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  1. Elimination Methods in Polynomial Computer Algebra (Mathematics and Its Applications) by V. Bykov, A. Kytmanov, et all 1998-10-31
  2. A Guide to Computer Algebra Systems (Wiley professional computing) by David Harper, Chris Wooff, et all 1991-09
  3. Logic and Algebra of Specification (NATO ASI Series / Computer and Systems Sciences)
  4. At Last Computer Exercise for Linear Algebra by Steven J. Leon, 1996-01
  5. Applications of Process Algebra (Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science)
  6. Computer Algebra and Parallelism: Second International Workshop, Ithaca, USA, May 9-11, 1990. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  7. Analysis, Algebra and Computers in Mathematical Research (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics)
  8. Thinking Machines: A Layman's Introduction to Logic, Boolean Algebra, and Computers. by Irving. Adler, 1974-06
  9. Perturbation Methods, Bifurcation Theory and Computer Algebra (Applied Mathematical Sciences) by Richard H. Rand, Dieter Armbruster, 1987-10-05
  10. Computers in Algebra (Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics)
  11. Macalgebra: Basic Algebra on the Macintosh (Computers and Math Series) by Marvin Marcus, Rebecca Marcus, 1985-12
  12. Applications of Computer Algebra
  13. Computer Algebra 2006: Latest Advances in Symbolic Algorithms: Proceedings of the Waterloo Workshop in Computer Algebra 2006, Ontario, Canada, 10-12 April 2006
  14. Computer Algebra and Geometric Algebra with Applications: 6th International Workshop, IWMM 2004, Shanghai, China, May 19-21, 2004 and International Workshop, ... Computer Science and General Issues)

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102. J'Abr Computer Algebra System
Collection of packages for computer algebra in Java. It contains the basics of a computer algebra system and important algorithms for solving both symbolic and numerical mathematical problems.
j'Abr Computer Algebra System
j'Abr is a collection of packages for computer algebra in Java. It contains the basics of a computer algebra system ( CAS ) and important algorithms for solving symbolic (and numerical) mathematical problems. gcd , modular reduction, symbolic differentiation, Chinese remainder algorithm, and even algorithms for symbolically solving classes of differential equation systems. It also contains numerical and statistical algorithms like splines, interpolation, cg
j'Abr provides components of four different kinds:
  • data types representing mathematical structures and their implementations function representations and functional compositions thereof symbolic algorithms for computational algebra additional tools like mathematical expression parsing and function plotting, miscellaneous statistical and numerical algorithms
  • Download
    The computer algebra system components j'Abr are part of the

    103. Math Software For Engineers, Educators & Students | Maplesoft
    Software providing quick calculations, the development of design sheets, teaching fundamental concepts, and producing highfidelity simulation models. Applications Online Help MaplePrimes Teacher Resource Center
    mboxCreate('Step-GlobalMaplesoftcom'); mboxCreate('Step-HomePage'); Engineering Mechatronics
    Machine Design

    Control Systems Design

    • Recent Blog Posts: News: Webinars: Local Events
    MapleSim™ 4.5 offers Modelica® import capabilities and an enhanced simulation engine Maplesoft announces new version of the Maple Grid Computing Toolbox Maplesoft announces new version of Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite Advanced technology for design, modeling and high-performance simulation saves engineers time and effort ... Products from Maplesoft introduce students to modern problem solving techniques Nov 3, 2010 Maple 14-Schulung für berufliche Nutzer Nov 4, 2010 Maple 14 Academic Training Nov 9, 2010 MapleSim Training 1: A Guided Tour of MapleSim Fundamentals Nov 10, 2010

    104. Mathomatic, A Free Computer Algebra System
    Oct 29, 2010 The official website of Mathomatic, an easy to learn computer algebra system that does automatic symbolic and numeric mathematics.
    Redirecting to the Mathomatic web site...
    If you are not immediately redirected, please click here

