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  1. Fractal Modelling: Growth and Form in Biology by Jaap A. Kaandorp, 1994-08
  2. Design and Realizations of Miniaturized Fractal Microwave and RF Filters by Pierre Jarry, Jacques Beneat, 2009-11-09
  3. Analysis on Fractals (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics) by Jun Kigami, 2008-03-01
  4. A Random Walk Through Fractal Dimensions by Brian H. Kaye, 1994-05-10
  5. Discovery of Cosmic Fractals by Yurij Baryshev, Pekka Teerikorpi, 2002-10-01
  6. Graphics with Mathematica: Fractals, Julia Sets, Patterns and Natural Forms by Chonat Getz, Janet Margaret Helmstedt, 2004-12-14
  7. Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Methods, Algorithms, Application (Horwood Mathematics and Applications) by A.K. Evans, Martin J Turner, 2004-02-01
  8. Fractals and Chaos: An illustrated course by Paul S. Addison, 1997-01-01
  9. Wavelets, Fractals, and Fourier Transforms (Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications Conference Series New Series)
  10. Chaotic and Fractal Dynamics: An Introduction for Applied Scientists and Engineers by Francis C. Moon, 1992-09-21
  11. Fractals in Chemistry by Walter G. Rothschild, 1998-08-18
  12. Fractals in Science
  13. Fractals and Chaos
  14. Critical Phenomena in Natural Sciences: Chaos, Fractals, Selforganization and Disorder: Concepts and Tools (Springer Series in Synergetics) by Didier Sornette, 2006-04-11

81. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals - Elsevier
Journal which includes applications in science and engineering. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text to subscribers.

82. Fractals - Bill Williams - Technical Indicators - Technical Analysis
fractals Bill Williams - Technical Indicators - MQL4 Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis
Login Register ru cn en Search Documentation Book TA ... Bill Williams Fractals Analyze with the new MetaTrader 5
All markets are characterized by the fact that on the most part the prices do not change too much, and only short periods of time (15–30 percent) account for trend changes. Most lucrative periods are usually the case when market prices change according to a certain trend. A Fractal is one of five indicators of Bill Williams’ trading system, which allows to detect the bottom or the top. Fractal Technical Indicator it is a series of at least five successive bars, with the highest HIGH in the middle, and two lower HIGHs on both sides. The reversing set is a series of at least five successive bars, with the lowest LOW in the middle, and two higher LOWs on both sides, which correlates to the sell fractal. The fractals are have High and Low values and are indicated with the up and down arrows. The fractal needs to be filtrated with the use of Alligator . In other words, you should not close a buy transaction, if the fractal is lower than the Alligator’s Teeth, and you should not close a sell transaction, if the fractal is higher than the Alligator’s Teeth. After the fractal signal has been created and is in force, which is determined by its position beyond the Alligator’s Mouth, it remains a signal until it gets attacked, or until a more recent fractal signal emerges.

83. Soler's Fractal Gallery
Includes images made using TieraZon and other programs. Links, downloads, and articles on fractals.
If you know next to nothing about fractals then you might want to read an elementary explanation of the what, why, how, and when of fractals. What are fractals? If you just want to look at some fractal pictures then click on one of the small images on this page. You are welcome to keep copies of the images. I began making fractals in 1998 and have made over 16,000 two-dimensional ones, mostly using a wonderful program called Tierazon (v2.7). I have also made over 1,900 three-dimensional fractals. My best 575 fractals are on this site. Most of these fractals were made using one of the programs written by the amazing Stephen C. Ferguson. Since the large images are best seen full-screen, please hit F11.
Grand Premiere SterlingW266aa1
Corn flower Tierazon4875aa
Metal plate Tierazon1424aa
Stormy world Tierazon2963aa3
Upward towards oblivion Tierazon3367aa
Fractal rocket science Tierazon526aa
Energy beams Tierazon4172aa
Fetish ktaza235aa
Copper life form Tierazon4046aa
Pond ktaza376aa Mystic cross Tierazon4618aa Super volcano Tierazon4414aa More two-dimensional fractals Three-dimensional fractals New Sterling2 is an excellent and free fractal generating program based on Stephen Ferguson's Sterling . Download it here . Rooms 20 to 23 showcase fractals made using Sterling2. New: nineteen gallery pages, some movies and an explanation of

