based, scripting language for creating programs to run securely on a decentralised network of servers. It is described in detail on its own homepage and wiki Requires PHP5.
XSLT Since F2F is scriptable with XSLT, I've been making quite a lot of XSL Templates lately. Here is a collection of templates I've found, fixed and coded myself. Old stuff

126. Andrew's Home Page
A hexagonal version of John Conway s game of life, for Windows and Macintosh.

127. Mark D. Niemiec's Home Page
John Horton Conway s Game of Life, including complete lists and glider syntheses of smaller still-lifes, oscillators, and spaceships.
Mark D. Niemiec's Home Page
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128. Stephen Silver's Life Page
Home Page of Life Lexicon. Life patterns, links.
Stephen Silver's Life Page
This page concerns John Conway's Game of Life. In the unlikely event that you've never heard of Life you should read this article by Paul Callahan
What Life stuff is available on this site?
Life Lexicon Hundreds of Life terms defined. Stable Glider Reflectors Win $100. Dense stable patterns Densest possible stable n by n patterns. You can also download my collection of small spaceships (43K, updated 2004 Jan 12) or my collection of non-glider guns (71K, updated 2001 Jun 6). I hope to add further things to this site in the future. But the Lexicon should keep you going for a while - it's over 250K.
Links to other Life pages
This is just a very small selection of Life pages. Links to a number of others can be found on Jason Summers' links page Paul Callahan's Lots of articles and mail digests. Mark Niemiec's Thousands of glider syntheses. David Bell's Includes his spaceship articles.
Life Programs
Numerous programs have been written to run Life patterns. Here are a few of the better ones. Johan Bontes' Life32 Very fast Win32 program with lots of nice features. (freeware)

129. Life Games In Colour
Black White, Rainbow Life, and RGB averaging, by Gunnar Johnsson.
Welcome to the GAMEs of LIFE in COLOUR!
  • Go directly to the
  • Go directly to the Rainbow Life Game
  • Go to the Introduction , that may give some insight into different Life aspects such as segregation tendencies, genetic impact, primary and secondary rotor cells etc...
  • 130. Paul's Page Of Conway's Life Miscellany
    Information on Conway s Game of Life, including a library of patterns with descriptions, articles on special topics, software, and links. By Paul Callahan.
    Patterns, Programs, and Links for Conway's Game of Life
    Update (11-Feb-01)
    This is the new location for the Game of Life page that I began in 1995 while at Johns Hopkins. If you have a link to the old URL, I'd appreciate it a lot if you could update it. I'm cleaning up some broken links for this release. Otherwise, it is roughly where I left it in 1998. The web has exploded with Life and general cellular automata resources since I began work on this page. An excellent starting point is the Open Directory Life index , maintained by Mirek Wojtowicz. My email address is . Despite my inactivity on these pages, I still read this mail regularly and appreciate comments. I don't always remember to answer it, so send me a reminder if you don't hear from me in a couple of weeks. Paul
    catalog and take a look. I should mention that while writing this page, I have generally assumed that the reader has at least heard of the Game of Life. But if you haven't, please don't let that stand in your way.

    131. GLife | Download GLife Software For Free At
    An artificial life implementation using GNOME as its front end. Like Conway s Game of Life but with a totally different ruleset.
    /*jslint onevar: false, nomen: false, evil: true, css: true, plusplus: false, white: false, forin: true */ /*global unescape, window, jQuery, $, net, COMSCORE */ Welcome, Guest! Log In Create Account Find and develop open source software Search Find Software gLife
    by rakholh

    132. Color Game Of Life Visual Exhibition
    Explore Conway s Game Of Life in color on the WWW, by George Maydwell.

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