    105. Singular
    Computer algebra system for polynomial computations. Free download.

    106. Mathomatic, A Free Computer Algebra System
    The official website of Mathomatic, an easy to learn computer algebra system that does automatic symbolic and numeric mathematics.
    w w w . m a t h o m a t i c . o r g
    Welcome to The Home of Mathomatic
    Mathomatic is a portable, command-line computer algebra system (CAS) written entirely in the C programming language. It is free and open source software, published under the GNU Lesser General Public License ( LGPL version 2.1 ). The software can symbolically solve, differentiate, simplify, combine, and compare algebraic equations, perform complex number and polynomial arithmetic, etc. It does some calculus and is very easy to compile, learn, and use. Mathomatic consists of a text mode application and library that compiles and runs under any operating system with a C compiler, including Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X. There are no dependencies other than the standard C libraries. The mathematical results should always be correct, simple, beautiful, and as documented; if not, please report it on the Mathomatic project site on , or you can email the author for a quick response. This is the official Mathomatic website, where you can download any version of Mathomatic read the documentation learn by example , and get free support The current version number is "15.3.2", released October 29, 2010; you can

    107. William W. Adams
    University of Maryland. Groebner bases; Computer algebra.
    William W. Adams
    Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mathematics University of Maryland
    College Park, MD 20742-4015
    Office Room 3107
    Office Phone: (301) 405-5128
    Office hours
    • By appointment.
    Grobner Basis Minicourse: Spring 2005
    University and Departmental activity
    Professional activity
    Research interests
    My current research interests are Groebner Bases and Computer Algebra. Some recent papers are:

    108. SciFace Software, The Maker Of MuPAD
    SciFace Software GmbH Co. KG is the maker of MuPAD, a leading technology for computer algebra and symbolic computation. SciFace Software GmbH Co. KG ist der Hersteller von
    Home Startseite Imprint Deutsch ... Kontakt Mathematics mastered with Mu PAD Pro Mathematik im Griff mit Mu PAD Pro
    Our Competence is your Success! Unsere Kompetenz ist Ihr Erfolg!
    SciFace Software SciFace Software
    MuPAD Examples and Software Reference MuPAD Examples and Software Reference Additional information is available for MuPAD Pro users.

    109. Computer Algebra Pages And Servers
    A collection of links.
    Computer Algebra Pages and Servers
    In Europe
    Not in Europe
    Previous Conferences
    • DISCO 96 , 18.-20. September 1996, Karlsruhe,
      International Symposium on Design and Implementation of Symbolic Computation Systems
    • Workshop "Computeralgebra" , 25. September 1996, Klagenfurt,
      GI Jahrestagung Informatik'96.
    • Rhine Workshop on Computer Algebra , 1.-3. April 1996, Saint-Louis
    • MathFit , 15.-16. April 1996, Oxford,
      MathFit Computer Algebra workshop
    • ISSAC 96
      International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
    Heinz Kredel

    110. Computer Algebra Group Computer Algebra At RISC
    Computer algebra is that part of computer science which designs, analyzes, implements, and applies algebraic algorithms. (Buchberger, Loos)
    about welcome! the castle of hagenberg partners ... media archive search: sitemap

    111. 10th Rhine Workshop On Computer Algebra
    On 16 and 17 March 2006 the 10th Rhine Workshop on Computer Algebra (RWCA) will be held in Basel, Switzerland. This informal workshop is held every other
    On 16 and 17 March 2006 the 10th Rhine Workshop on Computer Algebra (RWCA) will be held in Basel, Switzerland. This informal workshop is held every other year and gives young researchers in all subfields of computer algebra an opportunity to present their work. Apart from that, it stimulates contact between computer algebraists in the region-though, of course, the workshop is open for everyone to submit papers or attend. The on-line information about this workshop is organised as follows: First, the present page should convince you to participate or submit. Next, to do so, consult Participation and Submission
    Invited Speakers
    Francis Sergeraert
    on constructive algebraic topology
    Charles Leedham-Green
    on the matrix group recognition project
    Important Dates
    Date Action 15 May 2005 1st announcement and call for papers 15 August 2005 2nd announcement and call for papers 15 December 2005 deadline for submission of papers 15 January 2006 notification of acceptance 15 February 2006 final version of the papers must be received 16/17 March RWCA 2006
    Workshop Chair: Jan Draisma
    Programme Chair: Hanspeter Kraft
    Programme Committee
    Name speciality Jacques Calmet computer algebra and deduction systems Arjeh Cohen computer mathematics, Lie algebras, discrete geometry