84. Fractals - EscherMath
Relevant examples from Escher's work Smaller and Smaller. Also see the geometric scaffolding in Visions of Symmetry, pg. 252. Regelmatige vlakverdeling, Plate VI
From EscherMath
Jump to: navigation search Romanesco Broccoli. Relevant examples from Escher's work: One of Escher's recurring themes is his desire to represent infinity in an artwork. His tessellations are potentially infinite, but disappointing in that only a finite portion can be shown at once. After 1955 Escher switched from experimenting with congruent shapes to experimenting with similar shapes to better represent the infinite. Smaller and Smaller was an early attempt, and one of his first to show infinitely many motifs on the page. We can see infinity in the center of the print, but at the outside edge there would be room to add increasingly larger images of lizards. Unsatisfied with this, Escher created Square Limit , in which the infinite motifs collect at the edge of the print rather than in the center. Both Smaller and Smaller and Square Limit are excellent examples of fractals.

85. Fractal Art - By Cheryl Lee Harnish
Gallery of meditative fractals. Offers personal intuitive fractal readings and individual fractals created from your energy. By Cheryl Lee Harnish.
  • Home Fractal Stuff Main Video Soul Search Fractal Effects Holy Grail Fractal Energy Contact About Services Each intuitively channeled fractal art piece created by Cheryl Lee Harnish emanates an energy, in essence, it is like a "living organic art" and our auras respond to this energy by expanding up to twice it's normal size, the same way our bodies respond to joy by smiling. Why?
    • Everything in the natural world is created based on fractal mathematics; everything including our own DNA. Studies at the University of Oregon show that simply looking at a fractal of mid-range complexity increases a sense of well-being and peace; the subconscious mind recognizes fractals. Our DNA use a form of fractal based "grammar" to communicate with each other. Anywhere from 30% of crops circles or more in a given year display basic fractal shapes. Many people experience fractal images during deep altered states and even during Near-Death Experiences. Physics is even showing a fractal re-construction of DNA induced by states of Bliss which many believe are a part of our evolution in Ascension.
    Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards

86. Java Fractals
This page contains java applets to generate a number of different fractals, written by James Henstridge. These include an IFS fractal generator,
Java Fractals
Update - As well as the new look, I have removed the old mandel0 applet, since it has been superceded by the Classic Mandelbrot/Julia Set applet. Also the code has been moved to the end of this contents page to make rest of the site look more user friendly. You will also notice that I have added a section on orbit fractals that contains six new applets.
  • IFS Fractals Complex Number Fractals Update - These fractals now work with Windows. Also, if they worked for you before, they will prbably run faster with more colours. (If you are interested in what changed, I have switched over to using an ImageProducer interface) If you want a better resolution, select a different pixel size from the list box (1 is best), and press the redraw button.
  • 87. ► Fractals: History/formula/definition/meaning/Mandelbrot Set Generator
    An interactive version of the famous discovery made by Benoit Mandelbrot fractals

    88. Fractal Art Network
    Features sites with fractal images, fractals combined with other art forms, and technical explanations of fractal art.

    89. 17 Captivating Fractals Found In Nature : WebEcoist
    Sep 7, 2008 fractals are a wonder too irregular for geometry; seemingly infinite. They turn up in food, germs, plants, mountains and more.

    90. Fractals
    Nobody on their deathbed says I wish I'd spent more time at the office. Take off your masks. Live, the time is now.


    Derek's Music

    and Store
    Someone Who Cares Open Up ... Interview
    Derek's Interests
    Excerpts from conversation's with Michael Toms and Joseph Campbell
    Fractals Excerpts from "Joseph Campbell - The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers"
    To Contact Derek
    P.O. Box 371
    Anahola, HI 96703 parrott@ Fractals Excerpts from "Fractals - The Patterns of Chaos" by John Briggs DISCOVERING A NEW (AND OLD) AESTHETIC The spiral of life, as this pattern might be called, appears on Stone Age structures around the world. This carving is from Sligo, Ireland, dated at about 2500 b.c. By intuition or some ancient religion-science, the inscribers of these marks seem to have grasped that the spiral pattern symbolizes activity in the life-giving boundary between order and chaos. Anthropologists say the spiral is the ancient symbol for the labyrinth, the twisted pathway for a journey to the core of being. We are floating in a medium of vast extent, always drifting uncertainly, blown to and fro; whenever we think we have a fixed point to which we can cling and make fast, it shifts and leaves us behind; if we follow it, it eludes our grasp, slips away, and flees eternally before us. Nothing stands still for us. This is our natural state and yet the state most contrary to our inclinations. We burn with desire to find a firm footing, an ultimate, lasting base on which to build a tower rising up to infinity, but our whole foundation cracks and the earth opens..."

