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         Game Theory:     more books (99)
  1. Collective Rationality: Equilibrium in Cooperative Games by Paul Weirich, 2009-12-01

141. M. Maschler
Page at the History of Economic Thought site lists major publications.
Michael Maschler
Major Works of Michael Maschler
  • "The Bargaining Set for Cooperative Games", with R.J. Maschler , 1964, in Advances in Game Theory "The Core of a Cooperative Game", with M. Davis, 1965, Naval Research Logistics Quarterly "Game-Theoretic Aspects of Gradual Disarmament", with R.J. Aumann Mathematica "Some Thoughts on the Minimax Principle" with R.J. Aumann Management Science "An Advantage of the Bargaining Set over the Core", 1976, JET "Geometric Properties of the Kernel, Nucleolus and Related Solution Concepts", with B. Peleg and L.S. Shapley Mathematics of Operations Research "Superadditive Solution for the Nash bargaining Game", with M. Perles, 1981, IJGT "Game Theoretic Analysis of a Bankruptcy Problem from the Talmud", with R.J. Aumann JET "The Consistent Shapley Value for Hyperplane Games", with G. Owen, 1989, IJGT "The Consistent Shapley Value for Games without Side Payments", with G. Owen, 1992, in Selten, editor, Rational Interaction "The Bargaining Set, Kernel and Nucleolus", 1992, in Aumann and Hart, editors

142. Suzanne Scotchmer
Home page at UC Berkeley contains full text of selected papers, links to course notes, and vitae.
Suzanne Scotchmer
Professor of Economics, Law and Public Policy
Innovation and Incentives with MIT Press.

143. Vincent Crawford
Home page at UC San Diego includes links to vitae, full text of many papers, and course notes.
VINCENT P. CRAWFORD My primary positions are Drummond Professor of Political Economy, Department of Economics University of Oxford , and Fellow of All Souls College I am also Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Research Professor in the Department of Economics University of California, San Diego , where I am in residence part of each year, dates posted here. Email will continue to be monitored in all three places. My contacts from October 2010 until further notice are: Department of Economics University of Oxford Manor Road Building Manor Road Oxford United Kingdom 44-1865-271953 office direct 44-1865-271089 messages 44-1865-271094 fax electronic mail: vincent.crawford " at " home page: All Souls College Oxford United Kingdom 44-1865-279339 study direct 44-1865-279379 messages (lodge) 44-1865-279299 fax electronic mail: vincent.crawford "at" home page: My contacts when not in Oxford will be:
Department of Economics

University of California, San Diego

144. Claudio Mezzetti Homepage (UNC)
Home page at the University of North Carolina includes selected working papers and vitae.
Claudio Mezzetti
Professor of Economics, UNC-Chapel Hill
Address Department of Economics
Gardner Hall, CB#3305
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill NC
The Duke/UNC Micro-Theory Working Paper Series
Homepage last modified on September 30, 2004
Curriculum Vitae
Working Papers
  • "Sequential vs. Single-Round Uniform-Price Auctions," with Aleksandar and Ilia Tsetlin , August 2004. [ Abstract PDF "Mechanism Design with Interdependent Valuations: Efficiency," February 2004. [ Abstract PDF ] (This is a revision of the first part of "Mechanism Design with Interdependent Valuations: Efficiency and Full Surplus Extraction"), published in Econometrica , Vol. 72, No. 5, September 2004, pp.1617-1626. "Mechanism Design with Interdependent Valuations: Surplus Extraction," March 2004. [ Abstract PDF ] (This is a revision of the second part of "Mechanism Design with Interdependent Valuations: Efficiency and Full Surplus Extraction") "Mechanism Design with Interdependent Valuations: Efficiency and Full Surplus Extraction," February 2003. [

145. Faruk Gul's Homepage
Personal homepage at Princeton University includes teaching materials, vitae, and online publications.
Faruk Gul
Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, Princeton NJ Fisher 214 (609) 258 6419 (fax)
Department of Economics
... Princeton University

146. Matthew Rabin's Home Page
Home page at UC Berkeley includes vitae and recent full-text papers.
Rabin, Matthew
Edward G. and Nancy S. Jordan Professor of Economics
  • On a bad hair day... On a good hair day...