    112. The Kenzo Program.
    A computer program for computational algebraic topology.
    The Kenzo program is the last version (16000 Lisp lines, July 1998) of the CAT (= Constructive Algebraic Topology) computer program. Kenzo is also the name of my beloved cat . The Kenzo program is a joint work with Xavier Dousson. The previous version EAT (May 1990) was a joint work with Julio Rubio.The Kenzo documentation was entirely written by Yvon Siret. An updated version (1-1-7, October 11, 2008) of the program works with:
    • GNU-Clisp change-class ). Clisp is a GNU-free program, a little slow, but this is not very important in most applications.
    • ; this last version is quite convenient, about two times faster than Clisp.
    • LispWorks-5 S Z is not reachable with this free version.
    The Kenzo program is significantly more powerful than EAT, from several points of view. On one hand, for the computations which could be done with the EAT program, the computing times are divided by a factor generally between 10 and 100. The reasons are multiple and it is not obvious to decide what the most important are. Some are strictly technical; for example the numerous multi-degeneracy operators are now coded with a unique integer, using an amusing binary trick: various tests show much progress has been obtained in this way. Other reasons are strictly mathematical; for example another choice for the Eilenberg-Zilber homotopy operator leads in the Kenzo program to Szczarba's universal twisting cochain; in the EAT program we used Shih's universal twisting cochain;

    113. LiveMath™ Software Products
    Computer algebra and graphing software for Macintosh and Windows.
    Home Products Download Purchase ...

    As It Grows, So Shall You Know and

    for Intel-Based Macintosh! Got Widgets? Mac OSX Tiger Widget
    Also Browser-based for Windows/Linux New Purchase Options!
    New Student prices! - Purchase for Short-Term or Long-Term! is a computer algebra and graphing system designed for the mathematician (or mathematics student or scientist) who is not necessarily a programmer. Many of the computer algebra products available today are based upon writing a strict syntax language of programming commands and structures. Quite often, one spends more time fighting with the syntax and the requirements of the programming code than actually doing the math
    Drag-and-drop Algebra and Graphing Typeset Math - Not Computer Code Cool Palettes for easy input Spectacular Graphics - Drag-and-Spin 3D Graphs Small Learning Curve - Start Doing Math Immediately! Do The Math - Not Computer Programming Compare LiveMath with other Computer Algebra System programs: Other Programming-based CAS Packages Learning Curve Up and Running FASTER than any other CAS!

    114. PocketCAS: Computer Algebra System For The IPhone › Home
    A full Computer Algebra System. In your pocket. PocketCAS is a powerful computer algebra system specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch.
    A full Computer Algebra System. In your pocket.
    PocketCAS is a powerful computer algebra system specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. It gives you the power to solve complicated mathematical problems within seconds, anytime, anywhere. Just pull out your iPhone, enter the expression you wish to solve, and get the result within seconds. Available in the apple store
    PocketCAS pro for iPad
    PocketCAS pro for iPad is also available! With the iPad's larger screen, you can solve your mathematical problems even quicker! PocketCAS pro for iPad has every feature of the iPhone version, packaged in a great interface. Access functions quickly using the built-in search bar and take advantage of the improved large keyboard, giving you instant access to even more functions than on the iPhone.
    Special features of the interface
    (Click an image for a full screenshot)
    Cartesian plots
    Screenshot (Cartesian plots) Cartesian plots are easy to create with PocketCAS!
    Polar plots
    Screenshot (Polar plots) Draw stunning polar plots in seconds!