    91. Fractals
    Most fractals are generating by taking a set of inputs and applying them as inputs to some sort of equation. The output of this equation is then fed into
    Fractals in Nature: An introduction to IFS and L-System Fractals
    by Chris Byrd
    This presentation gives an introduction to two different types of fractal generation: Iterated Function Systems (IFS) and L-Systems.
    An Introduction to Fractals
    What is a Fractal?
    The Presence of fractal geometries occurs throughout nature. A general discription of a fractal could be a geometrical object that visually has the following two properties: It is infinitely detailed and self-similar. Fractals can be seen throughout nature, in plants, in clouds, in mountains just to name a few.
    How are fractals generated?
    Most fractals are generating by taking a set of inputs and applying them as inputs to some sort of equation. The output of this equation is then fed into itself again. This feedback is repeated over and over again until the desired number of iterations passes, or until the behavior of the values is determined. Depending on what sort of fractals you are dealing with the criteria for stopping are different.
    Some different types of Fractals
    There are various systems for generating different types of fractals. One of the classic examples of a fractal is the Mandlebrot.

    92. The Geometry Junkyard: Fractals
    Dec 14, 2000 Apollonian Gasket, a fractal circle packing formed by packing smaller circles into each triangular gap formed by three larger circles.

    93. Cynthia Lanius' Fractals Unit: Fractal Dimension
    Easy to comprehend mathematical approach to understanding the significance of the applied study of fractals and attractors. Includes didactic examples and illustrations.
    Cynthia Lanius
    Fractal Properties
    Fractal Dimension
    Table of Contents Introduction Why study fractals?
    What's so hot about

    fractals, anyway?
    Making fractals
    Sierpinski Triangle

    Using Java

    Math questions

    Sierpinski Meets Pascal
    Using Java
    Fractal Properties

    Fractional dimension
    Formation by iteration
    For Teachers Teachers' Notes Teacher-to-Teacher Comments My fractals mail Send fractals mail Fractals on the Web The Math Forum Other Math Lessons by Cynthia Lanius Awards This Site has received A point has no dimensions - no length, no width, no height. That dot is obviously way too big to really represent a point. But we'll live with it, if we all just agree what a point really is. A line has one dimension - length. It has no width and no height, but infinite length. Again, this model of a line is really not very good, but until we learn how to draw a line with width and infinite length, it'll have to do. A plane has two dimensions - length and width, no depth. It's an absolutely flat tabletop extending out both ways to infinity. Space

    94. Alice Kelley's Fractal Gallery
    A gallery of Alice Kelley s art, featuring fractals, flames, and photographs.
    My images are divided into five categories
    Flame fractals
    3D fractals
    Fractal textiles
    "Alice Kelley's fractal designs are astonishing, both emotionally and psychologically, and her yearly calendar has presented the very best of her art. Fractals are those intriguing shapes that are characterized by self-similarity and based on mathematics. These range from flashy to sublime, from energetic bursts to inward-moving mandala-like shapes. Kelley's brilliant talents are brought to life in rich, vibrant colors, unique spiral patterns, and almost psychedelic movements. Kelley's fractals are out of this world."
    My Calendar
    Subscribe to my blog
    to receive gallery news

    95. Chaos Realm Graphics
    Graphic art site featuring fractals, wallpaper and backgrounds suitable for your desktop or print.

    96. Fractals & The Fractal Dimension
    fractals, which are irregular geometric objects, require a third meaning Mandelbrot began his treatise on fractal geometry by considering the question
    Fractals and the Fractal Dimension
    Mandelbrot and Nature
    "Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line."(Mandelbrot, 1983).
    The Concept of Dimension
    So far we have used "dimension" in two senses:
    • The three dimensions of Euclidean space (D=1,2,3) The number of variables in a dynamic system
    Fractals, which are irregular geometric objects, require a third meaning:
    The Hausdorff Dimension
    If we take an object residing in Euclidean dimension D and reduce its linear size by 1/r in each spatial direction, its measure (length, area, or volume) would increase to N=r D times the original. This is pictured in the next figure. We consider N=r D , take the log of both sides, and get log(N) = D log(r). If we solve for D. D = log(N)/log(r) The point: examined this way, D need not be an integer, as it is in Euclidean geometry. It could be a fraction, as it is in fractal geometry. This generalized treatment of dimension is named after the German mathematician, Felix Hausdorff. It has proved useful for describing natural objects and for evaluating trajectories of dynamic systems.
    The length of a coastline
    Mandelbrot began his treatise on fractal geometry by considering the question: "How long is the coast of Britain?" The coastline is irregular, so a measure with a straight ruler, as in the next figure, provides an estimate. The estimated length, L, equals the length of the ruler, s, multiplied by the N, the number of such rulers needed to cover the measured object. In the next figure we measure a part of the coastline twice, the ruler on the