  • Publications, Working Papers, and Current Projects
    The Capital of Montana ... Advances in Behavioral Economics
    (Last modified: January 10, 2005) Econ 219A - 2010 syllabus Econ 219B, Part I, Spring 2010 syllabus Econ 219A - 2009 syllabus Behavioral Camp 2010 ... Matthew's Better Halves

    147. Nedim M. Alemdar
    Page at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, provides articles and syllabi.
    Home Research Teaching Links ... Email me Nedim M. Alemdar Assistant Professor of Economics Department of Economics Bilkent University Bilkent , Ankara, Turkey URL: E-mail: Phone: Department Fax:
    Research Teaching Links ... Email me Last Updated: Nov 20, 2008. © Nedim M. Alemdar

    148. Carl Shapiro
    Home page at UC Berkeley highlights research on industrial organization.
    Last Modified: October 2010
    Transamerica Professor of Business Strategy, Walter A. Haas School of Business University of California at Berkeley
    Professor of Economics, Department of Economics University of California at Berkeley
    Carl Shapiro is the Transamerica Professor of Business Strategy at the Haas School of Business, and Professor of Economics in the Economics Department, at the University of California at Berkeley . He earned his Ph.D. in Economics at M.I.T. in 1981, taught at Princeton University during the 1980s, and has been on the Berkeley faculty since 1990. From 1998 to 2008, Shapiro served as Director of the Institute of Business and Economic Research at UC Berkeley. He has been Editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives and a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, among other honors. Professor Shapiro is currently on leave, serving as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economics at the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, where he supervises more than fifty Ph.D. economists in the Antitrust Division’s Economic Analysis Group ( EAG EAG is widely recognized as one of the most experienced and sophisticated organizations in the world in the application of economics to competition policy.

    149. Peter Cramton's Home Page
    Professor at the University of Maryland provides vita, information on research into auctions, and course-related resources.

    150. R. Preston McAfee
    Provides teaching materials, research papers, vita, and personal information.

    151. Roger Myerson's Web Site
    Home page with information on cv, research, and publications.
    Roger Myerson's Web Pages
    Research. Current unpublished research papers are available here for downloading in Adobe PDF format. See also the curriculum vitae for references to published papers. Teaching. Courses to be taught at the University of Chicago in 2009-2010:
    • Economics 20700. Game Theory This course introduces students to the basic ideas and applications of game theory. Topics include models of games in extensive and strategic form, equilibria with randomization, signaling and beliefs, reputation in repeated games, bargaining games, investment hold-up problems, mediation and incentive constraints. Spring 2010 Economics 30300. Price Theory III. The course begins with expected utility theory, and then introduces the fundamental ideas of game theory: strategic-form games, Nash equilibrium, games with incomplete information, extensive-form games, sequential equilibrium, and repeated games. Then the course will focus on the effects of risk and informational asymmetries in markets and the problems of moral hazard and adverse selection in contract theory. Spring 2010
    [Some other recent courses from past years: Econ 20600 Econ 36102 Books: Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict , by Roger B. Myerson (Harvard University Press, 1991).

    152. Paul Milgrom » Home
    Faculty web page at Stanford University includes vita and (currently nonfunctioning) links to courses taught.
    Paul Milgrom is the Shirley and Leonard Ely professor of Humanities and Sciences in the Department of Economics at Stanford University and professor, by courtesy, at the Stanford Graduate School of Business . He is a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a winner of the Nemmers Prize in Economics . [See Nemmers Prize lecture here Milgrom is best known for his contributions to the microeconomic theory, his pioneering innovations in the practical design of multi-item auctions, and the extraordinary successes of his students and academic advisees (recorded in the News section on this site). Milgrom’s book Putting Auction Theory to Work , published by Cambridge University Press, has received lavish praise from Nobel-winning economists as well as leading practitioners His research has advanced understanding in many other areas of economics, including auction theory, market design, incentive theory, industrial economics, economic history, economics of manufacturing, economics of organizations, and game theory. His book with John Roberts, Economics, Organization and Management

    153. Classroom Expernomics
    Newsletter dedicated to the use of economic experiments as a teaching tool for the classroom.
    Classroom Expernomics is dedicated to the use of economic experiments as a teaching tool for the classroom. Classroom Expernomics is calling it quits. We've had lots of fun helping to facilitate the spread of classroom experiments as an alternative to the standard chalk and talk teaching approach, but our time has come to a close. Classroom experiments have found their way into a number of journals over the last decade or so and we would encourage you to consider submitting your games to those outlets in the future. We will, however, continue to maintain this website as an archive of classroom experiments. For more information contact: Greg Delemeester or John Neral
    Last Updated:
    Search the Expernomics Site
    Search for: Match: all words any words Number of results 10 per page 20 per page unlimited Search made possible by MiniSearch v0.2 Volume 12 (Fall 2003) HTML Volume 11 (Fall 2002) HTML Volume 10 (Fall 2001) HTML Volume 9 (Fall 2000) HTML Volume 8 (Fall 1999) HTML Volume 7, Number 1 (Spring 1998)

    154. Economic Science Lab : The Eller College Of Management At The University Of Ariz
    at the University of Arizona.
    Contact Us Vision History People ... Events Links Resources Affiliated Centers Other Experimental
    For ESL Researchers ... For Teaching
    Welcome to the Economic Science Laboratory (ESL) at the University of Arizona. Located in the Eller College of Management, the ESL is the home for cutting edge experimental research and teaching in social science. test
    ESL Home
    Economics Eller College UA

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