    115. Symaxx
    Graphical frontend for the Maxima computer algebra system.
    Symaxx/2 - a graphical frontend for the Maxima computer algebra system
    Note: The obsolete Symaxx (1) homepage has moved here
    Maxima is a computer algebra system, whose roots go back to 1970 and earlier. Many users consider it a reliable and efficient program. It is operated through the command line (advanced users prefer Emacs).
    Fig 1: Maxima / Emacs snapshot Symaxx/2 is a graphical frontend for Maxima.
    Fig 2: Symaxx/2 snapshot Here are the Symaxx/2 demo files, which should give you a good impression about the program.
    Fig 2a: One of the demos A calculation in Symaxx/2 consists of a number of calculation `objects', as shown in fig. 2.
    Each object consists of one or more command lines, and the corresponding number of result lines.
    In fig. 2, the command is the integration, the result is the polynomial below.
    An object can be considered as a `small Maxima session'.
    Fig 3 Figure 3 shows two objects with independent calculations.
    Maxima-note: The `%' operator refers to the last result. Ev(Expr,NUMER) calculates Expr as a floating point number
    Each object has a unique identifier ID.

    116. EIMI 2009: Polynomal Computer Algebra
    The Conference will be devoted to modern polynomial algorithms in Computer Algebra which are gaining importance in various applications of science as well
    Euler IMI
    Polynomial Computer Algebra '2009
    St. Petersburg, Russia
    April 8 - 12, 2009
    The Conference will be devoted to modern polynomial algorithms in Computer Algebra which are gaining importance in various applications of science as well as in fundamental researches.
    Conference chair: N. Vasiliev
    Organizing committee: N. Vasiliev, E. Novikova, Ya. Shibaeva (secretary), N. Zalesskaya (secretary)
    Program committee: B.Buchberger (Schloss Hagenberg, Austria), V.Gerdt (Dubna, Russia), P.Gianni (Pisa, Italy), D.Grigoriev (Bonn, Germany), V.Pan (New York, USA), L.Robbiano (Genova, Italy), N.Vasiliev (St. Petersburg, Russia), A. Vershik (St. Petresburg, Russia), S.Watt (Western Ontario, Canada).
    Groebner bases
    Combinatorics of monomial orderings
    Differential bases
    Involutive algorithms
    Computational algebraic geometry D-modules Polynomial differential operators Parallelization of algorithms Quantum computing Cryptography Tropical manifolds Matrix algorithms Complexity of algorithms others Official languages: English, Russian.

    117. Web Directory Tree
    An online symbolic math and computer algebra system. Directory Tree Directory Tree

    118. Computer Algebra Vs. Reality
    File Format Microsoft Powerpoint View as HTML
    <~]=mO_C#A <]J2ԗEGlw@9aSӋvBNN)KҌsnCwki@qlזRˆ4شRocF2 mi[6Sͳ <Ռ ɞ;bŵ̈́Ճ+mɘ:$ <7!ouv7wy wݿf;hf.=@.NLujt4#ჭ$'q <99ӎ"7ZiEv~ޣ4b1P=c c vፕ

    119. V. Z. Aladjev Computer Algebra Systems A New Software Toolbox
    File Format PDF/Adobe Acrobat

    120. GROEBNER: A Package For Calculating Gröbner Bases
    A REDUCE package by H. Melenk and W. Neun, KonradZuseZentrum, Berlin.


    Next: 1 Compatibility Up: REDUCE Home Page Top: REDUCE Online Documentation
    Heilbronner Strasse 10
    D10711 Berlin-Wilmersdorf
    FB Math und Informatik
    Postfach 940
    D58084 Hagen Germany Email: ]. Examples are given in [ ], in [ ] and also in the test file for this package. ] and [

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