    97. Fractal Images By Sharon Webb - Home Page
    Galleries, 3D Art, and music.
    The images on this page should be viewed in hi-color or truecolor settings.
    Click on the purple links to enter the galleries. Sterling Fractals Fractals II Created 12/19/01 Fractals I Created 12/18/01 XenoDream Images Fractals Created 12/19/01 Animals Created 12/19/01 Sketches Created 12/19/01 Ultra Fractal Images Ultra Created 12/20/01 Slide Show Created 12/20/01 Fractalscapes Fractalscapes IV Created 12/21/01 Fractalscapes III Created 9/13/98 Fractalscapes II Created 9/13/98 Fractalscapes I Created 8/03/97
    Moods and Faces Moods II Created 12/21/01 Moods Created 9/19/98 Animations Created 12/23/01 Galleries, Java Applets, Downloads Page II
    Order Prints Order Information
    Buy shirts and more at the FractalShop Visit FractalShop
    "Fractal Dance" MIDI Sharon Webb, 1998.
    All images Sharon Webb, 1997-2001
    For print availability, contact Sharon Webb For more information about the art or music on this site, click here For Site Awards page, click here
    This page was created 2/15/97.
    This page was updated on 1/3/03. If you have questions or comments for Sharon Webb, click

    98. Perfect Resize 7 - OnOne Software
    Genuine fractals 6 Professional Edition Photoshop plugin is the industry standard for image resizing. It is renowned across the photographic and printing

    99. Fractal Art, Fractals Design FRACTINT
    Contains fractals produced with Fractint generator. Links.
    Fractal Art
    Fractals produced with FRACTINT
    This site contains:
    • pretty fractal images;
    • links to other sites with fractal pictures;
    • links to information on fractals and their origin.

    These images were produced with the shareware program FRACTINT which you can download. It has many excellent features such as zoom, colour editing and colour cycling, as well as information on the fractal types shown.
    Click on the fractal you want to see enlarged (500x375). (Your browser may trip over itself and not load a thumbnail, believe me it is there! Just right click over the absent thumbnail and go to show picture.)
    fractal_004.gif fractal_005.gif fn(z)+fn(pix) - sin,sqr fractal_006.gif fn*fn - sinh,sqr fractal_007.gif sierpinski fractal_008.gif formula dragon fractal_009.gif phoenix fractal_010.gif fractal_011.gif lyapunov fractal_012.gif tetrate fractal_013.gif tim's_error fractal_014.gif mandelcoloud fractal_015.gif spider fractal_016.gif quatjul fractal_017.gif mandellambda fractal_018.gif

    100. Amazing Seattle Fractals! - Fractal Art, Fractal Tutorials, Free Software And Mo
    If you have enjoyed my art and would be interested in a screensaver of this fractal art please visit my website Seattle fractals Digital Art where you will
    Amazing Seattle Fractals! Home Fractal Art Galleries Fractal Tutorials Fractal Of The Week ... About Fractal Art Screensavers If you have enjoyed my art and would be interested in a screensaver of this fractal art please visit my website Seattle Fractals Digital Art where you will find 10 different screensavers featuring this digital art. You will also find various size art prints of my work as well. Thank you! This screensaver was an editors pick on ZD NET and was rated as a 5-star download! Amazing Seattle Fractals Screen Saver! My first fractal screensaver and free for you to download and keep, enjoy! For WIN95/98/NT/2000.
    Click on image to the left to download! Fractal Software Windows Fractal Programs Tiera-zon Stephen Ferguson
    for this great program! Stephen has many other fractal programs besides Tiera-zon that you may wish to try out. These programs used to be offered free, but he now charges a very reasonable $25.00 flat fee to download all of his programs (Over 30 fractal programs!). Well worth the price! Sterling2 is based on Stephen Ferguson's Sterling fractal program. Tad Boniecki took the core program and replaced the old formulas with new ones, which allows for new, interesting explorations of fractals. Best of all, the program is free!

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